The Daoist Seal - Chapter 32

Jiang Xiaofan finally did it! He had broken through his cultivation barrier! Even when his spirit energy was nearly drained to its limit, he never gave up and relentlessly battled on with his will. With his barrier broken, Jiang Xiaofan reached eight heaven of Micro Realm.

He clenched his fists and felt the power surging forth from his body. More than just replenished, his spirit energy restlessly circulated throughout his body.

With the automatic channeling of his Diamond Sutra, his body had become much stronger. He was confident that nobody below the Realm of Dust could match against his strength in a physical fight.

The Snow Wolf King had already lost his life in the battle. With the one-hit-KO punch that was executed during the breakthrough and the shattered the skull of the Snow Wolf King, the other snow wolves around him finally understood the true meaning of terror. They warily surveyed the human who stood in the center of their encirclement.

The wolves slowly receded towards the rear, and a while later, they disappeared from Jiang Xiaofan’s view.

“Jiang Gongzi, Miss Ye invites you to go up the peak. This is what she had prepared for you.”

The Ice Palace’s primordial peak had already been unsealed. A white-robed girl with a comely face, about eighteen to nineteen years old, gracefully walked up to him and handed him a white robe of the same style. Before turning her head in the other direction, her cheeks had flushed slightly red when she had glanced at Jiang Xiaofan.

“Uh, thanks.”

He smiled brightly. His clothes were torn into pieces from top to bottom by the pack of wolves, revealing many exposed areas. Regardless of how thick-skinned he was, Jiang Xiaofan couldn’t help but feel embarrassed after looking at the blushing young lady.

Jiang Xiaofan followed the white-robed girl up the steep steps of Ice Peak. Very soon, they arrived at the first level of the peak. This was where guests were received and welcomed. The main area of the Ice Palace was located far away at the top.

“Perverted Wolf, you are so amazing!” Ye Yuanxue hopped to his side and smiled teasingly.

The expressionless Bingxin stood to the side and whispered to the girls around here, occasionally giving Jiang Xiaofan the eye. Chills ran down his spine. This evil chick isn’t thinking of pranking me again, is she?

Because of his relationship with Ye Yuanxue, the two of them temporarily stayed at the Ice Palace. This made him both happy and miserable. He was happy because the Ice Palace really was full of beautiful women. Anyone of them could easily win first place as Miss Universe. With such beautiful scenery before him every day, how could he not be happy?

At the same time, he was miserable. The cause was obvious. Bingxin glared at him from time to time, rendering Jiang Xiaofan very uncomfortable. He really was trapped in a cave with a tiger! If Bingxin happened to be in a sour mood, it would be game over for him!

Fortunately, there had been no more incidents. His days at the Ice Palace finally came to an end because Ye Yuanxue retrieved the secret letter. They could finally leave, and Jiang Xiaofan would no longer have to live his life in fear.

Jiang Xiaofan was so scared that he didn’t dare to sleep heavily at night. He was afraid that if he wasn’t alert in bed, the rooftop would collapse on him.

Bingxin personally escorted them down Ice Peak. Of course, this was because of her friendship with Ye Yuanxue. It had nothing to with Jiang Xiaofan at all. She was already considered compassionate enough for not having kicked him down the peak like a rolling snowball.

Ye Yuanxue held Bingxin’s hand and smiled sweetly at her, revealing an adorable pair of snaggleteeth. She was slightly more petite than Bingxin. Whenever the two walked together, their beautiful complexions eclipsed everything else within view.

“Miss Bingxin, I am extremely grateful for your hospitality. I will never forget it!” Jiang Xiaofan mawkishly remarked.

Even though he was almost played to death by her, and despite that they now had to separate and might never see each other again, he felt that he needed to be nicer to her. After all, he was in the wrong for having seen the girl naked. He couldn’t just ignore his misdeed.

Bingxin remained expressionless. Jiang Xiaofan thought that this was the perfect time for an apology. He cautiously approached her and lowered his voice, “That incident…. I didn’t mean to. That day, I….”


