Grasping Evil -  Chapter 276 (2)

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Zhu Qin’s eyes were cold and merciless. He was not worried that someone would come to Lu Wan’er’s aid. It was because the formation was so solid that even Imperial Concubine Wu Yan who was a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert was unable to break into the formation. No one could possibly enter the arena and save Lu Wan’er.

Previously, I was too careless and let this lady block my attacks by luck. But she won’t be as lucky again this time! She will die for sure!

Zhu Qin was extremely confident. But his confidence turned into disbelief at the next moment.

A hint of fear crept into his heart without any signs. Meanwhile, that feeling emerged within the hearts of the one hundred thousand demon cultivators surrounding the arena!

Especially experts who attained the Divine Transformation Realm, the higher their cultivation level, the more formidable the aura they could feel.

All of a sudden, the sound of breaking glass reverberated in the air. A broken hole appeared on the Mortal Void Realm formation which was strong enough to block a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert’s attacks!

A dazzling purple light shone near the hole. Then, a young man in white robes revealed himself. A trace of golden purple wind sand could be seen dissipating on the tip of his finger. No one was able to notice what he had done.

When they caught sight of the golden purple sand, even Qu Shun and Imperial Concubine Zi felt their hearts tremble with shock. It was their first time experiencing that feeling after arriving at the Land of Slumber…

What is that purple sand…?! It feels extremely dreadful!

The hole on the formation closed up immediately just as it appeared. The eyes of the white-robed young man were like frigid ice that had never melted for ten thousand years. He took a step forward and appeared right in front of Lu Wan’er and clawed at the direction of the illusory silver crane with his hand. The silver threads which had been all over the sky instantly snapped and disintegrated!

At the moment his shadow appeared, Yao Yuan’s eyes were burning with reverence. Lu Sheng and Lu Daochen heaved sighs of relief, Imperial Concubine Wu Yan wore an angry face as if she was blaming him for being late while Lu Zongyun and Lu Haochen felt chills on their spines.

Especially Lu Tianming who was hiding among the crowd to watch the scene of battle. When he saw the white-robed man, he suddenly recalled his previous action of giving him three Divine Transformation Realm experts’ heads as presents at the entrance of the province.

“Lu Bei! It’s him! He has come! That’s good! He’s going to kill him!”

Wang Xiao’s smacked the table beside him in anger and rose up from his seat with his eyes open wide, feeling utter disbelief.

“He…is Lu Bei?! How did he intrude the formation?! Impossible! Even I am unable to break into the formation from outside!”

Zhu Qin was unable to imagine that the inborn ability of his Silver Crane Race would be so easily resisted.

Facing the white-robed young man which inched towards him, his heart palpitated with trepidation for the first time.

“You… Who are you?!”

“You’re asking me who I am?”

For Ning Fan, it seemed to be the most hilarious question he had ever heard. His eyes flashed with cold light. Taking a step forward, he vanished into a cloud of purple smoke and emerged in front of Zhu Qin with a speed that was beyond the latter’s anticipation. He then clawed at him with one of his hands.

The strength of Ning Fan’s hand directly broke Zhu Qin’s Jade Green Shield which was conjured from his body at the First Level of the Jade Life Body Refining Realm and grasped his arm.

“A cultivator at the Second Level of the Jade Life Body Refining Realm!” Astonishment overtook Zhu Qin’s face. After that, his senses were overwhelmed with agony!

Ning Fan exerted his strength and gruesomely tore off one of Zhu Qin’s arms, causing fresh blood to spurt in every direction!

Zhu Qin’s countenance was ghostly paled. Hurriedly, he took a few steps backwards, feeling surprise and anger at the same time.

Who is he?! Who exactly is he?! His aura is stronger than anyone else in the arena!

I have no ill feelings nor hatred towards this man. Why is he trying to hurt me?!

“Are you really asking me who I am?!”

Ning Fan took a few steps forward and his aura grew stronger with each step he made. At the moment the ninth step was made, the great momentum of the universe congealed into traces of sword light and vanished after trembling.

At the same time, Zhu Qin choked on his own blood, causing him to cough out mouthfuls of blood incessantly. He was actually grievously injured with just an attack by the sword of great momentum.

Forming a sword with just nine steps and critically injuring a Divine Transformation Realm expert?! What’s that technique?! He is definitely not just a nameless being. Who is he?!

“How dare you hurt my wife when you don’t even know who I am!”

Ning Fan raised his hand and clenched his fist in the air. Countless beams of sunlight congealed into a golden spear.

It was the Mid-Grade Divine Transformation Realm technique, Parting Sun Spear!

However, that spear seemed to have something different compared to its usual form. Although Zhu Qin was unable to discern this difference, the might of that spear was nearly at the level of a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique!

With a pat on the spear, the golden spear shot towards Zhu Qin with a scorching radiant golden light!

“Parting Sun Spear?! No… It’s impossible for that technique to be as powerful as this!”

Just as the golden ray thrusted at Zhu Qin, his face was plastered with shock. It was because when he intended to use a demonic technique to defend himself, his movement was sealed by Ning Fan with a finger of his other hand!

This Heaven Sealing Technique was secretly displayed without leaving any traces behind. There was no one at the scene who could identify the origin of the technique! There would not be a second person like Stone Warrior who managed to recognize that technique!

