Grasping Evil - Chapter 366.3

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The journey of Ning Fan's comprehension was similar to a recollection of his life.

At the initial stage, when a cultivator looked at a mountain, what he saw was just a mountain. However, in a later stage, when he looked at the mountain again, what he saw was not a mountain but something else. In the final stage, when he looked at the same mountain once more, what he saw was just the mountain as it was before.1 

The Great Dao was unbelievably simple!

“Heaven as my wife, the earth as my concubine, and the common people as my cauldrons. The Great Dao of Yin and Yang - Synthesis Dual Cultivation!”

“Those were Emperor Ancient Chaos’ words. He was trying to consider everything beneath the heavens as ‘Yin’ which can be plucked and assimilated while tempering himself as ‘Yang’. By plucking Yin to replenish Yang, one would be able to attain the Great Dao!” 

“What I should pluck should not be limited to just women, but also everything beneath the heavens!”

“This is a cultivation method that takes the power of others and competes with heaven and earth for the Dao! And treating the heavens and earth as women and plucking them clean!”

For the first time, Ning Fan managed to see through the essence of Yin the Yang Transformation.

This isn’t really a cultivation method to pluck all the women in this world. Instead, it’s even trying to pluck the Heavenly Dao and Samara!

It’s inconceivable how arrogant and wild Emperor Ancient Chaos was as he even dared to oppose the heavens for the Dao!

Ning Fan walked out of his room and looked at the sky with a smile.

His left eye glowed in a strange pure white color while his right eye was covered with an eerie pure black color. The white of his eyes and his pupils couldn’t be differentiated! 

Under his gaze, the huge door of the Yin Yang Fish above the sky opened with a loud bang!

In a flash of light, Ning Fan disappeared from where he stood with one single step and appeared in a realm full of haze.

No, the air inside here isn’t haze. Instead, it is filled with thick Yin qi of heaven and earth. 

After entering this place, Ning Fan suddenly discovered that the

magic power within his Yin Yang Devil Veins boiled all of a sudden and the speed of its circulation was more than one hundred times faster than that in the past.

“The Yin qi here can actually boost my cultivation speed a hundred times faster!”

Ning Fan was dumbfounded!

The seventh floor of the Lost World Palace could slow down time by at least one hundred times while this place could increase the circulation speed of a Yin Yang Transformation’s practitioner’s magic power by a hundred fold! 

What did this mean?

If someone who possesses the Yin Yang Devil Veins cultivates here, their cultivation speed would be a hundred times faster than in the outside world!

On the other hand, if someone who possesses the Yin Yang Devil Veins refines pills within this place, the speed would also be one hundred times faster than in the outside world!

Everything that takes place within this realm would have an effect of one hundred times stronger than in the outside world as long as it involved magic power!

At the center of heaven and earth within this realm stood a one thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall fire monument. There were seven marks with the shape of the sun and seven marks in the shape of the waning moon on it.

Among them, one of the seven waning moon marks had been stained with a purple spiritual qi and had a trace of qi which Ning Fan found extremely familiar… 

“Bei Yao! The purple qi on this monument is Bei Yao’s!”

Ning Fan suddenly recalled a dream that he had a long time ago. It happened shortly after he obtained the Yin Yang Locket.  

The place within the dream was a misty world like this. There was also a fire monument and he could remember that there was a woman standing under it… 

“This is the space within the Yin Yang Locket - the Profound Yin World! This is a dichiliocosm, a world that only Immortal Emperors are qualified to cultivate. With my Yin Yang Devil Veins, my speed of cultivation will be a hundred times faster than in the outside world!”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. Suddenly, an ancient and indifferent voice echoed within the Profound Yin World as if it was responding to his words. The voice seemed to have been left inside the locket by its creator.

“The treasure of the Profound Yin World, the Yin Yang Locket. Heaven as my wife, the earth as my concubine, and the common people as my cauldrons. The Great Dao of Yin and Yang - Synthesis Dual Cultivation!”

“You’re the first of my inheritors who has glimpsed and comprehended Yin and Yang after my Dao perished... I am Emperor Ancient Chaos. Since you are destined to open this world, I will make you the master of this Profound Yin World. You will take control of this world and Ancient Chaos’ Yin and Yang!”

“Bow to the Immortal Sovereign, may he live forever and never die!”  


That voice suddenly disappeared, completely disappearing from the space and the whole Profound Yin World began to tremble. It seemed that that voice that was sealed within this place was finally able to rest in peace after meeting the next master of the Profound Yin World.

At this moment, Ning Fan's heart seemed to have been cut by a knife. The extreme pain on his chest caused him to vomit blood in the Profound Yin World.

As the fresh blood he coughed out sprinkled on the floor of the Profound Yin World, it gradually disappeared. In the next moment, Ning Fan suddenly felt that his heart was seared by something with the mark of the Yin Yang Fish.

With the help of the mark, he could enter the Profound Yin World anytime and anywhere he wishes by just willing it!