Bingxin’s face immediately flushed scarlet as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Jiang Xiaofan’s heart almost jumped out of his chest, and even the girls around her took a step back. This was the first time that they had seen the Blessed Maiden this angry.

Ye Yuanxue’s mouth was agape. She seemed to remember something and tugged on Jiang Xiaofan’s earlobe. “Perverted Wolf, tell me the truth! Did you do something offensive to Sister Bingxin?!”

The girls behind Bingxin fell into shock, and their delicate faces turned cold. This man offended the Blessed Maiden?! They glowered at Jiang Xiaofan as if preparing to battle him should he say one wrong word out of line.

Fuck! Too many murderous auras!

Jiang Xiaofan uncontrollably shivered and looked at Ye Yuanxue with lament in his eyes. Can we not be talking about this? You make me sound like I’m a heartless person who deserves to be cut into a thousand pieces.

Bingxin stared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan and icily snapped at him, “Don’t ever let me see you again!”

Jiang Xiaofan repeatedly nodded his head. He would be more than thrilled to never see her again. Without further ado, he began to drag Ye Yuanxue away and prepare to disappear. However, at this time, a loud *boom* echoed from a distance into the corners of the ice field with snow flying everywhere. The ground shook as if there was an earthquake.

Coming into view were a dozen or so riders on top of strange-looking, wild beasts. They were thoroughly covered in scales, and their horns were large and protruding.

Jiang Xiaofan was somewhat nervous. This was the first time that he had seen such bizarre beasts. They looked as if they belonged to the Mesozoic Era. The beasts seemed quite powerful, and they projected a glacial, menacing aura which startled him.

The beast in the center of the gang appeared the most unique of them all. It was extraordinary, radiant, majestic, and commanding. On top of the beast was an exceedingly handsome, purple-robed man who looked to be twenty-four to twenty-five. His expression was unperturbed, but there was a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

To the man’s left was another beast with a distinctive appearance, and on top of it was an elderly man with a blank look on his face. The people behind them were no ordinary people either as they emanated a strong aura of battle spirit.

The agility of these primordial beasts was commendable. Even the Snow Wolf King was incomparable to them. Very soon, they rushed over to Jiang Xiaofan’s direction and braked five meters short of where they stood.

The purple-robed man hastily walked over, without even glancing at Jiang Xiaofan and the others, stopped in front of Bingxin, and queried with a soft tone, “Xinxin, are you waiting here for me because you know that I was coming?”

The girls behind Bingxin grew uneasy as they looked sternly at the purple-robed man. Bingxin furrowed her brows and flatly replied, “Xia Gongzi, I’m here to send away my friend.”

Jiang Xiaofan became dumbfounded. Oh my gods! Who is this guy?! He dared to call the ice chick “Xinxin”! More importantly, the ice chick didn’t explode into a fit of rage?! She only furrowed her brows!

The purple-robed man was slightly disappointed, but he maintained his smile. He looked to the side, casually nodded at Jiang Xiaofan, and didn’t say anything. This made Jiang Xiaofan disgruntled. Damn it! What do you want?!

When the purple-robed man’s gaze fell upon Ye Yuanxue, he revealed a look of surprise and chuckled, “Miss Ye, so it’s you! I didn’t think that you had come back here. I didn’t even know of it!”

“Who are you? Ye Yuanxue eyed the man up and down.

The purple-robed man’s smile instantly hardened and cracked. Jiang Xiaofan was inwardly giddy with joy. He nearly couldn’t control himself from kissing Ye Yuanxue. My Xiao Xue’er’s just too cute! Yeah, that’s right! Piss off this pompous asshole!

To Jiang Xiaofan’s dismay, the purple-robed man wasn’t angry at her response and he recovered his cheerful expression. “I’ve only seen you once, Miss Ye. Back then, you were still very young, so you probably can’t remember. I am Xia Fengming.”

