Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2631

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Yin Hun looked at Jiang Chen but Jiang Chen did not even spare him any mercy. Jiang Chen who was in his dragon transformation state was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword and was going to fight with Yin Hun. Even though Yin Hun’s cultivation realm was high, he actually posed no threat to Jiang Chen.

“Blades of Silver Light!”

Nine blades of light broke through the void while Jiang Chen’s sword shadow was flashing. His Sword of Solitude swept across the place and was not inferior at all.

“Sword shattering the void and heaven!”

Two of them were both sent flying backwards by the collision, but Yin Huan looked more embarrassed in the situation. With his Late Heavenly God Realm, Jiang Chen had made the talented disciple of Killing Luo Sect this nervous. Yin Hun approached Jiang Chen again, intending to attack him from his back.

“Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Nine shadows took turns flashing around Yin Hun, making him suddenly lose his focus. When his attack fell on one of the shadows, Jiang Chen immediately took action with his overbearing Heavenly Dragon Sword, sending a heavy blow towards Yin Hun. Yin Hun turned his head around and his countenance fell immediately. He kept taking steps backwards, however, the sword qi had already left a deep scar on his face.

Yin Hun’s mouth shivered and he raised up his head slowly.

“Kid, you are forcing me.”

“You’re too vulnerable.”

Jiang Chen shook his head as if he was saying something extremely ordinary.

“Killing Luo Ghost Seal!”

Yin Hun suddenly rose up from the ground while his palm formed up a seal that looked like the symbols of the Five Elements and Eight Trigram. However, his seal looked even more like some kind of a sacrifice ritual. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. The Killing Luo Ghost Seal emerged from Yin Hun’s hand at this moment. It broke through the void and was going to devour Jiang Chen. The surrounding atmosphere was full of melancholy and killing intent.

“Buddha Light Shines!”

Jiang Chen made a heavy blow and his palm struck against the Killing Luo Ghost Seal. Golden and black lights wrestle against each other. Yin Hun was once again defeated by Jiang Chen. The dreadful Killing Luo Ghost Seal was shattered easily by Jiang Chen. Yin Hun’s face turned red as blood stained his face.

“Your Killing Luo Sect is just like this!”

Jiang Chen shook his head. On the other side, the battle between Donghuang Taiji and Hei Cha did not disappoint Jiang Chen at all. Although Donghuang Taiji had just broken through to the Divine King Realm, his potential was extraordinary. Even if Hei Cha was powerful, he was not able to break Donghuang Taiji’s defense.

“It’s my turn now. Donghuang Wuji Seal!”

Donghuang Taiji sent out a formidable strike. The Donghuang Wuji Seal went well in his hand. It pressed against Hei Cha and put him in a predicament.

Lei Peng knew that if he still chose to continue to remain silent, he would face trouble later alone. Jiang Chen’s strength seemed really formidable. It seemed like they had underestimated him.

“Thunderous Palm!”

Lei Peng struck three continuous palms with thunder and lightning breaking through the sky. Jiang Chen was forced to withdraw himself but he still managed to counter the three palms strikes with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. He was not able to kill Yin Hun as Li Peng had already come in front of the latter at this moment.

“Jiang Chen, don’t forget that you’re a disciple of Eastern Emperor Sect. Killing Yin Yun would not bring you any advantages but only trouble. Think twice before you take action.”

Li Peng said.

“I don’t need you to instruct me how to do things.”

Jiang Chen did not show Li Peng any respect at all. Even though Li Peng was a talented disciple of Heavenly Profound Sect, so what? If Jiang Chen was unhappy, he would kill Li Peng together with Yin Hun.

Humph. I really want to see how much capability you have. Yin Hun, let’s join hands together and kill him. Otherwise, we might not have good days in the future.”

Yin Hun nodded silently. They soared to the sky and battled Jiang Chen together. Their coalition did seem quite powerful as the both of them were talented disciples of Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect. Not to be outdone, Jiang Chen had the upper hand in the battle and his opponents fell into a passive situation.

The battle between Jiang Chen and the two was fierce. At this moment, the entire treasury was shaking and everyone’s countenance fell. They stopped their battle but ran out of time to escape. Many of them were all buried together under the ground with all of the treasure. They were almost buried to death. It's terrible news.

Jiang Chen and the others suddenly realised that their surroundings had completely changed.

“Gate of Warrior!

Everyone gazed at the three big words. A while ago, it was a doorgate under the treasury but it was actually the Gate of Warrior.

“Is the legend true?”

Li Peng murmured.

“What legend ?”

Yin Hun said in a deep voice.

“It’s said that there is a great kingdom under the Thunder Rush Sea. It used to be glorious. There is a door above the Thunder Rush Sea which one could use to enter a different space. And the door is called Gate of Warrior. According to the legend, it’s believed that the kingdom was once prosperous. If the Thunder Rush Sea didn’t recede and devoured the kingdom, it’s expected that more legend would be spread. However, the Gate of Warrior had always existed.  Although the prosperous kingdom had already fallen, the Gate of Warrior survived. However, it has always been a myth.”

Li Peng said in a low voice. Everyone looked at the gate and they were confused by the inscription on the door. It looked like some legendary words that had been aged and decayed by winds for  hundreds and thousands of years.

There was a mythical mad dragon drawn on the Gate of Warrior. A blurred figure was also shown on the gate and the eyes of the dragon was fixated on the figure below.

“Is there really a trans-dimensional space behind the Gate of Warrior? Or is there any secret behind it?”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He did not know that such a legend existed. The Gate of Warrior had become a myth in everyone’s heart.

“I don’t believe that there’s any monster or demon hiding behind the Gate of Warrior.”

Wei Changqing from the Mu Yun Sect said and smiled coldly. Wei Changqing walked towards the gate and pushed with all of his strength. The Gate of Warrior did not even budge.

“I will come and help.”

Xie Gui of the Scorpion Sect came forward to help. With all of their strength, the Gate of Warrior was finally opened slowly.

Light shone out from the Gate of Warrior and they could only see with their eyes squinted. The world inside seemed to have been broken and a melancholic wind breezed through them. Wei Changqing took a step forward. Suddenly, a dragon shadow pierced through Wei Changqing’s body and disappeared. Wei Changqing fell down slowly,  turned into ashes and was blown away by the wind.

Everyone held their breath. Soon, there were hundreds and thousands of troops rushing out the Gate of Warrior with an overbearing momentum!

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