The Daoist Seal - Chapter 48

Sea of the Setting Sun, as its name implied, was a mystical sea where the sun set below its waters.

This was what was recorded in the archives at the Pavilion of Stored Scriptures. Jiang Xiaofan drew his lips taut and grumbled. How terrifyingly ignorant! The sun is a star, not a sea creature! It’s supposed to be up in the sky! Since when has it ever set into the sea?!

The island that they were on was vast in size and covered with towering, primordial trees. This place was inhabited by countless friendly aboriginals. Jiang Xiaofan and Ye Yuanxue temporarily stayed in the residence of a welcoming family.

Every year at around this time, the waters in the Sea of the Setting Sun would break into small tides. Such tides were mild in nature, and after they passed, an object called the “Sea of Heart” would appear in the diving zone area. Their task this time was to retrieve the Sea of Heart.

There were still a few more days left before the tides would occur. Jiang Xiaofan dragged Ye Yuanxue around the island for a casual stroll while Little One joyously flew ahead of them, occasionally turned to look back, and chirped at them. This picturesque scene was very harmonious.

Eventually, the two of them arrived by the seashore. They kicked off their shoes, sat down together, and soaked their feet in the cool waters. A gentle breeze blew over and lifted Ye Yuanxue’s silky hair into the air. She looked very ethereal, and the backdrop of the island and the sea further complimented her beauty. Jiang Xiaofan was spellbound.

He couldn’t help but fantasize about how he would marry Xiao Xue’er, embrace her in bed every night, smell her beautiful long hair, and let her rest her head on his wide shoulder. How wonderful would that be?

Ye Yuanxue’s acute awareness sensed a pair of laser-like eyes sweeping a glance over her body. She immediately turned her head, roughly tugged Jiang Xiaofan’s earlobe, and ground her teeth. “Perverted Wolf, what’s with that look in your eyes?! Are you thinking of something naughty again?!”

“Nonsense! Absolutely nothing of the sort! I’m innocent!” Jiang Xiaofan had sworn to Heaven before switching the subject of conversation. “Xue’er darling, how is it? Soaking your feet in the cool seawater is nice, isn’t it? The breeze is also pleasant, yeah?”

Ye Yuanxue wrinkled her cute nose and replied, “It’s nice, but there’s something strange about the water.”

Jiang Xiaofan nodded in concurrence. There was definitely something bizarre about the Sea of the Setting Sun. Its water looked red like the sunset, but it appeared the eeriest during the evening. The water would turn blood-red in color, and occasionally, they could smell the scent of blood coming from it.

As time passed, a few more cultivators who had traveled by rainbow arrived on the island. They were all young disciples from the other large sects., and their purpose of coming here was the same as theirs. They were after the Sea of Heart.

When facing them, they would directly ignore these individuals. Their business was not theirs, and they could care less about what those other disciples did. Like usual, Jiang Xiaofan walked Ye Yuanxue all over the island and went to the beach to soak their feet in the seawater.

His original plan was to catch a few crabs for Ye Yuanxue to play with. Unfortunately, the sea here and the ones on earth seemed different. Not only were there no crabs to be found, but also seashells were nonexistent. He did, however, pick up a lot of algae.

Because of the island’s large size, it naturally had flora and fauna. In addition to accompanying Ye Yuanxue on a daily basis, he also took the time out to hunt some game. As a result, the family who welcomed their stay were extremely delighted.

On the second day when another group of cultivators arrived on the island, Jiang Xiaofan spotted two familiar people. One of them was the tall, rich, and handsome Wang Ao while the other pretty female was Liu Shi.

“What is it?” Ye Yuanxue asked him.

“Nothing. Just saw two acquaintances,” answered Jiang Xiaofan.

“Acquaintances? There are people whom you know among those here?”

Ye Yuanxue revealed an astonished look on her face. Previously, Jiang Xiaofan had told her that he had come out of deep hiding from a faraway mountain and had neither family nor friends. That was he didn’t know much of this world at the beginning.

