The Daoist Seal - Chapter 46

With his left arm severed and his precious weapon broken, the dark-colored halberd was now pierced through Ying Tianyang’s body. An outpour of fresh blood flowed outward from his wound and dyed the platform a bright red color, stunning and horrifying the spectators as they watched on.

Jiang Xiaofan remained expressionless as he coolly watched Ying Tianyang and firmly clasped his halberd with his right hand.

He had never planned to use the Celestial Demon Sword. Despite not having any energy fluctuation, the sword was nevertheless unique. The level of strength and sharpness of the sword was unimaginably terrifying. Essentially, there was nothing that the sword couldn’t cut.

He didn’t want to expose his sword out in the open, but Ying Tianyang was just too strong. Although Ying Tianyang’s cultivation had been suppressed, his combat power exceeded the Micro Realm. With the addition of the precious-ranked Bow Slayer, dragging on the battle would be disadvantageous to Jiang Xiaofan. Not wanting any more unpredictable factors to turn the tables, Jiang Xiaofan eventually used his sword.

However, he wasn’t too worried about the consequences. So be it! It’s not that big of a deal! After all, the Celestial Demon Sword wasn’t his trump card. His real trump card was the mysterious silver-colored brass piece, even if that thing wasn’t always willing to listen to his wishes.

“Jiang Xiaofan!”

A loud roar shook the entire platform. Blood continued to flow from his severed left arm, but the wild look of killing intent lingered in Ying Tianyang’s eyes. He was just like a wild beast.


Even with the loss of his left arm and his Bow Slayer broken, the qi exuded from Ying Tianyang’s body grew even more intense and terrible. He looked like a monster from the depths of hell who just woke up from its slumber. Savagery flickered across his eyes.

Jiang Xiaofan coldly smirked. This Ying Tianyang is too high-handed. He raised his halberd once more, and with a spark of green light, he stabbed Ying Tianyang in the waist and *bang* knocked him flying outward.

Jiang Xiaofan abhorred this type of person, the kind who was indifferent to right and wrong, overbearing, and had no regard for others. He wouldn’t show any mercy to Ying Tianyang, especially not when his father had attempted to attack Ye Yuanxue twice. Without a moment’s hesitation, he charged at Ying Tianyang with lightning speed.


It was another vicious beating. Vomiting a large mouthful of blood, Ying Tianyang was sent flying into the air once more.

*Bang bang bang*

The current Ying Tianyang had now become a live target for Jiang Xiaofan. With no strength left to counter, he was continually punched here and kicked there by Jiang Xiaofan. The entire platform was covered with his blood stains.

The atmosphere was dead silent. The Emperor’s Heaven Sect’s number two core disciple was being brutally assaulted by someone who had become a disciple of the sect not long ago and rendered unable to fight back. The scene before their eyes petrified many onlookers as chills ran down their spines.

“Let’s end this life-or-death duel. This is my final strike!”

Jiang Xiaofan icily declared. The halberd in his grasp radiantly emitted light-green rays, and he aimed his weapon at Ying Tianyang’s chest. This attack contained every ounce of spiritual energy that he had left in his body. The air around him vibrated and released loud, ringing noises.

Nearly everyone in the crowd widened their eyes as they stared at what was about to unfold. Some of their hands were drenched in sweat. They knew that, without any surprises, Ying Tianyang was to die and would no longer have the chance for a turnaround.

The complexions of the inner disciples from the Heavenly Sun Peak paled. Disbelief, fear, and unwillingness were written on their faces. If Ying Tianyang was to directly challenge Jiang Xiaofan at Standstill Peak and did not have his cultivation suppressed to the Micro Realm, there was no way that Ying Tianyang could have lost!

The halberd glimmered with cold light as Jiang Xiaofan was poised to strike it through Ying Tianyang’s heart.

“You runt! You dare?!”

Suddenly, any icy-toned voice sounded. Ying Xianling stepped onto the platform and guarded Ying Tianyang to the front. Terrifying spiritual energy then swept across the platform. Without having time to react, Jiang Xiaofan was sent flying backward and coughed out blood in midair. His grip on the halberd almost loosened.

