Grasping Evil - Chapter 367.1

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To cultivators with the Yin Yang Devil Veins, the Profound Yin World could be said to have a heaven-defying effect on their cultivation. However, Ning Fan had a feeling that there might be some disadvantages behind the unbelievable cultivation speed within this world.

He did not have the time to meticulously assess the disadvantages of the Profound Yin World. He proceeded to carry Luo You in his arms with a cautious expression. When he made a swirl, he flew out from the Profound Yin World and returned to his bedroom. He walked to his bed and carefully placed her on it.

His eyes fell upon her delicate body and he felt pity for her again.

The expression of this sleeping woman who was dressed in snow white robes looked weak and pained. The body of her primordial spirit was illusory. After being trapped within the Profound Yin World for innumerable years, her cultivation base had nearly been completely absorbed by that realm.

Moreover, she had been depleting the power of her primordial spirit every time she helped Ning Fan out of danger.

In the past, Ning Fan would always think that this Luo You was rather lazy and lethargic.

However, from what he had seen, she was not even a bit like what he had thought of her. She was just preventing her primordial spirit from perishing by slumbering.

In the past, she could still wake up once in a while. Today, however, her primordial spirit was on the verge of dissipating. Unless her primordial spirit recovers, she must not wake up.

“You saved me a few times already. I will surely keep you safe. Don’t worry. I’m here…”

Ning Fan’s hand caressed her cheek. The words he said made her, who was in her dream realm, feel relieved once more.

He patted his storage pouch and produced a three thousand and one hundred years old Heart Nourishing Grass. By exerting force with his palm, he carefully ground the grass into medicinal liquid which was green like jade. After pondering for a while, he put it into his mouth.

He uttered ‘pardon me’ and then lowered his head, sending the medicinal liquid into Luo You’s mouth.

As their lips and tongues met, Luo You’s body quivered slightly. Despite being unconscious, she made a gentle moan as if reluctant to kiss Ning Fan.

He did not behave too excessively towards that beauty. His lips parted with hers right after he injected the medicinal liquid. He sat beside the bed and held her palms, gently administering his magic power.

When he was holding her icy but soft and white fingers, he suddenly lost control of himself as he felt a bewitching aura from her which was not any weaker than Yuan Yao’s.

However, when compared to Yuan Yao’s bewitching aura, hers was slightly different.

If they were to be distinguished by color, Yuan Yao’s aura was purple while Luo You’s was as white as snow.


Ning Fan gathered his focus and eliminated the lust that rose within him. After his Yin Yang Transformation broke through to the Third Level, his concentration and willpower had greatly improved. Unless Luo You takes the initiative and deliberately tempted him using her deep and profound cultivation base, Ning Fan would never succumb to his lust.

As his magic power entered her body, the medicinal power of the grass spread throughout her entire being. The body of her primordial spirit slightly solidified but was still extremely feeble. She could  not awaken for the time being.

A primordial spirit was something that only Divine Transformation Realm cultivators would have. The spiritual herbs that could nourish a primordial spirit were mostly medicinal ingredients used in concocting Fifth Revolution pills although there was no specified requirement on the age of the herbs. Those herbs were extremely expensive and were hard to find.

In Ning Fan’s storage pouch, there was only a tuft of Heart Nourishing Grass that he found by accident. Moreover, it was just three thousand and one hundred years old.

With the severity of the condition of Luo You’s primordial spirit, it was certainly not something that could be cured with tens of hundreds of one thousand years old spiritual herbs.

Fortunately, Ning Fan had already ordered Yu Long to purchase and gather spiritual herbs that could be used to heal a primordial spirit before leaving Gusu Island.

Perhaps Yu Long would give him a satisfying answer when he returns to the island again after a few years.

Currently, his Yin Yang Transformation was at the first layer of the Third Level. He had successfully accomplished the first three levels of the cultivation method. However, Ning Fan had no idea with regards to how to break through to the Fourth Level and above. After all, the cultivation method he inherited from Ancient Chaos was only up to the level of Void Fragmentation Realm while the Third Level of Yin Yang Transformation was already at that level.

Ning Fan gazed thoughtfully at Luo You.

Perhaps after she awakens, she could provide me with some directions on how to achieve the higher levels of this cultivation method. After all, this woman is also a practitioner of Yin Yang Transformation, isn’t she?

After achieving a breakthrough of his cultivation method, it was meaningless to continue lingering around the Black Orchid Island.

Three days later, when Luo You’s primordial spirit was slightly stabilized, Ning Fan brought her back to the Profound Yin World to continue her slumber. Then, he began to study the massive dichiliocosm.

