The Daoist Seal - Chapter 23

Jin Mohao and his gang were at a loss for words. The only thing that they could think of was that this person didn’t know the meaning of the word “shame”. His skin was so thick that there was no predecessor who had reached his degree of shamelessness, nor would there be a successor who could surpass him.

Their faces turned gloomier after looking at Jiang Xiaofan’s lackadaisical expression, but soon, one of them coldly smirked. He eyed Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue and sighed, “What a pair of peerless beauties whose charms stun the world! Unfortunately, hanging out with a certain someone is a cause for regret. This is like a lovely flower that was placed on top of cow dung!”

Bingxin’s sullen mood immediately plunged further. How dare someone associated her with Jiang Xiaofan! The icy-cold expression on her small face turned even frostier.

At the same time, Ye Yuanxue’s displeasure with these men heightened. She may be naughty, but her overall nature was kind and sincere. She had always hated spoiled, entitled people like them.

The color on Jiang Xiaofan’s complexion changed. He wasn’t angry that they had mocked him, but rather, he was somewhat scared. Fuck! These guys are the actual ones who ate the legendary gall of an immortal! How bold of them to tease these two distinguished ladies!

Bingxin was a Phantom Saint cultivator and the successor to the esteemed Ice Palace. In fact, she was the very representation of the powerful sect. As for Ye Yuanxue, she was the younger sister of Ye Qiuyu, and even though she had just arrived at the Emperor’s Heaven Sect not long ago, she was well loved by all from the Heavenly Maiden’s Peak. She was the living definition of a princess!

However, the changes in the three’s expressions were perceived differently by the Infinite Heaven Peak disciples. In their eyes, the two girls became somber because they had realized the truth of their situation. Regarding Jiang Xiaofan, he was clearly affected by their insults which resulted in the color draining from his face.

These people were once again charged up with the will to fight. Jin Mohao laughed and patted the person who had spoken before. He glanced at the two girls and chuckled, “Brother, you have misspoken. It’s not one flower but two!”

“Haha! Daoist Jin, you are so perceptive! It’s no wonder why Zhu Shixiong requested the sect to bestow the spirit sword upon you.”

The rest of them laughed along, mocking Jiang Xiaofan while toadying to Jin Mohao. With a spirit sword in his possession, Jin Mohao was undeniably the strongest among them. In addition, he was the young master of a small sect. Thus, he stood out more prominently than these ordinary cultivators.

“Shit! I knew it was that Zhu Xidao who was messing around behind the scenes!”

Jiang Xiaofan grumbled as he cursed Zhu Xidao. Soon afterward, he sucked in a cold breath. Colorful expressions on his face changed one after another as he looked up and examined the men before him. What the heck?! These people have lost faith in the world, so now they’re seeking relief?

After noticing the three’s faces darkening, the Infinite Heaven Peak's disciples grew elated and became more even unscrupulous. They had no idea that danger was rapidly approaching them.

“Ladies, I suggest that you leave that person right now. Don’t hang out with him for any longer.”

“That’s right. He’s Jiang Xiaofan, a waste from Standstill Peak, so he won’t amount to much anyway. If you stay with him, you won’t have a fruitful ending!”

“Why don’t you girls consider following Daoist Jin instead? He carries a spirit weapon after all. He’ll definitely guarantee you two beauties safety on the high road. So much better than dual cultivation[1] with that punk!”

The troublemakers had already assumed that Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue was in an intimate relationship with Jiang Xiaofan, causing them to despise Jiang Xiaofan even more. They took turns to deride the three of them while Jin Mohao put on airs by swinging his sword around.

Just when Jiang Xiaofan wanted to warn them out of the goodness of his heart, he suddenly felt the temperature around him rapidly drop. He inwardly screamed. Death!

He instantly pulled Ye Yuanxue off to the side. The people before them were caught off guard. At this moment, Bingxin walked forward, glared at the Infinite Heaven Peak’s disciples, and icily asked, “Done talking yet?”

“Uh, we’re done.”

They sensed that something in the atmosphere was amiss. They looked at Bingxin’s unrivaled beauty and subconsciously replied her.

“Then scurry off!”

An endless burst of cold air blasted through the area and attacked them without any warning.


They all simultaneously vomited blood.

In an instant. the troublemakers were sent flying backward. Concurrently, a flurry of snow flashed by and a noticeable *ka-chak* could be heard. Jiang Xiaofan widened his eyes in disbelief. Jin Mohao’s spirit sword had broken!

What the hell?! Jiang Xiaofan quietly gulped. Bingxin hadn’t even lifted a finger, yet she was able to knock a couple of seventh and eighth heaven Micro Realm cultivators flying! She also severed a spirit sword! She should be the person who was called the Vicious One instead! Who am I supposed to express my woes to if someone calls me by that title again?!

Without saying anything, Bingxin coldly eyed Jiang Xiaofan and headed towards the gate of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. Ye Yuanxue waved her tiny fist at the fallen disciples, ran after Bingxin, and sweetly pulled on her arm.

Jiang Xiaofan looked towards a specific direction, ten meters from where he stood. Several human ice sculptures lay on the ground, while the ice was painted with streaks of red. They hadn’t died, but their breaths were weak.

Bingxin obviously showed them mercy. After all, this was the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. She couldn’t recklessly kill the disciples; otherwise, those people would’ve already been corpses.

Jiang Xiaofan took more large gulps. He shook his head, sighed, and then glanced at Bingxin who was now exiting through the gate. He muttered, “Tsk tsk. How could they have the gall to piss off that ice chick? They must really regret living! They only have themselves to blame.”

“What did you say?!” Bingxin turned around and stared at him.

