Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2630

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“Qiu Niu, could this Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace be the Divine Palace of Qiu Niu?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly. Qiu Niu must’ve died here if this is his Divine Palace, otherwise, he wouldn’t have ignored all these treasures and left them here, but where is Qiu Niu?

Qiu Niu was an ancient ferocious beast, one of the nine sons of the dragon. Ya Zi, Suan Ni, Qiu Niu, Tao Tie and etc were all ancient divine beasts. Qiu Niu was as terrifying as the Tao Tie. Therefore, Jiang Chen was being careful towards this Qiu Niu as he had already experienced the terror of the Tao Tie first hand.

He concluded that this Qiu Niu must’ve died here.

The words on the tombstone had become blurry. But Jiang Chen’s eyes were sharp as he was able to decipher the words on the tombstone as if it was written yesterday.

Ancient ferocious beast… if it’s really the palace of Qiu Niu, then, the rewards must be massive. Jiang Chen was thinking about the dragon ball within Qiu Niu.

There were nine holes in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and one dragon ball was stuck into it. Jiang Chen believed that the remaining eight holes were for the eight dragon balls, then, the pagoda would certainly become much more powerful.

The terrifying energy of the dragon ball… the dragon ball was formed by the energy of the ancient ferocious beast. The Dragon Clan regards the dragon ball as a peerless treasure, countless people would chase upon it everytime it appeared in the world.

Jiang Chen thought about the Origin Divine Tool, the conch. He suspected that this must be Qiu Niu’s palace as Qiu Niu was temperate and powerful, it does not like to contest. Its hobby was music, to collect a Origin Divine Tool as a conch, it’s probably only Qiu Niu that would do it.

After the group collected a massive amount of treasures, a shinier object was in front of them.

Jiang Chen noticed it earlier than anyone, it looks like a dragon ball!

He and Li Peng raced towards the prize without holding back, Jiang Chen used the Great Void Technique several times, gaining a massive distance and grabbed the shining dragon ball.

“It’s really a dragon ball.”

He recognised the dragon ball, it’s the same as the one he had previously. Especially after he held the dragon ball, he felt the boundless energy that was coming from it. I bet even a Hierarch expert would be in awe with such a treasure…

“Good lad, you’re pretty fast, hand it over.” Li Peng said.

“Why should I hand over what’s mine?” Jiang Chen smiled.

He will never hand it over since he got his hands on it. Plus, he’s confident that nobody here could do anything against him.

“You’re playing with fire.” Li Peng looked at Jiang Chen coldly.

“Come and get it if you want it.” Jiang Chen looked down on everyone.

“Boy, I hadn’t liked you since I first saw you. You dare speak with such confidence even though you took what is ours?! Hehe, this Lord Hei will have to show you how to act in public.” Hei Cha was already rushing towards Jiang Chen. This fella has been showing off and he dared to take what’s his.

“Yours? Come and try taking it from me.”

Jiang Chen grabbed the dragon ball tightly as he faced Hei Cha’s without fear. Both of them clashed with each other, none of them losing against the other, Jiang Chen who was a Late Heavenly God and Hei Cha, who was an Early Divine King.

“Such a powerful fella, no wonder he’s so confident.” Li Peng said indifferently.

Jiang Chen and Hei Cha clashed without holding back. Hei Cha finally experienced the might of a true expert. Jiang Chen hasn’t used his Dragon Transformation yet.

“Three Thousand Rakshasa Palm!”

Hei Cha unleashed his technique and wind torrents were created from his palm. Divine Origin Energy was flowing out like a waterfall. Jiang Chen was unfazed by it and launched his Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, and both of them were pushed back from the force. Hei Cha’s expression became gloomy.

“Little bastard, I refuse to believe that this Lord Hei cannot do anything against you.”

Hei Cha took out his ghostly pitchfork, emitting a terrifying aura.

“Boy! Eat my fork!”

Hei Cha’s arsenal was a Heavenly Divine Tool, Jiang Chen was pushed back by his unstoppable attack.

Jiang Chen sneered as he wielded his Heavenly Dragon Sword and let out a peerless dragon roar and dragon prestige. The might of his blade was much more powerful than the pitchfork.

The clash between the blade and fork, ice and fire. Jiang Chen roared as he pushed Hei Cha back using the Dragon Transformation. In addition to the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he was unstoppable and was getting fiercer by the second.

Finally, Hei Cha was beaten back and Yin Hun couldn’t sit back anymore.

“Big Brother, why aren’t you doing anything?!”

Yin Hun had already joined in before Hei Cha finished his sentence. A silver blade clashed upon Jiang Chen’s blade and both of them were pushed back from the force.

“Lad, you’re pretty strong, but it’s a pity that you’re going to die here today.” Yin Hun said as he caressed his silver blade, a Divine Heavenly Tool that has taken many lives.

“You’re not the first one who said that to me, but those men are now sleeping eternally.”

Jiang Chen and Yin Hun looked at each other and their aura clashed violently. His prestige did not wane even though he’s facing two opponents.

“Killing Luo Sect, hmph. You really think that our Eastern Emperor Sect has no one capable?” Donghuang Taiji harrumphed as he stepped forward.

Although he lost to Jiang Chen and viewed him as his rival, he will not just stand on the side now that there’s an enemy in front of them.

“Thanks.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Eastern Emperor Sect? Hehe, interesting, looks like you’ve just reached the Divine King Realm, a Divine King rookie dares to face me?” Yin Hun looked at Taiji in disdain.

Donghuang Taiji wasn’t at his level.

“I’ll leave him to you, Hei Cha.”

“Alright! I can’t defeat that guy, but I should be able to win against you. Haha.”

Hei Cha and Taiji went into a melee and Hei Cha was on fire as he unleashed the anger he suffered while facing Jiang Chen.

“Come, you don’t have many chances.”

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