The Daoist Seal - Chapter 34

Planet Ziwei was vast and full of spiritual qi. Even though mortals occupied its lands, Ziwei was too unique of a planet. It was, after all, a world that belonged to the cultivators in which they reigned supreme.

Jiang Xiaofan was dispirited as he really abhorred the flying sword technique. His hand that held onto the sword trembled slightly. Whenever he thought about hugging his sword and vomiting until he emptied out his contents, he immediately felt that fighting a pack of wolves was a much easier task to accomplish.

The good news was that the evil ice chick was no longer here. His days passed by much more comfortably. At the very least, Ye Yuanxue had given him enough time to take a rest and recover until nausea had disappeared before they traveled again.


He was in deep anguish. His eyes continuously swirled around and around. Unable to tolerate seeing him in pain, Ye Yuanxue comforted him nonstop. “Vomit it all out. That’s right. Just vomit everything. You’ll feel much better.”

Jiang Xiaofan really wanted to die!

When he climbed off his sword, he could faintly make out the Emperor’s Heaven Sect’s magnificent, towering complexes nestled in the spiritual mountains before him. He nearly burst into tears. His feeling of happiness was like that of a child seeing his long-parted mother again.

The base of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect was located among the mountains with boundless spiritual qi blanketing it. It looked even grander than the Ice Palace. Numerous inner disciples glided across midair on their mystical rainbows. Ye Yuanxue tugged on Jiang Xiaofan’s earlobe, pointed at the sky, and lectured, “Perverted Wolf, just what is up with you?! How come other people look so suave when they maneuver their flying swords, but you look so ugly when you do it?! And you have to vomit all the time!”

Jiang Xiaofan looked at Ye Yuanxue with a pitiful expression. You really think that I want to be nauseous? You really think that I want to vomit?! Who the hell knew that I get motion sickness from flying swords?! Whoever invented this flying sword technique must hate me!

Ye Yuanxue rolled her eyes at him. “I’m going to ask my sister for some Diandan pills. It’s not good if you keep suffering like this.”

“Don’t. It won’t work. It’s better if I just quickly cultivate to the Realm of Dust.”

Jiang Xiaofan shook his head ruefully. Even though the name of the drug was different, wasn’t it the same as Dramamine?

Back on Planet Earth, whenever he felt extremely nauseous and could not tolerate it, he would buy a box of Dramamine with whatever amount of money he had. Afterward, he would curse the pharmaceutical company and its retailers because the drug had no positive effect on him whatsoever. Fuck! I hope you guys get carsick all the time! I pray that all of your families get carsick!

The distance between the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation and the Xuanyang Pavilion wasn’t far. Together, they presented the secret letter to the leader of the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation. He still had that same stony expression his face as if somebody owed him money.

Entry of their completed task and contribution points were recorded into a piece of jade. Afterward, the leader directly escorted them out with a wave of his robe’s long sleeve.

“Stupid old man!”

Ye Yuanxue angrily gritted her teeth, wanting to march up to the leader and give him a good beating.

Jiang Xiaofan nodded his head accordingly. The old man from the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation indeed had an unfriendly presence. He always had the same contemptuous face on every time, like a puppet. Bingxin looked cold too, but that was part of her charm. At least she looked beautiful.

The two of them separated at the base of the Heavenly Maiden Peak. After watching Ye Yuanxue leave, Jiang Xiaofan headed for Standstill Peak. After his long journey to the Ice Palace, strangely enough, he missed Standstill Peak. After all, that place was considered, in its truest sense, his home after arriving in this world. Unconsciously, he had grown attached to Standstill Peak.

Just before he reached the base of Standstill Peak, yelling sounds had resonated from the nearby bamboo forest. Curious, Jiang Xiaofan decided to take a look.

After passing through the dense bamboo forest, he reached a remote, small patch of open space. A green-robed man was surrounded by three figures. His body was covered in scars, both old and fresh, and they appeared to have been recently formed. Meanwhile, the three men surrounding him were punching and kicking at him.

Jiang Xiaofan was taken aback because he discovered that whether it was the person getting hit or the people hitting him, the four of them belonged to the same main peak, the Heavenly Sun Peak to be exact. The three men surrounding the green-robed man were the same people whom Jiang Xiaofan forced to labor after they had failed to cause mischief at Standstill Peak.

