Chapter 1/6 (7)

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Yan Sanniang understood Yang Chen’s amazement at her act, as she smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, spare an ear for this old lady. I believe Young Master Chen has met a Hongmeng messenger, if Young Master Chen were to brashly proceed with harassing Lu Min, it would undoubtedly be an act of self-provocation.”

Yang Chen knew then, that the elderly before him was not any random lady, and he sternly said, "I am aware that the brat possesses some influence and support from his grandfather from his maternal side, but does the Li clan’s outreach extend to the point of ordering Hongmeng’s men around?”

Sanniang sighed as she shook her head in dismay, "Nobody can order Hongmeng around, not even the Li clan. But know this, Young Master Chen, that only when the four major clans stay within their respective courses, will the stability of China and its army be stable. Under such a delicate balance, nobody will accept the murder of a direct associate of any of the four major clans. And definitely not because of some ordinary businessman’s daughter.

“Even the people of the Lu clan were in the wrong, that still wouldn’t justify a death sentence. If the Li clan accepted when someone associated with them was killed without fuss, then what of their dignity? Could they have been said to have destroyed it in that single act?

“If the great clan master, Li Moshen, couldn’t even defend his own grandson, then Li clan would not be worthy of the title of the four major clans! It’s common knowledge to many in Beijing that Young Master Chen is the eldest grandson of the Yang clan. Henceforth, regardless of your perspective, in the standpoint of the Li’s, it would seem that our clan has decided to provoke theirs.”

Yang Chen fell silent. He knew that Yan Sanniang was spot on. Yang Gongming had privately met him twice, and even more often with Yang Pojun. Yang Jieyu and her husband Yuan Hewei, have already formed a relationship with him. As for Guo Xuehua, she was the closest blood relative to Yang Chen.

Even though he didn’t recognize any blood relatives other than Guo Xuehua, the outside world did not care of what he thought. He was still part of the clan by blood.

Sanniang continued, ”The Li clan has always been acting behind the scenes. One reason for that is because the Li clan is a small faction in terms of size, outnumbering us only slightly. And secondly, the Li clan leader was given the role of overseeing information insights and the special forces, it goes without saying that keeping it low would be their go-to. However, only a fool would ever mistake it for a weakness.   

“If the head of the Li clan, Vice Premier Li Moshen, wanted to release consequential amounts of negative reports with the goal to stir major upheavals among our ranks, he could have done it with the snap of his fingers.

“Until then, it doesn’t matter if our great family would not concede to the Li clan. The Hongmeng messengers on duty would not stay down and watch blindly. Young Master Chen, you might not have known this, but you are a god among men, and your knowledge of how to utilize the laws of space is more than enough to be a thorn in the flesh for Hongmeng of China. Had you not simultaneously mastered the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, you would not be here standing and having this talk with me.”

Yang Chen, in cold sweat, frowned and said, "How would you know what techniques I have been cultivating all this time? Not to mention, why would Hongmeng be agitated by the gods?”

Yan Sanniang with shock on her face, later explained, “This Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture is Shushan’s greatest technique. It’s incredibly recognizable. As to why he was aggravated, I’m quite sure that the other gods would have failed to have mentioned anything to you.”

“My succession of the role of a god was an abrupt one. Apart from some simple details and conditions, I have no knowledge of the gods’ past. Could it be that there is still present feud between Hongmeng of China and the gods of the west?” Yang Chen guessed.

Glimpses of pride could be seen in the eyes of Yan Sanniang, as she shook her head and smiled. "Conflict? That’s not entirely the case, Young Master Chen, pardon me for saying this, but in the eyes of the people of Hongmeng, gods as we have claimed, are nothing but a group of mutants, a form of sub-par beings. We’re not even in the same league. How could there be any conflict?”

“What?” Yang Chen pupils grew tenfold, that had to be the first time he had ever heard that the lofty gods weren’t even comparable to mere mortals!

Yan Sanniang waved her hand, and said, “This involves ancient history lost to the knowledge of mankind. Even I only gained knowledge of it from the likes of the grandmaster back then. Of course, Young Master Chen, you may have currently achieved godhood, but the truth still remains that you are still mortal at your core, distinct from that of the mutants. What this old lady was referring to are the remaining eleven of them, the core gods that have lived through the masses of time whom the ignorant mortals worship as gods. What a joke.”

