The Daoist Seal - Chapter 35

Wang Chong screamed so loudly from the pain that his face twisted in deformity. The blue-robed youth and Ding Gao were in not in any better shape. They lay on the ground like dead dogs and stared fixedly at Jiang Xiaofan, faces full of horror and unwillingness.

“Isn’t this too much?!” The green-robed man’s eyes widened.

Jiang Xiaofan replied, “Hm…. But I’ve already shown them mercy.”

The green-robed man was petrified, and he loudly gulped. His hair stood on end, and he could feel his skin growing clammy. Previously, he had thought that Wang Chong and the two others were cruel-hearted, but after witnessing Jiang Xiaofan’s course of action, he changed his mind. Rather, he now thought that the three bullies were too restrained, just like gentle kittens.

Ignoring the three lying on the ground and wailing, Jiang Xiaofan hooked his arm around the green-robed man’s shoulder and walked him out of the bamboo forest. This guy was considered alright in his eyes.

When the green-robed man had walked forth to plead his peers’ cases, he hadn’t attacked Jiang Xiaofan with the masses nor had he used his status as a Heavenly Sun Peak’s disciple to intimidate him. Regardless of the motive, Jiang Xiaofan thought that his personality was quite nice.

“They….” The green-robed man turned around to glance at Wang Chong and the two.

Jiang Xiaofan looked back to eye them and replied, “No worries. They won’t die. At most, they’ll lie in bed for half a year.”

The green-robed man was called Xiao Ping. Like Jiang Xiaofan, he was an ordinary person with no prominent background. The reason why he was able to enter the Emperor’s Heaven Sect was that he had passable talent. In fact, these past few years within the sect hadn’t gone well for him.

“If staying at the Heavenly Sun Peak makes you so unhappy, why must you remain there?”

“Yeah, why remain?” Xiao Ping grew dejected. He mumbled, “But if I don’t stay there, where else can I go? Will the other main peaks want a disciple who abandoned his own peak?”

Jiang Xiaofan smiled as he shook his head. “If you are willing and do not care about the so-called seven main peaks, I welcome you to stay at Standstill Peak. There may not be fame, status, nor power; however, at least people over there won’t condescend you. You get to live life freely and happily!”

Dumbfounded, Xiao Ping stared at Jiang Xiaofan. Standstill Peak was the Emperor’s Heaven Sect’s most desolate area. He had never once thought of going there. As Jiang Xiaofan said, that place had nothing and could provide nothing for him. Those who resided there were known as wastes throughout the sect. Nothing could be accomplished, and to live there was considered an insult.

Still, he didn’t know why. After hearing those words come from that man’s mouth, a strange feeling welled up inside the green-robed man. His distaste for Standstill Peak suddenly vanished.

Jiang Xiaofan kindly smiled, patted Xiao Ping on the shoulder, and parted ways.

“Boss, you’re back! Tell us the truth! Did you do anything bad while you were away?!”

After climbing up the steps on Standstill Peak, Lin Quan and Tang You feverishly greeted him. After all, they had firsthand view of Jiang Xiaofan and the two peerless beauties walking out the gate of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect together. News and gossips of this began to spread around like wildfire.

“Bullshit! Rather, I almost got played to death!”

Curse words erupted from his mouth. Jiang Xiaofan recalled everything that had happened and told the two of them how the ice chick played him for a fool multiple times, causing him to nearly break down.

“Gods! Boss, you are so lucky!”

Lin Quan’s face was written with admiration and envy as he mesmerizingly gazed at Jiang Xiaofan while complaining about unfairness at the same time. On the other hand, Tang You faced the sky and moaned. “Gods! Please send down a fairy to bully me! To humiliate me! To step on me all she wants!”

Jiang Xiaofan was flabbergasted by Tang You’s reaction. What the shit?! What a mega sleazebag!

“Child, you have returned.”

Old Man Liu trembled as he walked out. The wrinkles on his complexion creased into a warm smile.

Jiang Xiaofan hurried over to assist the old man. He had heard much of the old man’s backstory ever since he had arrived here, and every time he heard it, his respect for the old man deepened.

Many people within the sect had received kindness from Old Man Liu. Despite being an elder with powerful cultivation, he was very humble and never displayed any haughtiness. His entire life was dedicated to the well-being of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect.

Unfortunately, the world was a cruel place where people forgot such matters easily. With his cultivation forever lost and to protect the secrets of the sect, the sect leader placed the old man under house arrest instead of letting him leave to retire. How many people still remember their debt of gratitude to Old Man Liu? How many people still remember that he is alive and living on the Emperor Heaven’s Sect’s Standstill Peak? Let’s not forget that there are also those people who chose to use and toss him away after wringing him dry of benefits! This is a true injustice!

Standstill Peak was once a tranquil place, but shortly after Jiang Xiaofan’s arrival, the atmosphere turned lively. Occasionally, Jiang Xiaofan would hunt and barbecue game to satiate their hunger. Even though the meat didn’t have much spiritual qi in them, they were at least able to fill their stomachs to the brim. In no time, Lin Quan and Tang You had put on some weight.

It was now evening. Seas of stars covered the night sky, and the moonlight shone brightly. Jiang Xiaofan crept up from his bed and hiked to the peak of the mountain. In front of him was the precipice with numerous crisscrossing striations on the top. Below it was the small, winding stream that reflected the stars from above. The scene looked rhythmic and harmonious.

Jiang Xiaofan jumped down to the rock that was located in the center of the stream and sat on it in a lotus position. This area was very serene. Under the cover of towering primordial trees, not many people could discover this secret location. It was perfect for cultivation.

