The Daoist Seal - Chapter 22

Jiang Xiaofan recollected the story of past events, and below was what had happened.

A long time ago, the first-generation leader of the Heavenly Maiden Peak laid down a rule which stated to never allow any man to step foot on the grounds of the peak. All violators were to be castrated and expelled from the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. Although this was unjustifiable, many people abided by this rule due to the might of the peak’s leader. No one dared to question it.

However, many years later, a certain someone with a certain reason broke this rule and entered the Heavenly Maiden Peak. All of the peak’s disciples hunted him down. Exasperated to the very end, he pulled out the first-generation leader’s jade pendant and relied on it to save his life. Afterward, he could enter and exit the Heavenly Maiden Peak as he wished.

Reflecting upon the story, Jiang Xiaofan suddenly wanted to vomit blood. What the hell was this supposed to be?

Even though the old spinster was now a pile of dust and that his incident had nothing to do with her, he still got the feeling that the old spinster had beaten him with a stick and then rewarded him with a carrot. Not to mention, she fucking beat him across the channel of space and time! He was the only who was hit.

This was too depressing!

He really wanted to return the jade pendant to Ye Qiuyu, but then he thought about it some more and gave up on the idea. It would be discourteous of him to return an already accepted gift. Besides, this pendant seemed handy.

“Perverted Wolf, what’s with that strange look on your face? What’s going on?” Ye Yuanxue curiously glanced at him.

Jiang Xiaofan wryly smiled and rolled his eyes. Please, can you stop calling me that? I’m a handsome guy with a pure soul. How can you associate me with a perverted wolf?

“Hmph! Lecher!”

Beside them was the ice-cold Bingxin who snorted. She assumed that since Jiang Xiaofan now possessed the first-generation leader’s token, he would take advantage of his newfound status. Dirty thoughts had to be running through his mind!

Ye Qiyu shook her head and smiled. They had now entered one of the courtyards that was blooming with vibrant flowers and spiritual grass. This was the House of Yiya that Ye Yuanxue had mentioned. It was also where Ye Qiuyu resided. Ye Yuanxue had moved in to live with her after arriving at the Heavenly Maiden Peak.

The four of them sat down at a nephrite round table. Immediately, Jiang Xiaofan broke into a cold sweat, and his mouth was agape. This was because he had just learned of Bingxin’s identity from Ye Qiuyu. Oh my gods! She’s the Ice Palace’s Blessed Maiden, the future leader of the sect!

Fuck! I saw the heir to the Ice Palace, one of Planet Ziwei’s four largest sects, naked!

Knowledge of this chilled him to the bone, and he grew depressed. What the hell is she, the Ice Palace’s Blessed Maiden, doing here at the Emperor’s Heaven Sect?! Furthermore, let’s forget about the fact that she’s here. Why was she bathing in the spring? Couldn’t she have gone back home to bathe? Agh!

What terrible luck! Jiang Xiaofan felt that his life was too tragic. He didn’t do it intentionally!

What followed after that was even more tragic. Ye Yuanxue told him that the task which she had taken up required her to journey together with Bingxin to the Ice Palace. They had to retrieve a secret letter from there and hand it to the leader at the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation.

What the fuck!              

Alarmed, Jiang Xiaofan almost jumped out of his seat. Damn it! He accidentally grabbed a tiger’s tail and took great effort to escape from its maw, but then someone told him that he must accompany the tiger to retrieve something from the tiger’s den. Does he have the courage to go? Of course not! That’s the equivalent of courting with death! Shit! The one he touched was a female tiger to boot!

“Ahem. I don’t know why, but I suddenly seemed to have encountered a problem. My spiritual awareness isn’t flowing very smoothly. Maybe it’s a side-effect of last time’s cleansing. I’m afraid that I cannot go.”

Jiang Xiaofan stared at Ye Yuanxue with a face full of regret, implying to her that he really wanted to go but couldn’t. In reality, he was depressed that he had to give up this opportunity to be with her.

“It can’t be? You looked fine last time.” Naturally, Ye Yuanxue didn’t know that Jiang Xiaofan had lied to her.

“Ay…. Maybe it has to do with terminal lucidity.” Jiang Xiaofan heavily sighed.

He had to comment on Ye Yuanxue’s innocence. Even though she was quite mischievous, she was, nevertheless, extremely considerate. She told Jiang Xiaofan to rest well and that she would abnegate this time’s task.

