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The intensive care unit was soon vacated, with the exceptions of Sky Dragon and Ye Zi who were guarding the ward.

Tang Xin finally broke the silence. She couldn’t help but ask, “Grandpa, can Mr Yang really heal Elder Sister? This poison seems to be more fatal than the one you previously had. Don’t you think we should ask Miss Jane for help instead?”

Tang Zhechen closed his eyes and sighed. In a deep voice he said, “Miss Jane is a highly skilled individual. However, she is currently in England. Waiting for her arrival should we call her, might take too long considering the type of poison we are dealing with. Besides, Ms Jane’s methods, while effective, require too much time to execute. Therefore, asking her for help will be our last resort.”

“But can Mr Yang really heal Elder Sister?” Tang Xin asked with sparkling eyes, while biting her lower lip.

Tang Tang answered, “Don’t worry. Uncle definitely can do it. I know for a fact that he is highly skilled himself!”

Tang Zhechen turned his head and looked at his agitated great-granddaughter. He asked, “Tang Tang, answer me honestly. Are you mad at me?”

Tang Tang paused for a second. She shook her head and said, “Great Grandpa… Why do you ask?”

Tang Zhechen held Tang Tang’s hand gently and replied, “Ever since you were born, you have lived with your mother in the south. Never once have I ever taken care of the both of you. Now that your mom brought you here to Beijing, an incident like this happened to her. I blame only myself for my incompetence.”

Tang Tang lowered her head and said, “I know that this isn’t your fault and you didn’t have a choice. Also, Mom has always told me that if it wasn’t for you, both of us would be dead. I am more than grateful that you have accepted me as your great-granddaughter.”

Tang Zhechen laughed and said, “Why would I not accept you? You’re Tang Wan’s daughter. Her real daughter. So you’re clearly my great-granddaughter. It is impossible for me to not accept you.”

“Bu—but I am just a…” Tang Tang wasn’t able to finish her sentence while clenching her teeth.

“So what if you’re a test tube baby? It’s not like you are the only one to exist. I am not that close-minded.” Tang Zhechen patted her hand and said, “Tang Tang, don’t worry. Your mother will recover. It is only a matter of time before I pass on the Tang clan to her and she will pass it you in the future. Besides, no one can stop this from happening.”

Tang Tang wasn’t the only one who was startled by what her great-grandfather said. Tang Xin who stood behind the wheelchair was surprised too.

The Tang Clan was in a state of disarray because Tang Zhechen never announced his successors. I can’t believe what he just said. It is not like him to simply joke about matters like this one. Also, I don’t think claiming that Tang Tang will be his future successor is necessary to comfort her, Tang Xin thought.

Agitated, Tang Xin lowered her head and clenched her teeth.

“But Great Grandpa,  I… I only know how to fool around. I don’t know how to run a business,” Tang Tang answered while shaking her head. Even though she wasn’t experienced in this field, she was still aware of the volatile state of her clan. After hearing what Tang Zhechen said, she was terrified at her future prospects.

“Don’t worry, your mom and I will still be here to guide you when the time comes. All you have to do is believe in me. Our Tang Tang will be the most ideal successor,” Tang Zhechen answered with a smile, as if he had anticipated the future.

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were positioned nearby so they heard the conversation between the three people. However, they were outsiders to this matter and therefore were uninterested with the politics within major clans. Therefore, they didn’t pay much attention to what was said.

After Tang Zhechen comforted Tang Tang, he said to Tang Xin who was behind him, “Xin’er, thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. Now that your sister has been poisoned, you are given the responsibility of taking care for the both of us. You’re indeed the most obedient among all my grandchildren.”

Tang Xin shook her head and answered while smiling awkwardly, “Grandpa, it is my responsibility to take care of everyone. My capabilities do not extend as far as my Elder Sister’s. This is the least I can do for the clan.”

“Everyone has their own strengths. I doubt your sister is able to take care of me like how you did.” Tang Zhechen smiled and said, “You’re not that young anymore. I promise that I will find you someone who will care for you like you have for me. I will not let you down after all you’ve done for me.”

“Grandpa, I’m willing to serve you,” Tang Xin said earnestly.

Tang Zhechen sighed and replied, “I know that you’re very kind and obedient. But I am disappointed whenever I see those despicable people who are part of our clan.”

