The Daoist Seal - Chapter 53

With a loud slap across his face, the young disciple of Ziyang Sect was instantly knocked flying more than three meters outward.

The scene immediately became dead silent. Who is the master here? They could undoubtedly sense the powerful qi emanating from that young man’s body, but he was just smacked flying into the air. That attack from Jiang Xiaofan was too fast, and many people couldn’t even see it clearly. Just how strong is Jiang Xiaofan?

This was what shocked them even more. Does Jiang Xiaofan not know the identity of the person whom he just hit? That’s a disciple of Ziyang Sect! Some of the spectators stepped back in fear of possible retaliation. They didn’t want to be mistaken for having ties with Jiang Xiaofan and Ye Yuanxue.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuanxue became upset and tugged Jiang Xiaofan’s earlobe. “Perverted Wolf, you’re so bad! Just when we were about to leave, you have to create mischief. Are you happy now?!”

He felt aggrieved. Since when have I ever wanted to create mischief? Look at me! I’m loveable and cute! How can I possibly create mischief? It’s that guy who asked for it! Besides, give me some face, will you? Don’t keep calling me Perverted Wolf. It’s quite humiliating.

The young man got back up. After getting slapped like that, he could still feel a burning pain in his cheek. That wasn’t just a physical assault but an assault on his dignity. Because he had reached the Realm of Dust early on in his years, he was nicknamed “the Young Spirit Channeler”. It was disgraceful of him to suffer in the hands of a Micro Realm cultivator.

His eyes seemed to breathe fire as he glared at Jiang Xiaofan. “Nobody will be able to save you today!”

Wang Ao had been stunned and even disoriented at first. He had witnessed firsthand just how strong Jiang Xiaofan was. With cultivation at the first heaven of the Realm of Dust, his Shixiong really lived up to his title. However, “the Young Spirit Channeler” had just been sent flying with a hand to the face. The sudden turn of events had caused his heart to nearly jump out of his chest. Thankfully, his Shixiong was back on his two feet again. Wang Ao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Nobody to save me, huh?” Jiang Xiafaon sneered. “What a bold claim. You’re really arrogant, aren’t you? You’ll find out later what it feels like to be pummeled to the ground.”

He didn’t exaggerate at all. Previously, Ying Tianyang’s cultivation had been suppressed to the ninth heaven of Micro Realm. However, because his original cultivation was at Phantom Saint, his overall strength had been balanced out. His cultivation level was actually beyond that of the first heaven of Realm of Dust.

The young man walked forth and glacially replied, “Such insolence! Don’t think that you’re all that just because you were able to sneak an attack on me! You’re just a mere Micro Realm insect! I won’t give you a second chance to pull such underhanded tricks on me again! You’re just an ant!”

Disgruntled by the young man’s words, Little One angrily chirped at him. Ye Yuanxue held the bird back and whispered something to it. She then cocked her head to eye Jiang Xiaofan and asked, “Perverted Wolf, are you able?”

“Of course I’m able! I’m a man after all!”

Jiang Xiaofan had the notion that he had just been teased by Ye Yuanxue. How can you ask your man if he’s able or not?! Since you asked, how could I possibly say no? Patooey! I’m very able! Extremely able! Give me a couple of them, and I’ll beat them up just the same!

He looked back at Ye Yuanxue with determination in his eyes. “Xiao Xue’er, let’s make a bet, shall well?”

“Bet on what?”

He firmly answered, “If I defeat him, we fly as one back home. If I lose, you will have to rescue me in battle. Then we fly back together.”

Ye Yuanxue warmly laughed. “Dream on!”

Like a deflated balloon, Jiang Xiaofan grew disheartened. Ay! I knew that it wouldn’t work! Looks like I’ll have to incessantly vomit on the way back. He turned his head, straightened his sleeves, pointed at the young man in front of him, and declared, “You, whatever your name is. If you want to fight, then come at me! I’ll make you understand why the flowers are colored red!”

“Go die!”

After the young man had hollered, he sprinted towards Jiang Xiaofan. With his right hand like a knife, he chopped at Jiang Xiaofan’s neck. Using his full strength as a Realm of Dust cultivator, he assumed that Jiang Xiaofan would be unable to block it.

Many onlookers widened their eyes in anticipation of the excitement that the battle would bring about. After all, that young man was a Ziyang Sect disciple and a mighty Realm of Dust cultivator! This battle was worth observing because there were certain lessons that could only be taught through experience. Among the crowd of spectators were many ninth heaven Micro Realm cultivators. They looked at the scene with awe because they could see that the young man’s strike wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be. It was a dynamic combination of the cultivator’s skill and strength.

What happened next stunned everyone. Jiang Xiaofan stood still until his opponent approached him. Right before the young man’s hand contacted his neck, the dark-colored halberd appeared in his hand and he parried the strike.


The halberd was a top-grade spirit weapon, and the young man had just stepped foot into the Realm of Dust not long ago. Therefore, it was impossible for him to defend himself against the might of the halberd. In an instant, he was struck in the abdomen and knocked flying out again. After vomiting a large mouthful of land upon hitting the ground, his complexion immediately paled as he stared in horror at Jiang Xiaofan’s halberd.

Jiang Xiaofan coolly turned around and gestured a “v” for victory at Ye Yuanxue.

