The Daoist Seal - Chapter 17

The blue-robed youth was too just conceited and unforgiving. He dared to raise his hand against a feeble old man. In truth, this greatly enraged Jiang Xiaofan. When confronting this type of people, he could not afford to show mercy. The best method was to wear them down.

“Are you guys alright?”

He kneeled down and asked Lin Quan and Tang You. Seeing that they said nothing but looked fine, Jiang Xiaofan pulled them up, assisted Old Man Liu, and escorted them towards the dilapidated complex.

“What?! You hurt one of our Heavenly Sun Peak’s people, and now you want to run away?!”

The three who accompanied the blue-robed youth blocked Jiang Xiaofan from proceeding. Their expressions were hostile, and their tones icy.

“The one that knocked him unconscious was that brick. We have nothing to do with it. If you must reason, then go reason with that brick.” Jiang Xiaofan wore an innocent look on his face. He then thought of something, stared at the three, and continued, “By the way, this is a spiritual mountain given to Old Man Liu by the Emperor’s Heaven Sect. Who allowed you to come up here?”


The three of them were at the seventh heaven of Micro Realm. At this moment, they boldly roared with laughter. One of them picked up a piece of rock that was about the size of a fist and hurled it at the dilapidated complex, creating a giant hole on the exterior. Clearly, they were incorrigible to the point of no return.

“Entering Standstill Peak needs permission? Haha! This is nothing but an insignificant, barren mountain! Anybody is free to enter and leave as one pleases! The fact that we stand here before you is your honor!”

Vanity was written all over their faces as they disparaged Jiang Xiaofan and sneered, “You’re just a waste at the fifth heaven of Micro Realm. How dare you sneak an attack on one of our people?! You must really be tired of living. Get over here! Kneel down and kowtow to us as an apology! Otherwise, hmph!”

“You!” Lin Quan and Tang You were now inflamed.

“You young folks are overstepping the line! This mountain was bestowed upon me by the supreme elders! Let’s not talk about you people intruding upon this place. You also destroyed my place of residence and gravely insulted my disciples! Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the leader of your peak?!” Old Man Liu berated them.

In an instant, the three of them hesitated and pondered. Liu Cheng’an was a former elder of the Emperor’s Heaven Sect who was highly respected among many. Now that he was offended and spoke such words, the seemingly invisible but ever-present aura from Old Man Liu had them stunned.

However, only a brief moment had passed before the three returned to focus after realizing that a wasted old mand had threatened them. From feeling ashamed and scared to angry, one of them raised his leg in an attempt to kick at Old Man Liu. He shouted, “Stupid old man! I’ll teach you how to recognize the reality of the situation!”

Jiang Xiaofan flashed in front of Old Man Liu and swiftly stretched out his right leg. He coldly countered, “You uncivilized runt! Let me teach you how to respect the elderly and protect the younglings instead!”



With a merciless, strong kick to his thigh, the sound of a *bang* was soon followed by a *ka-chack*, the sound of the bone breaking. Instantly, the person’s face twisted in pain, and he immediately collapsed to the ground in a kneeling position before Old Man Liu.

“Now this is how to treat an elder! You need to show good manners!”

After witnessing Jiang Xiaofan’s retaliation, the remaining two suddenly turned sullen. They withdrew their long sword from their back, green light strongly radiated from the blades, and, without a moment’s hesitation, they chopped at Jiang Xiaofan from above.

Jiang Xiaofan smirked. Four pieces of rock shot out from his right hand at lightning speed. With the force of his godly strength, the rocks knocked both of his assailants’ swords from their hand and struck their left kneecap.

*Bang bang*

With more sounds of bones breaking, the two fell to the ground. Their right hand trembled and their sword was knocked out of their grasp, stabbing into the ground right by Jiang Xiaofan’s feet.

“Oh? Giving me gifts already? But I wasn’t even ready for them. How can I accept such generosity? Seriously….” Without a hint of shame nor excitement, he pulled the long swords from the ground and swept a glance over them. Abruptly, he grew disappointed and shook his head. “These two swords are junk. I thought they were spirit weapons.”

