The Daoist Seal - Chapter 16

The blue-robed youth seethed with fury. He was an inner disciple from the Heavenly Sun Peak and was originally ordered to retrieve some pills. Passing by Standstill Peak along the way, he caught the view of someone down there starting a fire and roasting game. Hence, he thought that some taunting was necessary.

He knew of Standstill Peak. Those who had been assigned here were labeled as waste. Essentially, they were people abandoned by the Emperor’s Heaven Sect.

The moment he landed on the mountain, he scanned their cultivation levels with his spiritual awareness. The strongest one was merely a fifth heaven of Micro Realm. Compared with himself, the difference was like that of Heaven and Earth. There was no need for him to take the fifth heaven Micro Realm cultivator seriously.

However, how was he supposed to know that Jiang Xiaofan was, in reality, at the seventh heaven of Micro Realm and had used his mystical brass piece to conceal his level to the fifth heaven? Even the elder at the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation hadn’t discovered it, let alone him.

“You waste! You actually hit me?!” The blue-robed youth angrily roared at him.

“Oh yeah? Well, the truth is that you were just beaten up by a waste like me. Therefore, I suppose that means this you’re even beneath a waste?” Jiang Xiaofan casually asked. Contempt was written all over his face.

“Go die!”

The blue-robed youth’s expression turned unsightly. With five fingers splayed, green light sparkled around them, and he grabbed for Jiang Xiaofan’s neck. He didn’t consider Jiang Xiaofan a worthy opponent. From his point of view, that punch by Jiang Xiaofan was a fluke, which had successfully landed when he was caught off guard.

“Be careful!” loudly warned the three.

“Too late! A waste from Standstill Peak dared to attack me!” The blue-robed youth sneered, but instantly, his expression drastically changed because he lost sight of Jiang Xiaofan.

“Shixiong, I’m behind you.”

The blue-robed youth swiftly turned around. What welcomed him was the slap of a heavy brick to the face. His words had been swallowed, and he was knocked flying again. Another stream of blood glided across midair and more teeth fell out. Half of his face had swollen up.

He was nearly slapped silly. A long time had passed by before he finally got up from the ground. His eyes burned with wrath, but he no longer assailed Jiang Xiaofan. The inside of his head buzzed as if a thousand mosquitoes were whizzing in his ears.

However, just because he didn’t pounce on Jiang Xiaofan didn’t mean that Jiang Xiaofan wouldn’t. Wasn’t there a brick in his hand? He didn’t lack any weapons. He raised the brick again and brutally struck the blue-robed youth’s other cheek. Immediately, it swelled up. His nose was bruised, and blood scattered everywhere.

This time, the blue-robed youth was thoroughly stunned. He released a thunderous wail after what seemed like half a day had gone by.

His mouth was twisted, and his eyes sharply narrowed. At this moment, the blue-robed youth was close to exploding and descending into madness. He lunged at Jiang Xiaofan, but Jiang Xiaofan stood still. Just when the blue-robed youth neared him, Jiang Xiaofan stretched out his right leg at the speed of lightning and kicked his opponent’s face.

Without a question, the blue-robed youth was again sent flying backward. His face was contorted in pain and rage. He yearned for Jiang Xiaofan’s death, but he could no longer move. His face was already disfigured.

“Just you wait! I’ll remember this!”

He glared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan, relayed him this spiteful vow, and turned around to leave. He felt very dizzy and had a hard time controlling his movements since even his vision was blurry. Nevertheless, he attempted to maintain his balance.

“Shixiong, enjoy your walk! I heard that the paths on this mountain aren’t too smooth. There are many uneven slabs. Try not to slip!”

Jiang Xiaofan kindheartedly reminded him and casually tossed out the brick from his hand. Like a straight arrow, the brick unswervingly struck the blue-robed youth’s left leg.


The blue-robed youth yelped in torment. He hadn’t been walking very stably, and now that he was hit by the brick that Jiang Xiaofan had thrown out, he *thunk* collapsed to the ground and rolled all the way down the rugged stone stairs.

“I already warned you, yet you’re still so careless. Such a shame.” Jiang Xiaofan brushed the dust from his hand and sat back down by the campfire.

Lin Quan and Tang You inwardly derided the blue-robed youth. This time, karma was viciously exacted on him. They couldn’t help but peer below the stone stairs. Immediately, they grew slightly faint. Standstill Peak wasn’t a very tall mountain but rolling down from up here was enough punishment for him. They didn’t need to think twice to realize that the blue-robed youth’s fate was a tragedy.

