The Daoist Seal - Chapter 18

Nine disciples from three of the seven main peaks were detained and forced to perform labor. News of this quickly spread, and in no time, the entirety of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect got wind of it. Many people gathered at Standstill Peak to glimpse at the nine of them. Once they spotted the nine drenched in sweat with the blistering sun beating down on them, the onlookers fell into a state of shock as their eyes widened and jaws dropped to the ground.

 “Gods! This can’t be real, right?!”

“That is Wang Chong! I’ve seen him before! I think that he’s a disciple from the Heavenly Sun Peak!”

“Isn’t the one in the middle Chen Huang from the Heavenly Stream Peak? Who did this to them?! How audacious!”

Many of the onlookers didn’t dare to get any closer. They only stood from afar to watch the scene before them. Their mouths were dry and their tongues were tied. When did Standstill Peak ever contain such a powerful person?

Meanwhile, Old Man Liu rested somewhere else. Jiang Xiaofan hid among the trees to monitor the nine. Upon seeing so many people gathering near him, he felt that it was too embarrassing for him to continue lying around. He walked out, cleared his throat, and said, “Ahem. So, do you guys want to help me rebuild the complex?”

Fuck! They wanted to curse him out loud. This guy’s an animal!

However, some of them were in a daze as they looked at the man in front of them. Suddenly, their backs chilled. They recognized Jiang Xiaofan. Damn it! Isn’t this the same guy who beat up Zhu Yunlin from a couple of days ago?

“Shit! It’s that vicious person!”

Their eyes bulged so much that they nearly popped out. In an instant, their suspicions were confirmed. After all, this was the Vicious One who had assaulted Zhu Xidao’s younger brother. It was of no surprise to them that he would do something like forced labor.

“Why is he here?”

“I thought he went to the Infinite Heaven Peak.”

Many of the gatherers had witnessed the selection tournament for inner disciples from not long ago. They knew how strong Jiang Xiaofan was. Even Jin Mohao, who had wielded a spirit weapon, was no match for him and was almost beaten to death. How could a strong person like Jiang Xiaofan be assigned to Standstill Peak then?

“That’s right.... By injuring Zhu Youwei and Zhu Yunlin, he had offended Zhu Xidao.” Within the crowd of onlookers were inner disciples. All they had to do was connect the dots, and they would have their mystery solved.

Lin Quan and Tang You grew nervous. The nine disciples all belonged to the three main peaks. There was a high probability that the nines’ peers were within this crowd of onlookers. If their fellow disciples were to charge at the two all at once, Lin Quan and Tang You had no chance of holding them back.

To their dismay, their intuition was accurate.  The crowd did have disciples from the respective three peaks. A green-robed man walked forth.

However, things did not progress as they had expected. Rather, this person seemed to be familiar with Jiang Xiaofan’s mannerisms. He walked up to Jiang Xiaofan, gestured a fist salute, and spoke courteously, imploring Jiang Xiaofan to release his brothers.

Their faces turned ashen. Wang Chong and the two others from the Heavenly Sun Peak wanted to throw bricks at their fellow disciple and curse him to hell. There were already three of them and their cultivation levels were at seventh heaven of Micro Realm. If they all attacked Jiang Xiaofan at once, there was no way that they couldn’t defeat a fifth heaven Micro Realm waste.

The green-robed man inwardly swore and wanted to give Wang Chong and the two a good slap across the face. He was present at the selection tournament and had witnessed that particular battle. Wasn’t Jin Mohao very formidable? He was a seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivator with a spirit weapon in his hands, yet in the end, he was pummeled by the Vicious One to near death.

Unless he teamed up with a Realm of Dust cultivator, he had no chance of winning against Jiang Xiaofan. Even so, a Realm of Dust cultivator was already considered a godly being. How could he even invite one to join the battle?