The abrupt turn of events stupefied everyone. How could he interfere with a life-or-death duel?!


The chilling look of killing intent was reflected in Ying Xianling’s eyes. He extended his right hand and grabbed for Jiang Xiaofan.

“Ying Xianling, you’re crossing the line!”

Yu Wuyan’s figure then appeared on the platform, and with a *bang*, she blocked Ying Xianling’s large hand again. At the same time, a gentle stream of spiritual energy was channeled into Jiang Xiaofan’s body, and it broke the acceleration of his fall.

Jiang Xiaofan steadily landed on the floor of the platform, but blood continued to trickle down his lips. He had just suffered a grave wound. That attack by Ying Xianling nearly killed him. If not for Yu Wuyan’s help, he wouldn’t even be able to stand up on his two feet.

“Boss, are you alright?!”

Lin Quan and Tang You shouted from below. Their expressions were full of concern and anger, and their eyes smoldered. This is too unjust! They tightly balled up their fists and looked as if they were ready to kill.

Anxious as well, Ye Yuanxue wanted to rush up but was held back by Ye Qiuyu who then shook her head at her. Since the leader of the Heavenly Maiden Peak was already up there, she would undoubtedly protect Jiang Xiaofan at all costs.

Without care, the little bird on Ye Yuanxue’s shoulder fluttered its multicolored, feathered wings and flew into the arms of Jiang Xiaofan. Its bright, large eyes were misty as it chirped at him.

“Be good. I’m fine.”

Jiang Xiaofan lightly patted the little fellow and whispered words of comfort. Afterward, he calmly looked at Lin Quan, Ye Yuanxue, and the others to reassure them that he was alright.

He then turned back to icily glare at Ying Xianling and further clenched his halberd.

Yu Wuyan flatly spoke, “Ying Xianling, you have crossed the line! As the leader of the Heavenly Sun Peak, not only have you not led by example and restrained the behaviors of your disciples, you have committed acts of wrongdoing by interfering with a life-or-death duel on the platform and attacking a disciple! As a fellow leader of one of the seven main peaks, you embarrass me!”

Yu Wuyan was a female, so her tone wasn’t strong. Yet, those who had heard could sense strong oppression in her voice. She then turned to look at the expressionless leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation and reprimanded, “You are the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation’s leader! Shouldn’t you be doing something right about now?!”

Silence settled in. Many people didn’t dare to breathe loudly. They hadn’t imagined that so many incidents would transpire in this simple life-or-death duel. As of right now, they didn’t even dare to speak out loud and could only cautiously watch from afar.

Maintaining that stony, zombie face, the leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation walked forward and announced, “Jiang Xiaofan wins.”

Ying Xianling’s face immediately darkened and picked up Ying Tianyang’s severed arm and the broken Bow Slayer. The killing intent in his eyes intensified, and he coldly spoke, “I want to know what kind of weapon was used to sever my son’s arm and to break the precious weapon!”

Yu Wuyan shook her head and retorted, “You have no right to ask!”

Ying Xianling frostily chuckled. “His movement was nimble, but he can’t hide that weapon from my eyes! There was a skull on the hilt of the sword, and the blade was black in color. Hmph! I suspect that it’s a demonic weapon!”

After he had spoken, the crowd was shaken to the core yet again. The spectators looked at Jiang Xiaofan with mixed expressions. The word “demonic” was just too alarming. On Planet Ziwei, that word was associated with “destruction.” Demons were the root of all evil.

Even Jiang Xiaofan himself was startled, and his heart skipped a beat. Could it be that the old dog had seen through him?

He was unsettled but soon relaxed. It can’t be. The Celestial Demon Sword emits no wave of energy fluctuations. Nobody can tell that it’s a demonic weapon.

The leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation quickly peered over and stared at Jiang Xiaofan with a twinkle of light in his eyes.

Yu Wuyan disdainfully replied, “Ying Xianling, your son lost fair and square because he was incapable. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself by using such a poor excuse? Even I feel pity for you.”

