The Daoist Seal - Chapter 44

Yu Wuyan was the current generation’s leader of the Heavenly Maiden Peak. Her voice was calm and steady, but her words stunned everyone. Not everyone had the courage to stand up and question these two prominent figures of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect

The leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation said nothing, while the Heavenly Sun Peak’s leader, with a sullen expression, pointed at Ye Yuanxue and explained, “Very well. Your disciple was disrespectful towards her seniors and openly defied me. Now that you’re here, I’ll give you face and watch you discipline her!”

The faces of Ye Qiuyu and Yu Wuyan darkened. Before they could open their mouths to retort, someone else was already raging with anger. Upon the platform, Jiang Xiaofan abruptly released a large burst of powerful qi that surpassed the limits of the Micro Realm. A radiant dark green light shot up into the sky from his body.

“Old dog, I’m going to castrate your son right now!”

In that instant, Jiang Xiaofan felt as if he had broken all chains of constraint. His right hand looked as if it had transformed into an energy source that beamed brightly with green light, and his speed increased by several folds. His body then transformed into a streak of light as he mercilessly punched Ying Tianyang in the abdomen with his green-colored fist.


The force of his punch was frighteningly powerful. Even Ying Tianyang’s body which was at the Phantom Saint realm could not withstand it. Like a hammer slamming into his body, a sharp pain radiated from his abdomen. He could feel shockwaves rocking his organs, and a large mouthful of blood streamed out from his lips.

At such a close distance, there was no way that Jiang Xiaofan would let go of Ying Tianyang so easily. With his peerless Shadow Steps technique, illusory shadows appeared and encircled Ying Tianyang, continuously punching him from all angles.

*Bang bang bang*                                                                                                                  

At this point in time, the match had almost turn one-sided in favor of Jiang Xiaofan. With no opportunity to counter, Ying Tianyang could only endure his opponent’s assault. He was unable to get a hold of Jiang Xiaofan’s real body as every direction was full of illusions. Even the spectators grew dizzy as they strained their eyes to look.

“Jiang Xiaofan!”

At last, Ying Tianyang lost his temper and roared at him.


A dozen dazzling rays of divine light from the sky shot down and crashed beside Ying Tianyang. Bits of rock and debris flew into the air. Once the rays of light and dust had dispersed, everything within a two-meter radius of where Ying Tianyang stood was destroyed beyond recognition. The spectators were somewhat terrified at what had just happened, but they soon discovered that Jiang Xiaofan’s body was nowhere to be seen.

Soon, a cold voice rang out from above.

“I’m right here!”

Jiang Xiaofan plunged down from the sky with his right fist extended and violently punched Ying Tianyang squarely in the face. Again, he showed him no mercy, but this punch was slightly weaker than the one from before. After all, he couldn’t exert all of his might into his attacks each time. This would bring about unnecessary burdens to his body.

Even so, Ying Tianyang was sent flying outward once more.

The onlookers were so stunned that their jaws dropped to the ground. The Emperor’s Heaven Sect’s number two core disciple, Ying Tianyang, was continuously beaten up and had no strength to fight back! This is unthinkable!

“As expected of the man nicknamed ‘The Vicious One.’ So scary!”

Shocked beyond words, even the complexions of the Heavenly Sun Peak’s disciples paled to a deathly white as they stared fixedly at the platform. With a darkened face, terrifying frightening spiritual energy emanated from Ying Xianling as he took a stride forward.

At the same time, a frosty *hmph* sounded. Yu Wuyan expressionlessly looked over and warned, “Ying Xianling, don’t say that I haven’t given you face. Your son already has the upper hand in this battle. You’re not thinking of intervening in this duel, are you?!”

Ying Xianling stopped in his tracks as his face instantly turned ashen. A cold light flashed across his eyes, and he retorted, “My son has superior innate talent, and his cultivation is beyond excellent. How could he be compared with a mere Micro Realm fool? I’ll just stand here and wait for him to cut off that little runt’s head off!”

“You awful old thing! You scumbag!”

Crossed, Ye Yuanxue pointed and snapped at Ying Xianling. The little fellow on her shoulder also angrily chirped and glared back, furiously beating its multicolored feathered wings.

Standing from not far away, Lin Quan and Tng You were startled by Ye Yuanxue’s bold response. This girl is too indomitable! How can she repeatedly go up against a powerful figure of the sect like that?! Very horrifying!

Ying Xianling’s expression grew even more unsightly, and he hollered, “How dare you?!”

He then turned to face Ye Yuanxue. His body released a powerful qi into the atmosphere, and the large hand grabbed for Ye Yuanxue again.

Beside her, Yu Wuyan’s expression iced over. Another powerful qi burst forth, one more terrifying than Ying Xianling’s. It blocked the large hand from proceeding any further and successfully pushed Ying Xianling a few steps backward.

With a glacial tone, Yu Wuyan spoke, “Ying Xianling, do not blame me for not reminding you. If you want to die, then take your son with you! But don’t bring calamity to the sect because of your stupid actions!”

After she had spoken, a tremor of fear erupted across the field in the hearts of many.

Ying Xianling sneered and dismissed her warning. “Yu Wuyan, stop your nonsense. If you want to protect your disciple, then just say so. I’m not going to lower my standing and argue with a little girl.”

Yu Wuyan shook her head and sighed, “Planet Ziwei is vast and infinite. There are many things in this world that are beyond what you and I can comprehend. I dare say that until the very end, you will not know the reason for your demise.”