He could not help but feel slightly excited even with his cool and steady temperament.

Now, after his Yin Yang Transformation attained the Third Level, he had become the master of the Profound Yin World. With this unique world, there were too many things he could do.

“Speaking of which, where is Little You’er?”

Ning Fan scanned his surroundings. In this world which held nothing within, there was actually a thatched cottage floating in midair. It was slowly floating towards Ning Fan from afar.

Within the cottage, a woman in snow white clothes was in deep slumber on the bed. She was in pain. Her face was pale while her body flickered faintly as if it was going to fade away.  

She was hugging her knees tightly with her beautiful face looking so pure that she seemed to be unstained even with a speck of dust, just like a spotless white lotus growing out of the water.

Her body was rather petite. Meanwhile, her embroidered shoes were placed under the bed. Her silky, clean foot seemed to be feeling a little cold as they shrank slightly while she was sleeping.

She looked very timid, and when she hugged herself, she looked delicate and pitiful.

It was not known whether she had dreamt of something. A pained expression suddenly came over her face and tears began to fall from her eyes.

“I’m scared of the dark. I’m scared…”

“Little You’er? She is Luo You?”

Ning Fan had never imagined that Luo You, who always claimed to be his sister and had a quite hearty character would actually be a woman with a petite and soft appeareance in reality. She was actually afraid of the dark and was in such a pitiful state.

Ning Fan’s heart could not help but softened and he used his hand to wipe off the tears on the corners of Luo You’s eyes. Then, he gently lifted her up from her bed.

Her body is so light. Dancing in the palm of someone... Is that phrase talking about women like her?

Ning Fan sighed inwardly.

If it was not because she had been trapped in this Profound Yin World for too long, a woman like her wouldn't have talked to me with such an enchanting tone.

So it turned out that her enthusiasm and friendliness towards me were just a pretense... She is not a woman as lovely as she sounded.

The reason she pretended to be alluring and friendly was probably to charm him. Perhaps she was afraid of being abandoned and ignored by Ning Fan in the Profound Yin World.

In her deep slumber, Luo You’s virtual primordial spirit seemed to have sensed that someone was carrying her. She wanted to wake up but she didn’t have the courage to do so.

Because she knew that her virtual primordial spirit would immediately collapse once she wakes up which would cause her to die. Thus, she didn’t dare to look at who was holding her. 

She didn’t dare to open her eyes. She didn’t dare to leave her dream realm. She was just too afraid of dying.

“Don’t be scared. I’m Ning Fan. I’ll get you out of here and help you slightly recover your primordial spirit.”

Ning Fan carefully gathered her in his arms as he was afraid of hurting her.

The god of the Luo River was named Luo Shen. This woman must have been lonely and arrogant once.

What was it that made her so depressed? What was it that made her give up everything including her pride and even her position as a deity of the Luo River and choose to practice the shameless and contemptible Yin Yang Transformation?

Ning Fan suddenly felt somewhat fortunate that this woman did not succeed in obtaining the Yin Yang Locket.

If she had succeeded in obtaining Ancient Chaos’ inheritance, she would definitely have walked the same path as Ning Fan and sullied her own body by plucking countless men…

She had tried to unlock the inheritance within the Yin Yang Locket but her attempt ended up in failure.

This failure had caused her to be imprisoned for a long period of time, leaving her in a lonely space. However, it had allowed her to meet Ning Fan.

He had corrupted himself by taking the path of devils but Luo You managed to keep her purity intact, maintaining her original pure character.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m Ning Fan.”

Ning Fan said once again.

His words seemed to have entered into Luo You’s dream, slightly calming her trembling body.

Within her dream, she was hiding at a corner while hugging her knees in fright.

“It’s Ning Fan. He has managed to open the Profound Yin World?”

“Is he going to save me?”

“Is he going to sully my purity while my primordial spirit is weak or is he going to kill me…?”

“He said, ‘Don’t be afraid…’”

Luo You slowly calmed down. She had been betrayed by a lot of people in the past. Would she choose to believe Ning Fan?

Would she be at ease to hand her slumbering body to Ning Fan and place it under his care…?


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. This saying originally was said by a zen master from the Song dynasty about the three realms of meditation. Currently, it is used to depict the three stages of life.
    -The first stage (when one looked at the mountain, what he saw was a mountain) is during the beginning when one is introduced to this world. Thus, one looks at everything in this world with naivety and curiosity and believes that whatever they see is the truth.
    -The second stage (when one looked at the mountain, what he saw was not a mountain but something else) is when one finds that there are unspoken rules behind everything and their outward appearances are just camouflages. Therefore, they felt like what they see is not necessarily what it truly is. They begin to think about things in a more rational way, trying to discover its reality. As such, when they look at a mountain, they feel that the mountain is not as simple as it.
    -The third stage (when one looked at the mountain, what he saw was just a mountain) happens when one gains insights into the world, clearly seeing through it and returning to the original simplicity. In their minds, what they see is what it is, but there is a deeper connotation within it.


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