After hearing what Tang Zhechen said, both Tang Xin and Tang Tang were at a lost for words. After Tang Wan was intoxicated, the Tang clan’s members only visited her once or twice; no one cared about her like family should. They were only thinking about how to divide up the shares of the Maple Group once Tang Wan was officially dead.

Tang Zhechen was disappointed but he knew clearly that this would happen even during his hospital admission. He had more visits from previous students and friends than he did family members.

At that exact moment, footsteps could be heard approaching them from the outside. They were heavy in their step and gave off a domineering aura.

A young muscular man and two fit men dressed in military uniforms arrived outside the unit accompanying the footsteps.

The young man in a blue short-sleeve shirt had maize-coloured skin and a stubble. His most distinguishing feature though was the eye patch that he wore, reminiscent to the pirates in western films. Moreover, he had an extraordinary aura which made him more intimidating.

Due to his unique aura, even people with muscular physiques wouldn’t fight him despite of his wiry body.

Tang Zhechen was puzzled after seeing the three unfamiliar men. He eliminated the possibility of them being his students as most of his students were not quite as young as this man.

Tang Xin and Tang Tang had never seen them before so they just continued to look on with curiosity.

On the contrary, Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were surprised—they clearly knew these three men.

The young man walked up to Tang Zhechen and smiled nonchalantly. He said loudly with his rough voice that sounded similar to a rural folk, “You must be Tang Zhechen from the Tang clan. My name is Li Dun. Upon my return Beijing, I heard that Tang Wan was diagnosed with an illness. Unfortunately, my grandfather and father were not able to make it so I took it upon myself to make the trip on their behalf.”

Li Dun?! Tang Zhechen thought.

Tang Zhechen immediately realised who the young man was. The young man and Yan Buwen were jointly recognised as the ‘Beijing King Duo’. Li Dun’s difference with Yan Buwen was his outstanding capabilities and unsurpassed achievements on the battlefield.

Li Dun was more well-known due to his missions at borders and abroad. Even though his name was well-known in Beijing, very few had actually seen his face. Yan Buwen, who rarely showed up for public occasions, was more recognized than Li Dun.

Tang Zhechen quickly realised that it was indeed Li Dun who had come. On the other hand, Tang Tang who had heard about Li Dun before was amused, whereas Tang Xin held an unknown dislike towards Li Dun.

Li Dun focused on Tang Xin after noticing her disdain.

“Pretty lady, did I offend you?” Li Dun asked with a grin.

Tang Xin was taken aback by Li Dun’s question. She forced a smile to hide her indignant and answered awkwardly, “That’s odd Mr Li. This is our first time meeting. You don’t know me well enough to offend me.”

Li Dun asked without hesitation, “But why are you filled with anger and disdain when you look at me then?”

Tang Xin was shocked. He realized that I was annoyed? How is that possible? she thought.

Tang Zhechen squinted his eyes and said, “I’ve heard from Li Moshen that his dear grandson has a tremendous power of observation that can sense the slightest emotional change. I am quite surprised to see that for once. The rumors match reality.”

“Thank you sir. It is just a habit of mine to observe and grasp an idea of people in front of me. It is an occupational disease for me to plan ahead.”

This helped Tang Xin out of her embarrassing situation. She patted her chest and lowered head to avoid making eye contact with Li Dun.

Nonetheless, Li Dun peeked at Tang Xin while thinking, Why is she mad at me even though we have never met?

Tang Zhechen smirked and said, “According to what I know about you, you dislike unnecessary meet ups with people. So I highly doubt the purpose of your visit to be for my granddaughter.”

Li Dun laughed and answered truthfully, “Since Mr Tang has chosen to be straightforward, I shall not hide too. I was carrying out missions in Vietnam for the past half a year. Within two days of my return to Beijing, I heard that there’s an interesting opponent who is from Zhonghai. I was interested in challenging him two years ago but did not get the chance to do so. Now that he is here in Beijing, I will not miss this opportunity.”

“I knew it. You’re here for Yang Chen,” Tang Zhechen laughed while shaking his head.

Meanwhile Tang Xin and Tang Tang were confused. They thought, Is Yang Chen really that well-known?

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