The Daoist Seal - Chapter 30

At this time, Grandpa Zhang walked over. He was a bit anxious and asked Jiang Xiaofan what had happened inside the cave.

Jiang Xiaofan had long thought of rhetoric that could be used as a credible explanation. With a solemn expression on his face, he added extra details here and there to his story. If he just summarized the whole event with a few simple phrases and words, it would be “dangerous”, “extremely dangerous”.

Yet, even danger could not stop Jiang Xiaofan’s resolution to save the villagers. With his courage and mighty cultivation, he succumbed to destiny and resealed the Celestial Demon Sword.

Because of the sword’s invasion into his body, Jiang Xiaofan was originally injured away. Not to mention, his robe was smeared with the black soil and there was a bloody stain on his chest. These small pieces of evidence hinted that whatever happened inside the cave was not as simple as everyone had thought.

“It really has been resealed?” The old man was excited.

“Of course! Why would I lie to you?!” Jiang Xiaofan patted his chest and exclaimed, “If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you feel the air around you and see if there is still any more demonic qi?”

Using what little awareness he had, the old man discovered that the uncomfortable aura had disappeared. With Jiang Xiaofan’s further explanation, the old man finally believed him and repeatedly thanked him for his valiance. The demonic qi was truly gone, once and for all.

Although Bingxin was doubtful and wanted to go inside the cave to see for herself, nearly causing Jiang Xiaofan to break into cold sweat, Ye Yuanxue helped him out by convincing her to let the matter go. Bingxin reluctantly gave in, snorted *hmph*, and headed down the mountain.

Because of Jiang Xiaofan’s contact with the Celestial Demon Sword, he understood the nature of the demonic qi and soon purged the villagers of the wicked aura, as well as healing Grandpa Zhang’s injuries. Not long after, the small village had been restored to its former appearance.

“Thank you, Big Brother. Thank you as well, Big Sisters!”

The young boy’s face was full of steadfastness, but he knew when to be courteous. Ziya kneeled and bowed down, sincerely thanking the three of them.

“You’re such a good boy!” Jiang Xiaofan walked over and helped him up.

Still, he felt that Ziya wasn’t a suitable name for the boy. Perhaps he thought too much. Grandpa Zhang told him that the young boy had another name, Zhang Hen. It was just that the old man was used to calling him Ziya.

Jiang Xiaofan pulled Zhang Hen to the side and said, “If you encounter any problems in the future, come and find me at the Emperor’s Heaven Sect.”

“Thank you, Brother Jiang.” Zhang Hen flashed a smile at him.

Since the village crisis had been resolved, Jiang Xiaofan and the two girls immediately left and continued on their quest.

However, the continuation of their quest meant that his days of anguish would resume. Up above the clear, blue sky, the two girls flew in midair while Jiang Xiaofan clang onto the flying sword’s hilt. His eyes were once again lackluster, and he vomited severely.

What he wanted was for Ye Yuanxue to fly with him. That way, he wouldn’t need to maneuver the flying sword and lose his life along the way. However, he pondered over it and decided to forgo the thought. He was unable to open his mouth and propose the idea to her because it would be too spineless of him to do so.

As for Bingxin, he didn’t even dare to consider her as an option. If he asked her for such a favor, Bingxin would flatly tell him, “If you want to die, go ahead. I’ll satisfy you. You don’t need to be reserved around me.”

Therefore, he had no choice but to endure the nauseating pain. On one hand, he cursed the inventor of the flying sword while on the other, he carefully maneuvered his sword and drifted ahead.

Six days passed, and the temperature in the atmosphere dropped. They had finally reached the base of the Ice Palace.

As its name suggested, the Ice Palace was situated on an ice field. Flurries of snow fell down from the sky and cold winds swept across the land. Jiang Xiaofan shivered, but his eyes were now much brighter.

With one sweeping glance, a snow-covered mountain range painted the background of the ice field. Each mountain was like an ice sculpture. Among one of them was a primordial peak that looked the most eye-catching. Thousands of feet above the ground, the peak was covered in heavy layers of snow and emanated an imposing but icy qi. It was if it could freeze all living things that neared it.

