The Daoist Seal - Chapter 52

Jiang Xiaofan’s fighting spirit was extremely powerful, and he possessed uncanny spiritual instinct. He could sense demonic qi exuding from these creatures. This was the same, exact feeling that he had gotten from before when he had attempted to retrieve the Celestial Demon Sword.

He activated his Buddhist Sutra, channeled his spiritual energy into the stone, and shoved it further down the creature’s body. The mystical might of the Buddhist Sutra was the very antithesis of all things demonic. Like a sharp knife, it immediately began to destroy every one of the creature’s biological function from within.


It groaned in pain and struggled to eat the Sea of Heart[1] that was still in its hand.

With Jiang Xiaofan’s acute awareness, he caught a glimpse of the Sea of Heart flashing a dim, blue light. The creature wanted to consume the Sea of Heart as if the gemstone could alleviate its pain and nurse it back to good health.

However, Jiang Xiaofan wouldn’t give the creature any chance to recover. Like the blustery wind, he avoided the nearby creatures lunging at him, twirled the Celestial Demon Sword in his right hand, and *pff* chopped down on the creature’s claws.

“Thirteen Swords of the Clear Moon!”

With him in the center, the thirteen forms of sword qi flew outward and sliced the creatures within his perimeter. He then quickly treaded on the surface of the water with his mystical Shadow Steps and collected the Sea of Heart.

“Xiao Xue’er, catch!”

After he had shouted, Jiang Xiaofan threw out the Sea of Heart, which was subsequently caught by Ye Yuanxue. The cultivators were shocked as they gazed from afar at the blue gemstone in her hand. They hadn’t thought that the man would actually steal the Sea of Heart from the clutches of those creatures.

Right after the toss to Ye Yuanxue, the creatures instantly encircled Jiang Xiaofan and forced him to gradually move several meters away from the shore. His entire body was nearly submerged in the water.

“Perverted Wolf, be careful!”

Ye Yuanxue yelled back with remorse in her tone. The Thirteen Swords of the Clear Moon had no effect on those creatures. When the sword qi struck their bodies, sparks of fire were ignited. However, their black, scaly armors were durable beyond imagination.

Jiang Xiaofan was equally daunted by the natural defensive capabilities of these creatures. What’s the deal with them? Aren’t their exteriors a bit outrageously tough to crack? Even the Jade Purity Cultivation Method’s only killing technique could not cut them open. If not for my Celestial Demon Sword, I don’t know how I can stand a chance against them.


Low roars erupted from all sides. A dozen or so of these ugly, black creatures surrounded him with the tallest at three meters and the shortest at one meter tall. Despite being in this predicament, Jiang Xiaofan kept his cool. Even though these creatures outnumbered him greatly, the danger that they posed could not be compared with the kraken. He forcefully stepped on the creature to his right, used it as a springboard, and shot for the shore.

From his view, he saw more sea creatures gathering around him, and they were just a small part of a bigger army. He narrowed his eyes and swept a glance around. Faint golden rays of light radiated from his left hand.


The golden light then condensed into a spiritual talisman on his palm. He turned around with his back to the shore, channeled his Shadow Steps, swung his Celestial Demon Sword with his right hand, and released the might of the Buddhist talisman with his left hand. All the creatures trembled in fear.

Any sort of demonic qi was easily vanquished by the spiritual power of Buddhism. This law of mysticism was applicable on Planet Earth as well.  These evil creatures knew well of the harm that Buddhism’s spiritual power brought onto them. Without even looking at Jiang Xiaofan’s left hand, their bodies instinctively feared the presence of that power and no longer approached anywhere near Jiang Xiaofan.

From the shore, Ye Yuanxue emitted bursts of her purple spiritual energy in an effort to help free Jiang Xiaofan from his plight. At the same time, Little One fluttered around and continually chirped in support for Jiang Xiaofan.

As for the other cultivators, they looked at this scene with their eyes bulged and breaths held. They had originally thought that this man was unable to maneuver the flying sword, but now, they knew how ridiculously wrong they had been. That person was a superhuman! He dared to undertake a risk like that and forcefully take the Sea of Heart from those creatures!

The golden talisman continued to flash brilliantly, rendering the creatures unable to move. With his Shadow Steps, he moved like lightning and occasionally used the creatures as a springboard. Every time he waved his sharp sword, a sea creature would undoubtedly be cut.


At long last, Jiang Xiaofan made it back to the shore. Right after the moment that he had landed, the creatures immediately swarmed from behind. He broke into a cold sweat shortly after escaping this peril by a hair’s breadth.

Upon seeing that Jiang Xiaofan was safe and sound, Ye Yuanxue’s heart finally relaxed. Her large eyes narrowed to a crescent shape as she pleasingly looked at her blue gemstone and grinned. “How beautiful! Perverted Wolf, you did it again! Awesome!”

Reinvigorated from her compliment, Jiang Xiaofan inched closer towards her and slyly smiled. “Any rewards?”

“Reward?” Taken aback by his response, she queried, “What kind of reward do you want?”

“Hm…. Nothing much really. An offering of your body will do,” he shamelessly answered.

Instantly irked, Ye Yuanxue stared daggers at him. Jiang Xiaofan subsequently cleared his throat and tentatively asked again, “If not that, then how about you let me hug you?”

Ye Yuanxue continued to glower. “You already hugged me for a long time earlier!”

Jiang Xiaofan wanted to faint. How can that count?!

She ignored him. With the Sea of Heart in her possession, the cultivators looked at her with envy in their eyes. The lass turned around and walked away with her head held up high.

