Grasping Evil - Chapter 368.2

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Immediately, Gu Zhen revealed a sarcastic smile.

“ Weren’t you acting stubborn and brave just now. So Why? Why did you change your mind and become willing to marry me now? Very well. This is how you should behave. If you obey my commands, I assure you that I will bring you to seventh heaven every day and night!"

Inadvertently, Gu Zhen's eyes flashed with indecency.

Originally, the reason why he came to the Lost World Palace was to execute his master’s order of placing a new ‘chess piece’ here.

In the past, the three tower masters were all pawns of Revered Flame. However, they had been killed by Ning Fan and the Green Phoenix Flame was lost. Now, the reason why Gu Zhen came here to cause trouble was just to place a new pawn.

As he was approaching Ya Lan step by step, Gu Zhen sneered and raised his hand. He pointed his finger at her head. Without a doubt, he wanted to plant a mental seal on her.

Ya Lan's delicate body shivered and her eyes turned somber with despair. If she marries Gu Zhen as a concubine, she would still have some freedom.

However, if she were to be planted with a mental seal, she wouldn’t be just a concubine but a cauldron and a toy.

“No…” She gently moved backwards, trying to avoid him. The hopelessness within her eyes intensified.

Reluctant. She was reluctant to be planted with a mental seal by others and be treated like a slave.

“If you dodge again, I’ll kill you!”

Gu Zhen’s finger missed her head and his eyes turned grim. The subsequent finger he pointed towards Ya Lan showed no mercy to her at all. It burnt with flames, carrying the power of a Nascent Soul Realm attack. This time, not only did he want to plant a mental seal on Ya Lan, but also seriously injure her as punishment for her defiance.

The power of the flames on his finger was strong. Even the three Nascent Soul Ream cultivators of the Ya Family didn’t dare to block the attack.

Just as that finger was about to touch Ya Lan, a figure of a man in white robes appeared ethereally in front of her with a chuckle, blocking her from the incoming attack. Then, he gave her a calm smile. 

“Miss Ya Lan, it has been a long time. How have you been since we last met?”


The white-robed young man was just standing there without revealing any of his aura force. Even so, Gu Zhen felt fearful for no reason, as if the young man in front of him was an invincible ferocious beast.

When his finger neared the young man, the flames on his fingertip were suddenly extinguished. All of them were absorbed by the Stele of Sun and Moon.


Immense shock filled Gu Zhen.  He was unable to see through the young man’s cultivation base. Thus, he only thought that the latter was just a brat who liked to act as a hero to save a beauty.

When he briefly studied the young man’s bone age, he realized that the latter had yet to exceed four hundred years old. A mere cultivator of such a young age shouldn’t be able to attain the Nascent Soul Realm no matter how hard he tries. Thus, there is nothing much to worry about.

Gu Zhen muttered inwardly.

It can’t be wrong! This white-robed young man is definitely just a Gold Core Realm cultivator!

Furthermore, this man must have some kind of mysterious treasure that specially restrains flames. That’s why he could absorb all the flames on my finger attack.

“Hmph! Insignificant skills! A mere Gold Core Realm cultivator dares to act as a hero in front of me? You’re just courting death!”

Gu Zhen’s gaze turned gloomy and he pushed out both of his palms. Six clouds of multi-colored Fourth Grade spiritual flames blasted out from him, turning into six columns of fiery light that shot towards the young man. It was obviously an attack that was aimed to end his life.

Ordinary Nascent Soul Realm flame cultivators who were able to simultaneously control three clouds of Fourth Grade spiritual flames would be considered as talented. However, this Gu Zhen was actually able to control up to six different types of flames at the same time. It was enough to show how profound his technique in manipulating flames was.

Usually, if Gu Zhen displays his technique in controlling six groups of flames in public, there would certainly be a lot of people who would marvel at his profound control of flames.

However, when he displayed the same technique this time, no one was surprised, as if all the cultivators there had become dumb and petrified. None of them seemed to be able to think straight.

Gu Zhen’s gaze swept across the surroundings and found that the eyes of all the onlookers were focused on the white-robed young man while most of their expressions were filled with fear.

As for Ya Lan, she covered her red lips with her bare hands. Her beautiful and tearful eyes glinted with excitement and disbelief.

Gu Zhen was astonished by everyone’s reaction.

Could it be that this white-robed young man has a powerful background that allows him to hold the attention of so many cultivators here? Otherwise, how could he strike fear into so many experts with just a Gold Core Realm cultivation base?

“Hmph! So what if you have a powerful background? Could your background be as influential and strong as mine! I am a member of the Rain Palace, the disciple of Revered Flame. I’m a person who can rampage throughout the Rain World all I want. Why do I even have to be afraid of you?!”

