The Daoist Seal - Chapter 31

Facing off against the pack of wolves, Jiang Xiaofan’s heart gradually calmed down. The Celestial Demon Sword rotated in his hand and emitted a light-green sword qi, causing a screech as it sliced through the air and shattered gusts of snow.

*Pff pff*

Two more snow wolves charged at him but were cleaved in half.

Since there’s no room for retreat, I have to face them head-on and give it my all.


This time, a dozen or so wolves rushed over and encircled him. The girls on top of the primordial peak were anxious as they watched on. The encirclement was a tough one to break through which few could do.

In the next second, Jiang Xiaofan vanished and left behind an illusory shadow. No flakes of snow had been kicked and swept up from the ground. He then appeared outside of the encirclement, raised his sword, and swung down. All of the wolves had been cut, and their blood stained the ice field.

“So fast!” A few of the girls gasped in awe.

Bingxin maintained her blank expression. This wasn’t the first time that she had witnessed Jiang Xiaofan’s agility. When they had first met at the Heavenly Maiden Peak, he was already able to dodge her sword attack. This encirclement of a dozen wolves was not a difficult obstacle for him.

Still, her brows were furrowed. What others noticed was his speed, but what she was focused was on Jiang Xiaofan’s long sword. It was ridiculously sharp and beyond ordinary. Even a spirit weapon could not reach that level of power.

Despite being a very sharp sword, she was unable to detect any of its energy fluctuations.

Dark green light flickered around him as Jiang Xiaofan channeled his Shadow Steps and zigzagged among the wolf pack. Although his Celestial Demon Sword no longer contained powerful demonic qi, the sharpness of its blade made it a more terrifying weapon than a spirit sword. As long as his sword came in contact with a snow wolf, the wolf would inevitably meet a gruesome ending.

After entering battle, serenity settled in his eyes. He was once again encircled by more wolves, but he didn’t exhibit any panic at all. His sword danced like the rolling of clouds and flowing of water.


The snow wolf to his left was cleaved in half as well.

He slightly cocked his head and avoided the large maw that was coming for him from the top. With a roundhouse kick of his right leg, he *bang* aimed for the snow wolf’s abdomen and kicked it flying out, subsequently causing it to crash into another wolf. The latter was knocked flying out several meters. Both of them fell to the ground and made no movements afterward. They apparently had died.

“Such frightening strength!”

The girls watching from afar grew nervous.

Although the snow wolves had no knowledge of Dao and cultivation, their physical strength could match that of second heaven Micro Realm cultivators. Still, these snow wolves were easily kicked to death by the man before them.

All of the females were amazed by the man’s fluid yet mysterious movements, particularly his steps. They looked as if he was tracing the path of Dao. With so many wolves surrounding him, he was able to advance and retreat with ease. In a short amount of time, the ice field was covered with dozens of snow wolf corpses. Blood flowed across the land like a river and dyed the surface red.

“Yeesh, this guy’s too bloodthirsty. How could he kill so many of them at once?” Ye Yuanxue commented with displeasure in her tone.

If Jiang Xiaofan were to hear her say this, he would be so angry that he’d cough out a mouthful of blood. Please! These wolves are trying to eat me, and you want me to show them mercy?! So stressful!

In the battle against the powerful Jiang Xiaofan, the pack of wolves showed no fear for him but instead became much fiercer as they lunged at him, seemingly unafraid of death. Jiang Xiaofan turned dizzy from staring one bloody maw after another. Why are there still so many?!

The Buddhist Sutra contained many ancient methods and techniques, but he couldn’t use them here. After all, this area was under the governance of the Ice Palace. He didn’t want anyone to know his secrets, not even Ye Yuanxue.

The slaughter continued. He didn’t know how much time had passed before the sky gradually brightened. He was drenched in sweat, and he didn’t know how many snow wolves he had already killed. His robe was already shredded into pieces and waves of dizziness began to overcome him. His spiritual energy was nearly completely drained.

What he didn’t know was that not only were the female disciples stunned by the feat of his battle, Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue were also astounded. They had stood on the primordial peak for an entire night and watched Jiang Xiaofan clash with the snow wolves.

“Is…. Is this guy even human?!”

“How did he do that?!”

This was beyond comprehension. The girls were utterly shocked. How can a mere Micro Realm cultivator take on an encirclement of countless hundreds of wolves and remain standing until now?! Yet, the dismembered parts and the blood stains on the ice field were proof of Jiang Xiaofan’s battle record. Even the flurry of snow was unable to cover up the mess on the ground. Jiang Xiaofan is still persevering through the battle. More than two hundred wolves with strength comparable at second heaven Micro Realm cultivators were massacred!

Jiang Xiaofan felt dizzy, but more so, he felt nauseous. There was a strong urge to vomit from the sight and smell of the dismembered corpses and blood. His right hand trembled. He lost count of how many times he had cursed Bingxin.

Propping himself up with his sword, he gasped for air. His pants were tattered, and his robe was shredded. Part of his bare shoulder was exposed with several claw marks on it.

This was all due to his peerless, primordial Buddhist Sutra, especially his Diamond Sutra method that called for the tempering of the physical body. His strength had become immensely strong, and the durability of his body far exceeded others. In addition to his Shadow Steps, he was able to survive until now.

If it was some other cultivator with the same level as him, he or she would have devoured by the wolves long ago.

“You all really want to die, don’t you?!” Jiang Xiaofan hollered at the wolf pack.