“Er, I’m not that familiar with them.” Jiang Xiaofan laughed awkwardly and continued, “It’s nothing. Forget them. Let’s go.”

When he had first arrived on Planet Ziwei in that little village, he suffered quite a bit from Wang Ao’s scorn. Nonetheless, Jiang Xiaofan was not the type of person to exact revenge on such small matters. He wouldn’t inflict trouble on Wang Ao just because he was verbally ridiculed by him.

The only problem was that trouble would come to him even if he wasn’t actively looking for it.

Possessing an impressive innate talent, Wang Ao’s cultivation was now at the sixth heaven of Micro Realm. He wore a light-green robe and looked quite ethereal. With one long, sweeping gaze, he was surprised to have discovered someone of stunning beauty on the island.

The one who had caught his eyes was, of course, Ye Yuanxue.  Jiang Xiaofan and Ye Yuanxue were located not too distant from where the new group of cultivators had landed, so with one turn of his head, Wang Ao spotted the charming belle right away.

He directly headed in their direction, stopped in front of them, slightly bowed before Ye Yuanxue, and smiled. “I am Wang Ao, a disciple of Ziyang Sect under Elder Mu Yun. Young Miss, may I know your name and where you are from?”

Ye Yuanxue knitted her brows. What’s wrong with this person? How rude of him to block our path!

Before Ye Yuanxue could open her mouth, Jiang Xiaofan was already disgruntled. What the fuck?! You’re itching to piss me off, is that right? How dare you try to pick up the girl whom I like?! So you refuse to take the easy road and want to venture on the difficult one, huh? I take it that you’re asking for a beating then?!

Furthermore, Jiang Xiaofan was very upset by Wang Ao’s choice of words. He was like another Zhu Youwei, someone who used his relationship with Zhu Xidao to pressure Jiang Xiaofan. Similarly, Wang Ao mentioned his relation to an elder of Ziyang Sect. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. This guy isn’t principled either.

Jiang Xiaofan pulled Ye Yuanxue back and stepped forward. He patted Wang Ao on the shoulder and smiled, “Wang Ao, you shouldn’t run around out here. Your mama’s calling for you to go back home to have dinner.”

Displeased by Jiang Xiaofan’s behavior, Wang Ao furrowed his brow and responded, “Excuse me, who might you be? Why do you say such things? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

The Jiang Xiaofan of today was completely different from what he had been when he had first arrived on Planet Ziwei. Therefore, Wang Ao wasn’t able to recognize him. Not to mention, he hadn’t even taken a good look at Jiang Xiaofan yet because his sole attention was on Ye Yuanxue.

Next to Wang Ao was Liu Shi who looked more attractive than before; however, her cultivation level was only at the third heaven of Micro Realm. After peering at Jiang Xiaofan for a while, she eventually remembered who he was. She then pointed her finger at him and exclaimed, “He’s that filthy beggar!”

“You’re the beggar!” Ye Yuanxue chided her.

Liu Shu reflexively grew irate and retorted, “Bitch, how dare you insult me!”

Jiang Xiaofan’s expression quickly frosted over. He raised his hand and slapped Liu Shi across the face. “I don’t like raising my hand against women, so don’t force me! You’d better wash your dirty mouth clean!”

“You…. You waste! How dare you hit me?!”

It took Liu Shi a long time for her to recover from the shock of getting slapped. After releasing a shriek, she *swoosh* pulled out her long sword from her back and hacked down at Jiang Xiaofan. Without any mercy, her objective was to cut him down the middle.

However, with her cultivation and speed, it was impossible for her to put a scratch on the current Jiang Xiaofan. He smacked her again with his backhand and sent her long sword flying. It stabbed into the ground from far away.

With two hands to the face, Liu Shi had been slapped silly. She caressed her slightly swollen cheek and screamed once more. She couldn’t tolerate the fact that she had been slapped in the face twice by a waste.  Like a lunatic, she lunged at Jiang Xiaofan.