The two of them wanted to curse him. Their noses were so scrunched up from being livid that their faces looked almost deformed. Why don’t you die?! You think a spirit weapon is some sort of kitchen knife?! Not everyone has them! It’s even rare for a Realm of Dust cultivator to wield one!

“I don’t even know if these are durable,” grumbled Jiang Xiaofan. With one hand holding the hilt and the other holding the tip of the blade, he applied force, and immediately, a loud *ka-chak* resonated. The beautiful iron sword was snapped in half.

The three intruders looked at this scene with their eyes bulged.

Although the long sword was not a spirit weapon, it still took the Emperor’s Heaven Sect a considerable amount of hard work to forge. Even a ninth heaven Micro Realm cultivator could not cause such damage to the weapon, yet this person before them had snapped it in half. Not to mention, from the look of things, he broke it very easily without using much effort.

“How lacking. Here. I’m returning it.” After all was said and done, Jiang Xiaofan threw the broken sword back to the three of them.

“You…. Just you wait!”

Their faces were drained of color. With just one move, Jiang Xiaofan was able to hold them at bay. What was even more shocking was that they had sensed that Jiang Xiaofan’s cultivation was clearly at the fifth heaven of Micro Realm, but he was still able to overpower them.

Their left leg and right hand were broken. The rocks were small, but the combined force of Jiang Xiaofan's super strength made it difficult to defend against.

Seeing the three of them leave with the blue-robed youth who was still in a coma, Old Man Liu finally breathed a sigh of relief. What happened next threw them completely off guard. Jiang Xiaofan blocked their path and wryly smiled. “Eh? You think you can leave after you just busted our place?”

“What do you want?!” Their expressions grew sour.

“Nothing much. You just have to pay back what you owe. It’s the law of nature. Since you destroyed Old Man Liu’s place, you’ll have to fix it. Otherwise, what’s the difference between you and hooligans?” replied Jiang Xiaofan nonchalantly.

“What about you breaking our swords?!” chirped one of them.

“You gave them to me. What I do with them is my business.”

“Don’t think that you can bully us!”

Their expressions turned extremely ugly. Their goal was to exact revenge upon the bastard from Standstill Peak on behalf of the blue-robed youth. Unexpectedly, they were the ones who got the short end of the stick. After suffering from such an easy defeat, all faces were lost.

 “As I said before, the mountain path isn’t very smooth. There are many rocks on the ground. If you’re not careful and get hit by one right in the eye, you can’t push the blame onto us.”

No longer focused on them, Jiang Xiaofan casually tossed the rock that was still in his hand upward, caught it, and tossed it upward again.

Their faces paled as the three of them stared at the rock. Despair overwhelmed them. Two of the three had been badly injured by ordinary rocks. Currently, walking was already difficult for them. Their left leg and right hand were drained of energy.

While they might be ordinary, the rocks became powerful weapons once they were infused with Jiang Xiaofan’s terrifying strength. If they got hit in the eye, they would undoubtedly become a waste. They had already endured serious injuries. If they were to continue the battle against this vicious person who could break swords, they would be the ones who would suffer more.

“Is this alright then?!” One of them walked over and boarded up the hole in the complex which he had created earlier.

“Not yet! Can’t you see the other damaged areas?” Jiang Xiaofan shook his head.

“Don’t you dare make such astronomical demands! I didn’t cause them!”

Jiang Xiaofan rolled his eyes and replied, “What do you mean you didn’t cause them? Ever heard of the Domino Effect? You damaged this wall and the walls next to it were damaged as well.”

“Bullshit! They were already like that when we had arrived!”

“I didn’t bullshit. I have a witness. If you don’t believe me, ask them!” Jiang Xiaofan pointed at Lin Quan and Tang You who then concurrently nodded their heads in agreement.

“You…. Well, I have a witness here too who can attest to my claim!”