The ferocious snow wolves reflexively stepped back. The human before them was too horrifying. He was like a humanoid beast. The sword that he wielded was also a fearsome object to face off against.


Suddenly, another howl sounded. The wolf pack immediately quieted down. In an orderly fashion, they moved to either side and allowed a path to form in the middle. The wolves looked to the rear with dread and respect in their eyes.

Jiang Xiaofan narrowed his eyes and saw a distinctive snow wolf appear in sight. It was distinct because this snow wolf was two meters in height and looked as strong as a bull.

Wolf King!

In an instant, these two words appeared in his head.

“The Snow Wolf King! Why is here?!” One girl on the primordial peak exclaimed.

Bingxin knitted her brows again and pondered over a matter. Ye Yuanxue continued to wave her fist and cheer for Jiang Xiaofan; however, her voice was carried away by the gusts of snow and unable to resonate down the peak.

He peered at the enormous Snow Wolf King, scanned the wolf pack, and finally glanced at the Ice Palace’s primordial peak. Jiang Xiaofan slowly got up and took a deep breath. With a slight vibration of the Celestial Demon Sword, it disappeared from his hand.

This act stupefied the girls from above. Has this man gone nuts?! Against the Snow Wolf King whose strength was on par with a seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivator, he actually withdrew his sword! Does he plan to fight the Snow Wolf King with his fists?


As if he had been insulted, the Snow Wolf King angrily howled and charged at Jiang Xiaofan. Its speed was much faster than that of the other snow wolves, and it had an upper advantage on the ice field. In the blink of an eye, the wolf appeared right in front of him.

Bloodlust filled the air and suffocated him. The dangerous aura made his hair stand on end, and his body shuddered. He was currently very weak, but he was still able to move based on his instinct. With his right leg crossed at an angle, he leaned back and threw a hook at the wolf.


The wolf’s enormous body flew backward for more than three meters.

This scene once again shook the girls on the peak to the core. This was unthinkable! A barehanded punch knocked down the Snow Wolf King with strength at the seventh heaven of Micro Realm.

However, even they could tell that Jiang Xiaofan was nearing full exhaustion. All he did was knock the Snow Wolf King flying. Otherwise, with his previous performance, even if his initial strength wasn’t enough to kill the Snow Wolf King, it was enough to considerably damage him.

“Blessed Maiden and Miss Ye, should we….” The girl beside them hesitatingly suggested.

Bingxin glanced at Ye Yuanxue as if she was asking for her advice. To Bingxin’s surprise, the normally playful and adorable Ye Yuanxue shook her head and said, “Perverted Wolf said that he wants to witness the Dao!”

The female disciples were perplexed. As for Bingxin, she was stunned by Ye Yuanxue’s words. As the Blessed Maiden of the Ice Palace and its successor, she knew the meaning behind those words. For the first time ever, her expression drastically changed.

Moments later, Bingxin coolly replied, “No need to worry about him.”

On the ice field, the wolf pack released howls and their green eyes flashed with savagery.

The Snow Wolf King jumped at Jiang Xiaofan again and opened its large maw. Jiang Xiaofan felt great pressure, but he didn’t falter. Instead, he strenuously rushed ahead using his Shadow Steps and directly faced the Snow Wolf King.


The Snow Wolf King was again knocked flying out, but Jiang Xiaofan was also squarely struck by the Snow Wolf King’s paw. Jiang Xiaofan horizontally flew out more than three meters. Blood trickled down his lips.


With another clash, snow from the ground was swept up and chaotically flew everywhere.


Jiang Xiaofan boomed and rushed ahead.



As the battle between the wolf and man continued, Jiang Xiaofan’s energy rapidly drained away. Nevertheless, his physical body was still very powerful since he had the Buddhist Sutra as the foundation of his cultivation. His fists were already numb, and his legs were somewhat stiff, but he never once backed down. He was still able to keep the Snow Wolf King at bay.

Every female disciple who watched from atop the primordial peak were completely taken aback. That was an ice field after all. Its temperature was very low. Even a Realm of Dust cultivator could not stay there for too long. The reason why the Ice Palace disciples could come and go as they pleased had to do with their cultivation of a primordial manual.

Yet, the man down below withstood the attack of a pack of wolves for an entire night. His energy was nearing its end, but he was still able to fight the Snow Wolf King in a death match. Just how strong is his will to fight?!

*Bang bang bang*

As the battle prolonged, Jiang Xiaofan nearly lost consciousness from exhaustion. However, there was a strong will within him that kept his body going. He didn’t want to give up. He wanted to fight, fight, and fight!

Time ticked away. The winds and snow hadn’t stopped. The day began to break with its first golden glow.

It was at this time that a strong whirl of wind blew by Jiang Xiaofan and snow fluttered. A powerful qi was suddenly emitted and spread through the area. Jiang Xiaofan’s dull eyes instantly lit up, and he instinctively roared at the sky.

In a daze, the girls stared at the man on the ice field.

Ye Yuanxue grinned impishly and excitedly waved her fist again.

A strange light flashed across Bingxin’s eyes. She muttered, “Eighth heaven of Micro Realm.”


The strong qi transformed into a powerful tornado that swept up the Snow Wolf King. In a second, Jiang Xiaofan caught up with the Snow Wolf King in midair, balled up his right hand that then radiated with a burst of dark green light, and punched down with all his might.


A blood-curdling howl echoed throughout the ice field. Afterward, silence settled in. The Snow Wolf King laid in a pool of his own blood.

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