Besides that of the leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation and another elder, those around the platform were greatly taken aback by her words. Even though Yu Wuyan’s words didn’t seem that grave, there was an invisible yet noticeably powerful oppression in her voice. The spectators felt chills running down their spines.

“Perverted Wolf, keep it up! Beat that Yang whatever to a pulp!”

Ye Yuanxue’s cheers for Jiang Xiaofan astounded the onlookers yet again. What an audacious little fairy! I can’t believe that she said something like that in front of the Heavenly Sun Peak’s leader.

However, what happened after left everyone wanting to vomit blood. It was because of Jiang Xiaofan’s reply. He heartily laughed, “Alright. Xiao Xue’er, just watch then. If that old dog shouts at you again, I’ll represent you and take out your anger on his son by kicking him to death. I’ll beat that bastard until his father can’t recognize him!”

Ye Yuanxue beamed a wide grin at Jiang Xiaofan while Ye Qiuyu revealed a faint smile. Yu Wuyan, on the other hand, looked up at the young man on the platform with mixed, deep emotions in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Ying Xianling’s expression grew so sullen that it seemed as if water from the black rain cloud over his head would pour down at any given moment. His eyes were shrouded with killing intent.

Petrified, the disciples around Ying Xianling retreated away from him. Chilled, goosebumps formed on their skin. That guy’s definitely the Vicious One! How could such words come out of his mouth?!

Ying Tianyang had already stood up on his two feet a while ago. His eyes were no longer frosty but filled with savagery instead. He looked like a beast who had just awoken from its slumber and was now emitting a dangerous aura.

Even so, Jiang Xiaofan wasn’t intimidated. Because of his overly quick speed, he zipped across the platform like a shooting star. His punches, blanketed by dark green light, landed on Ying Tianyang’s body from time to time. Crisp sounds of bones cracking could be heard.

Of course, Jiang Xiaofan suffered injuries during the fight as well. Even though Ying Tianyang’s cultivation had been suppressed to the Micro Realm by the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation’s leader, he was still the sect’s number two core disciple. He naturally had extraordinary capabilities. Despite Jiang Xiaofan’s agility, Ying Tianyang nevertheless gave him a few good hits. Two of his ribs were broken.

As a powerful cultivator who was once at Phantom Saint but now at the Micro Realm, Ying Tianyang still possessed combat abilities beyond that of the Micro Realm. This was Ying Tianyang’s absolute advantage.


The two young cultivators clashed with each other, and powerful fluctuations shook the air around the entire martial arena.

Ying Tianyang’s power wasn’t on a level that an average Micro Realm cultivator could compare with. His strength was frightening, reflexes were timely, and even his speed surprised many people. This life-or-death duel was coming to a stalemate.


Suddenly, Ying Tianyang howled. His hair was slightly disheveled, and streaks of blood hung from the corner of his lips. His eyes remained feral and icy.

Light flashed in his right hand, and a red-green saber materialized in his grasp. Its aura was sharp and unrelenting. Many onlookers unconsciously shut their eyes at the sight of the weapon’s cold, glaring light.

“The Bow Slayer!”

Someone from the Heavenly Sun Peak shouted with wonder. With eyes of venom, the way that he glowered at Jiang Xiaofan was akin to that of looking at a corpse.

Liu Cheng’an opened his mouth for the first time and said, “Peak Leader Ying, Ying Gongzi is truly being unfair this time. The Bow Slayer is the Emperor’s Heaven Sect’s renowned precious weapon. Using it in this duel doesn’t seem appropriate. I beseech you to stop this at once.”

Ying Xianling snorted *hmph* with disdain and eyed Liu Cheng’an. “Elder Liu, do not worry. The Bow Slayer is precious-ranked. However, with my son’s power’s being limited, the might of that weapon is now rendered to spirit-ranked. Not to mention, isn’t your disciple very powerful? He even defended himself against Zhu Xidao’s precious weapon’s Nine Dragons Sealing the Heaven spirit channel technique. A mere Bow Slayer can’t possibly be too difficult for him to handle, yes?”

Liu Cheng’an’s expression immediately turned somber. Lin Quan and Tang You also fumed with indignation. This is pure bullying! Ying Tianyang already had the advantage, but now he’s using the precious-ranked Bow Slayer. How completely shameless! Even though Ying Tianyang’s cultivation had now been suppressed to the Micro Realm and was only capable of unleashing the Bow Slayer’s power to that of a spirit weapon, they understood very clearly that the barehanded Jiang Xiaofan could not defend against the might of this weapon.

“Hmph!” Up above the platform, Jiang Xiaofan snorted and smirked. He wasn’t afraid at all. He had no reason to evade nor pull back either. At this moment, he did something that had everyone frozen in place. Activating his Shadow Steps, Jiang Xiaofan charged at Ying Tianyang.

“Is he crazy?!”                                       

This thought simultaneously went through everyone’s mind. That’s a precious weapon! Given that Ying Tianyang had been suppressed to the Micro Realm, the unleashed might of the Bow Slayer would be, nonetheless, like that of a top-grade, spirit-ranked weapon! Rushing ahead was the same as seeking death!

What happened next left everyone dumbfounded. A dark-colored halberd appeared in Jiang Xiaofan’s hand. Channeling his spirit energy into it, the weapon emitted fierce, unrestrained fluctuations of qi that rippled across the platform. Its power was at least on par with the Bow Slayer!


The Bow Slayer and the halberd collided with each other. The radiance of blinding, divine light and the piercing sound of metals clashing caused great discomfort to the spectators’ eyes and ears. They hastily stepped back.

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