The Daoist Seal - Chapter 59

The gentle light of dawn broke the day and dispelled the endless darkness of the night. Its golden rays of brilliance diffused across the land.

This was a new day and a new beginning for Jiang Xiaofan as he headed down the peak of the mountain. The Daoist Scripture had already settled in his sea of awareness. The primordial, mystical methods recorded in it greatly excited him.

He had already planned to first cultivate the following two methods: martial arts and formations. As for the pill cultivation, he didn’t intend to cultivate it. He wanted to find an opportune time to pass on this method to Lin Quan and Tang You.

The practicalities of martial arts and formations were extremely high since they could greatly enhance his combat power. However, this wasn’t the case for the pill cultivation. That was for the refinement of herbs and other ingredients into pills and elixirs. He just wasn’t interested in wasting his time to master these techniques.

Now that he was a second heaven Realm of Dust cultivator and Liu Cheng’an’s health saw drastic improvement because of the gold core pill, he decided to bring Lin Quan and Tang You with him on his ventures. After all, they couldn’t always linger around Standstill Peak. This would bring no benefits to them, especially when it came to the advancement of their cultivations.

Naturally, Lin Quan and Tang You were willing to go with him. They had never thought that they could boost their cultivations to such unprecedented heights. Jiang Xiaofan’s presence at Standstill Peak had instilled confidence and determination within them.

The fact that Lin Quan and Tang You had entered the Emperor’s Heaven Sect and had become inner disciples meant that, at the very least, they had some sort of innate talent. The reason why their cultivation levels weren’t very high at first was that they had served as the guardian disciples of the Pill Cultivation Pavilion. If they had been assigned to one of the seven main peaks, their cultivations would have been on a whole other level.

“Boss, should we get Miss Ye to come with us?” Lin Quan asked.

Jiang Xiaofan nodded. Of course! I need to at least inform her about it. He let Lin Quan and Tang You wait for him at Standstill Peak while he headed for the Heavenly Maiden Peak.

Even though his cultivation was now at the Realm of Dust and he could fly, Jiang Xiaofan felt that walking was a more comfortable option. Besides, the Heavenly Maiden Peak was one of the main peaks after all. Regardless of how friendly he was with the female disciples, he couldn’t just directly drop down on the mountain above. That would be a grave insult that challenged the peak’s might.

The sky was a majestic blue, the sun beamed, and the birds noisily chirped. In addition, their chirps were a cheerful one which reflected Jiang Xiaofan’s present mood. With a greatly powerful mystical text like the Daoist Scripture, he was, needless to say, jubilant. He strode to his destination while humming a light tune.

Not far away from the base of the Heavenly Maiden Peak, he could already see the female disciples guarding the gate. Suddenly, Jiang Xiaofan stopped in his tracks and furrowed his brows. He glanced at the densely grown spiritual shrubs to his side. There was nothing visible there, but Jiang Xiaofan sensed a slight movement in the air. Dubious, he cautiously walked over.

Because of his space spirit channeling, Jiang Xiaofan clearly felt vibrations in that particular area which seemed to be caused by some sort of heat flow. His eyes locked onto a spot that was about one meter away from him.

He was befuddled but decided to raise a leg and stomp forward.

“Fuck! There is something!”

Jiang Xiaofan jumped backward in shock. He originally wanted to casually kick his leg at the air. To his astonishment, his foot landed on some soft object. It felt very familiar.

“You’re something! Wait, that’s not right. You’re nothing!”

A hostile voice rang into his ears, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. He was in his early twenties and of average build. An angry face stared back at Jiang Xiaofan.

This male donned a blue, long robe and looked quite charming. In the eyes of modern men, he would be considered a handsome guy. Instead, his appearance only elicited a pout from Jiang Xiaofan. Why does this guy look so sleazy?

What made Jiang Xiaofan even more dumbstruck was that this male who had glowered at him the second before as if he wanted to challenge him abruptly turned his head at the pleasant sound of a voice coming from the Heavenly Maiden Peak and slowly got up only to crouch among the shrubs. His eyes brightly twinkled. Uh, not right. It should be extremely, extremely brightly.

What the shit! Jiang Xiaofan took his words back. This guy isn’t just sleazy! He’s ridiculously sleazy! Damn! I can’t believe that he’s hiding here to peep! How clever!

More importantly, that man had completely ignored him. Jiang Xiaofan was rendered utterly speechless. He then kicked the man’s behind and complained, “Hey hey! Have some morals, okay? There’s a person standing next to you!”

“I know!” Without even raising his head, he muttered, “I already saw him!”

The fuck?! Jiang Xiaofan nearly choked on his own saliva. That person is me!

“Perverted Wolf, what are you doing over there?

Suddenly, the sound of a female voice that carried a suspicious tone resonated from ahead.

Just when Jiang Xiaofan was about to answer, the man next to him was jolted like a frightened bunny. He quickly fell to the ground and vanished right before Jiang Xiaofan’s eyes. In an instant, he turned invisible.

At the same time, a voice echoed in his mind. “Please, my fellow brother. Just say that you never saw me.”