Just when Jiang Xiaofan discreetly released a big sigh of relief, man had proposed, but the gods decided to dispose. The sullen Bingxin suddenly raised her head, glared at Jiang Xiaofan with contempt, and asked, “You’re not scared to go, are you?”

“Who…. Who said that I’m scared?! What do I have to be scared of?! I’m just not feeling well! That’s all!”

Jiang Xiaofan was aggrieved, yet he also felt somewhat ashamed because…. he really was scared.

The Ye sisters looked at both of them with amusement. Afterward, Bingxin kept silent, but her expression remained the same. It was frosty, just like an ice princess. She stared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan and pursed her lips. The look of scorn in her eyes was plain to see.

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiaofan sensed that his masculinity had been threatened. In addition, it was a girl who looked down on him. He immediately decided that there was nothing to be afraid of. He would go! He needed to prove to them that he was a real man. Venturing into a tiger’s den was a piece of cake!

“Xiao Xue’er, don’t give up on it just yet. I’ll go with you!” Jiang Xiaofan assured her.               

“But will your body be fine?” Ye Yuanxue cocked her head and looked at him.

Jiang Xiaofan nodded his head with confidence written all over his face. He had no problems at all.

“As expected of the person who had dared to intrude on the Heavenly Maiden Peak! A real hero after all! Quite admirable!”

Bingxin smiled at Jiang Xiaofan. She instantly became the living confirmation of an ancient verse from one of Bai Juyi’s poems. “Turning her head, she smiled so sweetly and full of grace that she outshone the fairest face among the six palaces.”[1]

An absolute beauty who can bring down cities and nations!

Normally, any man would die for her if such a beauty smiled at him. Contrarily, Jiang Xiaofan could only feel his hair stand on end. He immediately regretted his decision. Damn masculinity!

He began to admire those cowards. That was called “living life unfettered by chains!” They could take up responsibility or shirk whenever they desired. Who was he then? At most, he stood by his words, but, unfortunately, he didn’t learn how to shirk.

On that afternoon, the three of them departed. Ye Qiuyu escorted them down to the base of the mountain and reminded Ye Yuanxue to be careful while traveling. After that, she returned to the peak.

This scene was captured by the eyes of many of the other disciples who had lingered around to watch the commotion that Jiang Xiaofan had caused earlier. All of had their jaws dropped to the ground. The one who had intruded on the Heavenly Maiden Peak scaled down the mountain unscathed! Moreover, it was the Heavenly Maiden Peak’s core disciple, Ye Qiuyu, who saw him off!

When they got a clear view of Jiang Xiaofan’s face, their eyes bulged. Wasn’t that the Vicious One?!

This time, Jiang Xiaofan had certainly made a name for himself, arriving at the Emperor’s Heaven Sect less than half a year ago. First, he beat up Zhu Xidao’s cousin and brother. Next, he detained the inner disciples from the three main peaks and forced them to labor. Now, he was able to escape uninjured after an intrusion on the Heavenly Maiden’s Peak!

“Boss definitely lives up to his title! He’s really no ordinary person!”

Lin Quan and Tang You had been waiting for him in a nearby area. Upon seeing Jiang Xiaofan safe and sound, they couldn’t help but revere him. However, the moment that they saw the two girls by his side, they completely ignored their Boss.

If appreciating the aesthetics of things was a human's nature, then looking at a beautiful woman was a man’s instinct. Like Lin Quan and Tang You, all the male cultivators around them were stunned as they gazed at the two girls. In fact, gulping sounds could be heard.

“Tsk tsk. What a bunch of perverted wolves!” Jiang Xiaofan shook his head.

“Better than a lecher!” Bingxin icily interjected.

Abruptly, Jiang Xiaofan grew displeased. Shit! How could she say this?! Ever since they had met, she continuously called him a lecher. How do I look the part of a lecher?! Not to mention, has she ever seen a lecher as handsome as me before?!

Unfortunately, he was no match for her. Otherwise, he would push her on the ground and XXOO[2] her a hundred times. 

Jiang Xiaofan noticed Lin Quan and Tang You and then told them of his destination. Under everybody’s eyes of admiration, he was about to embark on a journey to the Ice Palace with Ye Yuanxue and Bingxin.