The cultivation world was brutal. If one didn’t possess enough power, he or she would only be devoured by others.

Jiang Xiaofan deeply understood this concept. Whether it was Planet Earth or Planet Ziwei, the rule of the game never changed. On Planet Earth, he had no aspirations. Now, however, he had the chance to change his fate. He needed to become strong, stronger, and eventually the strongest. He desired to walk on that ultimate road. He desired to witness the Dao. He needed to protect everything that was important to him.

Until now, Jiang Xiaofan had never had any hints of doubt. His Buddhist Sutra was a peerless, primordial sacred scripture. It contained everything that was phenomenal, mystical, and complicated. Even the Shadow Steps and Diamond Sutra were more than enough for him to digest.

He had reason to believe that if any of his methods were to become known, the entire cultivation world would break into a frenzy!

A dim, dark golden light radiated from his body. Jiang Xiaofan closed his eyes and activated his Buddhist Sutra. His spiritual awareness coursed through his body and absorbed the spiritual qi from his surroundings, channeling the golden spiritual energy into every inch of his flesh and blood.

With the spiritual energy circulating throughout his body, Jiang Xiaofan once again saw the small, multicolored lake before him. However, he now no longer felt any excitement towards it. His spiritual awareness could perfuse into any area of his body except that lake. In other words, he could view it but could not touch it.

This wasn’t the first time that he had wanted to hold that brass piece in his clutch. However, he failed each time. Although the multicolored lake rested within his body, the distance between him and it felt like a galaxy away.

Jiang Xiaofan pouted, but all of a sudden, he froze on the spot. Earlier, he seemed to have spotted the palm-sized, silver-colored brass piece tremble slightly, and this astounded him. When he blinked and looked at it again, everything was tranquil again. The brass piece was like an unmoving rock above the lake, perpetually still and unchanging.

“I must have gone so crazy over this treasure that I’m beginning to hallucinate!”

Jiang Xiaofan had inwardly cursed himself before calming his mind and focusing on his cultivation.

To a mortal, the passing of time from night to day wasn’t considered very long. To a cultivator though, it passed by like the snap of a finger. Just as the sunlight began to penetrate through all the corners of the land, Jiang Xiaofan opened his eyes with golden light flashing across them.

The mysticism behind the Buddhist Sutra was unquestionable and very mysterious. Jiang Xiaofan felt that he had grown stronger since then. He lightly clenched his fists and stood up to stretch, occasionally hearing the cracking sounds of his joints.

Peaceful days can never last for too long. Otherwise, humans will grow comfortable and become dull.

Jiang Xiaofan thought that this saying made a lot of sense. Therefore, he decided to venture out and train for his cultivation. As of now, the sect’s tasks were his best option. Not only could he practice his cultivation, but he could also complete the tasks to earn contribution points for the sect so that he would be ready to fight for the position of a core disciple by then.

The Hall of Spiritual Cultivation was in charge of rewarding and punishing disciples, as well as recording the entries of completed tasks and contribution points. It was not far from the Xuanyang Pavillion either. Therefore, because Jiang Xiaofan knew the location of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation, he was soon able to find the Xuanyang Pavilion as well.

The one in charging of assigning tasks at the Xuanyang Pavilion was an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man. As for why he was ordinary, the reason was simple. He was one of those people who would be easily lost in a crowd of people. There was nothing special about him.

Because Jiang Xiaofan wasn’t very familiar with how tasks worked, the task that he chose was a yellow-grade task. His mission was to hunt one hundred Fire Bird gallbladders.

The Fire Bird was a common spiritual fowl on Planet Ziwei. Its name was derived from its method of attack, spitting out intensely hot flames. Their cultivation levels were, on average, at the third heaven of Micro Realm and no higher than the fourth heaven. As for the Fire Bird gallbladders, they were a necessary ingredient for the refinement of a certain pill.

Going alone on the task seemed strange, so Jiang Xiaofan wanted Ye Yuanxue to accompany him.

“Ah, Perverted Wolf! You’re here for Miss Xue’er?”

The female disciple from before greeted Jiang Xiaofan at the gate of the Heavenly Maiden Peak.

Fuck! What did she just say?! Jiang Xiaofan felt slightly dizzy. I’m a pure-hearted, handsome man. How come these girls honor me with a wicked label such as perverted wolf?!

Jiang Xiaofan could only sigh. Ay, forget it. So be it then. At least perverted wolf is better than lecher.

Jiang Xiaofan managed to comfort himself, but then he abruptly and angrily realized this. What the hell?! Am I going mental?! Massive fail!

Because of the first-generation leader’s jade pendant, the Heavenly Maiden Peak’s disciples would no longer bar him from entering their grounds. Very soon, he reached the House of Yiya. To his dismay, Ye Yuanxue didn’t want to go with him. Her reason was basic. It was too boring. She’d rather fall asleep.

Feeling helpless, Jiang Xiaofan had no choice but to embark on this journey alone. On his way down the mountain, the male cultivators nearby were dumbfounded as they stared at him. How come this chump is walking down the Heavenly Maiden Peak again? Can it be that there has finally been a change in the peak’s rules?!”

A couple of the males were unable to contain their joy and ran up to Jiang Xiaofan to inquire how he had done it. Without even thinking, the latter told them, “I just walked up there and walked back down.” He then left the stunned, ravenous wolves to themselves and exited through the gate of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect.

“There really is a change!”

The perverted males then charged up the Heavenly Maiden Peak. Whatever happened afterward reminded of them of how masochistic their reckless behavior was. A middle-aged woman suddenly appeared at the gate of the peak, and without saying anything, she sent the intruders flying out. Half a day had passed, and none of them were able to crawl up.

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