When the spear penetrated through Zhu Qin’s body, it transformed into millions of tiny sunrays imbued with Heavenly Spiritual Energy, emanating extreme heat which was comparable to a sun.

He let out a painful shriek as his body burst into golden flames, melting away in an unimaginable speed. Within seconds, he was burnt to ashes!

He could obviously feel that the power of True Yang contained within the Parting Sun Spear was excessively concentrated!

“Impossible! How is it possible for this spear to have so much power of True Yang…”

Basking in the golden light, Zhu Qin’s demon soul which was in the form of a silver crane was already trembling with fear. He threw caution to the wind and quickly leapt out of the golden light trying to abandon his Spirit Platform with all his might.

Right now, he did not even bother to find out who that white-robed man was. The only thing he knew was that that man was an incredibly strong being who could murder him as easily as crushing an ant to death!

If he does not choose to flee from his Spirit Platform to get away from the arena under the protection of the formation light, he would be dead for sure!

“General Wang! Save me!” Zhu Qin pleaded while looking at Wang Xiao helplessly.

Unfortunately, he was not aware that Wang Xiao could not even break through the light formation, let alone save his life!

“Want to run? Did I permit you to run away?! Come back here!”

Ning Fan’s voice was like there was a roar of thunder blasting at his ears giving him a violent shock.

The demon soul spurted a mouthful of blood. Taking one step forward, Ning Fan turned into smoke and pressed on towards him. Because of that slight delay, Ning Fan caught up with Zhu Qin and grasped his feeble demon soul in his hand.

Zhu Qin was nearly frightened to death! He, a dignified Divine Transformation Realm Demon General, was so powerless in front of this man!

“You asked me who I am?!”

“Let me tell you! I am Lu Wan’er’s husband, Lu Bei! Soul Memory Searching Technique!”

Zhu Qin was on the verge of collapsing. Other than pain and fear, he felt that whatever had happened was too incomprehensible and unbelievable!

This person is Lu Bei, the “Nascent Soul Realm ant” mentioned by General Wang Xiao?!

This is… Lu Bei?!

The person I was ordered to kill is the wife of such a mighty expert?!

Suddenly, he felt that if he had known about Ning Fan earlier, he would have never been bold enough to take action against Lu Wan’er even if it was a command from Wang Xiao!

“You…are…not at…Nascent Soul Realm…You…are…Divine Transformation Realm expert… Please… have… mercy…”

Zhu Qin mustered all the remaining strength that was left within him to plead for mercy. However, his consciousness was already almost completely erased by Ning Fan’s Soul Memory Searching Technique!

He opened his mouth and swallowed Zhu Qin’s soul. The cold light within his eyes grew stronger than before.

So that’s what it is… This Zhu Qin was obeying Wang Xiao’s command… Wang Xiao!

Ning Fan did not utter any words. He made a step forward and returned to Lu Wan’er’s side. Gently holding her in his arms, he remorsefully wiped the traces of blood on the corners of her lips.

Currently, there was not a single Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator staying within the formation because of Zhu Qin’s action just now.

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and countless Spirit Platforms that remained in the arena gathered towards to him, fusing into Lu Wan’er’s Spirit Platform and turning into a huge platform which was overflowing with purple qi.

It was a platform formed from the combination of 56 purple grade Spirit Platforms!

Right after all the purple grade Spirit Platforms fused together, the light formation shattered!

Lu Wan’er snuggled up to Ning Fan’s chest, worried that she might be reprimanded by him because of her reckless act in risking her own life to chase after a blue grade Spirit Platform.

She was already scolded once during the last time when she used her blood essence to perform spirit augmentation for him…

“I’m sorry…” She apologized in a soft tone.

“No. It’s my fault… Thank you. Thank you for helping me retain my place in this match. Thank you for contributing yourself so much to me… Now, I will use this chance to avenge you…”

“Don’t act rashly!” Lu Wan’er wanted to advise against it but Ning Fan had already let loose of her.

He turned around and stared at Wang Xiao. He made a stomp and the cloud mist which was fused from 56 purple grade Spirit Platforms rapidly enlarged, transforming into a solidified purple cloud platform that stretched into a thousand li* above.

Standing on top of the platform, Ning Fan looked down upon everyone and pointed his finger at Wang Xiao with a contemptuous look, as if he was pointing at a dirty swine!

“The first match is over. Now, the second match begins! On this platform, I’ll accept anyone’s challenge… Wang Xiao, if you want the map, get up here and die!”

“Hmm! An impudent brat!” Wang Xiao was enraged!

This brat is too conceited. He dared to kill my subordinate Zhu Qin and even searched his soul right in front of me. He has already committed an unforgivable sin for searching the soul of a member of the True Spirit Race!

Wang Xiao wished that he could immediately dash towards the platform and tear Ning Fan to pieces with his own hands. But before he could move, three Early Divine Transformation Realm Demon Generals came to him and cupped their fists at him.”

“General, please allow us to finish this brat off in order to avenge the three deceased generals: Li Ban, Jin Qun and Zhu Qin!”

“Very well. Go ahead!” Wang Xiao’s eyes flashed with cruelty. These three experts were the last three Early Divine Transformation Realm experts he brought from the Upper World!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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