The Daoist Seal - Chapter 20

The two girls saw nothing, and when they turned their heads back, they had lost trace of Jiang Xiaofan. Just when they began to suspect something, they noticed a person staring wide-eyed past them. Suddenly, they felt that something was amiss and turned around to look behind them.

“You! How dare you intrude on the grounds of the Heavenly Maiden Peak!”

Seeing Jiang Xiaofan leisurely climbing up the ancient steps of the mountain, the two female disciples grew irate. They charged at him, prompting Jiang Xiaofan to madly dash upward.

Onlookers stared on with their mouth open, big enough to stuff a duck egg inside. Could it be that this person had consumed the legendary gall of an immortal[1]? Otherwise, how could someone be brave enough to encroach on the Heavenly Maiden Peak?

Lin Quan and Tang You were still waiting in the same spot while anticipating Jiang Xiaofan’s return. To their dismay, he had not yet come back. Meanwhile, the entire sect nearly erupted into chaos. Waves after waves of disciples scuttled to the Heavenly Maiden Peak.

“What happened?” Lin Quan held up a passerby.

“An intruder at the Heavenly Maiden Peak!” After a one-sentence response, the passerby skedaddled.

Lin Quan and Tang You then gazed at each other, saw the surprise in each other’s eyes, and just about fainted. The didn’t need to think too hard to figure out who the intruder was. Other than their boss, Jiang Xiaofang the Vicious One, there was no one else who would be this audacious.

Around this time, it was as if the Heavenly Maiden Peak had sounded sirens across its grounds. Nearly every female disciple leaped into action. Someone actually dared to intrude on their territory! Since the founding of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect, no one had the gall to do such a thing.

Jiang Xiaofan had already climbed up to the peak. The view was breathtaking. Spiritual flowers grew abundantly, and spiritual grass covered the earth. Numerous complexes filled the background. The scene was akin to that of an immortal realm.

However, Jiang Xiaofan didn’t have the time nor was he in the mood to enjoy it. He hid behind a fake mountain and looked at the countless numbers of disciples coming and going. All of them seemed vexed, and their expressions were icy as if someone had massacred their families.

He continued to hide behind the fake mountain and made no movements. He remembered that Ye Yuanxue said that she resided at the House of Yiya; however, he didn’t know the location of that building. With so many existing complexes, he couldn’t just go around and confirm one by one, right?

Should I ask someone? Immediately after having this thought, he violently shook his head. If he did that, then he would definitely be captured and paraded around as a warning to future intruders. Even worse, he might even be killed.

“Too tragic!”                                                          

Jiang Xiaofan rolled his eyes, but he soon spotted a middle-aged woman standing in midair. Her expression was frosty, causing him to uncontrollably shiver. No matter how he examined the woman, her cultivation level appeared to be beyond that of the Micro Realm.

He carefully concealed his qi and went into the state of suppression. No sooner had he done that did a powerful spiritual awareness sweep over him.

Jiang Xiaofan felt extremely fortunate. It was a good thing that he possessed the brass piece. Otherwise, with his cultivation, it would impossible to conceal himself from the spiritual awareness of a cultivator with a level at the Realm of Dust or higher.

Just then, someone mysteriously and quietly appeared beside the middle-aged woman. This was an old woman with many wrinkles etched on the corners of her eyes. Jiang Xiaofan’s heart nearly jumped out of his ribcage. He could sense an ocean of energy from this old woman’s body. At the very least, her cultivation level was that of Phantom Saint. He never imagined that his presence at the Heavenly Maiden’s Peak would attract the attention of such almighty figures.

The middle-aged woman treated the old woman with great respect and whispered something to her. Afterward, the old woman’s forehead glowed, and an intense, powerful spiritual awareness surged forth, covering all corners of the Heavenly Maiden’s Peak.

In an instant, Jiang Xiaofan felt as if he was submerged in an ocean. His body grew cold, his complexion paled, and chills ran down his spine. This old woman was too terrifying. Her level was definitely on par with that elder from the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation.

