The Daoist Seal - Chapter 5

Jiang Xiaofan’s tone caused the onlookers’ expression to change colors. Zhou Youwei was renowned throughout the Emperor’s Heaven Sect not just because of Zhu Xidao but because he had reached the sixth level of the Jade Purity Cultivation Method. As a sixth heaven Micro Realm cultivator, rarely did anyone dare to say such defiant words towards him.

Zhu Youwei donned a white robe, pure like snow, but his temperament did not match his appearance. With an ice-cold look, he smirked at Jiang Xiaofan. “Young and reckless. You need to know your place. I already gave you a chance, but you didn’t grab onto it. Alas, don’t blame me for what will happen next.”

The man next to him named He Bujun looked at Zhu Youwei and stepped forth. He respectfully stated, “Who needs Zhu Gongzi to make a move against a small fry like him? Just leave it to me.”

Zhu Youwei nodded and gestured a fist salute towards He Bujun. Surprised at the honor bestowed upon him, He Bujun turned around and walked towards Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan shook his head. These people actually thought he was some sort of ripened tomato, easily pluckable. However, he didn’t want to bother wasting his breath to argue with them. He raised up a leg and kicked away a fifty-kilogram, giant rock. A loud whooshing sound was created as it whizzed through the air.


Poor He Bujun, right after he turned his head, the rock directly struck him on the face. His body flew out more than ten meters with drops of red gliding from midair. He had fainted.

“In… Insane!”

“Where did this beast pop up from?! He looks so harmless. How could he have such godly power?!”

This scene had everyone drop their jaws to the ground, shell-shocked and tongue-tied. Following that was a lot of debate. In their eyes, this newcomer was too vicious. Jiang Xiaofan seriously kicked a giant rock flying with one leg, knocking a fourth heaven Micro Realm cultivator in the face with it and causing him to lose consciousness.

“This guy.…” Ye Yuanxue looked at him in astonishment with her mouth gaping like an "O".

At this time, Zhu Youwei’s face darkened. He slowly walked to the front and confronted Jiang Xiaofan, “What kind of place do you think the Emperor’s Heaven Sect is? How dare you commit an act of aggression without any consideration for the consequences? Does the sect even have a place in your heart? Do you think you are the Senior Elder?!”

Who was Jiang Xiaofan? He was someone who had seen many similar situations such as this. He eyed him and replied, “I beg the question, Zhu Youwei. Can you be any more shameless? Does respecting the sect mean that I have to stand still and wait for you to kill me? Did you get dropped on the head when you were a baby, huh?”

After hearing him speak, Zhu Youwei’s expression grew even more surly. He stared daggers at him and motioned to three youths who had arrived at the scene. “This person disregards the sect’s rules. You guys take care of him. I will explain to the elders.”

The youths rushed forward after hearing his command, their faces written with derision. They slowly encircled Jiang Xiaofan.

“Xiaofan, be careful. Um…. Don’t rough them up too much.” As if she couldn’t care less about the situation getting out of hand, she mischievously smiled and took a few steps backward.

The youths noticed Ye Yuanxue’s peerless beauty and were momentarily stunned. They grew even more disgusted with Jiang Xiaofan. One of them sneered, “Insolent fool! How bold of you, an outer disciple and a newbie, to offend Zhu Gongzi! You clearly don’t know what you’re getting into!”

On his other side, another young man neared closer and jeered, “How impressive. You just became an outer disciple yet you’re already so cocky. If you’re lucky enough to ascend and become an inner disciple, then wouldn’t it mean that you will show disdain for the core disciples and bully the outer disciples too?”

“Don’t think that you can win just by relying on super strength. You’re far from it.”

The last person also displayed contempt for him. He walked up, extended his right hand, and released a palm strike in the form of a green light at Jiang Xiaofan.

Undaunted by it, Jiang Xiaofan waved his hand and broke up the green qi. Without a moment’s hesitation, he dashed forward, raised his right leg, and swept at the youth.

The man was astounded. Jiang Xiaofan’s speed was too fast. Unable to counter in time, he blocked with raised arms.


The sound of bones breaking could be heard.

A fourth heaven Micro Realm cultivator was sent flying six meters into the distance with one sweep of the leg. His left arm dangled, and his face was twisted with pain.

Everyone was left speechless. After all, this was a fourth heaven Micro Realm cultivator who had somehow suffered a serious injury right after the fight just started. Jiang Xiaofan’s move was precise and quick, yet also powerful.

“Let’s get him together!”

Jiang Xiaofan only shot them a side glance, suddenly infuriating the three youths even more. From his expression, it was clear that he didn’t take them seriously; consequently, this vexed them, causing their mood to further sour.

The three of them neared closer. The one who Jiang Xiaofan kicked flying already had his upper arm bone placed back into his shoulder socket with the help of the other two. Disgruntled, he led the triangular assault against Jiang Xiaofan.

The three of them simultaneously channeled the Jade Purity Cultivation Method and released their attacks. Each move was deadly. Green lights flashed everywhere, ripping up the grass and eliciting awes from the audience. These three were not inner disciples, but they were stronger than most outer disciples.

