The courtyard of the Cai residence was much quieter than Yang Chen had imagined it to be. It wasn’t as large as the other mansions and there weren’t as many maids bustling around. A house of this scale was considered a humble attempt for Cai Yuncheng, who was an honored man in the military.

Being able to meet her sister, Cai Yan was beyond delighted. She linked arms with Cai Ning while entering the living room and showing off her solved cases and interrogations.

Cai Ning had listened to her stories while keeping a smile on her face. She sometimes responded with a neutral tone, but this seemed to be fine by Cai Yan.

In the living room sat the casually-clothed Cai Yuncheng, who was reading the military newspaper on a chair made of redwood. He stood up relaxingly when he saw Cai Ning leading the couple in. He said smilingly, “Ah, perfect timing. We were just about to have our family dinner.”

“Father! I’ve missed you so much!”

Cai Yan had let go of her sister in favor of diving into her father’s embrace and hugging him tightly. She looked exactly like a child.

Cai Yuncheng held a helpless expression, standing stiffly like a log while his daughter took him in her arms. He smiled bitterly at Yang Chen. Both men were no strangers, so this meeting was solely due to formalities.

Yang Chen gaped at the scene before him, clearly dumbstruck. He had never seen this side of Cai Yan, which startled him very much until he’d forgotten to greet his father-in-law.

Cai Ning seemed to understand the puzzled look on his face. She said in a low voice, “You don’t seem to believe that she can act like a child sometimes.”

This brought him out of his daze. He looked at the girl standing beside him, who wore a plain, green blouse.

Actually, ever since he saw Cai Ning just now, he started thinking about how she married Yong Ye to take responsibilities for his actions. His heart felt burdened at this thought.

“You… are you okay?” he asked in a rather embarrassed voice after hesitating for a bit.

Surprised, she suddenly gave a chuckle. “What do you mean?”

“I heard from Cai Yan. I know you never liked Yong Ye. You don’t have to do this. I’m sure they can’t do anything to me had I taken the full responsibility,” he said in a serious tone.

She shook her head. “Why make a big fuss out of it? It’s only marriage. Everyone will be safe. I will still be able to resume my duties in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, so it doesn’t really matter if I like him or not.”

He was speechless, unable to believe that she had taken it so lightly. But regardless of her explanation, he still felt guilty.

“Do you mind telling me why you helped me?” he asked.

She laughed it off, then said, “I’ve said it before, I’m returning you a favor for saving my life. After all, you’re one of us now that my sister is so madly in love with you. Plus, I only have one sister whom I haven’t had the chance to take care of. Helping her lover is the least I could do. Coincidentally enough, it provided me with a chance to repay my lifesaver.”

He felt a twinge of pity. He wasn’t convinced that a beautiful, brilliant girl would marry someone she didn’t like. He was thinking of ways to persuade her to give up on her scheme when he heard footsteps nearing them.

“Already busy chatting right after you came back. Come quickly. It’s time to eat.”

The voice belonged to a middle-aged woman who was dressed humbly. She had a pair of kind eyes and shared similar features with the sisters. Without a doubt, she was their mother, Jiang Shan.

She led two housekeepers to the dining table, both of whom were balancing plates of cooked dishes in their hands. She then walked towards her daughter for a hug. “You must be tired, let’s sit down and eat.”

Shaking her head, Cai Yan said, “Why would I be tired? As you already know, Mother, your daughter was trained in rigorous combat. Right, this is the man I mentioned before, Yang Chen.” She quickly introduced Yang Chen to her mother, after considerable amounts of distraction.

Yang Chen was one step away from greeting Jiang Shan when she cut in, throwing him a harsh, unwelcoming look. “You’re Yang Chen?”

He froze, laughing awkwardly. “Yes… that’s me. Aunt, is there some misunderstanding between us?”

“Misunderstanding?” she scoffed. “If weren’t for you, why would my elder daughter be detained in Beijing? Why would she have to go around begging for favors? She has now sacrificed herself by marrying a useless man. Are you happy now?”

“Come on, let’s not talk about it anymore. What’s done is done, it’s all in the past now.”  Cai Yuncheng tried to comfort her, but he looked as though he didn’t dare to try too hard.

However, Jiang Shan protested, “What past? This guy appeared out of nowhere and took my younger daughter away. And they can’t even get together officially. This alone has angered me enough. But he had to destroy my elder daughter’s life as well. How can I be calm?!”

Yang Chen touched his nose, thinking that he had indeed cross the line. If not for him, Cai Yan would never have left home for the special training. If not for him, Jiang Shan would not have missed her daughter so dearly until she felt forced to allow their relationship.

Originally, she would still have her elder daughter’s marriage to rely on. However, that was also ruined by the same man. How could a mother be fine with her two daughters’ broken relationships?

Yang Chen couldn’t think of anything to say. Thanks to his skin being overly thick, he was able to resist Jiang Shan’s killer gaze. He walked to the dining table and said happily, “These dishes look so delicious. Everybody come eat. They will become cold soon.”

Cai Yan was afraid he would feel bad, but his pretense had made it look hilarious. She followed suit and took her seat.

Jiang Shan’s fire went out as quick as it came, like a flame which had its oxygen supply cut off. Without anything to trigger her anger, she sat down sulkily.