Just when he was about to depart from the sect, he bumped into a familiar figure.

Jin Mohao’s injuries had already been healed. He and several other men donned vividly-colored robes together. With one glance, Jiang Xiaofan recognized the insignia on their clothing. These people belonged to the Heaven Infinite Peak!

“Yo! If it isn’t that guy called Jiang!”

Among them was one who knew Jiang Xiaofan. He jeered at him, but upon seeing Bingxin and Ye Yuanxue, the look on his face changed to astonishment.

Jiang Xiaofan was the guy who had beaten Zhu Xidao’s cousin and then his younger brother. Zhu Xidao was the core disciple of the Infinite Heaven Peak, the most prominent of all seven peaks. By offending Zhu Xidao, Jiang Xiaofan had become the Infinite Heaven Peak’s public enemy.

Jin Mohao’s face darkened. His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Despite it all, he immediately remembered something and smirked. He gazed at Jiang Xiaofan and said, “Daoist Jiang, Standstill Peak’s not a bad place, yeah? Even though it’s old and worn, I still think that it’s a suitable place for you.”

“Yes, it’s alright. However, Brother Jin, your injuries seemed to have healed pretty quickly. With so many bone fragments, it’s surprising that you are now able to get out of bed and walk around at that rate of recovery. I thought that you’d have to rest for several more months.” Jiang Xiaofan eyed him back.

Instantly, Jin Mohao’s complexion turned ashen. He originally wanted to salt Jiang Xiaofan’s wounds and add insult to injury. Judging by Jiang Xiaofan’s power from their previous match, Jiang Xiaofan was supposed to enter one of the seven main peaks. For some reason though, he had been assigned to a forgotten, barren mountain.

Anyone who had suffered this type of injustice would naturally be discontent. In addition, shedding light on this matter by a former opponent should elicit a terrible feeling within his heart. It should be the same as salting his wounds, or so Jin Mohao thought.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaofan didn’t care one bit at all. It was as if nothing had happened, just like a breeze that had barely tousled his hair. Rather, Jiang Xiaofan’s response was more humiliating to Jin Mohao.

Anger welled up inside Jin Mohao. He wanted to provoke Jiang Xiaofan further, but he was held back by one of his fellows who shook his head at him.

The men looked at each other, seemingly as if they had conjured up something even more malicious in a plan for Jiang Xiaofan. They then stared at Jiang Xiaofan with expressions of commiseration. Feeling smug, one of them replied, “Come to think of it, Daoist Jiang, your behavior and actions were previously deemed unruly. A few of the elders were unhappy about it. That is why they have decided to discipline you and send you to Standstill Peak. They have also given the spirit sword that was supposed to be bestowed upon you to Brother Jin. Such a pity!”

“Indeed!” Jin Mohao nodded his head in agreement. He pulled out a dangerously glowing spirit sword. The blade was 30 centimeters in length. Jin Mohao wryly remarked, “Accepting this felt quite heavy on part of my conscience. This was supposed to be yours after all.”

At once, Jiang Xiaofan understood. He had previously wondered why six out of the seven peaks all had selected disciples except for one. It turned out that the Infinite Heaven had chosen the defeated Jin Mohao instead. As for the spirit weapon that was to be rewarded to the most powerful victor from the selection tournament, it was now in Jin Mohao’s hands.

Although he thought that this treatment was extremely unfair, he wasn’t overly concerned with it. He eyed the spirit sword and excitedly exclaimed, “This is the type of weapon that I’m missing! Since you feel guilty, why not give it to me? That way, you won’t feel guilty anymore! Besides, you’ve already said it. This was originally mine!”

In a flash, the smile from their faces disappeared. It was as if their words of attack landed on a block of cotton and dissipated, and their snarky remarks had no effect on him at all. The derisive look on their faces cracked. There was no greater setback than this.

Ye Yuanxue discreetly giggled while Bingxin looked at Jiang Xiaofan with a strange expression.

At this moment, everyone simultaneously came up with the same thought which was, “How could this person be so thick-skinned?!”

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  1. ^ Taken from Chang Hen Ge (长恨歌), a Tang Dynasty poem that details the romance between the Tang’s Emperor Xuanzong and his legendary concubine, Yang Yuhuan.
  2. ^ That is what was originally written. Don’t worry though. There are only three in his harem, two of whom are Yuanxue and Bingxin.