Seeing Sanniang’s serious expression, Yang Chen was struck with realization that all this time there was an enormous secret hanging over his position as god and no one bothered to tell him about it!

Right at this instant, Yang Chen’s handphone buzzed, interrupting his train of thought. He glanced at his phone and saw that it was Molin.  

Turning his gaze to Sanniang and seeing no sign of objection, Yang Chen picked up the call.

Subconsciously, he knew without a doubt, that he had lost the chance to kill Lu Min. Even with his seal undone, he would hardly be an opponent for Yan Sanniang.

Just like Ling Xuzi back then, with a certain skill level, he could feel the superiority of his opponents without actually getting into a fight.

“Molin, what’s going on?” Yang Chen casually asked.

Molin at the other end, spoke in a perplexed tone. "Your Majesty Pluto, oddly, Lu Min… is dead.”   

Yang Chen was shocked, Dead? Wasn’t I just exchanging arguments with Yan Sanniang this entire time? Who could have possibly killed him in this short time?!

Standing not too far off was Yan Sanniang, who undoubtedly had also overheard the conversation. Her clear eyes showed glimpses of tension.

“We still don’t have anything concrete. We weren’t monitoring the situation closely after all. What we do know is that right after Lu Min entered the airport, under unforeseen circumstances someone injected a fatal toxin into his bloodstream, causing him to spout black blood which caused his death shortly after. The toxic reaction, if our guesses are right, was the one used by Mossad of Israel and is called the Lebanese Spider. The culprit was clearly trying to frame you, Sir,” explained Molin angrily.

Every secret organisation on the planet knew that only two factions could command Mossad of Israel at will. The first would be the nation of Israel, and the other, was Yang Chen, for his right-hand man, Makedon, was also Mossad’s superior officer.

Yang Chen ended the call. At this very moment, he had no idea who the mastermind was, but it was clear that things were not as they seem.

Yan Sanniang thought silently and said, "I guess it was fate. All this while I thought we could evade the catastrophe, but one small misstep was the only opportunity those people needed. Young Master Chen, you probably believe by now, that things are not as calm as they seem on the surface.”

Yang Chen clenched his fists. I had actually been framed as a scapegoat all this while… How would that not have pissed him off? A few wise ones would surely have looked through the schemes and predicted that there was someone stirring up controversy in the shadows, trying to instigate a conflict between the Yang and Li clans. Now that Lu Min had been killed by a method only traceable back to him, it would be even more difficult to convince people otherwise.

Yang Chen however was no inexperienced fellow. It didn’t take long for his strong willpower to calm him down. Since the events have turned out the way they have, there was no point fretting over an untraceable person.

So, Yang Chen put the issue of Lu Min aside. With belief and humility, he said, ”Grandma Yan, may I ask you for a favor? If I’m allowed to, please let me hear about the ancient history that you mentioned.”

Yan Sanniang’s eyes beamed. Yang Chen’s temperament impressed her a little. Hearing such a polite greeting from him, she smiled amiably. "Young Master Chen, if you would like to hear it, I would be more than glad to tell it. The only thing that had kept me from doing so was the inferiority complex of the mutants.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but sneer in his mind, Just look at you, getting all happy because I called you grandmother? People of your age would fit the term just well, not to mention an old hag like you still serving Yang Gongming. I wouldn’t be surprised if you both had motives not made clear to me.

If it isn’t because I want to suck your knowledge dry, my time would be wasted here talking to you. Lu Min is dead, there’s nothing left for me to do here?

I’m truly unlucky this time around. Who would have known that this old hag has such ridiculous skills? She scared the heck out of me. Regardless, I still have to break through Xiantian Full Cycle like Ling Xuzi. Who knows how long it will take?

To be able to traverse space in the absence of divine power, what exceptional mastery would be required for that feat?!

If Yan Sanniang knew Yang Chen’s thoughts, she would’ve frozen and turned into stone on the spot. But so far, she was still pretty satisfied with the boy. Even the most stubborn of children could be reasoned with, she thought.

After some thought, Yan Sanniang began her tale. “Young Master Chen, it should be clear to you where the western gods originate, right?”

Yang Chen gave some thought and said, "It has to be Mt. Olympus of Greece. Even though the facts have been diluted somewhat over time, most people still get the names and places right.”

Yan Sanniang nodded. "So, does Young Master Chen know where the real Mt. Olympus is?”