Jiang Xiaofan shook his head again and stated, “Won’t do. They’re your people. They can’t serve as witnesses.”

“Aren’t those two your people as well?!” By this point in time, the one who created the hole in the wall was fuming.

“Not the same. We’re the victims!”

“What the hell do you want then?!”

“Nothing much. Just patch it all up before you leave. Otherwise…. Heh…. There are plenty of rocks here.” Jiang Xiaofan continued to play with his rock.

Their faces were contorted, not due to pain but due to fury. They felt that they had been wronged. After all, they were the inner disciples of the Heavenly Sun Peak. Yet they were bullied by a fifth Heaven Micro Realm from Standstill Peak into repairing a dilapidated complex. This was too humiliating, but they had no choice. Right now, that person was the knife, and they were the meat on the cutting board. Compliance was the only way out.

After the blue-robed youth had woken up, he immediately jumped up and was ready to fight Jiang Xiaofan again. However, after seeing the brick in his hand, the blue-robed youth gave in and obediently began to work.

“Jiang the Vicious One, I don’t think that this is a good idea.”

Lin Quan and Tang You felt somewhat guilty as they looked at the crippled four repairing the dilapidated complex which had been in ruins for who knows how long. After all, these four were the Heavenly Sun Peak’s inner disciples.

“What’s not good about it? They were asking for it!” responded Jiang Xiaofan, unconcerned. He handed a cup of spring water to Old Man Liu and said, “Old Man Liu, here. Have some water.”

The noon sun blazed and slowly roasted the people below. Despite the four of them being seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivators, being out in the sun for a long period of time, along with their wounds, became a tough challenge. Their backs were soon drenched with sweat.

“Huh? Isn’t that Wang Shixiong and others from the Heavenly Sun Peak?”

Just then, two mystical rainbows flew over Standstill Peak, and one of them echoed words of suspicion. Two slender figures landed below.

“Sun Shixiong! Chen Shixiong!” Upon seeing these two, the four from the Heavenly Sun Peak instantaneously revealed expressions of surprise and euphoria.

“How dare you detain our brothers here! Are there no regards for rules here?!”

The two of them walked towards Jiang Xiaofan who was under the shade of a tree. Evidently, they wanted to attack him.

“Hm, so you two want to help me repair the complex too?” asked Jiang Xiaofan apathetically.

“How insolent of you to show such disrespect towards your Shixiong! I’ll teach you what respect is!” One of them frostily smirked, strode forward, and raised his hand, ready to slap Jiang Xiaofan’s cheek. He jeered, “Remember this. I am Chen Heng from the Heavenly Stream Peak!”

“Yep, got it.” Jiang Xiaofan answered indifferently.

After that, two loud screams were heard. The repair crew then increased from four people to six people.

Old Man Liu said nothing, but Lin Quan and Tang You inwardly shouted for joy. These six belonged to the seven main peaks, respectively the Heavenly Sun Peak and the Heavenly Stream Peak. Currently, they were detained by Jiang Xiaofan. They couldn’t help but admire him. Jiang Xiaofan truly lived up to the title of the Vicious One, he who beat up Zhu Xidao’s younger brother.

Not long after, another three who had come from the Heavenly Scales Peak descended on the mountain. Their levels were between sixth heaven to seventh heaven. Once again, Jiang Xiaofan was scorned by them because they wanted to exact revenge upon Jiang Xiaofan on behalf of the disciples from the Heavenly Sun Peak and Heavenly Stream Peak. The result was the same as the previous two. The repair crew now increased to nine people.

“Jiang the Vicious One, you are absolutely savage!” remarked Tang You.

In the end, the paper could not contain the fire. News of the emergence of an extremely vicious person from Standstill Peak quickly spread around the sect. This vicious person detained nine of the inner disciples from the Heavenly Sun Peak, Heavenly Stream Peak, and Heavenly Scales Peak and forced them to labor. They had to repair a dilapidated complex located in the middle of the mountain.

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