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Main Character:
Chen Guanbao when born, renamed to Chen Qingyuan by Sun Wukong after being saved. He later got the title Telepath Starlord in heaven, and possessed the body of Guo Huai after he got banished to the mortal world.

Characters from heaven (insignificant ones will be left out):
Jade Emperor: the ruler of heaven.
Taibai Jinxing: a servant of the Jade Emperor.
Zhu Bajie: often called Pigsy. He looks like a terrible monster, part human and part pig.
Sun Wukong: a.k.a the Monkey King.
Chang'er: the Goddess of the Moon, lives in the Moon Palace. The legendary most beautiful being that has ever existed.
Jade Rabbit: a companion of Chang’er.
Wu Gang: serves Chang’er, known for chopping trees with his giant axe.
Yang Jian (a.k.a Erlang Shen): serves Chang’er.

Character in the human world (insignificant ones will be left out):
Wucheng Vile Tetrad (known for doing bad stuff):
Li Yao: cultivator, King of Soldiers, Big Brother.
Jia Yuan: young billionaire, fatty, Second Brother.
Wang Shen: works for the government, Third Brother.
Guo Huai: Fourth Brother.

Wucheng Subsidiary High School (with no order of significance):
Li Xunyu: headmaster.
Li Wei: Li Xunyu’s grandson, security guard at the school.
Lin Shuang: class lecturer of Class One from year ten.
Sun Lingling: emcee of Knowledge Championship qualifiers, a student from year twelve.
Shen Birou: Sun Lingling’s roommate.
Jade: Jade Rabbit who came down from heaven.
Murong Weiwei: known for her beauty in Wucheng County, ex-boyfriend Kong Xuan died while saving her.
Nangong Lingmo: Murong Weiwei’s roommate, much younger than others, a poweruser.
You Youyou: transferred to this school from Ninth High School.
Tang Xi: previous Guo Huai’s childhood friend.
Su Ye: Tang Xi’s roommate.
Qian Duoduo: Guo Huai’s roommate.
Xue Dazhu: former chef of Crazy Restaurant, body contains witchblood.
Qin Yulong: the one who set up the gambling entry for Knowledge Championship.
Liu Chuang: cultivator, family works in the military.

Xiao Yuntian: inheritor of Eightstage Collapse.
Wang Tianluo: inheritor of Sevenstar Mantis Fist.
Xie Yukui: inheritor of Sevenhurt Fist