Jiang Xiaofan followed her with despair written across his face. I was too busy running for my life! It’s technically a hug, but I didn’t feel anything from it! Ugh! How tragic! I should’ve just swum back!

After all of this, the coming days proved to be even worse. He had sworn to toss away his longsword; however, he eventually gave up on that idea. Even if he did throw it away, he would need to, nevertheless, fly back to the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. There was no way that he could live on this island indefinitely.

“You waste! Stop where you stand!”

All of a sudden, a familiar voice in a furious tone sounded from behind him.

Jiang Xiaofan looked up and froze. It’s Wang Ao again, and his injuries haven’t completely healed. What is it this time? Can it…. Can it be? He knows that I’m in a sour mood, so he’s here to let me vent my frustration out on him!

Wow! How kind of him! I never knew that he was such a nice guy!

“Oi, it’s you again. What do you want?”

Annoyed by Wang Ao’s unanticipated presence, spiritual energy began to condense in Ye Yuanxue’s hands.

He’s my punching bag! Shocked by her reaction, Jiang Xiaofan darted like an arrow, held Ye Yuanxue from behind, and declared to Wang Ao, “Come at me instead!”

The urge to kick Jiang Xiaofan rose up within Ye Yuanxue again. This guy’s blatantly taking advantage of me again!

He walked around her and raised his leg in readiness to kick Wang Ao. I’m really, really in a bad mood. How dare you call me a waste! You really think that I’m a pushover, don’t you? If I don’t give you a good beating, I won’t be able to live with myself!

To Jiang Xiaofan’s surprise, the young man beside Wang Ao extended his hand and blocked Jiang Xiaofan’s kick. Thus, Wang Ao remained unharmed.

Wang Ao’s eyes seethed with fury as he glared at Jiang Xiaofan. He then bowed to the man next to him and respectfully said, “Wu Shixiong, thank you for your help. This impertinent flunkey disrespected our sect. I ask of you to show him his rightful place!”

With a blank expression on his face, the young man of twenty-five to twenty-six years old nodded in concurrence. He icily looked at Jiang Xiaofan and interrogated, “Who are you? I do not recall ever seeing you by the gate of Ziyang Sect. Confess now and I’ll inflict less pain on you. Otherwise….”

The commotion here was not a small one. It soon attracted many people who came to take a look. Upon seeing that the young man was a disciple of Ziyang Sect, their awe of him grew. After all, not every cultivator on this island was a disciple of one of the four largest sects. Those who belonged to them were far and few, numbering only in the dozens. The vast majority belonged to smaller sects.

Like the Emperor’s Heaven Sect, Ziyang Sect was one of those four. The might of the sect was, naturally, extremely powerful and terrifying. Most of Planet Ziwei’s cultivators had to be scrupulous in ensuring that they do not commit any offense against the sect. Some of the spectators shook their heads at Jiang Xiaofan’s affront to Ziyang Sect’s disciple and lamented on what was to come.

Although that girl had the temperament like that of an otherworldly fairy and was also a Realm of Dust cultivator, her strength alone would not be enough to save her from the wrathful vengeance of such a prominent figure from Ziyang Sect. If that young man wanted a Realm of Dust cultivator dead, the killing process would be as easy as squishing an ant with a finger.

What happened next was contrary to everyone’s expectations and made them jump out of their skin. They thought that Jiang Xiaofan would concede out of fear and obediently accept his punishment, or at the very least, tremble in fear. Their reasoning was simple. Whether it was conceding to the young man’s demand or cowering in trepidation, these were the natural responses of anyone when facing against a disciple of Ziyang Sect.

Jiang Xiaofan strode forward, glanced at the young man, and replied, “You’re mentally ill, aren’t you? You want me to hit you too?”

In an instant, this thought unanimously ran through every onlooker’s mind. Is this person psychotic?! How can he go against a disciple of Ziyang Sect?! Does he not know the might of the four large sects?!

Although the one whom he confronted was a disciple of Ziyang Sect, his insolence was the equivalent of dismissing the might of the entire sect. Not to mention, it was clear that the young man was no ordinary disciple. The onlookers could feel a powerful, oppressive aura emanating from him, displaying that he was on a completely different level than they were.

The young man’s face darkened, and he tartly spoke, “I wanted to give you a chance, but it’s now no longer necessary. Your attack on my sect’s fellow disciples is already an offense worthy of death! I will exterminate you!”

Jiang Xiaofan frostily retorted, “Attacking Ziyang Sect’s disciple is an offense worthy of death? Then what should we do about their disciples committing wrong? What would happen if they were the ones who attacked others without good reason? What would happen if they were the ones who indiscriminately insulted others?”

Unperturbed by Jiang Xiaofan’s allegations against his peers, he answered, “Ziyang Sect has no such rules!”

Jiang Xiaofan laughed. He thought that Ying Tianyang was already the most pompous guy that he had ever seen, but he had never imagined that there would be a guy who could be on par with him. However, Ying Tianyang had the capabilities to back up his arrogance. This person, on the other hand, was pathetically ignorant and immature.


With a loud slap across the face, the young man was immediately knocked flying outward. Jiang Xiaofan stepped forward to where his opponent had stood.

“Do you think that your cultivation at the Realm of Dust is all that impressive?” Jiang Xiaofan smirked and continued derisively, “I’ve even smacked a Phantom Saint cultivator before. Who the hell are you to order me around?!

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  1. ^ For clarity, there are multiple stones and each is called the Sea of Heart.