Grasping Evil - Chapter 278 (3)

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The ice orchids immediately melted when they came into contact with the light of True Yang shot out by the spear.

That spear was too fast. With an unimaginable speed, it refracted into countless golden thread-like rays of sunlight and entered his body.

After Ning Fan’s magic power reached a level which was nearly on par with him and with the Parting Sun Spear having upgraded to the High Grade Divine Transformation Realm, Zou Teng finally understood one thing – he lost.

The barrage of ice orchids all disappeared. When the spear of sunlight penetrated his body, he tried to escape with his demon soul. But before he could do that, his demon soul was filled with holes by the rays of sunlight and became seriously injured.

Enclosed with the Freesia Cold Qi, Zou Teng managed to escape from the range affected by the sunlight in his demon soul. However, before he could run far, he was already overwhelmed by exhaustion and was caught by Ning Fan in his hand.

Zou Teng knew that he would certainly be killed because if he was the one who caught Ning Fan, he would also do the same in order to avoid a potential threat in the future…

Despite that, he could tell that even Wang Xiao might not be Ning Fan’s match.

There’s nothing to worry about if this man dies. But if he survives and takes revenge on the members of my race when he ascends to the Immortal Demon World in the future, it would be extremely disastrous…

“I…have a request…”

“You should know that it’s impossible for me to let you go!” Ning Fan tried to extract the Freesia Cold Qi from Zou Teng’s soul. But alas, he failed!

That Freesia Cold Qi seemed to have been completely merged into his soul using some kind of unique secret technique. Unless he surrenders it of his own free will, there was no way it could be separated from his soul. If his soul is destroyed, the Freesia Cold Qi would then perish along with him.

“*Cough*… This old man isn’t pleading for his life. I just want to beg you… not to hurt the Freesia Race. They are innocent… This is the Freesia Cold Qi. It is my compensation for having offended you…Please… don’t hurt the Freesia Race... They are innocent…”

Zou Teng’s demon soul frowned and expelled the Freesia Cold Qi from within. Then, he detonated himself!

He committed suicide… He knew that he was going to die no matter what. But instead of being disgracefully eaten by Ning Fan like food, he chose to detonate himself to death…

He did not know whether Ning Fan was going to fulfill his request or not, but what he wanted was just a peace of mind.

A cloud of green cold qi in the form of an ice crystal settled on Ning Fan’s palm and blossomed. Gently, he closed his eyes.

At least, Zou Teng was really brave…

If he didn’t voluntarily hand over the Freesia Cold Qi, I might not be able to obtain that item on my own.

“As long as the Freesia Race does not cross me, I won’t hurt them…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. He shook his Cauldron Ring and kept the Freesia Cold Qi within.

His words were not for consoling the deceased Zou Teng. In fact, he was telling the truth. If the Freesia Race does not offend him in the future, he would not mind letting the entire race off the hook.

After dispersing the soul of the great land, Ning Fan felt his body devoid of strength. But his gaze was still looking down on Wang Xiao from the purple platform.

“Wang Xiao! Fight me!”

“Zou Teng… That rubbish!”

Wang Xiao clenched his jaws. He of course knew that Zou Teng had already done his best. Moreover, in a situation like that, perhaps no other Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts present could do any better than Zou Teng.

Still, Zou Teng lost and died. However, what made Wang Xiao feel more hateful was because Zou Teng actually conceded defeat to Ning Fan before he died.

It was like giving a hard slap on Wang Xiao’s face.

The reason why Zou Teng did that was because he knew that there would be an inevitable battle between Wang Xiao and Ning Fan and he foresaw that Ning Fan would come out as the winner of the fight. Therefore, he begged Ning Fan to show mercy on the Freesia Race instead of requesting Wang Xiao to avenge his death!

“The two of you, go and finish him off!” Wang Xiao ordered while pointing his finger at the two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts behind him.

“We…” They hesitated as their eyes revealed a hint of fear.

In terms of power, neither of them was as good as Zou Teng. In terms of attitude, they were not as decisive and as fierce as Zou Teng, let alone have the unbending will to commit suicide upon losing.

After knowing that Ning Fan had the capabilities of killing Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts, they became timid. None of them dared to confront him anymore…

“Trash!” Wang Xiao ruthlessly struck their chests using his two palms. Immediately, they coughed out blood incessantly but neither of them dared to resist.

