Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2637

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Jiang Chen frowned. He had some info about the grudges between the nine sons of the dragon and the Dragon Clan. To say that this was a scheme cooked up by Qiu Niu and the Dragon Clan to destroy the Battle Kingdom, he found it a bit hard to believe. Moreover, Qiu Niu wasn’t as ruthless as the other sons of the dragon, where he liked the art and disliked violence. Plus, the Dragon Clan had never recognised the existence of the nine sons of the dragon. Even if they were sons of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor, they were still considered as outcasts of the Dragon Clan.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen didn’t know the whole truth, he could only step into the Warrior’s Gate and find out.

“The atlas that you spoke of, what is it? Is it really that worthy that it caused the Dragon Clan to move, the nine elders of the Dragon Clan and Qiu Niu to conspire just to obtain it?”

Jiang Chen was extremely curious about that atlas, it could be an extremely great treasure.

“I don’t know, my Lordship did not hand over the atlas to the Dragon Clan until his last breath.” the Kraken said.

Looks like his loyalty towards his lord was genuine.

“Then, is it another world that lies beyond the Warrior’s Gate?” Zi Xi gasped.

“It’s a great world but it’s also a broken world, it’s impossible for  anyone to live in it. This Warrior’s Gate is Hell’s Gate for us, people of the Battle Kingdom. Qiu Niu did not just grant us death but also eternal despair. The whole Battle Kingdom, massacred. Tell me, why should we, the people of the Battle Kingdom, forgive him? All dragons are evil.” The Kraken’s anger was easily explainable.

“A broken world, it’s my first time hearing it,” Zi Xi’s expression became serious.

The world was parallel, even a space divine tool was extremely precious, lest an individual world.

“Let me see what lies beyond the Warrior’s Gate.” Jiang Chen stepped into the Warrior’s Gate with a fiery gaze.

Everything changed the moment he stepped into the gate. The greenery were all dead, deserts could be seen lying across the field, dark clouds shadowing the lifeless land. It was like a world that was filled with anguish and hatred. One couldn’t even see the end of it, tall mountains towering across his view, it was truly a dark place.

Bones and corpses scattered everywhere, demonic beasts roamed the land, numbering to millions, it was a shocking sight.

“Those are the demonic souls of the sea demons.” the Kraken said.

Jiang Chen glanced through the countless demonic spirits. There were True God Realms, Heavenly God Realms and Divine King Realms within the bunch. It was a sad sight to behold.

“I will thoroughly cleanse those battle souls. Although the Great Yu Soul Forming Light will devour them, it doesn’t mean that I will refine them.” Jiang Chen said.

The Kraken was slightly shocked by Jiang Chen’s words as he was moved by his words. They’ve been dead for billions of years and this Warrior’s Gate stopped them from entering the cycle of reincarnation. It was another form of hell. Jiang Chen’s words gave him a sort of relief.

“We will forever be grateful to you if you could cleanse the people of the Battle Kingdom.” The Kraken stared at Jiang Chen with a serious expression.

“I will gladly do it if I have the ability.”

Jiang Chen knew that the Warrior’s Gate was extraordinary. Since he still couldn’t understand what and how this place was made. Zi Xi, Donghuang Zhuoqing and Qu Tianshu were the same too.

“How big is this… broken world?” Donghuang Zhuoqing asked.

“I don’t know, because I’ve never reached the end of it, I believe the others are the same.” Kraken answered.

Once again, everyone was shocked by the kraken’s words, unable to reach the end? It was hard to digest. Perhaps this Warrior’s Gate may be large but to say it’s boundless, it was somewhat unrealistic.


A roar came from a mountain peak and Ying Hun and the others were shocked as they quickly retreated. A teenager was standing on top of a dark cloud, looking down from the mountain peak.

“That’s the Saint Soul Mountain! It’s where our princess, Princess Bingying was buried! She couldn’t face her citizens and her father and chose to burn her own soul and buried herself in the Saint Soul Mountain. She has lived a bitter life.” The Kraken said.

“Saint Soul Mountain? Looks like this Dou Ling had pushed everyone away from the Saint Soul Mountain.” Jiang Chen murmured.

“That fella is too obnoxious, to chase us all down. There must be something in that mountain.” Hei Cha gritted his teeth, showing his dissatisfaction.

However, they could only keep quiet as they couldn’t win against Dou Ling even with their combined effort.

“Calm yourselves, don’t be reckless. Although that fella is hateful, he’s still not worthy for us to  use our final trump card. As that fella from Eastern Emperor Sect is not simple too. Plus, there’s also the young city lord. We can only rely on each other now that the elders are gone.” Yin Hun said quietly.

“I wonder what’s Dou Ling thinking?” Li Peng couldn’t understand.

That fella did not do anything on the Saint Soul Mountain but kept walking around as if he was searching for something.

On the Saint Soul Mountain, Dou Ling’s eyes were shining as he murmured:

“Saint Ancestor, I can feel your presence now, you weren’t able to get away and was trapped within the Warrior’s Gate. The entire Battle God Clan pays their silent tribute to you.” Dou Ling said.

The spine within his palm started to tremble. It was the Battle God Clan’s Saint Ancestor’s presence, it was definitely it. In the past, the Saint Ancestor was unable to leave the Warrior’s Gate even with his might, however, he was able to send a message back to the clan.

“The Saint Soul Mountain was suppressed by Qiu Niu, not even a God Emperor expert could release its seal. Therefore, you must use the blood of the dragon clan and the energy within my spine to weaken the seal of the mountain. Only then, will you have a chance to break through the seal and refine the divine bones of Princess Bingying. The atlas is hidden within her divine bones. The lord of the Battle Kingdom would’ve never thought that I had found out where the atlas is. Hmph hmph.” A voice came from the spine, sneering.

“Saint Ancestor is unparalleled and wise.” Dou Ling said with respect.

“It’s a pity that I’ve died after so many years, my divine soul is already gone but I’ve left a part of my spine to this age, just for the sake of breaking Qiu Niu’s seal. You must bring back the atlas to the clan. Perhaps, that atlas and this spine could help resurrect me.”

“I shall respectfully follow the command of Saint Ancestor.”

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