Grasping Evil - Chapter 278 (1)

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Zou Teng claimed that Ning Fan was not his opponent. The result, however, showed that the strength of his fist was inferior to Ning Fan’s.

That outcome was no different from giving himself a slap right in the face. It caused Zou Teng who was a member of the Freesia Race to have his pride be deeply hurt.

Strong wind gushed across the sky, blowing the clouds and mist away. Ning Fan remained still like an immovable mountain. He breathed in deeply while his expression was indifferent.

Looking at Ning Fan’s nonchalant expression, Zou Teng’s face turned gloomy with his teeth clenched and kept quiet.

“You are indeed much stronger than experts like Zhu Qin…” Ning Fan coldly spoke.

“Hmmph! Don’t talk big! You’ve just received a single punch from me! What I have as a member of the True Spirit Races from the Upper World is more than that. Now, I’ll let you taste my true power! Don’t think that you can take my following punch head-on again! Innate ability of Freesia, Drawing Ice Technique!”

The scrawny Zou Teng’s fists collided against each other. Under that collision, his demon power turned into green frost which encircled his fists and then spread throughout his body. Currently, his body seemed to be covered by a layer of ice armor, emanating immense cold qi.

When his fingers moved, countless images flickered on the tips of his fingers. Traces of the power of ice were guided by his demon power and were absorbed into his body, making the hardness of his physical body increase rapidly.

The green frost was like azure jadeite. It gave off a sense of extreme coldness which would make one be filled with apprehension. At the moment it appeared, green snowflakes abnormally fell from the sky. His green frost was so cold that it was able to alter the weather!

As the cold qi entered into his body, be it his strength, defense or aura force, everything was greatly enhanced to a terrifying level. In his current condition, he was just slightly weaker than a cultivator who was at the Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm. As for his aura which was impulsive at first, it gradually became tranquil making him seem like a ten thousand-year-old profound unmelting iceberg.

When the onlookers outside the arena witnessed that scene, all of them were instantly filled with astonishment. Sounds of surprise echoed throughout the crowd.

“Freesia Ice! The Heavenly Cold Qi that is specially possessed by the Freesia Race!”

“It’s not just that… This cold qi is the essential item for displaying the innate divine ability of Freesia Race - Drawing Ice Technique. It’s a technique which allows one to absorb the power of ice to strengthen their physical bodies. For this particular ability, the stronger the ice power, the greater its destructiveness!”

As Ning Fan overheard the discussions of the onlookers, his expression darkened.

So the green frost in Zou Teng’s hands is the famous Freesia Ice!

It’s ranked eighth among the 12 Heavenly Cold Qi, a rank higher than the Profound Yin Qi.

Of all the enemies Ning Fan encountered, Zou Teng was the first one who possessed any of the Heavenly Cold Qi or Earth Flame.

It’s beyond my expectations that this Zou Teng would actually have one of the Heavenly Cold Qi.

Besides, Zou Teng’s secret technique of enhancing the hardness of his physical body by borrowing the power of ice caused Ning Fan’s eyes to lit up.

What an strange secret technique. It actually lets the cultivator absorb the power of ice to enhance their physical body… It’s indeed an extraordinary technique. However, if it’s just a technique that relies on the power of cold ice, what should I fear?

The lips of his mouth curved into a cold smirk. He made a step forward seemingly unperturbed.

When Zou Teng’s body which was thin like bones moved, it transformed into a ray of green light and dashed right at Ning Fan. His fists were glowing with cold light.

Ning Fan leaned to another side in order to avoid the incoming attack when his eyes became serious. Zou Teng missed his target but as his fist hit empty air, the sky ten thousand li around them was frozen by emerald green ice!

The strength of his punch was comparable to a punch of a cultivator who was at the peak of the Second Level of the Jade Life Body Refining Realm. Afterwards, the green ice congealed into a winged ice dragon which was ten thousand li* long. As the dragon flapped its wings, thousands of pieces of green snow rained down like falling flowers. Every single piece carried a cold lethal aura.

As a gust of cold wind blew, the snowflakes flew towards Ning Fan. In just a single breath, he was already surrounded by thick green snow from all sides.

Zou Teng not only enhanced his physical body through the Drawing Ice Technique but also casted a Mid-Grade Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique.

As for the winged ice dragon, it was without a doubt summoned by him.

“This dragon isn’t weak, your body refining technique isn’t weak and the same goes for the innate ability of your Freesia Race. However, all of these aren’t enough to defeat me! Incinerate!”

As he uttered that single word, there was a sudden ‘whoosh!’. Blazing grey flames filled his entire body. The current Ning Fan had completely turned into a man made entirely of grey flames!

Zou Teng sneered with his eyes filled with disdain.

