Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2626

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“Not bad, to not die after receiving a single palm of mine at the Late Heavenly God Realm, you’re pretty good.” The blue-robed youth said, slightly interested in Jiang Chen.

Zi Xi was pretty shocked as he couldn’t gauge this Mid Divine King’s power, he must be pretty exceptional.

Jiang Chen felt threatened. This fella was a Mid Divine King, a foe that was capable of making Zi Xi and Bai Qi to be serious. He barely took on that palm strike by unleashing the Dragon Transformation.

“Who are you?” Jiang Chen said.

The fella was mysterious, they were not able to determine who and where does he hail from.

“All of you low-born clans do not have the right to know of my existence.” The blue-robed youth was arrogant as he took a step forward with lightning and thunder following him.

“This fella’s cockiness is off the roof.” Donghuang Taiji’s eyes became cold as he glanced at Murong Yun’er, Long Xinghua and the others. He then pounced upon the youth with the two other Nine Dragon Palace’s experts.

“Halt!” Jiang Chen shouted.

However, he was too late and the group were pushed back instantly.

The two experts from the Nine Dragon Palace died instantly. Meanwhile, Long Xinghua was seriously injured, and Donghuang Taiji and Murong Yun’er was just a step away from dying!


Jiang Chen flicked his fingers and three Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills went into each of their respective mouths. They recovered some of their strength after taking those pills as it was an Immortal Grade Pill.

“Not bad, Immortal Grade Pills, giving out to others like it’s candy, you’re pretty generous.” The youth said.

The others only realised after hearing the blue-robed youth’s words. Jiang Chen gave out three Immortal Grade Pills with a flick his finger, such an attitude… Donghuang Taiji couldn’t help but respect him.

“Thanks.” Long Xinghua looked at Jiang Chen with gratitude.


The youth launched another punch, aiming at  Jiang Chen. The latter retreated with a solemn expression.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen once again took on the youth’s strike but was pushed back fiercely. Although he could face him, he knew that this wasn’t the time for him to risk his life.

“You’re able to take on two of my strikes, let’s see whether you can take my third strike! Profound Formation Thunderbolt Palm.”

Thunderbolt flashed with the palm strike. Qu Tianshu’s pupil squinted as she rushed in front of Jiang Chen swiftly, and fought the youth with a jade-white folding fan. The youth was knocked back by the force.

“The great Profound Formation Thunderbolt Palm! What brings you guys here, is this small Thunder Rush Sea worthy of the time of the Battle God Clan?” Qu Tianshu said.

Although it looked like nobody won in that clash, she suffered some injuries, that youth was truly powerful.

“Battle God Clan?”

Jiang Chen’s heart thumped. That Dou Hongming is also a man of the Battle God Clan, could this person be coming for me?

“To think there’s one that knows their stuff, hand it over. I do not wish to kill innocents, my hands will get dirty if I kill off trash. Only experts are worthy to die by my hands. I’m Dou Ling from the Battle God Clan! Who are you? You’re able to see through the secrets of my Profound Formation Thunderbolt Palm, you must not be simple.” Dou Ling smiled. Yet, that smile looked like a smile from the devil in the eyes of others.

“Nameless grunt.” Qu Tianshu said.

“Battle God Clan? That clan?”

Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli looked at each other and gasped. They too knew about the existence of the Battle God Clan as they hail from one of the two greatest sects of the Qilian Region.

Donghuang Zuoqing and Long Shaotan were shocked too. The Battle God Clan was an ancient clan that rarely meddles in the trifles of the ‘common people’. It’s their disdain towards the lower class, according to them. The Battle God Clan was on-par with the God Luo Clan. The resources of such an ancient clan rivals even a whole region.

“I’ll give it to you.”

Jiang Chen saw Li Jingdong and the others’ eyes of greed, followed by the shock towards the youth. He knew that the fella was extraordinary. Therefore, there was no need for him to put up a fight for the spine with Dou Ling as it was a great risk, and he’s also a big target. He wanted to get rid of this target.

Moreover, the others would surely not give it up. This was the main point, have the others fight for it and reap the reward afterwards.

Dou ling too was pretty interested in the spine. Jiang Chen would then take this opportunity to give it to him and he’ll become the target of everyone.

“Not bad, you’re an understanding man, you should’ve done it earlier.” Dou Ling took the bone and smirked.

“However, I do not plan to let all of you despicable fellas go, especially since you guys tried to take my ancestor’s belongings, I may perhaps kill you off swiftly if you hand me over the jade box.”

Dou Ling looked at Bai Qi. A spark of conflict was bound to happen.

“Trying to get my jade box? Keep dreaming!” Bai Qi harrumphed, he’s not ‘meek’ like Jiang Chen.

“Since you’re dead set on dying, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Dou Ling said calmly and he then closed in towards Bai Qi.

Both of them went into a terrifying melee. Bai Qi who was hailed as the Qilian Region’s dreaded Formation Demon shouldn’t be weak. But he was pushed back as he was at the Mid Divine King Realm.

Bai Qi’s expression became pale after they clashed for a dozen exchanges.

“Fellas, when are you going to join in? This fella is arrogant and he’ll certainly kill us all, now is your only chance, you guys won’t live long if I die. Li Jingdong, Feng Xingli what are you guys spacing out for?”

Jiang Chen smirked as he watched Bai Qi getting beaten back.

Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli will be put in a bad situation if Bai Qi loses. Plus, they wouldn’t allow the youth to get his hands on such a great treasure. Battle God Clan, so what? Nobody will know if they kill him down here. Plus, he wasn’t planning on letting anyone go.

“Mr. Bai, we’ll assist you, haha.”

The duo and the four elders rushed towards Dou Ling!

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