Even so, the primordial peak had fauna that exuded spiritual qi. It was like a fairyland with its lush greenery and blossoming flowers.

Jiang Xiaofan narrowed his eyes and looked farther up the peak. There were numerous building complexes upon it. Peering even farther, he could faintly see a crystal-white snow complex that sat right on top of the peak. It was nearly hidden by the clouds.

Jiang Xiaofan was far away from that snow complex, but he could still sense the freezing qi that emanated from it. It was different from the one on the ice field. The snow complex was akin to that of an ice king. Its qi was domineering. This was the renowned Ice Palace, one of Planet Ziwei’s four largest sects!

“Blessed Maiden, we have come before you.”

A couple of females around the ages of twenty-three to twenty-four, donning a thin, white robe, glided down from the primordial peak.

Jiang Xiaofan was at a loss for words. These girls aren’t afraid of the cold?

“Perverted Wolf, what are you looking at?” Ye Yuanxue leaned over and tugged on his earlobe.

“They’re wearing too little!” Jiang Xiaofan honestly replied to her.

In an instant, he felt his earlobe being tugged more forcefully. Meanwhile, the other girls glared at him with looks of irritation. Jiang Xiaofan was immediately confused. Is there something wrong with me being concerned for their health?

Bingxin’s expression turned frosty, and her eyes grew icier as she glowered at Jiang Xiaofan. This man is trash after all! I thought that he was quite nice and kind, but to my dismay, he’s so perverted. How dare he teased the disciples of the Ice Palace, and he did it in front of me, the Blessed Maiden!

However, Bingxin then sneered and whispered a few words to a nearby disciple.

The female disciple glanced at Jiang Xiaofan strangely, called over the others, and turned to leave.

Reflexively, he grew suspicious. Jiang Xiaofan rubbed his chin and wondered, “Can it be that I appear more handsome now? Nah, that can’t be. But then why would that girl look at me with those deep-set eyes?”

All of a sudden, he finally realized what was in store for him. He looked at the snow complex on top of the primordial peak. Chills not only ran down his spine, but he felt even colder. It was very, very cold. He almost became an ice sculpture himself.

Fuck! I walked right into an ambush of tigers!

He cleared his throat, looked at Ye Yuanxue, and solemnly remarked, “Xiao Xue’er, you and Miss Bing go retrieve the letter. I’ll wait here for both of you. The Ice Palace is sacred ground for female cultivators. We should respect its rules. I believe that I shouldn’t enter. It’ll just bring about inconveniences.”

Before Ye Yuanxue could respond, Bingxin held her back and calmly replied, “Jiang Gongzi, you worry too much. The Ice Palace does have a rule which states that men cannot enter at will. Nonetheless, you are Xiao Xue’s friend. As such, we will not make things difficult for you.”

Jiang Xiaofan mechanically shook his head. How generous! Who’s going to believe you?!

Bingxin dragged Ye Yuanxue up the snow-covered stone stairway up to the top of the peak. A few steps later, she turned around and warned Jiang Xiaofan, “Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you. This ice field isn’t very safe. Snow wolves would occasionally wander around here. That’s why our mountain is sealed off.”

Tch! Jiang Xiaofan pouted. Just a few snow wolves. What do I have to be afraid of? I’m a seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivator! I also have the Celestial Demon Sword! They will pose no struggle for me. Go ahead and seal the mountain then!

“Perverted Wolf, you really don’t want to come along?” Ye Yuanxue looked at him and mischievously smiled, “There are a lot of pretty girls at the Ice Palace!”

“Not going!”

Jiang Xiaofan repeatedly shook his head. You can’t change my mind with seduction!

Bingxin had eyed Jiang Xiaofan with a blank expression before continuing to climb up the steps with Ye Yuanxue. It was around this time that a small fluctuation of spiritual energy began to suffuse the area. Jiang Xiaofan knew that this was the so-called sealing of the mountain.

He reached his hand out, and in an instant, he felt immense energy that repelled his hand. It was a transparent wall of qi that blocked the path forward. With his current cultivation level, it was impossible to break it!

