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The next morning, Yang Chen saw feather-like snow falling from the sky through the window upon waking up.

Snow covered the grass, trees and houses in an imposing manner, causing the world to turn white and dazzling.

It was the second snowfall in Zhonghai, as if it was an important character that came specially for Christmas.

When he drove to work, various shops by the road were lit by neon lamps, Christmas dolls and ornaments hung on their storefronts. Christmas trees also popped up out of seemingly nowhere.

It was Yang Chen’s first time going through Christmas in China. He didn’t expect the atmosphere to be this rich there. It wasn’t any inferior to America or Europe. He couldn’t help but think that the world really had gotten smaller.

There lay a white handbag on the front passenger seat. It was the one that Cai Yan asked him to take yesterday night, which Yang Chen didn’t forget to do. He saw the bag on a coffee table this morning and took it out with him.

When he came to the parking area in the office building of Yu Lei Entertainment, Lin Ruoxi who fetched Hui Lin recently arrived there as well.

Hui Lin waved at Lin Ruoxi after coming out at the car. Lin Ruoxi lowered the car window and waved back. She looked rather tired but held a gentle smile on her face.

When she saw Yang Chen coming down from his car on the opposite, Lin Ruoxi completely ignored him and raised the window back naturally before driving away, as if she didn’t see him at all.

Yang Chen stared at the car as it left with a faint smile on his face. It seems like what I said yesterday night caused her to completely ignore me. Her way of disregarding Yang Chen made them appear much more distant than speaking in a cold tone.

Hui Lin noticed what happened. She seemed rather worried, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Upon entering the company, many employees wearing thick clothing and scarves could be seen. Evidently, even the people who wanted to look cool started to look for warmth once the snow started to fall.

Yang Chen suddenly remembered he went hiking with Mo Qianni the last time it snowed, and had a memorable night after that.

When he thought of Mo Qianni’s leg issue, Yang Chen got rather worried. The weather turned cold after all, it was hard to say if her problem would arise again or not.

Yang Chen entered his office and closed the door before taking his phone out and calling Mo Qianni’s number.

Within a few seconds, Mo Qianni picked up the call. Her voice was energetic as ever, as if she was elated.

“How rare of you to be so free that you can give a small mistress like me a call,” Mo Qianni joked as she insulted herself.

In a straightforward manner, Yang Chen asked, “How’s your leg? Is it aching?”

Mo Qianni remained quiet for a short while. Smiling, she replied, “After you asked, I would say it’s not aching even if it was.”

“Are you aching or not?” Yang Chen sounded rather anxious. He still remembered clearly about the agony Mo Qianni was in that night.

“Nah it isn’t painful, don’t worry,” Mo Qianni said in a flirtatious manner. “After you healed me last time, I’ve been feeling much better. It started snowing today, so I wore an extra layer of pants and didn’t feel any pain of that sort.”

Yang Chen finally relieved himself. “Tell me if you feel pain, don’t endure. I’ll take a look at your injury for you or even bring you to the hospital.”

Mo Qianni hummed in acknowledgement. “I suddenly miss you already. It’s all your fault for calling me this early in the morning. How am I supposed to work today? How annoying, I have a lot of things left to do.”

“You’re really busy?”

“Of course, I’m now the head of the finance department. It’s year end now, don’t you know that we have different accounts to deal with in the company? Also, many employees are enjoying their holidays at their hometowns since the new year is almost here. Those of us who live in Zhonghai of course have to do a little bit more,” Mo Qianni complained.

Yang Chen thought for a while. “Let’s have dinner tonight, I haven’t been together with you in a while. You need to be rewarded for being this hardworking.”

Mo Qianni chuckled. “So you know how to take care of me, not bad. But I don’t feel like eating outside, can we at at my place? I’ll make dinner for you.”

“Can I sleep at your place as well?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“Do you want to die!” Mo Qianni exclaimed. “No matter what, the decision is made. I’ll go and work now, come to my house tonight. Bye!”

She ended the call as soon as she finished speaking.

Gloominess could be seen on Yang Chen’s face. She ended the call in an overly straightforward manner, she didn’t even give me a goodbye kiss or something.

As he thought of switching the computer on to start gaming, his phone vibrated.

Yang Chen looked at the number which he was unfamiliar with. His biggest guess was it came from Cai Yan.

After picking up the call, he expectedly heard Cai Yan’s voice.

“Did you take my bag out?” Cai Yan asked quickly, sounding rather elated.

“My memory isn’t bad. Have you reached the police station yet? I’ll send it to you.”

“Does your job possibly allow you to come out whenever you want?” Cai Yan asked.

Yang Chen chuckled. “I’m merely a character that plays a small role. All the work is done by other people.”

“That makes sense…” Unexpectedly, Cai Yan didn’t throw a few sentences at him as opposed to before. She said, “I’m not free now. Let’s meet at the crossroad at the north of Zhongnan Street at eleven o’clock later.”

