The garden in the backyard was decorated by a bunch of purple flowers amongst the dark green trees.

At the centre of it all sat the two sisters with a pot of refreshing chrysanthemum tea on top of the table. The smell of the tea complimented the serene atmosphere that was present.

They sat in silence, seeming to enjoy the quiet moment spent together.

Cai Yan was holding a tea cup made of bamboo, venturing deep in her own thoughts. She then turned to face her sister. “Sister, you aren’t actually going to marry Yong Ye, are you?”

Keeping her head low, Cai Ning laughed softly. “I’ve already promised him. How could I not marry him?”

“But you don’t even like him! If you did, you would’ve married him years ago,” said Cai Yan’s voice, her brows furrowed.

“For many people, marriage is not about liking someone. Even if I chose a different path, it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest.”

Cai Yan bit her thin lips and suddenly said, “When I was in Zhonghai, I asked Yang Chen a question regarding you.”

Stunned, Cai Ning raised her head and looked at her sister, her eyes full of questions.

“I asked him, whether he likes you.”

Cai Ning was really startled now. She stared at Cai Yan as if she was a stranger. She was at a complete loss for words.

A smile appeared on Cai Yan’s face. “So it would seem that Sister really likes Yang Chen.”

“I don’t!” Cai Ning denied hurriedly and shook her head. “Yanyan, don’t talk nonsense. I was only assigned to monitor Yang Chen back then. And we’re just friends now. If he had not saved my life, I wouldn’t have done so to help him.”

“It is unlike you to get nervous at a question,” said Cai Yan while smiling. “Albeit distant, we are still biological sisters. I know you more than you think I do. You cannot fool me…”

Frowning, Cai Ning said, “Yanyan, don’t overthink. I understand that you have worked really hard to reach where you are today. I just wish you happiness in the future. Mine is just a piece of cake, an easy job.

“Even though I never really liked Yong Ye much, at least I know that he will not mistreat me. Not only that, Mother has spent a lot of time working on this wedding. I don’t wish to cause any more trouble. Can we stop talking about this, please?”

Cai Ning looked desperately at Cai Yan, her eyes seemed to be pleading.

“If I don’t say it now, I’d regret it later,” said Cai Yan sincerely. She stood up and walked to face her sister, holding her hands and saying, “Sister, you’ve always acted this way. You’ve always put others before yourself! Ever since you were young, everything you did was for the clan, if not for Father and Mother!

“If not for the sake of Father’s promotion, you wouldn’t have accepted the Tang Sect’s offer to train in combat. You wouldn’t have left home for so many years just to receive training at Shushan!

“When will you start living for yourself? Or do you wish to spend the rest of your adult life serving other people?”

Cai Ning looked at her younger sister with a dazed expression, as if the person before her was indeed, a stranger.

Living my whole life for others? she thought to herself.

After a long pause, she smiled bitterly and said, “Silly girl, you are not ‘others’. You’re my family.”

“What about Yang Chen? You like him! Are you giving up on that just because he has other women by his side? Just because I happen to like him as well? You know perfectly well he has more than one lover! Honestly, I don’t mind you being with Yang Chen. After all, I’ve already betrayed Ruoxi. What’s one more person?” Cai Yan said with her lips pursed and her eyes full of sadness.

Cai Ning’s face flushed slightly. “What are you talking about? There’s really nothing between me and Yang Chen. I helped him because if he made a big deal out of things, there’d be a domino effect. Also, he’s your lover, I really hope you can be happy with him.”

“Sister, you’re lying!”

Cai Yan was jumpy and anxious. Her fiery temper was on the verge of bursting. But right then, a maid walked towards them, interrupting her words.

“Misses, Master Yong Ye is here for the wedding photoshoot.”

Cai Ning’s eyes held hopelessness. She stood up abruptly and said, “Let’s go. I don’t want to keep our guests waiting.”

Dissatisfied, Cai Yan asked, “What photoshoot? The date of the wedding has not even been set. Why is he so anxious?!”

“Yanyan, if you don’t want to see Yong Ye, you can stay here. We will talk about it later on, alright?” Cai Ning said weakly, turning around to leave their spot.

Cai Yan gritted her teeth and stomped her feet. She said, “Don’t you want to know what Yang Chen’s response was?!”

Cai Ning halted, but time was not on her side, so she resumed walking out of the garden.

Seeing her sister’s back view getting distant, Cai Yan closed her eyes painfully.

… …

In the living room was a man dressed in an Armani suit. His hair combed back stylishly. He was pacing back and forth impatiently, just thinking about his fiancée was actually the woman he’d adored for many years.

He had been turned down on multiple occasions, all his attempts discarded coldly. But miraculously, due to an incident caused by Yang Chen, Cai Ning coincidentally took responsibility for it. After so many twists and turns, she was finally back by Yong Ye’s side.

He had been hoping to torture the woman who had mercilessly rejected his loyal and faithful pursuits. But he knew, Cai Yuncheng was not a fool. Before their wedding, he’d pretend to be the good, kind man that was expected of him. That way, he could gain and earn their trust!

After a long wait, someone could be seen walking out from the back of the house. Yong Ye had thought it was Cai Ning, but his first glance told him it was an unprepared maid.

Yang Chen followed Cai Yuncheng out of the study room, into the living room. Even though Cai Yuncheng did not elaborate, Yang Chen wanted to take a look without any specific reason.

Thinking that Cai Ning was going for a wedding photoshoot with this guy, Yang Chen found it hard to deny that he didn’t feel too comfortable.

“Uncle Cai, this is…” said Yong Ye, looking at Yang Chen cautiously. As the leader of Second Dragon Group, he knew Yang Chen was back in Beijing, but he did not expect to meet him here.

Cai Yuncheng giggled and said, “Are you surprised? My younger daughter is back home today, so Yang Chen tagged along.”

Yong Ye nodded, smiling at Yang Chen rather awkwardly. However, his smile was uglier than a sobbing face.

Expressionless, Yang Chen thought to himself, Should I just kill him? This will save him from continuously disturbing Cai Ning. It might also save me from countless nights of headaches.

However, Yong Ye had a wide social network. Just the Li clan alone would be hard to deal with, especially when Li Dun was friends with Yang Chen. Killing his cousin was unacceptable.

At this instance, Jiang Shan came through the doors with Cai Ning at her heels. She smiled brightly and said, “Yong Ye, why are you so anxious to have the photoshoot? The date of the wedding is not even set.”

Her face radiated a totally different vibe. It was joy.

Yong Ye answered in a more relaxed manner, “I want to give Ning’er a perfect wedding. So I figured that it would not hurt to start a little earlier.”

Whilst talking, he took a peek at the quiet Cai Ning. She wore a dress, femininity radiating off  from her body. He immediately felt hot, as if the temperature around them had increased. “Ning’er, I’ve gotten professional photographers and stylists. They have all come from abroad. They’ve even worked with the royalties of Sweden before. They can definitely make you the most beautiful bride in the world. Are you good to leave right now?”

Cai Ning did not respond. She was looking at the spot where Yang Chen was standing, her thoughts far-away and dreamy.

Jiang Shan was anxious now. She quickly said, “Ning’er, you could at least say yes or no. See how considerate he is being to you. He’s a rare find in today’s world, so stop making him wait.”

Still, Cai Ning did not answer. She glided forward, near to where Yang Chen stood. “What do you think, should I go for the photoshoot?”