The Daoist Seal - Chapter 25

Jiang Xiaofan fumed with anger. This was the first time that he had become this irate after arriving on Planet Ziwei.

Looking at the young boy reminded him of his former self in his original life. He was an orphan, and it was an old man who had raised him and sent him to school. At one point in time, his academic performance was excellent and he was one of the top-ranked students. His life had been full of aspirations, one of them being that he needed to study diligently and pay back his debt of gratitude to the elderly man.

Unfortunately, Heaven had shown him no kindness. When he was fifteen, the elderly man had passed away. It was because of this that he had forsaken his studies.

Jiang Xiaofan had never been saddened by the loss of a great future. His heart would, however, occasionally ache at the thought that he didn’t have ample time to cherish the elderly man.

Despite being in a foreign land, the incident of the young boy struck his nerve. The look in Jiang Xiaofan’s eyes was ice-cold. It was as if Jiang Xiaofan could see the shadow of his past through the boy. A frigid aura emanated from his body. This was the first time that he felt bloodlust within him.

Ye Yuanxue and Bingxin were slightly taken aback. They hadn’t expected Jiang Xiaofan to intervene.

The man shuddered with fear as Jiang Xiaofan glared at him. His eyes are too cold! He retreated a step back after sensing Jiang Xiaofan’s murderous intent.

“Big…. Big Brother….” The young boy hadn’t yet passed out. As if he saw hope, he grabbed Jiang Xiaofan’s sleeve with his bloodied hands, arduously turned his head to look at the old man, and weakly begged, “Please…. I beg you. Save…. Save Grandpa Zhang.”

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiaofan’s heart palpitated. He grew even more downcast. Although the boy was already like this, heavily wounded and scarred, the one whom the boy worried about wasn’t himself but the feeble old man.

These people deserve to die! This was what ran through Jiang Xiaofan’s mind.

“Kid, you’re tired of living, aren’t you? How dare you injure one of my Shengfeng Sect’s people!”

A middle-aged man with a cultivation level at the seventh heaven strode over and peered down at Jiang Xiaofan. Following behind him were several people, including the man with a stubble whom Jiang Xiaofan had tossed out earlier. He was a member of the Shenfeng Sect too.

Jiang Xiaofan clenched his right fist, and an explosive green light radiated from it. The tone of his voice grew colder. “This is the last time that I’ll say this. I give you ten minutes. If you’re still standing before me after ten minutes, I will personally escort you out!”

Ye Yuanxue and Bingxin didn’t make any moves. They were still sitting at their table, but they closely evaluated the situation. Ye Yuanxue was highly displeased. These people are too heinous! As for Bingxin, she had never thought that Jiang Xiaofan would clash with them to protect a mortal child and that he would be this strong.

“Haha, escort us?!”

“This is the first time that I’ve seen such a cocky bastard!”

The group of men roared with laughter.  The middle-aged man took another step forward, dismissed Jiang Xiaofan’s threat, and sneered, “Young man, you definitely have some strength in you, but don’t think that you can flaunt it around. Arrogant people don’t get to live long!”

The man couldn’t sense Jiang Xiaofan’s true power because his cultivation was suppressed by the brass piece to the fifth heaven. In the man’s eyes, the youth before him had strength, but he was far from being a formidable opponent!

Jiang Xiaofan looked over and took out a yellow pill from his pocket. This was the Soul Growth Pill that had been rewarded to him during his ascension to inner disciple. He gingerly placed it in the young boy’s mouth.

All the cultivators around Jiang Xiaofan were shocked to see him take out a cultivation pill, and it was a yellow-colored gold core pill no less. This was inconceivable to them. Just who is this person? Why does he have a pill of this grade? And how could he casually feed it to a mortal human? After all, a gold core pill is exceedingly difficult to come by.

Planet Ziwei was an incredibly vast planet with abundant resources across its lands. It was a world where cultivators ruled. Mystical weapons and manuals were necessities in the cultivator world. In addition, cultivation pills were equally fundamental to cultivation.

Pills were categorized into five grades. From least to most prized, they were: primary core, gold core, spirit core, immortal core, and emperor core. Aside from the primary core, all the others were priceless because of the difficulty level in refining them.

There once existed a sect that specialized in the concoction of medicinal pills and elixirs. Their skills were unrivaled throughout Planet Ziwei. It was in thanks to the frightening might of this sect that its disciples were able to produce the highest-grade pills and elixirs in existence.

Of course, those were limited to immortal core only.  Even so, the efforts placed into concocting them were immense. To this day, the most prized grade that was readily available was a spirit core. As for an immortal core, those were considered rare treasures. Lastly, emperor core pills and elixirs belonged to primordial legends only. Nobody had ever seen one before.

Overall, a cultivation pill was of great importance to the cultivator. To a small sect, a gold core was considered an expensive item. The onlookers fell into a daze when they saw Jiang Xiaofan’s pill.

Of course, Jiang Xiaofan knew the value of the pill. He had once offered it to Old Man Liu, but Old Man Liu had refused to take it and he couldn’t force him to take it either. Now that there was a resolute young boy who neared death, Jiang Xiaofan naturally couldn’t afford to be selfish. He decided to give him the gold core pill.

Under the effects of the gold core pill, the young boy’s complexion immediately began to normalize. His injuries were only limited to the flesh. Not long after, his cheeks became rosy again. The boy looked at his bloodied hands that were still clutching onto Jiang Xiaofan’s sleeve. He instantly withdrew them and whispered, “I’m sorry, Big Brother. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s no problem. Don’t worry about it.” Jiang Xiaofan softened his tone as much as possible when he replied to him. He then turned around and directed Ye Yuanxue, “Xiao Xue’er, take care of the grandpa and boy.”