This realm was indeed strange.

The Cauldron Ring, which was at the level of Treasure of Immortal’s Abode, could store women while the Yuan Yao Jade, a Treasure of the Cosmos that consisted of a chiliocosm, contained skies and land.

As for the Profound Yin World, a dichiliocosm which was much larger than the space contained within the two aforementioned treasures, did not allow any outsiders to enter.

To be more precise, no one else could enter this world other than the cultivators who cultivated the Yin Yang Devil Veins.

Luo You had practiced Yin Yang Transformation before in order to search for the Yin Yang Locket. As such, she was able to enter the world.

As for Ning Fan, the level of his Yin Yang Transformation was at a level where he rarely had competitors in the nine worlds. Naturally, he was able to enter it as well.

In other words, others were completely unable to enter this world other than Ning Fan and Luo You.

Besides, even if they manage to enter, they would not experience the one hundred times boost in their cultivation speed like Ning Fan.

The thatched cottage where Luo You stayed in was still floating in the middle of the deserted heaven and earth.

Ning Fan sat upright below the fiery stone slab in a meditation posture while circulating his magic power and connecting himself with the world.

He spent three days meditating within the world and gained magic power equivalent to three hundred days worth of cultivation in the outside world!

However, three days later, the Profound Yin World suddenly trembled violently. That intense tremor had actually cast Ning Fan, the master of the Profound Yin World, out of it.

Ning Fan was inwardly surprised. Prior to this, he had sensed that this Profound Yin World had some sort of disadvantage but he was not aware of what it was.

Now, it had clearly surfaced. The disadvantage of the Profound Yin World was that one would be unable to stay within it continuously!

After spending three days within the world, Ning Fan was chased out of it. Even though he had made a few attempts trying to get into the world again, his efforts were in vain.

Until one day later, only then was he able to enter the world again. However, after spending three days in a row within, he was cast out of it.

As he thought about it carefully, he instantly understood the crux of this incident.

Somehow, this Profound Yin World could only allow Ning Fan to stay within for three days. Three days later, he would then be forbidden from entering the world and he had to wait for one day before he could reenter this place.

While there was such a restriction on Ning Fan, Luo You was able to stay within the world without limits.

With the three-day limitation, the Profound Yin World was only suitable for him to do short-term training and he could not carry out a long-term secluded meditation within.

Otherwise, he might be harmed or even go mentally retarded very easily if he was chased out of the Profound Yin World when he is at a critical moment of his cultivation.

Ning Fan now had an initial understanding of the cultivation speed and time restriction within the Profound Yin World.

When another day passed, Ning Fan entered the Profound Yin World again. This time, he did not practice or meditate but examined the fiery stone slab carefully.

Luo You had once told him that the fire stone slab was named as the Stele of Sun and Moon and was one of the benefits of attaining the Third Level of the cultivation method.

When you achieve the first level of the cultivation method, it would allow the practitioner to pluck and seize the strength of others.

When you reach the second level of the cultivation method, it would give the practitioner the Mind Reading Technique.

When you reach the third level of the cultivation method, the practitioner would become the master of the Profound Yin World.

Because of the breakthrough in his cultivation method, Ning Fan acquired a dichiliocosm that could provide him a heaven-defying cultivation speed. The other advantage of his breakthrough was him gaining control of the Stele of Sun and Moon.

“Luo You once said that the Stele of Sun and Moon has two miraculous functions. One of them was to duplicate the cultivation methods and magic techniques of the female cultivators with whom I have had sexual interactions. The second function was to act as a magical treasure to kill enemies…”

Ning Fan touched the red hot fire stone slab and closed his eyes, trying to search for some information from within.

After a brief moment, information about different types of cultivation methods and magic techniques went into his Sea of Consciousness through his fingers.

All of those cultivation methods and magic techniques were the possessions of the women whom he had plucked before.

The cultivation method of the Sinister Sparrow Sect from Lan Mei.

The cultivation method of bewitching techniques from Bai Lu.

The demon cultivation methods from the Flower Demoness and Wind Demoness.

The secret arts of Nalan Zi, Xi Ran and the other female demons’ races.

The secret arts of the moon consciousness from Yue Lingkong.

Even some low-grade cultivation methods from Yuan Yao were also imprinted on the fiery stone slab!

This vast clutter of information about cultivation methods flowed into Ning Fan’s Sea of Consciousness. A few hours later, there were at least one thousand sets of cultivation methods and secret arts in his mind!

“What a marvelous stele!”

Ning Fan, who was rarely surprised by anything, was overcome with the feeling of great astonishment.


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