Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2635

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“Brother Long!”

Donghuang Zhuoqing’s pupil shrunk and his face turned pale at this moment. He had imagined this scene before, however, he did not expect this to happen so soon. It was out of his expectation for Long Shaotan to be so determined to blast himself in order to kill Ying Chen. His determination made Donghuang Zhuoqing’s heart become cold.

Although Ying Chen passed away, he had already killed many experts before. Many of the experts from the ten major sects had fallen, including Feng Xingli and his brothers.

It was undeniable that Dou Ling was very formidable. Right, Donghuang Zhuo, Zi Xi and Qu Tianshu were the only ones remaining alive. Donghuang Zhuoqing did not make too much comment on Long Shaotan’s death as it might be his final destiny.

When Long Shaotan decided to self-destruct without carrying any fear, he actually had no regrets in his life anymore.

“Everyone will face death one day. He will either die for something small or bad. His death did not bring any shame to himself or anything, it can be said that his death was worthwhile. If he allowed Ying Chen to run away, he would only live like a walking dead.”

Qu Tianshu’s words struck Donghuang Zhuoqing. He showed a bitter smile later. Donghuang Zhuoqing knew better than anyone that the death of Long Shaotan was something worth celebrating.

“That guy from the Battle God Clan had already gone in. Let’s go in without delay. Jiang Chen and the others are still inside.”

Zi Xi said, his face looking serious. He was the one who looked the most steady amongst them. Jiang Chen’s current situation might be very dangerous now.

Jiang Chen looked incomparably serious while looking at the enormous shadow shrinking, but then it suddenly became bigger again on the top of the Gate of Warrior.

One could clearly see that there were eight arms coming out from the vague shadow. They were like long powerful long whips. A pair of big round eyes emerged on the shadow as well. The entire underground space suddenly trembled intensely.

“What a terrifying kraken it is. Its breath shows that its cultivation realm had reached the Mid Divine King. Most importantly, we don’t know if there is anything dreadful hiding behind it.”

“Is that a sea monster? This is the first time I see such a monster. An eight-armed kraken must not be that simple.”

“Why does it only target Jiang Chen?”

Even Jiang Chen was confused why. Who knew that this big guy did not care about others and only chased towards Jiang Chen to attack him. Why? Jiang Chen was angry but he did not know why.

“You have the breath of the Dragon Clan. No mercy to the Dragon Clan! Kill!”

The kraken said in a deep voice while its eight arms had blocked Jiang Chen’s escape routes. Jiang Chen could only try to dodge its attack. The kraken was indeed too powerful. If Jiang Chen did not have the Great Yu Soul Forming Light on his hand, he would have been defeated easily with a single strike.

Jiang Chen and the kraken wrestled for some time, yet none of them was able to gain the upper hand. Even though the kraken was only a soul, it was still very powerful.

“There must be an incredibly valuable treasure behind the Gate of Warrior. We must not just sit here and wait.” Ying Hun said.

“Exactly. Let him continue to fight with that kraken. Hehe. While those two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it.”

Lei Peng said, smiling coldly. Instead of pestering Jiang Chen and the others, it was better for him to take action earlier and find out what was hiding behind the gate. They had sensed that there must be precious treasure behind the Gate of Warrior.

“What are you waiting for? Haha. Let him die here.”

Hei Cha said coldly. Jiang Chen was currently under the suppression of the kraken and he was struggling. Hei Cha felt that Jiang Chen would definitely die soon.


After a loud roaring sound, Dou Ling broke the suppression and jumped into the underground treasury. He scanned through the entire place and everyone with his cold eyes.

“Oh no. The elders must have faced misfortune.” Yin Hun’s face looked bad.

Dou Ling’s arrival proved that he had already gotten rid of the elders' suppression. This showed that Dou Ling was not a simple figure.

“This guy is indeed terrifying. I have heard before that the Battle God Clan is an unparalleled great clan. I am afraid that all of the elders might have already been killed.”

