The Daoist Seal - Chapter 19

Jiang Xiaofan was bewildered as to why Ye Yuanxue was given a task. Could it be that the Emperor’s Heaven Sect had some sort of task agency? However, he gave no further thought into it. After all, he was already delighted that he could be with Ye Yuanxue again.

He turned his head in the direction of the dilapidated complex, played with the rock in his hand, and jeered, “If anyone slacks off, I’ll let you witness firsthand what true ‘misfortune’ means.”

All the onlookers were disgusted. This guy was too much of a scumbag. He just did whatever he wished. How could he detain the three peaks’ inner disciples, force them to labor, and threaten them?! Wasn’t he afraid that they would gang up on him in the future?

“Haha, you….”

Ye Yuanxue giggled. Jiang Xiaofan had already given her an account of what had transpired. She had nothing to say about it, except that it intrigued her.

The green-robed man who stood off to the side felt somewhat embarrassed. Jiang Xiaofan was determined to punish these nine unless a Realm of Dust cultivator or an elder was willing to step in. There was no room for any further discussion.

In other words, this was the nine disciples’ death penalty. Would a Realm of Dust cultivator really intervene? The answer was no. It was futile in even thinking about someone with the status of an elder coming to save them. They would never impede on such a trivial matter.

Jiang Xiaofan ignored the man. He looked at Ye Yuanxue and asked, “Only the two of us?”

“No…. There’s another one.”

It was evident that Ye Yuanxue didn’t place great importance on her task. Instead, she circled the nine people who were busily repairing the dilapidated complex. On her delicately chiseled complexion was an enchanting smile.

Immediately, the nine disciples’ faces paled. Without a doubt, Ye Yuanxue was very beautiful and had an ethereal temperament. However, they weren’t in the mood to admire her. All they wanted was to quickly repair this stupid complex and leave. The feeling of being surrounded and watched was too unbearable for them because it was at odds with their pride.

“Ahem….”  Old Man Liu walked out of the forest that he had been resting in.

“Old Man Liu.” Jiang Xiaofan hurried over to assist him. Towards the old man, Jiang Xiaofan treated him with the utmost respect. He gave Jiang Xiaofan the feeling of warmth and kindliness.

“Hello, sir.” Ye Yuanxue acknowledged him, walked over, and tended to him on the other side.

“Haha, good. Very good.”

Old Man Liu chuckled as usual and elicited his air of benevolence. He glanced at Ye Yuanxue and nodded his head. It was apparent that he was fond of this spirited young girl.

“Child, let them go.” Old Man Liu turned to look at Jiang Xiaofan.

Jiang Xiaofan nodded. Old Man Liu was too kind. He couldn’t bear to go against the old man’s wish. Besides, the dilapidated complex was almost fully repaired. At the very least, sheltering them against the wind and rain was no longer a problem.

To the nine people, being able to leave this place was the best news that they had heard in a long while. Without uttering any words of spite, they quickly fled Standstill Peak, not wanting to spend a minute longer there.

“Yo! Standstill Peak is not the place for people to gawk at girls! Unless any of you want to stay here and repair the mountain path?!” Jiang Xiaofan was displeased that the onlookers were still gathered around.

These people were indeed attracted to Ye Yuanxue’s complexion and temperament. However, upon hearing Jiang Xiaofan’s unscrupulous threat, they immediately became speechless. Their faces darkened as they thought about how immoral this Jiang Xiaofan, the bastard, was.

Seemingly very curious, Jiang Xiaofan brought Ye Yuanxue on a tour around Standstill Peak. Lin Quan and Tang You wanted to tag along but gave up this improbable notion after noticing the menacing look on Jiang Xiaofan’s face.

As the sky began to darken, Ye Yuanxue sweetly smiled and bade farewell to Old Man Liu. She then pulled Jiang Xiaofan to the side and whispered, “Come to the Heavenly Maiden Peak tomorrow. You can find me in the House of Yiya.”

Needless to say, Jiang Xiaofan naturally agreed and scheduled his rendezvous with Ye Yuanxue.

“You better be on time! Otherwise, I’ll tell my sister to bully you!”

Ye Yuanxue impishly smiled, revealing her two adorable snaggleteeth. Her delicate cheeks flushed red, making Jiang Xiaofan want to pounce on her and take a bite.

On the next day, Jiang Xiaofan waved goodbye to Old Man Liu, Lin Quan, and Tang You. After all, he was a member of Standstill Peak. He had a responsibility to let them know what he was up to. Otherwise, they would worry about his sudden disappearance.

