The Daoist Seal - Chapter 50

Jiang Xiaofan’s heart chilled. This kraken was definitely thick-skinned and had tough flesh. Even after getting punched, it was unscathed. How frightening! He surmised that an ordinary weapon could not even slice through its body.

Ye Yuanxue remained on the boat with her eyes widened in shock. She glanced at the little bird in her arms before looking up at the giant kraken. A long while after, Ye Yuanxue made a comment that caused Jiang Xiaofan to want to vomit blood in frustration. She said, “Where did this little thing come from? It’s so ugly! It’s not even half as cute as Little One.”

Jiang Xiaofan was exasperated to the point of nearly fainting. Sister, you’re right in saying that it’s ugly. But how is it little?! Also, can you focus on the main issue?! I’m about to be swallowed!

He cocked his head to look around. Many people had already been ensnared by the cephalopod’s tentacles, and most of them had cultivation at the fifth or sixth heaven of Micro Realm. The strongest one was a ninth heaven Micro Realm cultivator. Despite it all, they were powerless against this giant kraken. None of their weapons could even put a dent on the monster. It seemed invincible.

The remaining cultivators had already escaped on their flying swords and now stood on the shoreline, witnessing the chaotic scene from a safe distance. Some of them were agitated as they watched on while others breathed a sigh of relief. Most of them, however, were distressed.

After seeing Jiang Xiaofan in the clutches of the kraken, they just realized that the man who couldn’t even maneuver a flying sword was right all along. He wasn’t speaking nonsense! That area really was dangerous!


A black long sword materialized in Jiang Xiaofan’s hand. With a swing, he *pff* slashed the tentacle that encircled him. The sharpness of this sword is indeed unrivaled. Whatever it cuts, it breaks.

He grasped onto his Celestial Demon Sword and used the flying sword technique. Whatever. If I get nauseous, so be it. If I look unsightly, so be it. It’s better than getting eaten by the squid. Besides, those people's attention is now on that giant monster. Who will have the time to admire my stance on the sword anyway?

In all honesty, Jiang Xiaofan’s approach to dealing with the current situation was unusually optimistic. He even took the time to think about whether other people would notice how ugly his maneuver of the flying sword was, which was evidence of his mental resilience.

On the other hand, there was an ancient saying that went, “A good attitude is the start of a beautiful beginning.” This was the reason why Jiang Xiaofan got upset. What a load of crap! I had a good attitude so why did another tentacle attack me as soon as I cut one off from that blasted kraken?!

Jiang Xiaofan was now incensed. Those ancient people! With nothing better to do, they decided to create these dumb word games and pass it down to us! And what’s the result?! Falsehood! With a flick of his wrist, he nicked another hideous tentacle that was coming for him. Without the support of his flying sword, he fell into the sea with a *plunk*.

Those who were still fleeing the scene on their swords looked back at Jiang Xiaofan with their eyes widened and mouth agape. This guy’s not that average after all! Not only did he know how to use the flying sword technique and learned to swim, but he was also able to single-handedly cut off that monster’s tentacles! How phenomenal!

A while ago, many cultivators had tried to land strikes on the kraken, but their weapons soon cracked from its tough body. As a result, the kraken’s exterior was unmarred. In spite of the precedent, that person was nonetheless able to cut off not just one but two of its tentacles.

“Perverted Wolf!”

Ye Yuanxue loudly called for him. Everyone then watched Ye Yuanxue with astonishment in their eyes as she hovered into the air and sped towards Jiang Xiaofan. Her body emitted a dim, purple divine glow. On her shoulder was Little One who anxiously chirped.

“Oh my Heaven! She…. She’s a Realm of Dust cultivator!”

Those on the shore held their breaths as they gazed in awe. As if they were looking at the arrival of a saint, those who were entangled by the kraken’s tentacles screamed for help. Their faces were full of surprising joy.

The surface of the deep zone was already completely covered in blood. Numerous cultivators lay dead in the beak of the monster. However, at this instant, the kraken seemed to be provoked by something and forcefully threw out all the cultivators from its grasp.

The once-trapped-but-were-now-free cultivators thought that this miraculous turn of events was because Ye Yuanxue had done something to help them out, so they thanked her and quickly fled on their flying swords. Ye Yuanxue was, however, befuddled. She didn’t know what had just happened. It’s a good thing that the cultivators are now able to escape, but why did that squid suddenly throw them all out?

In the next moment, she knew why. Jiang Xiaofan had become the sole target of the kraken. After cutting off two of its tentacles, the monster was now enraged. It splayed all its tentacles above the water and wildly shook them around, causing the entire sea to become tempestuous. Violent winds howled, and stormy waves crashed into one another. The surviving cultivators were horror-struck as they looked at this terrible development.

Right after Jiang Xiaofan had surfaced above the water and witnessed this rampage, his eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets. All of the kraken’s tentacles were aimed at him, and its pair of giant, blood-red eyes were locked on him.

“Good gods! A jackpot!”

Jiang Xiaofan’s body chilled, and he inwardly cursed. This stupid squid is too stingy. It’s only two of your tentacles. Did you have to scare me like that?! Fuck this. I won’t bother settling this matter with you. Escaping alive is more important.

He forcefully slapped the water surface with his left hand. With a flash of green light, he hovered in the air. At the same time, the Celestial Demon Sword in his right hand vibrated. Thirteen Swords of the Clear Moon appeared, merged as one, and targeted the squid in the distance.

His plan wasn’t to defend himself from the squid with the Thirteen Swords of the Clear Moon. Instead, he wanted to use the technique’s recoil to thrust himself backward and away from the squid’s attack range.