One of them was the blue-robed man, and the two others were named Wang Chong and Ding Gao.

As for that person being hit, Jiang Xiaofan didn’t know his name. He just recalled that the green-robed man had asked for him to release his peers, but his plea had been rejected.

“Weakling! How can you be afraid of that waste?!”

“He’s just a fifth heaven Micro Realm cultivator, but you don’t even have the guts to get him!”

The three of them cursed at the green-robed man while pummeling him.

Of the three, the strongest was at the ninth heaven of Micro Realm while the weakest was at the seventh heaven of Micro Realm. The green-robed man was at the seventh heaven, but against the three, he had no strength to resist. Not to mention, he seemed to be wary of something. Without any reprisal, he cowered to the ground with his arms around his head and allowed the three of them to mercilessly beat him.

Unable to look any further at these three scumbags assailing a defenseless person, Jiang Xiaofan picked up a random stone from the ground and threw it out, striking the blue-robed youth’s raised fist.


The blue-robed youth shrieked in pain.

“Who is it?! Reveal yourself at once!”

The man next to the blue-robed youth hollered.

Jiang Xiaofan leisurely walked out from behind the bamboo trees. There was a small stone in his hand, and he casually threw it up and down. He pleasantly greeted them with a drawl, “Yo, everyone! We meet again. What a coincidence.”

“It’s you!”

The green-robed man was surprised by Jiang Xiaofan’s presence. The three others were also startled but soon broke into fits of laughter.

“You’re finally back!” Ding Gao smirked at Jiang Xiaofan, gave the green-robed man another kick, and seethed, “You bastard! Since you dare to appear in front of us, this time we’ll….”


The crisp sound of a slap across Ding Gao’s face was heard, and he immediately flew out several meters.

Ding Gao’s cheek instantaneously swelled up, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He looked up at Jiang Xiaofan with fear in his eyes. He was at the eighth heaven of Micro Realm, but even so, he was unable to see when Jiang Xiaofan had moved!

Even the expression on Wang Chong’s face drastically changed. Based on his assessment, the cultivation level of the person before him was merely at the fifth heaven of Micro Realm. Yet, his agility was so fast that even he, who was at the ninth heaven of Micro Realm, could not see clearly.

Jiang Xiaofan coldly eyed Ding Gao, crushed the stone within his right hand into dust, and warned him, “Shut your smelly mouth, or I’ll make sure that it’ll never utter a sound again!”

Ding Gao’s complexion turned ashen, and he tightened his fist. However, he didn’t dare to retort. That scene from Standstill Peak replayed in his head. This man truly frightened him.

“Jiang, this matter only concerns our Heavenly Sun Peak! Why are you intervening?!”

Wang Chong barked at Jiang Xiaofan. He had just reached the ninth heaven of Micro Realm not long ago and wanted to find an opportunity to humiliate Jiang Xiaofan for once. Now that Jiang Xiaofan was in front of him, he held back his impulse. It was because his opponent’s speed had become much quicker than before. After seeing Ding Gao, an eight heaven Micro Realm cultivator, get knocked flying with one slap, Wang Chong grew cautious.

“There’s no why.” Jiang Xiaofan shrugged his shoulders. “Looking at you guys just irritates me. That’s all.”

The looks on the threes’ faces turned ugly. What kind of reason is that?! He wants to fight us just because we look irritating to him?!

“Don’t cross the line! This has nothing to do with you!” Wang Chong suppressed the anger boiling inside of him and growled, “This is the Heavenly Sun Peak’s affair. I hope that you won’t intervene. Go back to your Standstill Peak!”

Wang Chong felt at odds with himself after speaking such words with this tone. However, he really couldn’t gauge Jiang Xiaofan’s true power with his spiritual awareness. His cultivation level was definitely at the fifth heaven of Micro Realm, but his speed and strength were ridiculously far beyond that. The fact that a fifth heaven Micro Realm cultivator could smack an eight heaven Micro Realm cultivator flying was deemed too bizarre. Nobody else would believe it.

“Your affairs are quite interesting, no? Here we have three assholes repaying kindness with enmity, causing grief to the person who once pleaded for your freedom. How shameless!” Disdain was written all over Jiang Xiaofan’s face. He walked up to the green-robed man and crouched down. “Hey, you. Are you alright?”