“Oh, it’s you.” Ye Yuanxue seemed to recall such a person from her memories. “What are you doing here?”

The purple-robed man named Xia Fengming was very gentlemanly. He cocked his head to look at Bingxin, and with a soft, warm tone, he answered, “Naturally, I am here to propose marriage to Xinxin.”

Bingxin’s expression grew frostier. “Xia Gongzi, please mind your words. I’m called Bingxin. Also, I’ve already told you this many times before. I will not agree to your proposal. Don’t make this hard on me!”

Caught off guard by the turn of events, Jiang Xiaofan finally understood what had happened. So this isn’t the first time that Xia Fengming had come here. However, I have to say that this guy is pretty dedicated after getting repeatedly rejected by the ice chick!

Xia Fengming was embarrassed. Just then, a quiet yet audible female voice echoed from above, “Xia Gongzi, please enter the peak.”

“Thank you, Qianbei[1]!”

Xia Fengming bowed before the peak. His face once again lit up with a smile. He walked to the forefront and stood beside Bingxin.

Except for the elderly man, those who accompanied Xia Fengming stayed where they stood.

Bingxin deeply knitted her brows and shot a glance at Ye Yuanxue. The latter instantly grasped her implication, jumped between her and Xia Fengming, and giggled, “Since he’s here to propose to you, I need to keep an eye on things.”

“Ouch! Don’t poke me! I didn’t say that I’ll help him out!” Ye Yuanxue yelped but then mischievously continued, “If you don’t like him, then I won’t agree to the marriage! My sister also won’t agree to it! Regardless of who he is!”

Xia Fengming was upset after being pushed by Ye Yuanxue, but he remained quiet about it. Although what the girl said next made him even more upset, he didn’t openly protest either.

He wanted to approach Bingxin from the other side, but Ye Yuanxue pointed to that spot and directed towards Jiang Xiaofan, “Perverted Wolf, stand right there and ensure Sister Bingxin’s safety!”

Bingxin coldly eyed Jiang Xiaofan. The latter wanted to shake his head in rejection, but after seeing Ye Yuanxue wave her fist at him, he had to comply. He reluctantly stood next to Bingxin.

With her being so close to him, he could smell the faint fragrance exuding from her body. Under normal circumstances, he should be very excited that he could share this intimate moment with her. However, Jiang Xiaofan dutifully assumed the role of a bodyguard, looking as if he was facing imminent danger from all sides.

“Friend, there are some positions that not just anyone can fill in. Xinxin’s cultivation level is considerably higher than yours. I doubt that you have the ability to protect her. Just leave it to me.”

Xia Fengming walked over to him. He was still smiling, but his bearing had become officious. He was like a king who condescendingly faced his courtiers.

Jiang Xiaofan was already in a bad mood. Xia Fengming’s contempt for him agitated him even more. He retorted, “What the fuck does it matter to you where I stand?! And who the hell are you?! Is Xinxin a nickname which you can casually her by?! Go back to where you came from!”

The smile on Xia Fengming’s face instantaneously vanished. He turned sullen, and an almost undetectable trace of vexation flashed across his eyes. The elderly man rushed up but was held back by Xia Fengming.

The group soon reached the first level of Ice Peak. A middle-aged woman was already standing there. She sauntered forth and gestured to Xia Fengming, “Xia Gongzi, please enter inside.”

“Thank you, Qianbei. After you.” Xia Fengming beamed a smile at her.

They walked into a large hall, and the middle-aged woman sat before them all in the center. Xia Fengming was seated to her left with the expressionless, almost lifeless, elderly man standing behind him.

Not long after he sat down, Xia Fengming stood up again and explained the purpose of his trip to the Ice Palace. It was because of Bingxin. With the permission of all the elders and the sect’s leader, he inquired for her hand in marriage.

The middle-aged woman didn’t directly respond to him but instead turned to look at Bingxin. Without even hesitating, Bingxin spat, “Won’t marry him!”

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