Gu Zhen's killing intent rose. He was not planning to show any mercy and he vowed to burn the young man to death using the six clouds of spiritual flames to teach him a lesson.

However, at the next moment, the eyes of the white-robed young man who originally looked harmless and innocent suddenly turned piercing cold and flicked his sleeve!

With just a casual flick of his sleeve, nine traces of black flames equally composed of fire and ice created a wall of flames that engulfed Gu Zhen along with his six types of Fourth Grade spiritual flames.

When the black flames surrounded his body, Gu Zhen who was originally disdainful and arrogant immediately broke out in cold sweat! 

He had just entered the Endless Sea not long ago. As such, he had no clue of what Zhou Ming looked like.

The only thing he knew was that each of the nine traces of icy flames was a Fifth Grade spiritual element. They were excellent stuff that even his master would have difficulty in obtaining them!

Each of them would be enough to incinerate Gu Zhen tens of thousands of times with ease!

Each of them contained the mighty power of a Divine Transformation Realm attack!

Gu Zhen was scared half to death. Now, how could he not realize that the young man in front of him was not just any insignificant Gold Core Realm cultivator at all, but a peerless expert who could kill him as easily as crushing an ant!

Almost at the same time, the feeling of certain death rose within Gu Zhen. He could not believe it, but he couldn’t resist it either.

He couldn’t believe that a young man whose age was less than 400 years old would be this powerful.

He couldn’t believe that he, a divine messenger of the Rain Palace and also a disciple of a revered being of the Rain Palace, would be killed by someone at the Endless Sea!


Before he could even finish speaking ‘spare my life’, he had already been engulfed by a thick sea of flames.

With the sound of a puff, the flames disappeared. Outside the external hall, there was only a pile of black ashes which fell on the ground and then scattered.

Is Gu Zhen dead?!

All the cultivators present were frightened by the young man’s appearance. They were already unable to refrain from being overwhelmed by their fear after recognizing the young man’s identity.

They were even more afraid after witnessing the young man killing someone without showing the slightest mercy.

Ya Lan was literally at a loss. At the next second, she immediately got up as if she had thought of something and quickly pushed Ning Fan’s shoulder.

“Run! Zhou Ming, run now! Gu Zhen’s master is in Penglai!”

Ya Lan’s tone sounded agitated. She seemed to have forgotten how ferocious the notoriety of the young man in front of her was. How would he be afraid of a mere Revered Flame.

Ning Fan suddenly smiled.

This Ya Lan is quite interesting. During the first time we met, she offered to become my partner. Now, she urges me to escape.

“I’m sorry. I forgot to hold back my power just now and accidentally burnt your fiancé into ashes… I didn’t do that on purpose.” Ning Fan still had the mood to crack a joke.

“What do you mean by ‘accidentally’…” Ya Lan was speechless.

Who would kill a Mid Nascent Soul Realm old monster by accident? Even though I have asked him to escape, he still jokes around instead of running for his life… 

She was anxious. At the next moment, however, a thunderous roar of anger reverberated through Penglai, making her countenance become instantly pale with fright.

“Where did this lunatic come from?! How dare you kill my disciple?! You are blatantly courting death!”

Inside the silver Lost World Tower located in the middle of Xuan Wu City, a red-nosed old man who was dressed in bright red robes was in the midst of negotiating with the tower lord of the Lost World Palace, Lu Qing. They seemed to have had some disagreements during their conversation.

During their negotiation, a piece of life jade inside the storage pouch of the red-robed old man suddenly cracked.

That life jade belonged to his disciple, Gu Zhen. As the life jade broke, it meant that Gu Zhen was dead!

The old man found it difficult to believe that someone was actually bold enough to kill his disciple even though he was right inside Penglai Immortal Island. He wanted to see who that audacious person was!

Revered Flame was an expert with a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base. Besides, he was also a pill master with High Grade Fifth Revolution pill refinement techniques. He was a grandmaster of the Dao of Alchemy known throughout the Rain World!

Whoever dared to kill his disciple must pay the price with blood!

“Eh? Why is Xuan Wu City so crowded today…?” A red-robed young lady who was in secluded meditation suddenly sensed something unusual outside. She walked out of her stone chamber and spread her spirit sense.

As soon as her spirit sense scanned through the surroundings, her cheeks immediately turned icy.

“Z-Zhou Ming! Why is he here?! How come he has offended Revered Flame?! This is bad!”

The red-robed young lady suddenly felt worried.

The anxious look on her face would only appear when she was worried about Stone Warrior in the past.

“Detestable… He is really a big idiot, a fool! Why did he offend Revered Flame for no reason...?”

The young lady’s heart was slightly flurried and she immediately got down from the highest level of the southern tower.

Her pace was quick. It was as if she wanted to go and give Ning Fan a hand.

Today, Penglai was going to be lively!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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