Ying Xianling sneered, “My son is capable enough. He didn’t bully him with his Phantom Saint cultivation. Instead, he willingly allowed his cultivation to be suppressed to the Micro Realm. This was an act of grace! Yet, this black-hearted bastard pulled a dirty trick on my son! Jiang Xiaofan deserves to be killed!”

Jiang Xiaofan laughed. He held up his halberd, pointed it at Ying Xianling, and answered with contempt, “Old dog, I’ve seen many shameless people before but never one as shameless as you. This really is a first for me.”

“How presumptuous!” Ying Xianling’s expression grew somber, and another large hand grabbed at Jiang Xiaofan.

Standing in front of Jiang Xiaofan, Yu Wuyan naturally couldn’t allow him to be harmed. She blocked Ying Xianling’s large hand once again and simultaneously pulled out a brilliant, gold-colored token. It gleamed with bright, divine light.

Upon seeing the token, the color drained from Ying Xianling’s face. Even the stony-faced leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation was moved.

Holding firmly onto the golden token, she coolly said, “Ying Xianling, how about I ask the sect leader to come forth, suppress his cultivation to the realm of Human Emperor, and battle you with the Emperor Bell? That is also an act of grace, yes? How about it? Do you dare to accept this duel?”

Ying Xianling’s complexion instantly turned ashen. He was speechless.

Beyond the platform, many of the inner disciples nearly fainted after hearing Yu Wuyan’s proposal. The leader of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect is a powerful Mystic Immortal cultivator. The Emperor Bell is also an immortal-ranked weapon. How can Ying Xianling possibly accept this challenge?! All it takes is one strike, and he’ll be on his way to hell!

Jiang Xiaofan was inwardly giddy with joy. His vexation with Ying Xianling immediately dissipated. What a great comeback!

However, he was also daunted by the realization of Yu Wuyan’s identity. She didn’t seem as ordinary as she looked. The token in her hand clearly held a lot of power, and it was enough to keep Ying Xianling and that zombie from the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation on their toes. It was as if she really had the capability to ask the sect leader to come out.

The scene was quiet again.  Eventually, the leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation broke the silence, eyed Yu Wuyan, and stated, “Let me see his sword. If it’s not a demonic weapon, then I will proclaim his innocence. If it is, then….”

The leader continued no further, but everyone knew what he meant. If it was a demonic weapon, then Jiang Xiaofan’s life would be in jeopardy. Death was his only option.

Yu Wuyan furrowed her brows and turned back to glance at Jiang Xiaofan.

Knowing that he could not avoid it, Jiang Xiaofan bowed to Yu Wuyan. “Qianbei, there is no need to be concerned. I am a virtuous person and have done nothing wrong. If they want to take a look, then I, of course, will not refuse them.”

He took out the Celestial Demon Sword and courteously handed it to Yu Wuyan.

Once the sword was exposed, the crowd erupted into another frenzy. Previously, they only caught a glimpse of the sword’s light in action because of Jiang Xiaofan’s two quick strikes. Now that the sword was before their eyes, they were astounded by its appearance.

Yu Wuyan nodded in satisfaction as she took the sword and carefully inspected it. She was quite surprised as she inwardly marveled at how peerless this sword was. The only unfortunate thing was that this sword emitted zero energy fluctuation.

After the inspection, she discovered that there was nothing peculiar about the sword and nodded at Jiang Xiaofan. She then handed it to the leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation who then shook his head and handed it back after another round of meticulous inspection.

“This sword is clean. It’s not a demonic weapon. Jiang Xiaofan is the victor.”

After hearing the leader of the Hall of Spiritual’s conclusion, Jiang Xiaofan breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, he grew so nervous that he thought that he was going to die. Even though the Celestial Demon Sword didn’t emit any energy fluctuation, it was indeed once a demonic weapon. Guilty conscience rested heavily on his mind.

“Ying Xianling, well? Do you have anything more to say?”

Yu Wuyan returned the sword back to Jiang Xiaofan and turned around to look at the man standing on the opposite end of the platform.

Ying Xianling’s face turned extremely unsightly. Murderous intent raged in his eyes as he glared at Jiang Xiaofan. Without a reply, he carried the unconscious Ying Tianyang, along with the severed arm and broken saber, and shot off into the sky like a laser.

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