The kraken released a deafening roar for the first time. Due to the loud vibration of the sound, Jiang Xiaofan’s sword qi instantly dissolved into bits of green light before completely disappearing. At the same time, another tentacle lunged at Jiang Xiaofan with lightning speed.


Standing from afar, Ye Yuanxue managed to shoot her purple spiritual energy at the kraken and shift the angle of its tentacle attack by a small degree. Thus, Jiang Xiaofan was able to barely dodge the incoming strike. He was scared witless, but nevertheless raised his sword and cut down its limb.


The sharpness of the Celestial Demon Sword was beyond fearsome. Another tentacle had been chopped off by Jiang Xiaofan. The cultivators on the shore looked at him in incredulity. This man’s too frightening!

Only Jiang Xiaofan knew of his predicament. His cultivation level wasn’t as advanced as Ye Yuanxue’s. After he had sliced the tentacle, he plunged into the sea yet again. He was unable to stop this cycle.

“Perverted Wolf, run for it!”

Ye Yuanxue hollered at him from midair while occasionally attacking the tentacles with her purple spiritual energy. Every time a tentacle came for Jiang Xiaofan, she would knock it somewhere else and create an opening for Jiang Xiaofan to narrowly escape danger.

Jiang Xiaofan had already sliced off a couple of tentacles already, but the kraken just had too many of them. Ye Yuanxue and Jiang Xiaofan simply could not thwart every single attack. Shortly after, Jiang Xiaofan was once again ensnared by a tentacle, and this time, his right hand that held onto the sword was entangled as well. He couldn’t move at all.

“Ugly thing, release him!”

Ye Yuanxue cried out. She then emitted dark purple rays of light which formed into a large, luminescent net in an attempt to subdue the monster. To everyone’s horror, the kraken swallowed the net in one gulp.

The terrifying monster had no fear for the Realm of Dust cultivator.

Targeting Jiang Xiaofan as if he was its one and only prey, the kraken ignored Ye Yuanxue and lunged all of its tentacles at Jiang Xiaofan. At this moment, Jiang Xiaofan became so furious that he really wanted to smash that squid into a paste. This squid has some serious anger management issues!

However, he had no time to let his thoughts wander. A strong feeling of oppression and suffocation overwhelmed his senses. His complexion immediately paled to a deathly white, and he couldn’t even utter a cry of pain.

In great shock, the color drained from Ye Yuanxue’s face. She could sense that Jiang Xiaofan was in agony. A dense, swirling form of purple spiritual energy radiated from her body and shot towards the sky. Everyone was taken aback by Ye Yuanxue’s display of power, including Jiang Xiaofan. What is with this spiritual energy?! How formidable!

Little One was fret with worry because Jiang Xiaofan was its dearest friend. It took flight from Ye Yuanxue’s shoulder and glided towards him. It landed on one of the tentacles that encircled Jiang Xiaofan and furiously pecked at each arm while chirping incessantly.

Suddenly, Jiang Xiaofan felt the tentacles loosening up. As seawater sloshed around and the waves continued to crash, the kraken’s massive body began to shiver. Its pair of gigantic red eyes were filled with fear.

“Let’s go!"

Jiang Xiaofan tore the arms from his body with force, grabbed Little One in his left hand, and successfully cut a few more tentacles with his sword. Next, he propelled himself across the sea by pushing his right foot against a nearby tentacle, using it as a launchpad. As he flew in the air, he caught Ye Yuanxue and held onto her waist.

“Xiao Xue’er, quickly fly out of here!”

Jiang Xiaofan raised his voice at her. This was not the time to observe niceties.

“Perverted Wolf, you’re doing this on purpose!”

Her aura of purple spiritual energy vanished. Flustered, Ye Yuanxue’s cheeks rapidly flushed scarlet. This was the first time that someone of the opposite sex had touched her like this.

Regardless, the current situation was dire. She had no time to worry about trivialities. She then turned around and flew with great effort towards the shoreline because Jiang Xiaofan’s weight was quite heavy.

The kraken, on the other hand, did not give chase. Its large body continued to tremble, making no other movement, as it watched Jiang Xiaofan being rescued away.

Jiang Xiaofan turned his head to glance back. His mouth was agape, and he stuttered, “Xiao Xue’er, you’re too amazing! That squid is so scared of you that it’s been rendered immobile!”

“Huh?” Confused, Ye Yuanxue asked, “What do I have to do with it?”

Jiang Xiaofan gently squeezed her waist and laughed, “Lass, you’re too humble. Hurry up and fly out of here first. Lives are at stake!”

“Perverted Wolf, how dare you?!”

Ye Yuanxue blushed again and angrily puffed. She really wanted to kick the man who hung onto her waist down into the water. Meanwhile, Little One chirped at her and wondered why the girl looked frustrated.

Finally, Ye Yuanxue landed on the island’s shore. She then immediately tugged Jiang Xiaofan’s earlobe, ground her teeth, and demanded, “Perverted Wolf, you better be honest with me! You deliberately took advantage of me, didn’t you?!”

“How can that be?! It’s absolutely not what you think! I’m innocent!” Jiang Xiaofan shook his head in strong denial. Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t admit to taking advantage of her.

Ye Yuanxue lightly snorted *hmph* and forcefully tugged on his earlobes twice before releasing him.

Jiang Xiaofan breathed out a sigh of relief and peered into the distance. He couldn’t believe that he had just escaped from that monster’s beak of death. The kraken was now gone and roaming elsewhere in the depths of the Sea of the Setting Sun. The only remaining pieces of evidence of the terrifying encounter with the cephalopod were the bloody water and the severed tentacles.

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