The Daoist Seal - Chapter 13

The sudden change in the situation left Ye Yuanxue dazed. The golden rays of light disappeared. In an instant, she could no longer sense Jiang Xiaofan’s qi, not even his life force. This gave her a great fright. If not for the person still breathing in front of her, she would have thought that Jiang Xiaofan had died.

Jiang Xiaofan thought it was strange as well. Prior to this, the brass piece was stubborn as an ox, but now, it listened to him obediently. Could it be that Jiang Xiaofan’s character had suddenly been so morally refined that it finally complied to his wish, or perhaps it was just a coincidence?

“Hm…. Let’s try this again.”

Using his willpower, his body radiated again with golden rays. Powerful qi surged forth and almost destroyed the house, scaring Ye Yuanxue for the second time. The girl angrily gritted her teeth. She wanted to give him a good kick.

In the next second, she could no longer sense Jiang Xiaofan’s qi. The golden rays had been veiled. No longer was there any life source. He didn’t even emit any bodily warmth. He was just like a dead man.

Elated, Jiang Xiaofan repeated this process several times. In the last attempt, he discovered that this brass could not only conceal his qi but also conceal his cultivation. Within his spiritual realm, he could easily control them with his willpower and adjust them to his liking.

For example, he was now at the sixth heaven of Micro Realm. Under the help of the mystical brass piece, all he had to do was use his willpower and his spiritual energy would decrease to any level below that of the sixth heaven. No one could see through his facade.

“This guy! What’s he doing now?!”

Ye Yuanxue’s jaw dropped to the floor. She noticed that Jiang Xiaofan’ cultivation was fluctuating rapidly. In one moment, he was at sixth heaven, in the next, he had fallen to first, and after that, he rose to fifth heaven. At the very end, she once again could not sense his qi and life energy. Terrified, Ye Yuanxue thought that Jiang Xiaofan had entered qi deviation.

Contrarily, Jiang Xiaofan was overwhelmed with excitement. He wanted to scream with joy. From internal cleansing to the moment when he was close to death by explosion, he had successfully communicated with the mystical brass piece and obtained this amazing capability.

Absconsion. Assassinations. Pretend to be weak and then leap for the prey. These were the first ideas that appeared in his mind. He then thought of how perfectly his future path would be laid out. Heaven, you’re too good to me!

The Immortal Spirit Qi was still flowing throughout this body. Jiang Xiaofan calmed down and activated the Diamond Sutra, using the Immortal Spirit Qi to temper his body and soul. His internal organs glowed, and his blood roared like the Yellow River.

Throughout the entire night, Jiang Xiaofan strengthened his body with the qi and purged his body of impurities. His body appeared translucent like jade. His innards glimmered, and his bones illuminated. He reformed his body as it discharged impurities.

In the meantime, Ye Yuanxue safeguarded him. Everything had that happened before her eyes astounded her. She suddenly realized that Jiang Xiaofan had a lot of secrets and wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be.

He didn’t know how long time had passed by. All of his Immortal Spirit Qi was used up. Jiang Xiaofan opened his eyes with brilliant light sparkling across them. Like a god, he stood up. His body was fine and flawless like glazed glass.

“Seventh heaven of Micro Realm!”

He could feel the powerful energy within him after getting his body was cleansed by the qi and tempered by the Diamond Sutra. At this moment, he truly felt reformed as if he had gone through the flames of rebirth. His body surged with a large amount of powerful spiritual energy. Currently, he believed that he could break the spirits of a whole army with one punch.

He turned to smile at Ye Yuanxue, revealing his pearly white teeth, and then concealed his cultivation, suppressing it to fifth heaven.

Taken aback, her beautiful, dewy eyes sparkled, and her tiny mouth was agape. Shock and confusion were written all over her face. Earlier, Jiang Xiaofan was at the seventh heaven but then immediately dropped to fifth heaven.

“Xiao Xue’er, I know that I’m very handsome, but you don’t need to keep staring at me like that. Sooner or later, I’ll become your man. You only need to say one word, and my body will be yours at any given time!” He couldn’t help but tease her after seeing her cute expression.

“Ptooey! You’re too mean! How can you be so thick-skinned?!”

Ye Yuanxue wanted to ask Jiang Xiaofan what secret he was hiding from her; however, upon hearing him speak, her cheeks immediately blushed a noticeable red. She furiously waved her fist at him.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Xue’er, didn’t you have something that you wanted to tell me?”