“Sister Bingxin, Perverted Wolf called you ‘ice chick’!” Ye Yuanxue impishly giggled.

“Nonsense! There’s no such thing! I was only saying how pleasant today’s weather is!” Even if he was beaten to death, Jiang Xiaofan wouldn’t admit to what he had just said.

Bingxing snorted *hmph* with disdain. Without displaying an ounce of courtesy towards Jiang Xiaofan, Bingxin turned around and left. Contrarily, Ye Yuanxue teased him with a mischievous grimace and a naughty smile.

The vast range of towering mountains receded into the horizon as the three of them traveled farther and farther away from the base of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. Somewhere along the road, Jiang Xiaofan stared at the sword in his hand with a look of anguish.

Once, he had thought that cars were the only modes of transportation that made him sick. Now, he realized that he was very wrong. Damn! He got motion sickness from flying swords too!

“Can we walk instead?” He beseeched Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue.

“Roughly estimating, it would take about ten years to walk from here to the Ice Palace according to your level of cultivation,” stated Bingxin frostily.

Instantly, Jiang Xiaofan wanted to burst into tears. He really hated using the flying sword technique!

Up above, the peerless beauties glided across midair with their elegant, flowing hair swaying against the wind. One was a snow goddess with a cold temperament while the other was a playful, charming fairy.

The scene should’ve been a picturesque one, but it was ruined by another person who was to the side.

Donning a white robe, Jiang Xiaofan hugged the hilt of the large sword. In an unsightly pose, he vomited severely as he maneuvered the flying sword. With a lackluster look, his eyes continuously swirled around in circles, just swirling and swirling.

Thanks to Ye Yuanxue’s plead, Bingxin reluctantly agreed. Every once in a while, Jiang Xiaofan would be given a brief moment to catch his breath. Bingxin really couldn’t understand him. How could this person easily get sword-sick like this?!

Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue grew skeptical. As for Jiang Xiaofan, he was in great distress. How could he get sick from sword flying?! If the future called for it, what was he supposed to do?! He couldn’t possibly always battle someone on land, could he?

Even though he didn’t want to think about it anymore, his brain just couldn’t stop. What appeared in his mind was this. An enemy on his flying sword glides from above while I, holding onto my longsword, run on the ground for my dear life.

Immediately, Jiang Xiaofan wanted to kill himself.

He sensed that his path to Dao would be paved with numerous ups and downs. Reaching the goal of cultivating to Heaven and transforming into it grew increasingly distant. It was like a bird that hastily flew out of his sight.

The good news was that Ye Yuanxue had relayed to him that once his cultivation reached the Realm of Dust, he could use his spiritual energy to fly instead of relying on weapons like the flying sword.

Immediately, Jiang Xiaofan exhaled a big sigh of relief. Now that he pondered over it, that had to be the case. The elders of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect, including the middle-aged woman and the old one, didn’t seem to need the flying sword but were able to hover in midair.

It was at this time that a revelation suddenly crossed his mind. Bingxin didn’t need a flying sword because she was already a Phantom Saint cultivator. She could fly on her own. However, he had just recalled that Ye Yuanxue hadn’t relied on a flying sword to hover either. She seemed to have used her own spiritual energy to fly.

“Xiao Xue’er, could it be that you…. Are you already past the Micro Realm?” Jiang Xiaofan was shocked.

Ye Yuanxue giggled and nodded. She raised her two of her delicate fingers and, like a pair of scissors, snipped at Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan rolled his eyes. He hadn’t realized it until now. He was, in fact, the weakest of the three. To make matters worse, the ones stronger than him were females! Fuck! How humiliating!

“Let’s go!” Bingxin’s frigid voice echoed in his ears.

Not long after, Jiang Xiaofan began to vomit again, and his eyes swirled. Unable to tolerate seeing him suffer, Ye Yuanxue leaned over and comforted him, “Perverted Wolf, you can do it! No worries. If you need to vomit, then just vomit. Keep vomiting. You’ll get used to it by then.”

At that moment, Jiang Xiaofan was overwhelmed with bliss, so much that he almost fell off his sword and plunged to his death.

Originally, it was supposed to be a five-day journey by flying. However, because of a certain someone, five days had passed, and the three of them were only slightly more than halfway to their destination. In other words, they required another five days to reach the Ice Palace.

Because of this, Bingxin’s scorn for Jiang Xiaofan deepened. Nevertheless, she was quite pleased to see Jiang Xiaofan suffer. She propped up her chin in the palm of her jade-like hands and wondered whether she should switch to a longer route.

She remembered that this wasn’t the only path to their destination. If they traveled on the other path, it would take an entire month’s time to reach the Ice Palace.

If Jiang Xiaofan knew what Bingxin was thinking about at this time, he would, unhesitatingly, rush up to her and XXOO her right on the spot without any consideration as to whether she was a powerful Phantom Saint Cultivator or the Blessed Maiden of the Ice Palace.

“Sister Bingxin, there’s a teahouse over there. Let’s have a rest.”

They hadn’t counted how many times Jiang Xiaofan had climbed down the large sword. Before them was an ordinary-looking teahouse that was built on the side of the road. It was specifically designed for travelers.

Bingxin nodded her head. She hadn’t shown any amiability towards Jiang Xiaofan. As a matter of fact, if she could, she’d happily stab him a couple of times. However, Bingxin was very fond of Ye Yuanxue. Even though she knew that Ye Yuanxue wanted to give Jiang Xiaofan time to recover, Bingxin didn’t have the heart to reject Ye Yuanxue. Hence, Bingxin dragged Ye Yuanxue towards the teahouse.

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  1. ^ cultivation between a pair that involves XXOO