What was even more staggering was that Jiang Xiaofan stood his ground, seemingly nonchalant. He instinctively countered and defended with his bare fists and legs.

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on Jiang Xiaofan’s face. His speed instantly increased, and with an upward swing of his right fist, Jiang Xiaofan executed an uppercut at his opponent’s chin. Next, he pulled back his left arm and punched the solar plexus of another opponent to his side. The last one was the most pitiable. Jiang Xiaofan had kicked him right in the member, triggering excessive tears and snot.

*Bang bang bang*

With three beautiful, consecutive strikes, the attackers screeched with pain as they were sent flying backward. The one who had been kicked below instantaneously fainted.


Everyone was stupefied. These three youths were all at the fourth heaven of Micro Realm, yet they had been so easily defeated! At a loss for words, the crowd stared on incredulously.

At the side, Liu Ruyan looked with great disbelief while Zhu Youwei’s expression turned completely dark. He gradually walked up and admonished Jiang Xiaofan, “To think that a newly joined outer disciple would make me resort to this. I will give you one last chance. Kneel down in front of me, kowtow, and repent. Destroy your own hands and leave the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. If not, you know what will happen!”

Displeased with his demeanor, Ye Yuanxue pouted her lips and furrowed her brows. Chills ran down the spines of the onlookers, many of whom were outer disciples from the past selections. Aware of Zhu Youwei’s infamous reputation, they uncontrollably took a step back.

“Who the hell are you?! Kowtow and apologize? Are you even worthy?!”

The color on Jiang Xiaofan’s face changed as his tone became frosty. He kicked out another nearby giant rock.


A green flying sword emerged from Zhu Youwei’s body. It was approximately two meters long. With a downward swing, the giant rock instantly turned to dust. A strong wind blew over and created what seemed like a sandstorm.

“That’s a spirit weapon!”

Someone shouted in surprise. It was obvious that he was familiar with weapon ranks. Surrounding them were a large number of outer disciples. After seeing Zhu Youwei reveal his sword, their fear for him deepened.

The continent of Huayun had its weapons divided into the following ranks: mortal, spirit, precious, supreme, and immortal, the weapons of legend. Spirit weapons greatly increased the attacking power of the cultivator. Only Phantom Saint cultivators could rightfully wield them. As a result, very few within the Realm of Dust had the ability to possess a weapon of this rank.

Feeling smug, Zhu Youwei disparaged Jiang Xiaofan, steadily pressuring him with the green sword hovering above Jiang Xiaofan’s head. 

“Xiaofan, be careful. Spirit weapons aren’t to be taken lightly.” Ye Yuanxue relayed this message to him with her spiritual awareness.

Jiang Xiaofan nodded his head and grew solemn, wary of that flying sword. He took a deep breath. With a flash of his body and a mysterious tread of his footsteps like an illusion, he darted forward.

“Such speed!” gasped another spectator.

Rather than retreating, Zhu Youwei confronted him instead. His gaze was icy as if he was looking at a dead person before him. Qingyun Sword glowed more brightly, and with a hack, a light was unleashed at Jiang Xiaofan.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Jiang Xiaofan’s agility. With every step that Jiang Xiaofan took, a faint golden light appeared beneath his soles. Like the rolling of clouds and flowing of water, this cultivation technique emitted the feeling of being one with the nature of Dao.

According to the Buddhist Sutra, this superior technique was known as the Shadow Steps. Supposedly, those who mastered it could break the chains of time. With one step, one could easily stride across mountains and rivers. This was what true speed was like.

The strike missed. Sullen, Zhu Youwei suddenly smiled. He cast a hex along with his Qingyun Sword, which both created tremendous pressure on Jiang Xiaofan. The might of a spirit weapon was commendable. It felt as Jiang Xiaofan was carrying a mountain on his shoulders.

 “Amazing! So that’s the power of a spirit weapon?”

“That guy is done for. It’s almost impossible to survive a battle with that weapon.”

Many people widened their eyes and gawked at the green flying sword, their faces full of admiration. To Jiang Xiaofan though, there was only pity. They knew the truth of the situation. They knew who was right and who was at fault, except they just didn’t have the courage to speak out.

“You don’t stand a chance. Now go die! Take this as a lesson. I hope you’ll be smarter in the next life. You should know who you can offend and who not to!”

Zhu Youwei smirked again while his eyes reflected death. With a wave of his right hand, Qingyun Sword’s radiance intensified. It swung down with a mountain of pressure on Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan kept silent, but his eyes were cold. Suddenly, a dark green light enveloped his body.  Explosive energy was released, and with one punch, Qingyun sword was sent flying out. At the same time, his soles shimmered with golden light. An illusory shadow emerged from where he originally stood. Within a quick moment, Jiang Xiaofan appeared by Zhu Youwei’s side and punched at him.


This one punch carried heavy force, relentless and unforgiving. It was like a punishment from the gods. Tremors from the impact generated winds like a typhoon. Immediately, Zhu Youwei was knocked flying thirty meters out. The sky was dotted red with blood.                

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