Ye Yuanxue was compliant, and she immediately walked over and assured the young boy, “Little boy, come over here. Once Big Brother gets rid of these bad guys, we will nurse your grandpa to good health.”

“Truly?! Thank you, Big Sister!”

There was a beaming smile on the young boy’s face. He was happy, even elated. Most of his wounds had been fully healed. He carefully assisted the old man and walked with Ye Yuanxue to the other side where it was safe. Along the way, he turned around and reminded Jiang Xiaofan to be careful. Ye Yuanxue was very content with the boy’s mannerisms. He was a kind and grateful person.

The old man continuously thanked them. He was nearing seventy years of age. When he saw the young boy being assaulted by the man with a stubble, he really wanted to charge forth and protect the young boy, but to no avail, he barely had any energy left within him. In fact, he couldn’t move at all. Now that there were samaritans helping them out, the old man was extremely touched by their benevolent acts. At the same time, he also worried that he and the young boy might have given Jiang Xiaofan unnecessary trouble.

“It’s fine. No need for any concern.”

Ye Yuanxue poured the old man a cup of tea. To the side, Bingxin flashed them a warm, friendly smile. However, after taking a closer look at the old man, Bingxin slightly furrowed her brows.

Jiang Xiaofan turned his head around and faced the group of men with ice-cold eyes. He tightened his fist which glimmered with a dark-green light and spoke, “I’ve already given all of you a chance. Since you didn’t seize that opportunity, then I will make you all disappear!”

“Punk, how audacious of you!” A young man from the group hollered at him.


In the next second, the young man was sent flying out and crashed into the opposite wall. His body fell down to the lower floor, and an agonizing cry echoed from downstairs to upstairs.

“How dare you?!” The middle-aged man’s expression turned surly.

Feeling indifferent, Jiang Xiaofan struck again. He vanished into thin air, like a ghost, emerged right in front of the man, raised his hand, and slapped him across the face.


A loud smacking sound could be heard. Blood had glided across the air as the man had been knocked flying backward before crashing into a table.

The flash of that attack stunned everyone. They all knew that the middle-aged man’s cultivation level was at seventh heaven of Micro Realm, yet he was sent flying with one smack of that man’s hand. The enemy was only at the fifth heaven of Micro Realm!

“How dare you attack our branch master! Die!” The group of men lunged at Jiang Xiaofan all at once.

Jiang Xiaofan smirked. Rather than retreating, he jumped right into the gang of thugs.

*Bang bang bang*

Multiple cries of pain rang out as people were sent flying out left and right. Tables were smashed, and even the four walls suffered damages as human-shaped holes appeared in them. Except for the man with a stubble and the middle-aged man, all the others had been knocked flying. At that moment, the lower floor of the teahouse fell into dead silence.

“Wha…. What do you want?!” Fear welled up inside the man with a stubble as he watched Jiang Xiaofan walking towards him. Putting on a façade of confidence, the man declared, “We are disciples of the Shenfeng Sect! Since you have assaulted us, our sect leader will be sure to hunt you down!”

Jiang Xiaofan glared at him and asked, “Did you use your left leg to kick him or your right leg?”

“Ri…. Right leg. What of it?!”

The man subconsciously replied to him. Following that was the release of a wail. Jiang Xiaofan had ferociously kicked him on his right shin with the might of his Diamond Sutra, and immediately, the man’s kneecap was shattered. His leg would now be forever crippled. There was no cure.

“You…. You….”

“Get out of my sight!”

Jiang Xiaofan didn’t want to waste any more breath on him. He directly kicked him flying out of the second floor. This one kick packed more force with it than usual. The man with a stubble vomited blood and fainted in midair.

Finally, Jiang Xiaofan walked towards the middle-aged man. The color drained from the man’s face. He wanted to say something, but Jiang Xiaofan merely looked at him with disdain. Jiang Xiaofan raised his leg and brutally kicked him flying.

The turn of events stupefied everyone. Many cultivators stared on this scene with their eyes widened. This young man is too vicious! How could he kick the disciples from the Shenfeng Sect flying out like that? His moves were so precise.

Jiang Xiaofan swept a frosty glance over the onlookers. After being locked onto by him, they couldn’t help but quiver. They subconsciously shifted their gaze elsewhere. Many also began to get up and leave.

At this time, a somewhat rotund, grey-robed elder walked forth. He stood before Jiang Xiaofan and chastised him, “Young man, your cultivation level’s not bad. However, you can’t bully your fellow Daoists just because you have powerful strength! Not to mention, you are liable for the damages that you have inflicted upon our boss’s business. If you don’t give us an appropriate settlement, don’t even think about leaving here today!”

Everyone was somewhat surprised when they saw the elderly man walk out and approach Jiang Xiaofan. Those who were about to leave stopped and turned to look at Jiang Xiaofan with amusement in their eyes.

Jiang Xiaofan’s heart trembled with terror. This elderly man’s cultivation was at Phantom Saint. He could feel a monstrous aura of energy coming from him. He had never thought that the manager of this teahouse would be a high-level cultivator.

Even so, the icy expression on Jiang Xiaofan’s hadn’t changed. He tartly asked him, “Why didn’t you appear when the grandpa and the young boy needed help?”

“They are just morals!” These were the four words uttered by the grey-robed elder.

“Mortal your mother!”

Jiang Xiaofan was abruptly incensed by his response. He no longer cared that this elderly man was a Phantom Saint cultivator.

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