The Daoist Seal - Chapter 40

As the sun set and the sky was painted in layers of red and orange, Jiang Xiaofan was eventually able to convince the little fellow to calm down and docilely stay in the arms of Ye Yuanxue. With its bright, big eyes still misty, the bird gently flapped its wings and reluctantly waved farewell to Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan sighed. Such an enticing, cute little guy.

In truth, he didn’t want to leave but had to. Even though Ye Qiuyu lent the first-generation leader’s jade pendant to him, the pendant only permitted one to enter and exit the Heavenly Maiden Peak. It was absolutely impossible for him to stay the night here. All of the female disciples would sweep him down the mountain.

When Jiang Xiaofan reached Standstill Peak, night had already fallen. He needed to first rest a bit. After all, that battle at the Forest of Scorching Flames had enervated him.

Before he could enter the building complex, Lin Quan and Tang You jumped out of nowhere and cornered him. Two pairs of eyes beaming with light glared at him and scared him in the process as he almost tumbled backward.

“What the fuck?! You guys almost scared me to death! Are you people itching for a beating?!” Jiang Xiaofan growled at them.

Unexpectedly, rather than being afraid, the two merely cackled as they walked up to Jiang Xiaofan. These two are seriously abnormal! Damn, I got goosebumps!

Just as he was about to suspect that Lin Quan and Tang You had been possessed by devils, the two stopped and *thump* dropped to the ground onto their knees. They each held onto one of his legs and began to sputter the following demands.

“Boss, we want to enter the Heavenly Maiden Peak too!”

“Boss, please pass down your mystical technique of entering the peak!”

Jiang Xiaofan’s jaw dropped to the ground. He now knew what had transpired at noon. News of him entering and exiting the Heavenly Maiden Peak multiple times had spread around the sect like wildfire and shocked all those who heard it.

Heavenly Maiden Peak! That was the Heavenly Maiden Peak. It was the paradise that all male cultivators within the Emperor’s Heaven Sect dreamed of entering. Of course, that was impossible because even figures with the status of an elder could not freely enter as they wished. This was the rule of the Heavenly Maiden Peak which had been established since ancient times and could not be violated.

 However, someone who had just been elevated to the status of an inner disciple a few months ago was now able to freely come and go about the Heavenly Maiden Peak. How could news of this not shake the entirety of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect?! Jiang Xiaofan’s name immediately became known to every disciple far and wide.



Bewildered, Jiang Xiaofan had never thought that his carefree entry into the Heavenly Maiden Peak would elicit such a big commotion to the extent of people worshipping him. Isn’t this a bit ridiculous?!

He was speechless. I’ve only entered the peak a couple of times! How did things end up like this?!

Lin Quan and Tang You belittled Jiang Xiaofan. One who has his stomach full won’t understand the pain of those on empty stomachs. Not to mention, doesn’t his back hurt while looking down and talking to them? Does he not know that all of the female cultivators in the Heaven’s Emperor Sect are concentrated in the Heavenly Maiden Peak and the peak forbids men from entering?! It’s only natural that the men will feel lonely!

Jiang Xiaofan obviously couldn’t tell the two that he was in possession of the first-generation leader’s token. Facing towards the two who relentlessly begged him, he gazed up to the sky at forty-five degrees and lamented, “The peak only accepts those who are good-natured.”

The two finally stood back up.

“It’s dark already. Let’s rest early.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m getting sleepy.”

Immediately, Jiang Xiaofan grew flustered. Damn it! What kind of attitude is this?! You guys don’t believe that I’m good-natured?!

On this night, Jiang Xiaofan cultivated on the mountaintop for several hours yet again. After the battle at the Forest of Scorching Flames, he could feel an advancement in his cultivation. Although it wasn’t very noticeable, some progression was better than nothing, and he soon discovered the fundamental truth behind it all. Combat was the easiest and most beneficial way to advance one’s cultivation.

His cultivation level was already at the peak of the eight heaven of Micro Realm, just a step away from reaching the ninth heaven. It should take no more than a month of cultivating. Once he entered the ninth heaven, he could then set his goal for the Realm of Dust.

For a long time, he had always dreamed of reaching the Realm of Dust. The reason was that once he was at that stage, he could rely on his spiritual energy to glide in the air. That would look so cool. More importantly, he wouldn’t need to use the flying sword technique anymore. In other words, he wouldn’t need to feel sword-sick anymore!

“By the way, can medicinal pills help with the advancement of cultivation?”

Jiang Xiaofan was excited by this idea and thought that it was possible. Ultimately, pills were created from the refined amalgamation of prized herbs and other valuable ingredients and contained pure spiritual qi within them.

Instantly tempted, he had taken out the bottle of primary core pills from his spatial ring and hesitated for a bit before swallowing several pills at once. Hm, the taste is just so-so. Somewhat bitter.

“It’s effective!”

Jiang Xiaofan’s eyes instantly lit up, but the excitement in his eyes only lasted briefly as he grew disappointed. After swallowing the primary core pills, his cultivation did grow, but the effect was so minimal that it seemed neglectable.

Ay…. This won’t do. Jiang Xiaofan helplessly shook his head. At this rate, even if he swallowed one hundred primary core pills, he still would not be able to break into the ninth heaven.

He roughly estimated that if he was to rely solely on the pills to reach the ninth heaven from his current state, he would need at least a couple hundred pills. Jiang Xiaofan shuddered at the thought of it.