Lei Peng was very anxious. As they had lost the protection of their elders now, they knew that the rest of the journey would be extremely difficult. Moreover, Jiang Chen and Dou Ling were not easy to deal with.

Hei Cha had an idea suddenly and he shouted loudly:

“The dragon balls are in his hand.”

Hei Cha pointed at Jiang Chen and tried to bring him big trouble. Dou Ling’s gaze was focused on Jiang Chen now. Even though he knew that Hei Cha and the others did this to protect themselves, he still looked at Jiang Chen.

“Give me the dragon balls.”

Dou Ling stared at Jiang Chen and said.

“Insatiable. I have already given you the spine bone. Now you even want what belongs to me. Shameless.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said coldly. He could give up the spine bone, but he would never let go of the dragon balls.

“You’re courting death.” Dou Ling said coldly, and immediately pressed against Jiang Chen with overflowing killing intent!

“Hurry up! Get into the Gate of Warrior!” Ying Hun said.

The three of them gave each other a glance and entered the Gate of Warrior immediately.

“Show no mercy to the people of the Dragon Clan. Kill!” The kraken hated Jiang Chen to the bone. Jiang Chen finally knew that these fighting souls attacked him because of his Dragon’s breath. The Gate of Warrior seemed to have a very  deep grudge with the Dragon Clan.

Under the attack of the kraken and Dou Ling, Jiang Chen did not have any chance to counter attack at all. Both of them posed a huge threat to him, so he had to be extremely careful. If he did not have the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, he would have been defeated already.

“Jiang Chen, I will assist you!” Donghuang Taiji shouted.

“Don’t care about me. Faster! enter the Gate of Warrior. Don’t let them get the treasures first. There must be something good behind the gate.”

Jiang Chen looked at Donghuang Taiji. Donghuang Taiji was very worried about Jiang Chen’s safety because he was the pillar of their group.

Long Xinghua took a few pieces of the Energy Recovery Pill and followed Donghuang Taiji’s step immediately. This was what Jiang Chen wished. Long Xinghua looked at Jiang Chen’s figure. She was very confident in Jiang Chen.

“You must survive.” Long Xinghua murmured and decided to enter the Gate of Warrior.

“Give it to me. You don’t deserve those dragon balls.” Dou Ling shouted and stepped up to the void. He struck out a dreadful palm strike that pushed Jiang Chen to a dead end. Together with the kraken’s attack, Jiang Chen was in a difficult situation.

“Let’s see if you have such capability to kill me.” Jiang Chen roared in rage. He took out the Heavenly Dragon Sword while dragon roars surrounded the place.

The kraken suddenly trembled in fear and withdrew itself quickly. Although he was still attacking Jiang Chen, its attacks were not that ferocious anymore. Jiang Chen’s dragon prestige suppressed the kraken.

However, Dou Ling was not afraid at all.

Instead, Dou Ling became even more vigorous when Jiang Chen started his counterattack. He was filled with high spirit and kept pushing Jiang Chen’s limits. The entire scene was very intense. Although Jiang Chen was very strong at defending himself, he was still injured by Dou Ling whose imposing manner was extremely formidable.

“Be careful, Jiang Chen!” Zi Xi roared out in rage and rushed to the battlefield. Not to be outdone, Donghuang Zhuoqing managed to withstand the kraken’s attack.

With Zi Xi and Donghuang Zhuoqing’s assistance, Jiang Chen became more flexible in the battle. Dou Ling did not dare to be reckless anymore in the face of the joint forces of Jiang Chen and Zi Xi.

Dou Ling squinted his eyes and smiled coldly:

“You only know how to rely on others. Rubbish.”

“If you have the capability, you can kill me now.” Jiang Chen said calmly.

“I will spare your life for now. I am going to see what is hiding behind the Gate of Warrior. What made you guys so excited.”

After that, Dou Ling turned around and entered the Gate of Warrior.

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