Still processing what had just happened, Yang Chen arrived at Yu Lei Entertainment in his car. Despite having been away for many days, this director’s return didn’t spark any special reactions from employees of the company. After all, it was a well-known fact that Yang Chen was more often than not, away.
Right now, most of them were glued to their monitor screens in high spirits, but Yang Chen had no idea what they were all so excited about.
As he entered the office, he saw An Xin at her desk, reading something from her monitor. She looked to be in deep concentration. He had entrusted her with his duties for the past few days while he was away, and she seemed extremely cautious about it.
An Xin wore a light purple blouse on the inside and a two-piece white business skirt suit on the outside. She had put on some light makeup allowing her face to glow gently. It made her look less bewitching but more beautiful in an office setting.
It had been days since Yang Chen last saw the vixen. Meeting her again lifted Yang Chen’s mood considerably.
“Hubby?! You’re back!”
An Xin’s eyes sparkled with excitement the moment she noticed Yang Chen walk in through the door. She put down the pen that she was holding, sprung up from her seat and flung herself at him.
They gave each other a warm, tight hug. Then Yang Chen patted her hips and said smilingly, “Babe An Xin, I was already thinking to myself while I was in Beijing that you are the only one who would throw yourself into my embrace so readily. I am glad to know that you did not disappoint.”
An Xin lifted up her head and said with a tone of jealousy, “That means you were with other women while you were in Beijing.”
Yang Chen’s smile froze at her words, realizing the slip up he had made. But fortunately, An Xin wasn’t one to hold a grudge. He winked and said, “Even when I’m with other women, I‘m still missing you.”
An Xin was obviously pleased. Blushing, she rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, saying, “You are glib-tongued… But you being so mushy all of a sudden is making me embarrassed.”
Yang Chen pinched her nose adoringly and said, “Nothing big happened in the company for the past few days, right?”
An Xin was immediately reminded of something as she clapped her hands together and said, “You came back just in time. There’s a press conference happening later. As the director, your attendance is very important. Let’s get ready quickly and inform Zhao Teng and Wang Jie of your return.”
“Press conference? Why?” Yang Chen was shocked. He had intended to spend some time on his own to mull over how to reconcile with Lin Ruoxi, yet there were official business duties that needed his immediate attention.
An Xin launched her soft fist at Yang Chen’s chest. She pouted as she said, “Hubby, you’re too absent-minded. The first star that our company is introducing—Miss Lin Hui—had just released her new album globally early this morning! Now the internet is flooded with messages. Her new songs rose all the way to the top spots almost immediately!”
Yang Chen couldn’t quite keep up with what she was saying. An Xin dragged him to the computer and he finally understood the situation after reading the messages on the screen.
It was Hui Lin’s first personal album. As the name ‘Lin Hui’ was unsuitable for publicity purposes, they had titled the album ‘Miss Lin’ instead. This also ensured its viability for the worldwide audience.
The album consisted of ten original songs. All produced by top-notch musicians from all over the world. All sorts of different musical styles were performed perfectly by Hui Lin’s unique voice.
Because of Star of Yu Lei, Christen, and Yoo Yeonhee, Hui Lin’s reputation had already been soaring. Now that she was backed up by a team of internationally well-known celebrities, it garnered the attention of the rest of the world. The local public, especially, had been looking forward to it. Thus, the moment her album was released, online searches and click rates spiked immediately.
A few web portals had already bought the digital copyrights beforehand. And that was in its own a recognition of Hui Lin’s voice. Now that all of them were releasing the album simultaneously, it ensured that the netizens could easily listen to Hui Lin’s songs the moment it was available online.
Only a few hours had passed, but many of the netizens who originally saw Hui Lin as just a singer who was trying to gain fame through publicity stunts had now completely lost their grounds. Favorable comments far surpassed the unfavorable ones like an enormous wave. At least five songs in her album made it into the top ten in various critics lists.
Yang Chen finally realized why the employees were staring at their screens in such high spirits just now. They all knew that their efforts in the past few months had resulted in a tremendous success. Given such a reaction, Hui Lin’s concerts would not only have to be held in Beijing, she probably had to do a concert tour!