Yang Chen stunned. He didn’t understand why Cai Yan picked a location that was near to neither his company nor the police station, but he didn’t mind it too much and agreed to her offer.

After playing games for two hours, the snow which had fallen for the entire morning stopped, so Yang Chen drove to the place he agreed to meet Cai Yan at.

Zhongnan Street was a walking street, both sides were mostly filled with restaurants and food stalls. Yang Chen walked near the crossroad and searched around as he tried to look for a woman dressed in a police uniform.

At this moment, Cai Yan’s voice resounded from behind.

“What are you looking for? I’m here!”

Yang Chen turned around and saw Cai Yan who stood behind him. Her creamy-white, tight-fitting sweater made the measurement in front of her chest particularly proud. She had a purple scarf wrapped around her neck, causing her to exert charm. The pair of light-colored jeans made the lines of Cai Yan’s long and slim legs appear extraordinarily attractive.

One had to admit that Cai Yan had attracted lots of gazes, male and female included, being dressed the way she was, in addition to her originally delicate and bright face which was covered in a thin layer of foundation.

As she noticed that Yang Chen stared at her absentmindedly, Cai Yan got rather pleased and joyful in her heart. However, she didn’t express how she felt, she acted like she knew nothing as she asked, “Do I look very weird?”

Yang Chen smiled as he felt embarrassed. “I almost failed to recognize you when you’re not in your police uniform, but your current appearance suits you as well.”

“I’m not catching criminals now, do you think I’m addicted to wearing a police uniform?” Cai Yan rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shrugged in an indifferent manner before passing the white handbag in his hand to Cai Yan. “This is yours, I brought it for you.”

“Thank you.” Cai Yan received the bag and didn’t check the stuff inside. Smiling, she asked, “Do you want to eat something?”

Yang Chen hesitated for a while. “Lunch?”

“What else do you think it is?” Cai Yan asked, displeased.

Yang Chen really didn’t expect Cai Yan to ask him for lunch together. Since he promised to be her friend, there was no reason for him to reject her request, not to mention that he got hungry already.

“I’m fine with anything,” Yang Chen answered.

In a straightforward manner, Cai Yan said, “We’ll eat at the restaurant which serves Shandong cuisine then. I ate there before, the taste is quite decent.”

[TL note: Shandong cuisine is a Chinese cuisine.]

Yang Chen wasn’t against the idea. After walking into the nearest restaurant that served Shandong cuisine, they looked for a small table for two by the window and sat down.

After ordering a bunch of dishes from the waiter in a highly practised manner, Cai Yan asked Yang Chen, “What do you like to eat? Order a few more plates.”

“No need, I think what you ordered is enough. I won’t have appetite for dinner if I eat too much for lunch.” Yang Chen thought of Mo Qianni who was making him dinner tonight. If he ate too much now, it wouldn’t be good if he couldn’t perform at night.

Cai Yan didn’t overthink and talked about other stuff, but Yang Chen didn’t have much to tell Cai Yan. He felt that there were lots of things he couldn’t tell her.

Cai Yan noticed that Yang Chen had a form of caution against her. Displeased, she asked, “Do you have to do this? I’m merely curious about what you used to do in the past, and why you’re so good in fighting. Are you possibly someone who committed various crimes, so you can’t say it out?”

Yang Chen sighed lightly. “Cai Yan, you said before that you hoped we were friends. If you really think that way, then I hope you don’t ask these questions. I naturally have my reasons for keeping my mouth shut. Your elder sister should know a bit, but you should know that it can’t be taken lightly since she doesn’t want to tell you.”

Cai Yan snorted lightly and didn’t continue asking him questions.

Before long, the waiter served a few plates of dishes over. Cai Yan seemed like she remembered something. Hurriedly she asked, “What do you want to drink, liquor or grape wine? They also have good gaoliang wine here.”

[TL note: Gaoliang wine is a strong distilled liquor of Chinese origin made from fermented sorghum.]

Yang Chen said directly, “No need, I’ll just have two bowls of rice to fill my stomach.”

Cai Yan was extremely displeased, but there wasn’t anything she could say. She looked at Yang Chen who starting devouring the two huge bowls of rice like a hungry wolf, so she started eating as well.

She prepared different kinds of topics and questions for today, but she couldn’t open her mouth at all. The meal lasted for less than five minutes for Yang Chen. He patted his belly and burped.

“I finished eating, take your time.” Yang Chen didn’t leave immediately as it would be rude that way. So he took a toothpick and slowly waited for Cai Yan on his seat.

Cai Yan suddenly stopped eating. After swallowing the rice and vegetable in her mouth, she raised her bright and beautiful face and stared into Yang Chen’s eyes coldly in an unexpectedly gloomy way.