Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2627

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Li Jingdong, Li Jingnan, Feng Xingli, and Feng Xingzhen, four Mid Divine King experts, closed in on Dou Ling. The five of them instantly pushed him back, causing Dou Ling to somewhat take things a bit serious now.

“Great, let’s see whether there’s any true experts in this place.” Dou Ling smiled arrogantly as he rushed forward with vigour.

“Let’s quickly go into the deeper part of the place and search for treasures.” Hei Cha said quietly.

“You’re right.”

Li Peng looked at the scene where the elders were fighting Dou Ling. The fight will not conclude any time soon even if the five of them combined their strength.

“We’re wasting our time here, let’s quickly go in and search for treasures.” Yin Hun said.

The trio looked at each other and swiftly moved in deeper.

Qu Tianshu saw the trio’s movement. The other on-lookers were like ‘this got nothing to do with me’ and followed them. The trio entered the deeper part of the place and was getting ready to battle.

“Haha, this place is rowdy, looks like the Thunder Rush Sea will be bountiful, since even the Battle God Clan has joined in.” A violent ear-piercing laugh resounded.

A gallant eagle flew in and changed into a human after landing. He was slender with a tall nose, his eyes were deep like stars in the sky, emitting a thick aura of a demon and the feathers around him were sharp.

“Little boy from Battle God Clan, I’ll perhaps lend you a hand and destroy these grunts for you if you hand me the spine, what do you think?”

“Keep dreaming!” Dou Ling looked at the eagle in disdain.

“Looks like it’s not just the ten great sects who are eyeing on the Thunder Rush Sea, there are also others hiding in the shadows.” Jiang Chen said.

“This fella is probably the number one expert of the Thunder Rush Sea, Ying Chen. It is said that he’s already at the Late Divine King Realm, possessing a shred of the Heavenly Roc bloodline, he’s extremely fast, faster than your average Late Divine Kings.” Zi Xi said.

“It’s Ying Chen!” Donghuang Zhuoqing said.

Long Shaotan’e eyes became cold. He almost died to Ying Chen in the past, he would’ve died if it wasn’t for Zhuoqing.

“Him, again.” Long Shaotan took a step forward with solemn eyes.

He will never let go of this opportunity. It must be the working of fate as he barely got away with his life and now they meet again in this Thunder Rush Sea.

Donghuang Zhuoqing pressed on Long Shaotan’s shoulder, tightly. He could feel Shaotan’s anger.

“Brother Long, don’t be reckless.”

Long Shaotan smiled bitterly, his expression was somewhat miserable.

“Xiao Yu, the murderer who killed you had appeared before me now, yet I can only watch him. I cannot accept this, I cannot!” Long Shaotan was emotional.

His beloved woman died in the hands of Ying Chen. Thinking back on that scene, it was truly heart-quenching. Although he managed to live, the torment on his heart for all these years was insufferable. There was always a voice within his heart, telling him: you must never forget this vengeance.

“An eagle dares to claim himself to be an expert? This is hilarious.”  Dou Ling sneered disdainfully towards Ying Chen.

“Then, I’ll watch you struggle and die facing against those bunch of guys.” Ying Chen sneered and stood on the side-line, watching the ‘show’ where Dou Ling fought against five great experts.

However, there was a reason where Dou Ling was this arrogant as they couldn’t pin him down even with the five of them. As a matter of fact, they fell into Dou Ling’s trap as the steps he took were techniques for formation placement. When the formation was formed, the five experts became his puppet to be toyed with.

“A bunch of insects, what can they do against me? Haha.” Dou Ling said arrogantly.

Dou Ling single-handedly fought the five within the formation, suppressing them all and they could only defend passively. Not even Bai Qi was able to see through the formation that was placed by Dou Ling. Although Bai Qi still looked calm, he too may not be able to get out of that.

“Brother Zi, assist the elders of the two great sects, we’ll probably get affected if those guys lose.” Jiang Chen said.

Zi Xi paused for a while and nodded. Jiang Chen’s right, Dou Ling will not let us go if they lose. Plus, their combat strengths are on-par against each other, it’ll be hard to decide who’s going to win.

Dou Ling’s expression became serious the moment Zi Xi moved. After all, Zi Xi was a Late Divine King, someone not to be trifled with and one must act cautiously against him.

Zi Xi wielded a silver spear with bright red tassel. Dou Ling’s formation trembled when Zi Xi pierced with his spear. The five of them were motivated once again after Zi Xi assisted them. Dou Ling was not pushed back after Zi Xi joined in the fray.

“Hahaha, now what? Battle God Clan, bah. From my perspective, the Battle God Clan of today is but a bunch of useless fools, it couldn’t be compared with the glory of the ancient Battle God Clan.” Ying Chen shook his head as he gave out sarcasm after one another.

“Damned eagle, you’ll be the first to die after I’m done with them!”

Dou Ling turned around, a large hole was then created on his blue robe by Zi Xi.

“Ying Chen, take this!”

Finally, Long Shaotan couldn’t hold back his anger anymore and rushed towards Ying Chen. At that moment, Donghuang Zhuoqing sighed a little. Looks like Long Shaotan is blinded by his vengeance.

“You dare provoke me? Die.”

Ying Chen roared as he instantly pushed Long Shaotan back.

“I wonder who it is butit’s just one of the few grunts that escaped me before. Hehe, truly disappointing.” Ying Chen sneered.

“Bastard! I’ll use your blood to pay tribute to Xiao Yu. Blood for blood!”

Ying Chen once again attacked but his abilities couldn’t allow him to face a Late Divine King, he was pushed back after two exchanges.

“The deep love between man and woman, possessing a chivalrous mind and a tender heart.”

Jiang Chen silently looked at Long Shaotan. He knew that Shaotan was an emotional guy, he hates the evil and praises the good. Such a man should die on the battlefield and not die in a silent grave.

However, Donghuang Zhuoqing will never allow Ying Chen to kill Long Shaotan. Zhuoqing acted and so did the other elders from the eight great sects.

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