Too lazy to care about her, Jiang Xiaofan simply kicked his leg up and knocked her unconscious.

The entire scene played out in a matter of seconds. Wang Ao finally recognized Jiang Xiaofan. He was deeply taken aback because he had never imagined that the village’s former beggar would have such strength. Even Liu Shi was no match for him.

Nevertheless, disdain was soon written on his face yet again. His cultivation wasn’t on a level that was comparable to Liu Shi’s. He grimly looked at Jiang Xiaofan and said, “You waste. Shouldn’t you be up in the mountains and guarding the gate? Who allowed you to come down?! How audacious of you to attack a disciple of another sect with those pathetic techniques of yours! Looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson today in knowing where you stand!

After listening to Wang Ao speak, Ye Yuanxue grew perplexed and eyed Jiang Xiaofan curiously. When did guy ever go to Ziyang Sect to guard the gate? How come I don’t know of it?

Jiang Xiaofan inwardly sneered. At that time, the green-robed man had promised that he would become an outer disciple of Ziyang Sect who would patrol its mountains. Wang Ao and the others knew about this. Regardless, that green-robed man had backstabbed him and kicked him off the cliff. They had most likely arrived at Ziyang Sect long ago, and since they hadn’t seen him, they had to have assumed that he had already gone patrolling.

Recalling such an event made Jiang Xiaofan all the angrier. Shit! That pasty-faced bastard stole my limited-edition photo book and also tried to kill me! Fuck that guy! I’ll chop that asshole into a million pieces! And! I will get back my photo book! After all, it’s a rare, priceless collectible!

Upon seeing Jiang Xiaofan keeping silent, Wang Ao thought that Jiang Xiaofan was afraid of him. He then revealed a smug smile, proudly glanced at Ye Yuanxue, and coldly admonished Jiang Xiaofan, “A dog who watches the gate must have the consciousness of a watchdog.”

Screw you to hell! After Jiang Xiaofan had recollected his thoughts, the first thing that he heard was Wang Ao’s remark. Without further ado, Wang Ao was met with a flying kick and knocked flat to the ground.

Still, Jiang Xiaofan couldn’t possibly end this skirmish so quickly. He dashed ahead, madly stomped his feet on the fallen Wang Ao, and inwardly cursed, “You piece of shit! Cultivating for a couple of months already makes you so uppity, eh? Being a second-generation makes you so cool, huh? I’ll stomp you to death! Fuck your entire family! You think that you’re that ice chick so that gives you the right to say something like that to me?!”

As he was being stomped on, Wang Ao cried out in agony. He wanted to retaliate, but to his horror, he realized that he had no opportunity of retaliation. Under the stomps of Jiang Xiaofan’s two feet, any slight movement of countering was impossible.

Fury overwhelmed him. Thus, his stomps were quite heavy and forceful.

Damn it! It makes sense that I’m at a disadvantage because I can’t beat that ice chick and I saw her naked. I admit it, so I tolerated her! But who the hell are you?! You’re just a puny runt who has cultivated for a few months! What makes you so arrogant?!

I didn’t want to give you any trouble, but good job on your part! You had to butt your face into my affairs! Therefore, do I have the I the need to show you any politeness? Look, it’s hard on me too. I’ll give you a few more stomps before we can talk again. If you don’t die from this, then consider yourself lucky! If you do die, then that is your misfortune!

Not knowing how much time had passed by, Jiang Xiaofan finally stopped after noticing that Wang Ao elicited no more sounds and was stomped to the point of disfiguration. Still, Jiang Xiaofan felt that something was amiss. He then stomped on him one last time. Phew! That feeling is…. Awesome!

Jiang Xiaofan then clapped his hands and turned around only to see Ye Yuanxue curiously sizing him up and down. He suddenly felt embarrassed and nervously explained, “I’m actually a good person.”

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