Caught off guard, Ye Yuanxue pointed her elegant finger at Jiang Xiaofan. She opened her mouth, but no words could come out. This guy’s so evil! So immoral! How can he bring out his top-grade spirit weapon and hit him with that?!

“Gods! Spirit weapon! That’s a spirit weapon!”

“He’s actually in possession of one! How can that be?!”

It wasn’t until moments later that the crowd came to their senses and gasped in awe of Jiang Xiaofan. Their perspective on him changed yet again. Just who is this man? How come he has a spirit-ranked weapon? Even a Realm of Dust cultivator may not be able to get ahold of one.

Wang Ao was astounded beyond belief. He had thought that Jiang Xiaofan was only somewhat strong, but he now realized that he was wrong all along. Jiang Xiaofan wields a spirit weapon! A spirit weapon!

He had always dreamed of owning a spirit weapon, but such a weapon was too expensive. It wasn’t something that can be easily obtained. Yet, the person in front of him, the one whom he had once condescended, held a spirit weapon in his hand.

He was afraid and regretted provoking Jiang Xiaofan. He knew full well what wielding a spirit weapon meant. It meant power and terror, things that he could not contend with.

The young man was in a daze after getting struck for the second time. His complexion had paled quite a lot, and his eyes flashed with shock and disbelief. He grew sullen and snarled, “You despicable low-life! How dare you use a spirit-ranked weapon! What honor do you have in relying on the power of a spirit weapon?!”

Jiang Xiaofan shook his head, looked at the idiotic young man before him, and retorted, “You should question yourself first. Do you, a Realm of Dust cultivator, think that it’s honorable to bully me, a Micro Realm cultivator? And now you’re upset because I used a spirit weapon on you? Don’t you feel ashamed at all? Do you still want face or not? I feel bad for you.”

He had spoken in a steady rhythm, but the effect of that was like another harsh slap across the face. The young man’s handsome complexion turned ashen, and he balled up his hands, glowering at Jiang Xiaofan.

“Tsk tsk.” Jiang Xiaofan shook his head again. He put away his halberd, stared at the young man, and waved his hand. “Don’t accuse me of taking advantage of you. I’ll give you this chance and demonstrate to you that your cultivation at the first heaven of Realm of Dust isn’t really anything worth showing off. You’re just like a paper tiger!”


Once Jiang Xiaofan had made his declaration, the quiet atmosphere became boisterous. Giving up a spirit weapon and fighting a Realm of Dust cultivator head-on?! Where does this man get his strength from?! Who exactly is he?!

The young man’s face completely darkened and twisted with rage. He felt that he had been deeply humiliated when Jiang Xiaofan put away his spirit-ranked weapon. Incensed, he lunged at him with lightning speed. Just like before, he aimed his chop at Jiang Xiaofan’s neck.

The strength in this strike, however, doubled. It was essentially all the strength that a first heaven of Realm of Dust cultivator could muster. Even a giant, thick tree would be completely knocked down with this one chop.

To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Xiaofan sidestepped him, grabbed the young man by the wrist, and ferociously kneed him in the abdomen.

Jiang Xiaofan had to admit that this Realm of Dust cultivator was indeed formidable. If it was some other cultivator, Jiang Xiaofan would have undoubtedly knocked him or her out with that attack. Instead, the young man blocked Jiang Xiaofan’s knee strike with his left arm.

Even so, the strength in Jiang Xiaofan’s leg overwhelmed the young man. While he was able to block the strike, the traveling force sent him flying backward. This attack was definitely an eye-opener. This person’s body strength is unbelievably strong!

What horrified him even further was what had come after. Jiang Xiaofan paused momentarily, then rushed over with that inhuman lightning speed of his and executed a powerful tornado kick to his chest.


The sound of bones cracking at once echoed in everyone’s ears. Slammed to the ground from above, a cloud of dust was swept into the air. Blood sputtered from his mouth and dyed the soil red. Two of his ribs were broken.

“That…. That….”

“What super speed and mighty strength! Is he even human?!”

“Definitely a humanoid beast!”

The onlookers instantly widened their eyes in incredulity. A Micro Realm cultivator had barehandedly beaten a Realm of Dust spirit channeler and shattered his ribs. How frightening!

Ye Yuanxue pouted, backed away slightly, and muttered, “So violent!”

Jiang Xiaofan lowered his head to peer down at his fallen opponent and contemptuously said, “You’re too weak for someone with the cultivation at the first heaven of Realm of Dust. Ziyang Sect, eh? You think that being a disciple of that sect is so cool?! You think that you can bully someone in the name of your sect?! Who the hell do you think you are?!”

Jiang Xiaofan had always hated this type of people who used their standing to intimidate others and casually bullied others just because of a slight difference in strength. He would never show any mercy to them. Beating them was justice!

“Damn you!”

Flames of fury flickered in the young man’s eyes. Although he remained on the ground, a blaze brightly danced on his body. His spiritual energy began to emanate and take physical form. The surrounding temperature rapidly rose.

Without hesitation, Jiang Xiaofan raised his leg and viciously stomped on him.


A piercing cry rang out. Immediately following the stomp, small cracks on the ground appeared. In addition, the blaze instantly disappeared, and a few more of his ribs broke.

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