This excellent news made Yang Chen’s mood rise a little. According to what An Xin had said, they invited Zhao Teng and Wang Jie over to have a discussion on the press conference and contacted their team in Beijing to decide on the venues of her concerts in several cities.
These matters had to be attended to as soon as possible. Fortunately, Yu Lei International had access to an abundance of resources that they could utilize, thus making it much easier to coordinate matters.
They worked without rest from morning until late afternoon when it was almost time to knock off.
Sitting on a leather chair, Yang Chen read all the news about Hui Lin on his computer and smiled contentedly. But the moment he thought about the issues between him, Lin Ruoxi, and Mo Qianni that still awaited him, he started to frown again.
Yang Chen wanted to make a call to ask if Lin Ruoxi had gone home. But then he worried that Lin Ruoxi would avoid him and not go home on purpose just like before. In the end, he abandoned the thought and chose not to call. There was no point tackling a problem with no foreseeable end.
An Xin finished tidying up her documents and saw Yang Chen sitting there, lost in thoughts. She sighed and walked over, stopping behind him. Her gentle, soft hands landed on his shoulders as she started giving him a massage.
“Babe An Xin, it has been a busy day for you today. You should go home and rest.” Yang Chen only just realized that An Xin was still in the office.
“Are you unhappy because something has happened at home again?” An Xin asked.
Yang Chen reached his hand behind him and patted on the back of An Xin’s hand, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. I always do.”
An Xin lowered her body and rubbed her face gently against Yang Chen’s, saying, “Dear, do you know that when you were not in Zhonghai, I feel like the entire city is desolate. Thus, no matter what happens, as long as I have you beside me, it would be the greatest satisfaction to me.”
Her gentleness embarrassed Yang Chen a little. He had made his woman sad with his unhappiness. He felt bad about it.
Yang Chen turned around and said with a smile, “Alright, go on home. I assure you that I’ll pick up my spirits to solve my problems right away. If you stay here any longer, I’m going to have to drag you into my ‘office games’…”
“I see that you have returned to your usual self. I feel less worried now.” An Xin smiled playfully and kissed Yang Chen on his lips before she waved him goodbye and left the office.
The office became very quiet. Yang Chen moved his cursor on the screen to click on the play button for Hui Lin’s latest songs.
Although he had already heard her singing before in the recording room, it was still a pleasure listening to the completed product once again.
In her ethereal voice and the bright melody of the songs, a tinge of light slowly appeared in Yang Chen’s eyes.
Yang Chen got home no more than half an hour later. Luckily, Lin Ruoxi had knocked off on time and already reached home. She was helping Guo Xuehua out in the kitchen, seemingly in a good mood.
Yang Chen pondered for a while and strode into the kitchen, saying smilingly, “Babe Ruoxi, you’re so diligent. Seems like you’ll become the master chef in the house in the near future.”
Both Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua turned to look at Yang Chen, but Lin Ruoxi just continued peeling the potato skin and completely ignored Yang Chen. She did not even flinch from his words.
That made Yang Chen feel almost choked as he retreated into the living room awkwardly. He thought that Lin Ruoxi was in a better mood. Yet it seemed like she was still ignoring his presence.
Yang Chen remembered about Hui Lin and turned around again, “By the way, Hui Lin has released her new album and it’s such a hit. Ruoxi you should give her a call to praise her. She’s holding a concert soon, and I bet she could use some encouragement.”
Lin Ruoxi’s hands paused for a moment after his sentence. A complicated expression flashed across her cold face briefly.
Yang Chen felt like he was getting a taste of the bitter fruits of his own actions. Lin Ruoxi had obviously heard what he had said, but she chose to ignore him. Yet, Hui Lin’s matters could elicit her reactions.
There was still so much that Yang Chen had prepared to say to her, but now it seemed like he had lost the chance to say them.
At that moment, Lin Ruoxi’s phone started vibrating in her pocket. She put down the half peeled potato and the peeler, wiped her hands and pulled her phone out to check. Her cold and stern face turned a little happier, and she quickly picked up the phone.