First of all, he didn’t have that many primary core pills, and even if he did, he wouldn’t use up all of them. He would definitely grow disgusted in the process before he could even break the barrier of eight heaven and reach the ninth. Urgh, hundreds of pills! Anyone would be disgusted!

Still, he wasn’t discouraged. Since the primary core pill proved to be impractical, he could try the gold core pills. For the sake of breaking into ninth heaven, he was willing to risk everything at hand and use himself as a lab rat! Besides, I didn’t spend a single cent on these pills. Ahem. Alright, I stand corrected. I picked them up.

He took out the other jade bottle, shook out a gold core pill onto the palm of his hand, and sniffed it. He then threw it in his mouth and gently chewed on it. Um, not bad. As expected of a gold core! The taste is much more pleasant than a primary core.

Streams of the pill’s qi melted in his mouth and condensed into a spiritual spring that poured into his body. With a joyous expression on his face, Jiang Xiaofan was astonished by the result. The effect of the gold core pill was much more obvious. He could feel his cultivation level rising rapidly.

Jiang Xiaofan quickly calmed down. He sat down in a lotus position and activated both his Buddhist Sutra and Jade Purity Cultivation Method. He then directed the qi to course throughout his body, occasionally emitting green and gold light.

After much time had passed, Jiang Xiaofan opened his eyes and looked at his hands. The effect this time was substantially more noticeable. After all, compared with the primary core, the gold core was much more potent, and its spiritual qi was far richer. He could feel his cultivation level rise a good amount, the equivalent of him consuming one hundred primary core pills.

“No wonder why a gold core pill is so expensive! It definitely has its special uses!”

Looking at the jade bottle within his grasp and the remaining twelve gold core pills inside it, Jiang Xiaofan was ecstatic. He was one hundred percent certain that if he was to consume all twelve of these pills and refine them within his body, he would undoubtedly reach the ninth heaven of Micro Realm, perhaps even directly leaping to its peak.

“Hahahahahaha! Ninth Heaven, here I come!”

He inwardly screamed for joy. Without a moment’s hesitation, he swallowed another pill. After it melted, streams of delicate, pure spiritual qi entered his internal organs and flowed through his eight extraordinary meridians. The qi within his body continuously increased and grew denser.

Jiang Xiaofan threw one gold core pill after another into his mouth. Every time he swallowed one, he would sit down in a lotus position and refine them in his body by using his Buddhist Sutra. The qi would then be integrated into his flesh and blood and transformed into spiritual energy.

If someone happened to chance across this scene, he or she would definitely stagger backward in great shock, maybe even to the point of wanting to run up to Jiang Xiaofan and choke him to death. Bastard! Those are gold core pills! Gold core! They’re prized treasures! How could he consume five of them and keep going at it?!

Regardless of what others thought, Jiang Xiaofan paid no heed to them. Weren’t pills meant for consumption? Not to mention, they were spoils that he had picked up. It wasn’t as if he had spent money on them; hence, he didn’t think of eating them as a waste.

Just as he was about to swallow the ninth pill, he suddenly sensed a powerful flow of qi surging in his chest and felt as if his whole body was about to explode.

However, this uncomfortable feeling disappeared shortly afterward as his entire body soon felt reinvigorated and soothed. Jiang Xiaofan was overcome with jubilation and almost couldn’t contain his scream for joy. He finally did it! He was now at the ninth heaven of Micro Realm!

Jiang Xiaofan didn’t immediately stand up. He decided to remain sitting in a lotus position on the rock. His body still contained leftover streams of the gold core pill’s spiritual qi, and not wanting to waste them, he channeled his Diamond Sutra to further strengthen his body. Faint golden rays of light encased his being.

The top of Standstill Peak was a quiet, hidden place. With the assistance of his silver-colored brass piece, Jiang Xiaofan had no need to worry about others discovering his presence. Even the release of his divine light could, nonetheless, be concealed. No one could discover him.

Not long after, he finally stood up. The Celestial Demon Sword appeared within his grip. He took a deep breath, and, within that moment, his sword radiated with bright, green rays. His feet were still anchored, but the dust was already kicked up into the air. A small hole was formed in the ground where the tip of the Celestial Demon Sword pointed at.

“Thirteen Swords of the Clear Moon!”

Jiang Xiaofan smoothly waved his sword, and faint, green light enveloped the blade. The air around him shook loudly. In an instant, thirteen forms of sword qi appeared and flew dozens of meters into the distance. From afar, they merged into one large sword qi and splintered a massive boulder into pieces.

“So mighty!” Jiang Xiaofan gasped in delightful surprise.

Thirteen Swords of a Clear Moon was an offensive combat technique that could only be cultivated once the cultivator reached the ninth level of the Jade Purity Cultivation Method. Thirteen forms of sword qi would merge as one into a large sword qi, causing its size and attack power to double as a result. The might of this technique was indeed terrifying.

He put his sword away and tidied his clothes. After spending an entire night away, he was finally at the ninth heaven of Micro Realm. Regardless of whether his body or his spiritual energy had strengthened, Jiang Xiaofan was extremely pleased with this outcome.

Of the thirteen gold core pills, only four remained. He didn’t plan to consume them. After all, it was impossible to rely on these four pills to break into the Realm of Dust. It would be wiser if he saved them for potential future uses.

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