“That’s not possible. They damaged Old Man Liu’s residence, and it’s not even fully repaired yet. They can’t just leave with the work undone,” snubbed Jiang Xiaofan. He then continued, “Of course, you can always ask a Realm of Dust to save them, or even the leaders of your peaks will do.”

Immediately, cold air settled among the crowd. This guy is indeed the Vicious One! He’s ridiculously savage! He actually asked the green-robed man to bring a Realm of Dust cultivator, even the leader of the Heavenly Sun Peak, to retrieve the nine disciples.


At this time, the green-robed man was caught between a rock and a hard place. Being able to find someone with a cultivation level at the Realm of Dust was unlikely. Those godly beings were usually hidden away in secluded training. It was impossible for him to extend an invitation to one. As for reporting to the peak leader, that was even more impossible. Everyone knew of the situation regarding Standstill Peak. If certain actions were covertly carried out, they could get away with the consequences; however, if they were to surface, then that would be a problem. Therefore, alarming the leader of the Heavenly Sun Peak meant that the three disciples, who were now doing labor, would end up facing harsh punishment.

It was obvious that Jiang Xiaofan had figured all of this out, and it was because of this that he could care less about the consequences. Jiang Xiaofan coldly smirked. Those ungrateful old bastards from the Emperor Heaven’s Sect want to use this underhanded method to slowly kill off Old Man Liu? Since he had been assigned to this peak, he naturally had to reciprocate their good intentions.

“Hehe.” Just then, a crisp and pleasant sound of laughter echoed. Ye Yuanxue had appeared, and she stood before Xiaofan. With her large, dewy eyes and her signature mischievous smile, she teasingly said, “So it is you! You’re too naughty!”

Starry-eyed, the onlookers stared at the beautiful girl and were unable to turn their gaze away.

“Haha, well…. I’m actually a nice guy. It’s just that these people are too demanding.”

Jiang Xiaofan chortled. He was overwhelmed with happiness after seeing Ye Yuanxue again. He nearly lost self-control and embraced her with a bear hug.


Upon seeing the intimacy between Jiang Xiaofan and the fairy-like girl, many onlookers admired and envied him, even drawing spite from some of them.

Jiang Xiaofan was now a seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivator. Coupled with the peerless, ancient Buddhist Sutra, his hearing had become very sharp. Instantly angered, he shouted, “The hell?! You’re the beast! You’re all beasts!”

The onlookers wanted to roll their eyes but then reconsidered. They couldn’t do anything to this guy and had no courage to do so. Ultimately, he was the one who had detained the inner disciples from the main peaks and beat up Zhu Xidao’s brother.

Like an excited puppy, Lin Quan ran over and busily introduced himself to Ye Yuanxue. His face broke into a radiant smile.

Tang You then kicked Lin Quan to the side, puffed his chest out with pride, and stated, “I’m Tang You. Miss Fairy, may I have your name?”

Abruptly, Jiang Xiaofan’s face darkened. He kicked out both of them with one leg each, smoothed out his hair, and declared, “She’s mine! Don’t even think about stealing her from me, or I’ll smash you!”

“Ptooey! Who’s yours?! You big, perverted wolf!” Ye Yuanxue’s cheeks immediately blushed, and she glared at Jiang Xiaofan. The corner of her mouth then quirked up, and she chaffed him, “You are such a bad boy. You better be careful, or else I’ll tell my sister to take good care of you!”

“Cough cough! Uh, I didn’t say anything!”

He was joking of course. Ye Yuanxue was the most distinguished disciple from the Heavenly Maiden Peak. Her existence in the Emperor’s Heaven Sect was like that of Zhu Xidao’s. If she were to teach Jiang Xiaofan a lesson, he would have a difficult time digesting it.

“You playboy! Can’t you be serious for once? Hmph! I’ll call you perverted wolf from now on!” Ye Yuanxue ground her teeth and muttered. She then remembered something and said, “That’s right! I just took up a task at the Xuanyang Pavilion and was on my way to find you. Let’s go there together.”

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