In his opinion, calling her Xiao Xue’er felt more intimate than calling her…. um…. Xiao Xue.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Embarrassed, Ye Yuanxue had playfully lolled out her tongue and darted her eyes around the house before continuing, “The decrepit old man said that the era we are living in is a very special one.”

“A special era? How is it special?”

Jiang Xiaofan suspiciously asked, but inwardly groaned. How could it not be special? This was too fucking special! A few months ago, I was still on Planet Earth in my dilapidated tiny apartment watching a movie, and I somehow arrived on Planet Ziwei to become a cultivator!

“The decrepit old man said that this era would reach the peak of flourishment. Under the clusters of stars, someone from this era will witness the Dao, become invincible throughout the galaxy, and transform into the Heaven from legends foretold!” explained Ye Yuanxue in a serious manner.

“Witness the Dao?! Transform into Heaven?!”

He stared at her in astonishment with bulging eyes. He didn’t fully comprehend what “witness the Dao” meant, but he at least knew what “Heaven” referred to.

There were many explanations for Heaven on Planet Earth. In Chinese philosophy and religion, Heaven was in the core of beliefs. Literally defined, Heaven referred to the sky as opposed to the ground. Then, there was a more mythical saying in which Heaven was where immortals were deified. In other words, it was the highest realm of divinity within the universe.

He usually took the meaning of Heaven for granted, but in his heart, Heaven was an abstract concept. Such a thing did not exist. However, now that he was a cultivator and after hearing Ye Yuanxue talk about it, his heart wavered. “Does Heaven truly exist? Can a person actually become Heaven?”

“Indeed. That is what the decrepit old man had said.” Ye Yuanxue nodded.

“How strong is it?”

“Don’t know. Never saw it. But definitely stronger than you.”

Jiang Xiaofan wanted to faint again. Why did this girl keep comparing him to those extremely frightening existences? Did she even consider his situation at all? He had just embarked on this path.

As the night slowly passed by, the air fogged up, and rain soon trickled down. Time ticked, and before they knew it, the morning sun had begun to rise. With the first ray of light beaming from the horizon, an inexplicable feeling of calmness settled in their hearts.

“I’ve decided!”

Right after they had watched the sunrise, Jiang Xiaofan suddenly stood up with light gleaming in his eyes.

The girl was very angry and glared daggers at him. In just one night, Jiang Xiaofan scared her multiple times. Even Ye Yuanxue thought that she was going psychotic.

“I’ve made my decision! I shall witness the Dao! I’ll transform into Heaven!”

This was the first time that Jiang Xiaofan had made a serious declaration. His eyes twinkled with exuberance.

On Planet Earth, he was just an orphan. He had nobody and no attachments. Since he had arrived on a mysterious, ancient planet and embarked on a surreal journey to Daoism, he needed to set a goal for himself.

For a while, Ye Yuanxue was stunned. Her eyelashes quivered. She thought that the boy before her had suddenly become peerless. It was as if she could see him gloriously standing on top of all the heroes whom he had defeated.

Alarmed that she had spaced out, Ye Yuanxue violently shook her head and grumbled, “How bold of you to make such a statement. You’re so thick-skinned that I can’t even see the bottom of it!”

“I will definitely witness the Dao! I’ll become undefeatable! I want to protect you!”

Jiang Xiaofan gazed at Ye Yuanxue and flashed her a sunny smile.

Ye Yuanxue was the only person to have truly cared for him thus far. This mischievous but pretty girl touched his heart. He really wanted to shelter her for as long as he lived.

“Who…. Who needs you to protect me?! I’m very powerful!”

Being stared at like that and having listened to his words, an odd feeling welled up inside Ye Yuanxue’s heart. Her lovely cheeks flushed red.

“Haha, yes! Xiao Xue’er is very powerful!” laughed Jiang Xiaofan.

“Don’t you dare laugh!” Ye Yuanxue shot him a ferocious look and waved her fist again.

Jiang Xiaofan felted that this spirited, beautiful girl was just too entrancing. Being with her always made him so joyous. He was never annoyed with her.

Time flew by swiftly as three days passed. The sonorous ring of the sect’s bell sounded. Under the leadership of their guide, Jiang Xiaofan and Ye Yuanxue headed to the Hall of Spiritual Cultivation.

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