Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2628

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“Quickly, go and search for treasures, leave this to us.”

“Remember, you must not dishonor our Scorpio Sect.”

“My Twilight Cloud Sect does not raise useless fools. Since you guys managed to become the prodigies of the sect, I believe you guys know what’s happening now. Leave this place to me.”

The sect elders pushed their disciples aways and stayed back. A dozen elders faced Ying Chen together. They were not helping Long Shaotan but themselves.

“Bunch of crazy fools, I did not seek trouble, but you guys still came for me. I’ll kill you all, turn you all into corpses that’ll become a part of the Thunder Rush Sea.”

Ying Chen roared as he faced his enemies with vigour. The ten plus Divine King experts of the top ten sects could not pin him down with their cumulative strength.

“I shall take my vengeance today!” Long Shaotan’s said with blood-shot eyes blinded by vengeance.

He had gone past his capabilities, fighting with his life on the line, not fearing death, all for the sake of his glory.

Jiang Chen looked at Long Xinghua and the others, and said:

“It’s pointless for us to stay here. At least we’re not losing now, so let’s see what’s inside.”

The other three agreed and quickly followed the team in front of them and entered the deeper parts of the palace.

“I sense a gigantic energy up ahead.” Hei Sha squinted his eyes and smiled brightly.

“I too feel it. It could be the treasure vault of the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace.” Li Peng added.

“How can we return empty handed after entering a treasure trove?” Yin Hun finally smiled.

The trio rushed forwards for several thousand meters.

In the depths of the palace, stones were shattered and a giant vault appeared before their eyes, and countless Divine Origin Stones were lying on the ground.

Countless ingredients and materials were lying around, some had wilted but some were still shining brightly. Some plants were even growing, slowly but surely. The corals of the deep-sea, the Immortal Seaweed that could cure poisons. Spiritual items laid bare in this treasure vault, shining with all their glory.

Countless divine weapons, countless variation, numerous Divine Tools, Heavenly Divine  Tools, some lost its brilliance but there were some that were still shining brightly.

Countless fragrant medicinal pills, Supreme Grades, Immortal Grades, it was truly salivating.

The trio were instantly dumbfounded. Such a great treasure vault, it’s possibly even greater than their sect’s vault combined.

Shock, shocking, there’s nothing else other than shock!

“This… this…. This! This is truly the treasure of the Dragon Clan!”

“It’s my first time seeing so many treasures in my life. I’m rich! Hahaha! I’m rich!”

“All of these, it’s ours, haha.”

“I want that Heavenly Divine Tool, Battle Armour. I want that!”

“This bottle of Immortal Grade Pills is mine.”

Jiang Chen and several dozen others entered the place after the trio. Even Jiang Chen was shocked after seeing the treasures, even though he himself possesses quite a number of treasures. Yet, they really couldn’t be compared against his treasures.

“This really tests a person’s determination.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

Greed and desire was also burning within his heart.

Jiang Chen quickly shook his head hard and found out that he was almost charmed by these treasures and got swallowed by it. These treasures were like a giant mirror, sucking in the others, swallowing them, and in the end making them join the pile of treasures, lying here in this place forever.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but tremble from the thought of it. It was scary, it’s formless; it's much scarier than formation techniques.

Jiang Chen identified that this wasn’t an illusion but something much scarier. The greed and avarice would suck a person’s soul into it and become a slave of greed for the rest of his life until he became a pile of white bones.

They could only see the endless treasures and couldn’t see the countless white bones around them. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but tremble from this sight, he too would’ve lost himself if it wasn’t for his powerful soul energy.

He looked at the people surrounding him, greed was written all over their faces, wanting to bag in all of those treasures for themselves. They were thoroughly dominated by these treasures, but who could ignore such a temptation?

To face a thing that was and wasn’t a formation, an illusion but not, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel shock. There were certainly a lot of treasures but not many of them were great. Most importantly, those skeletons serve as a warning to those treasures that those stuff were not easy to be taken.

“Let’s collect the Divine Origin Stones and Heavenly Divine Tools first.”

Jiang Chen collected millions of Divine Origin Stones into his inventory and a dozen or so Heavenly Divine Tools, most of them were damaged to a different degree. However, he believed that he could repair them. He also got a conch, an Origin Divine Tool. Plus, he took some of the best materials and ingredients that were lying around, throwing away those that were damaged.

After Jiang Chen rummaged through the treasures for a while, something unexpected happened. Donghuang Taiji was the first to wake up from the illusion of avarice.

Donghuang Taiji looked at Jiang Chen and felt that he’s okay, he felt shocked that Jiang Chen was able to walk out from the engulfing illusion of greed earlier than him.

“This is not an illusion but something greater than that. Because, everyone’s greed is different, however, when there’s wants, there will be greed and one’s soul will get sucked in.” Jiang Chen said.

“I only have the path of martial arts in my heart. I, Donghuang Taiji, will become the strongest expert in the history of the Eastern Emperor Sect, and reach the Dao of Divine Martial!” Donghuang Taiji said with a fierce and sharp eyes, he then once again looked at the treasures and there were no changes in his heart!

Suddenly, Donghuang Taiji’s body shook, his qi became smooth and he felt that a terrifying energy was bursting from his body. He knew that he had reached the Divine King Realm!

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