Snow fluttered down. A couple of hours later passed, and the sky slowly darkened. Jiang Xiaofan numbingly stood there and gazed at the Ice Palace. A cold current settled in, and his long hair swayed in the direction of the wind.

Jiang Xiaofan suddenly realized how idiotic he looked.

Finally, the moon rose above the sky. Jiang Xiaofan knew that Bingxin had played him. Ye Yuanxue still hadn’t come down from the peak. Does retrieving a letter need to take this long?! Even if they need to prepare the paper, grind the ink, and write the characters, the amount of time that passed is surely enough to complete it, yeah?

Fuck! That ice chick is so evil! She wants me to freeze to death!


Just then, a wolf’s howl broke the silence of the night and reverberated across the mountains.

Snow wolves, right? I’m really pissed off now. I’ll use you guys as my punching bag!

Feeling indignant, Jiang Xiaofan pulled out his Celestial Demon Sword *fwoosh* and turned around. What lay before him left Jiang Xiaofan dumbfounded. His sword almost slipped from his grasp and fell into the snow beneath him.

What the hell?! Are these the few snow wolves which the ice chick referred to?

Jiang Xiaofan’s blood boiled. Even though he was unable to count how many there were in this short amount of time, the numerous pairs of green eyes staring back at him were more than enough to tell him that there were hundreds of wolves in this pack!

Fuck all of this! Ice chick, you’re too cruel!

His cultivation was at seventh heaven of Micro Realm, so he didn’t need to worry about a few snow wolves. He could easily hack them with a few swings of his sword. Contrarily, if they numbered in the hundreds and thousands, then he would be unable to fend them off. Rather, he needed to consider an escape plan.

Another wolf’s howl sounded. With their green eyes reflecting their ferociousness, the pack of wolves simultaneously moved and charged at Jiang Xiaofan. Their agility caught Jiang Xiaofan slightly off guard. They were too fast, nearly matching his speed for speed!

Very soon, two snow wolves lunged at him. Without time to think, Jiang Xiaofan instinctively twirled the sword in his right hand and lightly slashed the two wolves in front of him. Immediately, they were cut in half and blood pooled onto the snow.

Jiang Xiaofan was thrilled. He barely used any force and merely waved his hand. Just like before, the Celestial Demon Sword cut through the muscular wolves like tofu. There was no resistance at all!


The death of their comrades did not arouse the anger of the pack, but rather, their attacks grew fiercer.

Jiang Xiaofan’s happiness from the revolution of his prized sword quickly vanished and was replaced by fright, goosebumps, and more chills. He was now surrounded by hundreds of wolves who glared at him with those shiny, green eyes. He couldn’t help but shudder.

Someone once said that the power of wisdom can produce miracles. Jiang Xiaofan never believed in it, but he was now willing to give it a try. He leveled his gaze with the wolves and earnestly reasoned, “Hello Wolf Brothers. Fighting hurts our friendship. The night is still long. Why don’t we sit down and chat about our aspirations? Uh, no. I mean, your aspirations. How about it?”

What greeted him was the opening of a large, bloody maw. Livid, Jiang Xiaofan swung his downward and cleaved the wolf in half.

Looks like the power of wisdom isn’t reliable at all. It’s impossible to settle this peaceably.

He looked back at the Ice Palace and slowly calmed himself down. He just remembered something. He remembered his will to witness the Dao. With determination written all over his face, he turned around and raised the Celestial Demon Sword.

Meanwhile, on top of the primordial peak, two distinguished ladies, standing shoulder to shoulder with other girls surrounding them, watched Jiang Xiaofan on the ice field from far away and whispered.

“He’s not thinking of fighting all these wolves by himself, is he?”

“Can’t be. Even a Realm of Dust cultivator has difficulty in accomplishing that. There are just too many.”

Bingxin coldly smiled. This elicited Ye Yuanxue’s curiosity. Why does Sister Bingxin hate that Perverted Wolf so much?

Nevertheless, the pretty lass soon giggled, revealing her pretty snaggleteeth, excitedly waved her petite fist, and cheered, “Perverted Wolf, you go!”

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