The brief interruption hadn’t affected their appetites. In no time, the two hares, glistening with oil, were quickly devoured. Even though they were originally prepared for Old Man Liu, the old man ate little. At least one hare was finished by the three of them.

Standstill Peak’s complex was very large, but it was too old and worn. Even calling it a ruin wasn’t deemed disrespectful at all. Still, Jiang Xiaofan bore no ill feelings towards it. After all, he was an orphan. This kind of lifestyle was routine to him, so there was nothing to be selective about.

At the break of dawn on the next day, Jiang Xiaofan got up from his bed. He needed to find a suitable place among the mountain to cultivate.

Even though he was quite discontent about being assigned here by that elder, he felt lucky at the same time. He carried the peerless, ancient Buddhist Sutra within him. This place was quiet and serene with few visitors coming here. Therefore, Standstill Peak proved to be a convenient place for his cultivation.

The mountain was desolate, but many primordial trees grew on it. Because it was still located within the boundaries of the sect, life on the mountain was still abundant. Compared with the other barren mountains from the moral realm, this place wasn’t so bad.

 Jiang Xiaofan began to climb the mountain. As he hiked upward, the path became more rugged. Despite him being a seventh heaven Micro Realm cultivator with a diamond body, he had the feeling that he was traversing through Shudao[1] instead.

He didn’t know how much time had passed by before finally reaching the peak of the mountain. In front of him was a precipice that looked as if someone had used a divine sword to cleave the peak in half. The cross section of it was very smooth, and on top of it were many crisscrossing striations, which he couldn’t see very clearly.

The precipice was about twenty meters in height. Below it was a small, winding stream. In the center of the stream was a medium-sized rock that was enough for one person meditating in a lotus position on it.

His eyes instantly lit up. Just when he was about to jump down, a cacophony of noises rang out from below the peak, and this stopped Jiang Xiaofan in his tracks.

At this moment before the dilapidated complex in the middle of the mountain, numerous figures surrounded Old Man Liu and the other two. Their expressions were haughty and domineering as if they were interrogating the three in the middle.

With Jiang Xiaofan’s sharp vision, he instantly locked his eyes onto a blue-robed youth among the group. It was the same guy who had asked for trouble and was eventually kicked flying by him. Any idiot could tell that, under this situation, the blue-robed youth had gathered a gang to seek revenge.

“Where’s that person from yesterday?! Tell him to come out and kowtow as an apology!”

The one beside him also gibed, “Standstill Peak has nothing but waste! How dare you attack any of us from the Heavenly Sun Peak! Are you tired of living?!”

The wounds on the blue-robed youth’s face were mostly healed. Upon hearing the person mention the word “waste”, his face immediately turned ashen, and his face uncontrollably twitched. He just remembered Jiang Xiaofan’s words of ridicule from yesterday.

“Speak up! Where is that waste…. I mean, that bastard?!”

Seeing that Jiang Xiaofan was nowhere in sight, the blue-robed youth turned his anger on Lin Quan and Tang You. Although he remained injured, he was nevertheless much stronger than the two. With a raise of his leg, he kicked the two to the ground.

“Young man, you’re crossing the line here!” Old Man Liu’s expression darkened.

“Old man, you’re no longer in authority to command me!”

The blue-robed youth grew sullen. He raised his hand and was poised to strike Old Man Liu across the cheek. To his dismay, a brick whizzed through the air and struck him squarely in the face. His whole body was knocked flying out.

“Look, how am I supposed to convey this well? I already told you many times. The path isn’t smooth, and there are many jagged rocks lying around. You need to be careful!”

Jiang Xiaofan appeared and shook his head in pity while staring at the blue-robed youth on the ground. He was like a piece of iron who refused to turn into steel.

“You…. You….”

Blood profusely leaked from the blue-robed youth’s nose and mouth. His entire face was swollen yet again, and nearly all his teeth were about to be knocked loose. He pointed his finger at Jiang Xiaofan and stuttered “you” for a long time before finally fainting from vexation.

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  1. ^ Shudao is a mountain road system that connects the Sichuan basin (formerly known as the State of Shu), through the Yangtze River, to the Qinling mountains of Shaanxi province (formerly known as the State of Qin). This was first built by Qinshihuang (1st emperor of unified China) after conquering Shu.