“Be careful.” Old Man Liu gently smiled and stared fixedly at Jiang Xiaofan as if he was gazing at his own grandson.

Lin Quan and Tang You escorted Jiang Xiaofan down the mountain. When they arrived at the base, the two of them suddenly grew wary. They surveyed their surroundings and murmured, “Boss, are you really heading to the Heavenly Maiden Peak?”

Even though he wasn’t a long-time resident of Standstill Peak, he was already well-acquainted with everyone on the peak. He felt despondent each time he was called “the Vicious One”. As a result, he relied on his disreputable ways, inveigling Lin Quan and Tang You to call him “Boss” and to follow him from now on.

Both of them knew the connotation of “Boss” but didn’t see anything negative about it. They were close in age, and Jiang Xiaofan was much more powerful than them. With a click, the two of them now referred to Jiang Xiaofan as Boss.

Perplexed, Jiang Xiaofan eyed them. Is there something wrong with me going to the Heavenly Maiden Peak?

“The Heavenly Maiden Peak and Standstill Peak are vastly different! There are rules!” muttered Lin Quan.

He was at a loss of words. Jiang Xiaofan, of course, knew that the Heavenly Maiden Peak had rules. It was one of the seven main peaks, but so what? No matter what, it was just a mountain. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know about it. Was there a need to announce the obvious?

He looked at the sky. The sun was beginning to rise. Without listening any further to both of them, he waved goodbye and hastily left. “I don’t know when I’ll be back. Take good care of the old man.”

“Boss, that place forbids….” Tang You wanted to continue, but Jiang Xiaofan had already disappeared.

Lin Quan shrugged and bitterly smiled. “Forget it. Let’s just wait here. Boss will return soon.”

Jiang Xiaofan wasn’t familiar with the layout of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect, but what he could do was to ask someone for directions. However, every time he mentioned going to the Heavenly Maiden Peak, the other party would shoot him a strange glare. This befuddled him.

Nevertheless, Jiang Xiaofan wasn’t one to dwell on this question for long. Soon, he reached the base of the Heavenly Maiden Peak. Overall, this mountain could be described as extraordinary. Purple streams of air, filled with spiritual qi, blanketed the mountain. In the middle of the ancient mountain were boundless spiritual greenery and towering primordial trees, which emanated spiritual essence.

“Hold it right there!”

Standing before the gate were two female disciples who blocked Jiang Xiaofan’s path. Although their appearances were not on par with the Ye sisters, they were, nevertheless, charming. If they were placed on Planet Earth, they would most definitely be beauties.

“I need to go up in the search for someone. If it does not trouble you, Shijie, please be my guide. Thank you,” explained Jiang Xiaofan.

“Huh?” The two girls were taken aback.

“I said, my friend is up there. I have to go look for her. I’m not very familiar with the geography of the Heavenly Maiden Peak. Therefore, please kindly guide me to her.” Jiang Xiaofan maintained his smile. He thought himself to be the perfect and polite gentlemen.

“Absolutely no! We will not let you in, nor will we you guide you!” The two girls shook their heads. If not for Jiang Xiaofan’s harmless smile, they would’ve assumed that the person before them was a troublemaker.

“Why can’t you let me go in?”

“The Heavenly Maiden Peak only allows females to enter! Males are forbidden to step foot inside!”

Jiang Xiaofan rolled his eyes. He finally understood what Lin Quan meant by “rules”. Still, why was this the case?! Which spinster laid down this rule?! Did she not know that men and female were both equal?! Sexual discrimination is unethical!

Of course, he didn’t dare to voice his thoughts out loud. He examined the girls and continued to grin. “Um, beautiful ladies, how about this? Do you think that you can make an exception this time? I swear to Heaven that I’m a good person!”

“No means no!” Their expressions grew stony.

Jiang Xiaofan was dejected. Should I give up? He quickly shook his head in disapproval. He had already agreed to meet up with Ye Yuanxue. Breaking a promise with a girl, especially a girl whom he liked, was unmannerly.

Jiang Xiaofan racked his brain. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up. He abruptly raised his head, pointed towards the sky, and shouted, “Look! A flying saucer!”

“Flying saucer? What’s that?”

The two girls instinctively looked in the direction that Jiang Xiaofan pointed at. Afterward, a golden ray of light flashed past them and swept up a breeze.

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