It was a good thing that the brass piece’s mystical power was able to conceal every ounce of his qi. Not long after, the powerful spiritual awareness dissipated. The old woman furrowed her brows and shook her head at the middle-aged woman. She said something and then vanished into thin air.

Right after the old woman disappeared, the middle-aged woman swept the area again with her spiritual awareness and discovered nothing. With fruitless results, she no longer lingered and shot like a laser for the other side of the peak.

“Gods! That scared the hell out of me!”

Jiang Xiaofan almost fell to his knees. Sweat dripped down his back. Since no one was around, he quickly fled the scene. Under the concealment of the brass piece, he prowled around for the House of Yiya while dodging everyone.

He didn’t know how long he had searched before finally coming across a location that looked to be a rear court. At the forefront was a spiritual spring with white mist floating gently above the steamy water. Its color was clear, but it was difficult to see the bottom of the spring and how deep it was.

“Damn it! The people of this peak are so bigoted! Is there a need for this?!”

Jiang Xiaofan cursed as he walked forward. He was full of grievances at this time. Along the way, in order to avoid the Heavenly Maiden Peak’s disciples, he had to hide between random clusters of rocks, in the middle of thorny shrubs, and under the lotus leaves in the pool. It couldn’t get any more tragic than what he had gone through.

Most importantly, he had discovered the presence of three Phantom Saint and five Realm of Dust cultivators. Alongside the Micro Realm disciples, practically everyone was in the hunt for him, scaring the living daylights out of him. If not for the mystical brass piece, he didn’t know how many times he would’ve been caught.

Jiang Xiaofan walked to the edge of the spring and use its water to cleanse his face of the dirt and sweat. The water was warm and had a clean, refreshing smell to it. He couldn’t help but take a few sips. The taste was slightly sweet. In no time, he was reinvigorated.

He glanced sideways. Not far from him to his right was a pile of white clothes. He casually picked them up. On top was a white long skirt with silver-laced edges. Underneath was an undershirt that emanated a faint, flowery fragrance. It smelled sweet like nectar.

“How can these girls just toss their clothes around like this?!”

Jiang Xiaofan was very confused. With one hand holding the long skirt and the other holding the undershirt, he looked around but saw nobody, not even a shadow.

At this moment, the water began to slowly ripple from the center of the spring. Tiny air bubbles emerged and floated to the surface of the water.

“Are there fishes?”

He stared fixedly at the water’s surface. Just then, a head full of black mane burst forth with water droplets splashing everywhere. This person had silky, cascading black hair, long but thick eyelashes, and an exquisitely delicate complexion. Below the water, he could faintly see curvy flesh on her chest.

That’s a woman! This is the scene of a bathing fairy! And…. And it’s live action!

Stunned, Jiang Xiaofan gawked at her. This girl was beautiful beyond words. She was about nineteen years old but no more than twenty. Her jade-like arms froze just above the water. With eyes widened, she stared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan lowered his head and looked at the skirt and the shirt in his hands. He didn’t even need to think to know that they belonged to the bathing fairy.

He grew dizzy as he watched the girl’s expression grow from horror to shame and finally to anger. Jiang Xiaofan curbed his cold sweat from dripping down and weakly explained, “If I told you that I was merely passing by, would you…. believe me?”

The girl’s alluring face flushed crimson, and her small frame trembled. As she got angrier, the fluctuations in her terrible spiritual energy grew increasingly unsteady and uncontrollable. Currently, she was no less formidable than Ye Qiuyu. Jiang Xiaofan was immediately shaken to the core. Without explaining further, he fled the scene.


Behind him was a piercing cry. The temperature of the air around him severely dropped, and a layer of thick ice soon blanketed the greenery. Jiang Xiaofan’s stomach was in knots as he almost tripped head first onto the ground.

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  1. ^ a translated pun