Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2650

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Jiang Chen remained calm even though the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation shattered on the very next second. Flaming Mad Dragon’s roar was ear-splitting as he spews out his dragon breath.

“I do not like owing to others.” Yan Qingcheng said as she formed hand seals with her slender fingers.

“Ten years serving for all living beings, thirty years ferrying all the buddhas and dragons, hundred years serving all living beings, thousand years for many Daos and buddhas! Buddha Long Xiang, form!”

After the incantation, Yan Qingcheng formed a hand-seal and a thousand zhang tall Buddha Long Xiang emerged and  the Flaming Mad Dragon.

Golden light radiating from it and it felt like it was unstoppable.


Even Jiang Chen went silent, isn’t this just terrifying? Qiancheng ah Qiancheng, what did you go through? What did you do in this Divine World? This Buddha Long Xiang alone could fight against all opponents, akin to the palm strike of Buddha, one that could devastate the heavens and earth, who can stop it?

“To think it’s Buddha Long Xiang? Little Girl, who are you?” Flaming Mad Dragon roared, as flame rose and his eyes shone brightly.

Unfortunately, Buddha Long Xiang was pushed back and shattered into pieces after his tackle. Yan Qingcheng coughed out blood and fell to the ground.

Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted as he quickly grabbed Yan Qingcheng. Buddha Long Xiang was definitely powerful but she couldn’t control it and the divine origin energy needed to maintain it was extremely vast, her energy was instantly emptied from summoning it. How could it fight against a Hierarch Realm dragon spirit?

“Are you alright?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Qingcheng as he tightly grabbed her palm. He then slowly looked up with his cold sharp eyes.

“F*cking dragon, I’ll cut you down today!” Jiang Chen roar reached the sky.

Even Yan Qingcheng was slightly shocked. The current Jiang Chen was like a peerless demonic god. One would shiver from the aura oozing out from his body. Although he’s not powerful, his gaze even caused Flaming Mad Dragon to gasp.

“This fella, is he trying to fight me? Keep dreaming.”

Jiang Chen was thoroughly angered. After all, Flaming Mad Dragon had harmed his most beloved one. The dragon can hurt him but not to those he regarded as important, Jiang Chen would definitely be mad.

At this moment, Jiang Chen glanced at the Flaming Mad Dragon, the latter slightly startled.

“No matter how terrifying he is, he’s but a Half-Step Divine King, right? What does he have to face me?” Flaming Mad Dragon thought.

Currently, a figure cut across the Thunder Rush Sea, the whole sky became black, from day into night, the whole Thunder Rush Sea became jet-black.

*Moo.. moo…*

A low and deep soundwave spread across the sea and the fishes and demonic beasts alike below Divine King died.

“Your sword is pretty weird. To think there’s such a thick dragon prestige oozing out from it, colour me impressed. Plus, you can change into that half-draconic form, interesting, pretty interesting. Hehe.” Flaming Mad Dragon sneered as he spewed out flames from his maw, engulfing Jiang Chen with it.

“Those who follow me shall prosper, those who go against me shall die. Heavenly Dragon Sword shall cut a dragon spirit! Dominating the Heavenly Dao, Slaughter!!”

At this moment, Flaming Mad Dragon did not expect Jiang Chen’s blade to be a Primal Origin Treasure. He felt pressured by the blade, threatened. The blade changed into a form of a dragon and flew straight towards the sky, towards him.

Jiang Chen’s figure felt like it was a peerless emperor as he closed in onto the dragon with the blade underneath his feet.

“No… this is impossible!” Flaming Mad Dragon roared as he retreated.

Yet Jiang Chen's figure and the Heavenly Dragon Sword intertwined. The Primal Origin Treasure Grade blade ignored the Flaming Mad Dragon’s dragon breath. The dragon prestige from the blade was much stronger than the dragon. Jiang Chen’s gaze felt like he was the judge from hell.

The sword fell down, and made ten thousand slashes, dispersing the flame breath. The flame dragon lost!

The dragon spirit of the Flaming Mad Dragon was split in half, a pained roar resounded through the sky as the illusory Flaming Mad Dragon became much more transparent.

Jiang Chen stood on top of the Flaming Mad Dragon’s head and looked down in anger.

“F*cking animal, I shall overpower you with the Heavenly Dragon’s prestige, do you submit?”

Jiang Chen shouted as he slashed upon the Flaming Mad Dragon. The latter felt a sharp pain from it and roared. He never expected the fella to overpower him even though he’s but a Half-Step Divine King.

However, the Flaming Mad Dragon had to admit that Jiang Chen’s blade completely overpowered his attacks and he was afraid of Jiang Chen's terrifying gaze.

“I, Ao Gufeng, am not afraid of anyone. I’ve already died once. Us nine dragon spirits would’ve never laid low in this land if it wasn’t for the God Luo’s Scripture.” Ao Gufeng said while gritting his teeth.

Although his bones were sturdy, Jiang Chen did not hold back and kept on slashing on his head. Flaming Mad Dragon suffered blow after blow and his spirit weakened by the second.

“Then, die!” Jiang Chen’s angered eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Big Brother, save me!” Ao Gufeng shouted in sadness as he raised his head.

“Big Brother?” Jiang Chen thought.

Looks like it’s not just one. He suddenly remembered what the kraken said, nine dragons of the Dragon Clan came before them to get their treasures with the help of Qiu Niu. Perhaps, this Flaming Mad Dragon was one of the dragon experts who fell in the Warrior’s Gate, otherwise, a single dragon spirit couldn’t be this powerful. Plus, his dragon spirit was also in pristine condition.

“Human boy, you dare touch the people of my Dragon Clan, you’re thinking too highly of yourself.”

A golden mad dragon flew towards the sky and seven followed him from behind.

“Wind, Fire, Thunder, Lightning, Earth, Wood, Gold, Stone, Jade. It’s certainly the nine true dragons.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as a gloomy cloud shadowed his heart.

Nine Hierarch dragon spirits showed up, Jiang Chen’s in a terrible predicament now.

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