On the Cloud Platform below Ning Fan, deathly silence fell upon the crowd. There was only Ning Fan standing alone on the purple platform and anyone was allowed to go up there and fight him. If they manage to defeat Ning Fan, they would then get two pieces of the map of the World Passage connected to the Third World. However, in spite of that, none of the Divine Transformation Realm experts who participated in the fight was daring enough to challenge him.

Especially the Earth General from the Lie Tu Tribe who was now completely petrified. His palms were dripping with cold sweat as his shoulders shuddered uncontrollably…

Zou Teng is dead! He is dead!

If I go up there and provoke Lu Bei, I’m afraid I am going to suffer the same fate as him – death!

“Luckily, it wasn’t me who went forth to challenge Lu Bei… It’s obvious that he harbors enmity against Wang Xiao. I suppose it’s better for me not to interfere. But at the end of the day, I don’t think that Lu Bei is going to win against Wang Xiao.”

Wang Xiao’s eyes darkened.

Since it is so, I’ll have to do it myself.

He made a stomp forward and caused the entire Cloud Platform to quake violently, publicly demonstrating his pent-up frustrations and rage.

The next moment, before his image disappeared on the Cloud Platform, his true self had already emerged above the purple platform. With a pair of cold-piercing eyes, he stared at Ning Fan.

“Among the group of ten generals who came with me, seven of them died in your hands. You really deserve death to pay for all that! Tell me, why are you defying me?!”

“Because you’ve hurt Wan’er!”

Ning Fan’s left eye glowed with purple light which was so brilliant that it seemed to have replaced the light of heaven and earth at the moment it shone, unintentionally causing the sky to be tinged with purple shade.

The prestige of the royal bloodline. The Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force. The tiny trace of immortal’s prestige… All these kinds of aura force were acquired by Ning Fan on his own along his path of cultivation. However, at this moment, due to the extreme wrath within his heart, he dyed the blue sky purple with just his aura force!

Ning Fan did not know what would happen to Wan’er if he were to even be late for a single moment… But he knew that it was all Wang Xiao’s idea! Therefore, how could he, the mastermind, be allowed to get away with it?!

Layer upon layer of aura force pressed against Wang Xiao’s body. However, he only took three steps back in succession to neutralize it.

Despite that, his complexion became extremely pale.

Before the fight had even started, he had already shown the impression of weakness towards Ning Fan. For Wang Xiao who had a proud demeanor, it was indeed detestable.

His white hair floated in the air despite the absence of wind and his killing intent surged.

The battle between the two of them was inevitable. But one corner of Wang Xiao’s mouth curved upwards into a malicious smirk.

“Lu Bei. I have a secret which I felt compelled to tell you… I’ve already learnt about your identity through the Pure Flame Tribe. You are a human. Moreover, I also know that you are Zhou Ming from the Endless Sea! As long as I expose that secret, there will be no room for you anymore in this world!”

“…” Ning Fan frowned.

It’s beyond my expectations that this Wang Xiao would be such a cowardly person who would say those words in order to intimidate me and mess with my mind before the fight.

He said he knew Ning Fan’s identity? Ning Fan had long realized that there was something fishy between the Pure Flame Tribe and the Demon Sealing Sect. Therefore, it was not strange at all for them to find out his true identity.

His mind was not filled with the slightest hint of surprise, other than calmness.

So what if my identity cannot be concealed anymore? So what if there is no place for me anymore in this world after this fight?!

So what if all the members of the nine divisions of the Lu Clan are going to see me as their enemy after this fight?!

Ning Fan gave him a scornful smile.

“Wang Xiao, your words have failed to agitate me. But I too have a secret for you. I suppose your state of mind will be in chaos after hearing it… Do you still remember the day when the World Passage of the First World collapsed which caused your demon body to be destroyed? I am the one who did it! And I am standing right here in front of you! What can you do to me?!”

“What did you say?!”

Wang Xiao was deeply enraged. His words did not intimidate Ning Fan. On the contrary, he was provoked by the latter’s words which completely messed up his state of mind.

So it turns out that this kid was the one responsible for the collapse of the World Passage!

My demon body was actually destroyed by this insignificant ant!

“Purple Lightning Hammer, appear!”

With a flick of his sleeve, a silver hammer which glistened in starlight emerged in his palm.

It was a High Grade Spiritual Treasure, an Immemorial Divine Weapon!

As he wielded the hammer, purple lightning flashed. A giant mountain ten thousand li* away was instantly pulverized into fine powder.

“I know that you have a weapon which could attack one’s Nascent Soul by striking one’s treasure. However, that treasure of yours will have no effect against my Purple Lightning Hammer! Today, you will die!”


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