“Grey flames? What kind of flame is this? Don’t tell me it’s a Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame? Fire restrains ice but it isn’t necessarily so that ice can’t restrain fire. You’re just courting death by trying to withstand my Fifth Grade Heavenly Cold Qi with your Fourth Grade Demonic Flame!”


Ning Fan calmly walked through the sea of green snow as his white robes drifted in the wind.

When the pieces of green snowflakes which were capable of instantly killing a Gold Core Realm expert each fell upon the vicinity of three zhang* around Ning Fan, they would immediately be melted into mist by the grey flames and disappear into thin air.

Outside the arena, Qu Shun’s countenance experienced a drastic change. The divine abilities he cultivated were all related to flames. However, just by looking at Ning Fan’s grey flames, the Earth Vein Demonic Flame residing within his body was showing signs of going out of control. To him, that situation was completely and unimaginably strange!

Lu Daochen’s eyes turned solemn. He had done a deep research about demonic flames. The types of demonic flames at the Fourth Grade and below were more than tens of thousands. Despite that, he had nearly witnessed every last one of them. As for Fifth Grade Earth Vein Demonic Flames, he was lucky enough to personally encounter 7 types of them. Besides, he had even seen one type of Sixth Grade demonic flames.

However, he was certain that the grey-colored flames in front of him was clearly not one of those he had seen before.

It’s not just a single demonic flame. Apparently, it’s a combination of multiple types of demonic flames using a fusion technique. But this method is too ingenious.

Meanwhile, Lu Daochen also felt a trace of cold qi from that combination of demonic flames…

“There is actually ice within the flames?... What exactly is that flame ability?!”

No matter how knowledgeable Lu Daochen was, he had never heard of Yin Yang Flame before.

Yin Yang Flame. Ice and flames fuse together; Yin and Yang combined into one. It was a supreme technique of controlling flames!

Using the repelling force between the two extremely different elements to create a more powerful force. It was a secret technique inherited from the Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor!

As the grey flames began to grow stronger, the winged ice dragon in the sky which was just a manifestation of a demonic technique showed fear within its eyes.

The next moment, Ning Fan moved one of his feet forward and directly flew towards the head of the ice dragon. The coldness of the dragon was enough to cause any Early Divine Transformation Realm expert who physically touches its body to be frozen into cold ice. However, Ning Fan was unscathed even though he was stepping on the dragon, let alone have any signs of being frozen. In stark contrast, the ice dragon was being burnt by his grey flames, gradually melting into cold qi.


As Ning Fan uttered that word, the ice dragon thawed, turning into green mist and vanished!

Zou Teng’s facial expression changed. His body fell back immediately. But just as he was retreating, Ning Fan speedily approached him with a body of flames.

Zou Teng’s action was actually out of instinct!

But after retreating more than ten zhang* away, he stopped and felt angry from embarrassment. He had clearly displayed the secret technique to enhance his body. However, due to his demonic technique being blocked, he instinctively grew fearful of Ning Fan, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm expert!

“Detestable! I don’t care what kind of spiritual flames you possess. One must know that in a battle which involves physical confrontations, there’s one single principle that will never change: the strongest person will break all kinds of tricks!”

He opened one of his palms wide and his five fingers bent, turning into a claw. His entire arm turned into cold green ice. Its hardness was comparable to that of an Intermediate Grade Spiritual Treasure. He reached out his claw, grasping at the direction of Ning Fan’s skull.

Without retreating or avoiding, all the grey flames gathered on his fist and heavily threw it at Zou Teng.

Although it was just a punch, after it was thrown out, it refracted into a hundred rays of fist light and eventually dispersed into ten thousand images of grey punches.

When Zou Teng was bombarded by a barrage of punches, the cold qi within his body dissipated at a speed that was visible to the naked eyes. The power of his physical body which was enhanced by the Drawing Ice Technique collapsed on itself without being attacked!


Ning Fan’s fist collided with Zou Teng’s body once more. This time, Ning Fan’s attack was much more ferocious than before. After that collision, he only fell back for 50 steps. As for Zou Teng, his state of mind was in chaos, showing signs of defeat. Moreover, after taking Ning Fan’s fire fists head-on, his body was burnt by the grey flames. He only managed to extinguish the flames on his body after using most of his techniques and had his face overwhelmed by terror afterwards.

He was a member of the Freesia Race, a demon race of the vegetation type. Naturally, he feared the fire element.

Although he was not as fearful as the Min Luo Treants towards flames, his injuries were definitely not light after being burnt by the grey flames.

“This… What is this flame?!”

At first, Zou Teng intended to rely on his body refining techniques to suppress Ning Fan. However, since his Drawing Ice Technique had already been crushed just now and realizing that his own body refining techniques were not as good as Ning Fan’s, the only thing he could rely on was his demon power.

In order to win against him, I’m afraid I have to depend on my demon power now. If I am burnt by that grey flames again, I will clearly suffer more grievous wounds.


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