Jiang Xiaofan’s mouth violently twitched. This guy is a bit sleazy, but at least he has some self-awareness and knows his character well. He’s a pervert.

Jiang Xiaofan immediately grew disgruntled. I have never peeped before, yet they keep calling me Perverted Wolf. Following that were a few more kicks to the empty space in front of him. Unquestionably, his kicks had been aimed at none other than that man’s behind. He pouted again and sized up the view in front of him with his hands. “Not a bad position for gazing at the Heavenly Maiden Peak from afar.”


Puzzled, a female disciple walked over.

Jiang Xiaofan swore that he had never once thought of exposing that young man and, in fact, wanted to cover for him. After all, the man was invisible. Most people wouldn’t be able to see him.

To his surprise, the young man turned visible again at the next moment.

He grabbed Jiang Xiaofan’s neck and with an expression of indignation, he raged, “Damn you! Damn you! Brother, you’re too mean-spirited! How can you do this?! Even you know that this is a good spot! Do you know how long I have searched for it?! Yet you nevertheless exposed me! I want to choke you to death! I’ll fight you!”

Jiang Xiaofan turned dismal and rolled his eyes in frustration.

“Perverted Wolf, who is that?”

The Heavenly Maiden Peak’s disciple had already walked up to them and curiously asked. Her name was Ning Meng.

“Don’t know!”

“Don’t know!”

After their concurrent response, they glowered at each other.

This was Jiang Xiaofan’s thought. Why did this guy so eagerly admit that he’s a pervert?

This was that young man’s thought. Why did this guy admit that he’s a pervert? Did he peep before too?

Ning Meng’s mouth was agape since she didn’t understand what was going on. After carefully surveying the person next to Jiang Xiaofan, she was momentarily stunned before asking, “Qin Shixiong, it’s you! But why are you here?”

She then looked at Jiang Xiaofan and queried, “Perverted Wolf, you don’t know of Qin Shixiong?”

“Who the hell knows who Qin Shixiong is?!”

Jiang Xiaofan grew even more depressed right now. What is this?! Your so-called Qin Shixiong is the real pervert here!

The young man was even more flabbergasted. He had clearly seen and heard the Heavenly Maiden Peak’s disciple refer not to himself but to the person before him as Perverted Wolf. He was confused as well.

Ning Meng was around eighteen to nineteen years old, about the same as Ye Yuanxue, and she had just dropped a bombshell on Jiang Xiaofan. The peeping tom in front of him was named Qin Luo, and he was none other than the core disciple of the Heavenly Cloud Peak!

This person is actually the face of the Heavenly Cloud Peak?! Jiang Xiaofan was flabbergasted. He seriously eyed Qin Lou from head to toe before inwardly deriding him. How can this guy be a core disciple?! The leader of the Heavenly Cloud Peak must have poor eyesight!

Ning Meng cocked her head and glanced at Qin Luo. “Qin Shixiong, aren’t you supposed to be training outside? When did you come back? And why are you here? Did you just acquaint yourself with Perverted Wolf?”

Jiang had already grown numb to his nickname. Forget it. Perverted Wolf it is then.

The man named Qin Luo replied with a smirk, and like a gentlemanly scholar, he bowed before Ning Meng. “Little Shijie, you are too polite. Don’t call me Qin Shixiong. There’s no need to be so formal. You may call me Xiao Luo or even Xiao Qin."

Jeez, a sleazebag! A total sleazebag!

Jiang Xiaofan nearly screamed his thoughts out loud. Because of Tang You’s “Please send down a fairy to bully me,” he had always deemed Tang You to be a sleazebag. However, he now finally understood the proverb, “There will always be someone better than you.” Indeed, there was someone who was sleazier than Tan You. Qin Luo was the epitome of a sleazebag!

He rolled his eyes again and told Ning Meng, “You chat with Xiao Luo. I’m going up to find Xiao Xue’er.”

“Eh, wait for me. I’m going up too. Let’s go together.”

Ning Meng turned towards Jiang Xiaofan and added. She then bade farewell to Qin Luo.

Qin Luo then widened his eyes as he watched Jiang Xiaofan strut the steps to the Heavenly Maiden Peak. The guarding disciples at the gate not only allowed him to enter, they even nodded and smiled at him.

Qin Luo vigorously rubbed his eyes as he was almost ossified. Gods! He just directly walked up there!

Jiang Xiaofan came back down not long after. Ye Yuanxue was diligently studying something with Ye Qiuyu, so she didn’t want to be momentarily distracted by other matters. She also had said that she wanted to study first before playing. Thus, she could not embark with him on another journey.

As he walked away from the Heavenly Maiden Peak, a figure suddenly appeared by his side, pulled his arm, and excitedly babbled, “Brother! My idol! How were you able to get up there? Teach me!”

Without a doubt, that person was Qin Luo. After watching him sashay up to the peak, Qin Luo had waited for Jiang Xiaofan at the bottom. He didn’t expect Jiang Xiaofan to come down so soon.

Jiang Xiaofan was tongue-tied. He eyed Qin Luo and flatly said, “I walked up.”

Qin Luo didn’t quite believe his words, but the truth had been displayed right before his very eyes. Jiang Xiaofan did indeed just walk up.

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