Cai Yuncheng looked to be on the verge of a headache about to burst through his skull. He ordered someone to bring a highly concentrated, rare Chinese liquor and proceeded to pour some into Yang Chen’s glass. “Yang Chen, you and I both knew this would happen. Please don’t mind the unpleasantries from my wife. No sane parent would like to see the future of both their children go down the drain.”

Yang Chen said admittedly, “I’ve already taken advantage of them, of course I should be criticized.”

“Hmph, at least you’re aware,” said Jiang Shan grudgingly. “I don’t understand why Yanyan is so into you. She was willing to give up her life for you. If not for her stubborn self, I would never have said yes to this relationship. It’s not one to be proud of as well. I would never let you get away with it if you cause her any harm!”

Her scary, terrifying gaze brought cramps to his facial muscles. He had never nodded so quickly in his life.

The meal was finally over, all thanks to Cai Yuncheng’s attempts at making it as peaceful as possible. No matter how much Jiang Shan hated Yang Chen, she chose to remain civil. She merely threw him a few hateful glances.

Cai Yuncheng motioned for Yang Chen to follow him into a room. On the other hand, after ages without seeing each other, the two sisters had gone to the garden to catch up.

Once inside, Yang Chen casually sat down on a chair and crossed his legs, stretching his limbs. He yawned and said, “Why so mysterious? It might make Aunt think it’s not enough for me to steal her daughter away from her, I now have to steal her husband as well.”

All Cai Yuncheng did was giggle. He decided to ignore Yang Chen. He sat down and said, “You’ve been quite busy since your arrival. You have managed to mess up quite a bit in just a few days.”

Yang Chen replied, wondering curiously, “Did I do something that troubled you?”

“It’s time to end things with Green Dragon Society,” Cai Yuncheng said, straightforward.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, believing he was still monitored by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. “Does General Cai possibly think I am still going to help the Green Dragon Society expand?”

Cai Yuncheng did not deny it. He said, “Although I know you wouldn’t, Liu Qingshan’s daughter is one of your many lovers. You are great at many things but handling women is not one of them. Liu Qingshan is an ambitious man as you’ve noticed. I wish you wouldn’t meddle in what goes on here. You need to understand that everyone is keeping an eye on you. If you step out of line, there’s nobody that can help you. Also, I wouldn’t want my daughter’s boyfriend to get into trouble.”

Yang Chen shrugged. “I thank you for being honest with me. However, there are some things that cannot be avoided. Even if I do not offend anyone, trouble still finds a way to get me. I can only try my best not to drag my loved ones into these.”

Sighing, Cai Yuncheng said, “Your response was not as reassuring as I would have liked it to be.”

“Let’s not talk about this. How about discussing current matters?” laughed Yang Chen. “Um… Uncle Cai, why does your wife hate me so much? She can’t be mad for so long, can she? We’ll be meeting a lot more in the future.”

“It’s her temper. She’s always dreamt of having her daughters marry into prosperous families. You let Yanyan become a mistress and not give her a say in that decision. How do you expect her to be fine with it? Honestly, she’s treating Yong Ye’s case better. After all, he is considered to be from the Li clan and his parents are politicians. So your aunt is still able to accept this marriage, however forceful it is.”

“What are you trying to say?” Yang Chen frowned.

Cai Yuncheng laughed. “It’s simple, really. The reason she’s not fond of you is because she thinks of you as a nobody. Due to my status, I am obligated not to tell her your true identity. If you wish to be on better terms with her, the easiest solution would be to receive your rightful place in your clan. That way, she will like you even more than Yong Ye.

“Even as a mistress, being the lover of Yang clan’s future master would definitely be acceptable.”

But Yang Chen waved his hand, looking determined. “Nevermind, your suggestion is out of my considerations. I simply cannot accept it. That’s it.”

Cai Yuncheng shook his head helplessly. He had wished that Yang Chen would return to his clan. This way, he would be one of the core members holding up China and Hongmeng would trust him more. His safety and those around him would be ensured, too. However, his stubbornness had exceeded Cai Yuncheng’s expectations.

Realizing he was at a dead end with that conversation, Cai Yuncheng decided to talk about something else. “The toxic incident with the Tang clan, any progress yet?”

Yang Chen raised his head. “You’re the person-in-charge of acquiring information but you’re asking me?”

There was a hint of bitterness in Cai Yuncheng’s face. “Even though I have the network to do so, information on the four dominant clans is not as easily obtained as you’d think. If I knew who poisoned Tang Zhechen and Tang Wan, I would’ve already dealt with it myself. If the news of internal instability of the Tang clan got out, many institutions in China would be hit pretty badly.”

“Then you must have already had a suspect in mind,” said Yang Chen knowingly.

Cai Yuncheng knocked the surface of the table. “No evidence. Only assumptions.”

“It’s the same for me. I’m waiting for new evidences, or should I say, a real background,” said Yang Chen.

A maid’s voice drifted in from outside the room when Cai Yuncheng looked like he wanted to question Yang Chen.

“General Cai, Master Yong Ye is here. He mentioned that he is to bring Miss Cai to have their wedding photoshoot. He’s in the living room now…”

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