The green-robed man gradually returned to focus, got up, and bitterly smiled. “I was supposed to be okay, but with you here…. Ay! I’ll get into trouble again. They’ll definitely won’t let me go after this. Still, thanks anyway.”

Jiang Xiaofan nodded. He knew why Wang Chong and the two others attacked the green-robed man. It was because the green-robed man hadn’t confronted Jiang Xiaofan but pleaded with him to let them go. As a result, a seed of enmity against the green-robed man had been sown in their hearts. Occasionally, Wang Chong and the others would vent their anger on the green-robed man.

The scars on his body were an accumulation of the beatings that he had received a month ago. Naturally, it was the three men who gave them these scars. The green-robed man’s cultivation wasn’t, by any means, strong. In addition, because of Wang Chong’s relationship with the Heavenly Sun Peak’s core disciple, he could only appease them by not retaliating. He only hoped that, as the days passed by, the three would eventually let him go.

As he had predicted, the three men sought after him less and less as time went by. He estimated that this was supposed to be the last beating. Now that Jiang Xiaofan had intervened and helped him, his future days, without a doubt, would become even more miserable. Because Wang Chong and the two were unable to beat up Jiang Xiaofan, they would vent their rage onto him.

“Uh…. Heh, I’m really sorry about that.” Jiang Xiaofan awkwardly laughed. He then patted him on the shoulder and consoled him, “Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure that they won’t lay hands on you for a while.”

“You can make them listen to you?!” The green-robed man was somewhat amazed.

“Of course not.”


“I’ll just make sure that they won’t be able to get out of bed for three months!”

Jiang Xiaofan spoke with conviction. The green-robed man’s jaw dropped to the ground. The faces of Wang Chong and the two immediately flushed bright red. This guy is too arrogant! Unable to endure the humiliation, they *fwoosh* drew out their long swords and lunged at Jiang Xiaofan.

With a loud roar, green light radiated from Wang Chong’s body. He had already mastered the ninth level of the Jade Purity Cultivation Method, and paired with his Jade Purity Sword Technique, multiple, lethal sword shadows appeared in midair.

Naturally, the blue-robed youth and Ding Gao wouldn’t idly stand there to watch. Without giving Jiang Xiaofan the chance to counterattack, they raised their cultivation levels to the maximum and rushed at him. The three swords hacked from all angles with green sword light blasting everywhere and sealing off almost any room for escape.

“Before you attack, make an announcement first, okay? So uncouth!”

Jiang Xiaofan smirked, and without looking back, a cold light flashed in his hands. The Celestial Demon Sword appeared within his grasp. With a wave of his hand, only a faintly visible sword shadow could be seen slicing through the air.


All three of their long swords snapped in half. At the same time, Jiang Xiaofan charged at them, leaving only illusory traces of his shadows from where he stood. He gently balled up his hands into fists and punched out.

*Bang bang bang*


Cries of agony and multiple bones cracking reverberated across this field.

The battle didn’t last very long. In no time, the three perpetrators’ faces were badly swollen. They screamed in pain as they coughed out more mouthfuls of blood. Each one of them had at least ten broken ribs, a fractured tibia, and a fragmented shoulder blade. Like a sack of loose dirt on the ground, it was impossible for them to leave bed without three to five months of recovery time.

“Tsk tsk. How fragile!” Jiang Xiaofan wiped the dust from his hands.

Even so, Wang Chong’s cultivation was very strong. Struggling to get up and with his face contorted with fury, he bawled at Jiang Xiaofan, “Jiang Xiaofan, the Heavenly Sun Peak won’t let this go so easily! Once my Shixiong comes out from closed-door training, he’ll make sure that you pay the ultimate price for what you have done!”


At that moment, Jiang Xiaofan appeared beside Wang Chong, raised his leg, and rapidly kicked him twice. Immediately following that were two loud cracking sounds. Wang Chong’s kneecaps were completely shattered. His body collapsed back to the ground.

“Have you never heard of this phrase?” Dispirited, Jiang Xiaofan shook his head and sighed. He glanced at Wang Chong and replied, “Wherever you fall, stay down there!”