Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2623

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The place was full of skeletons that looked exactly like demons. Jiang Chen and Zi Xi walked step by step, inching forward while shattering countless skeletons. The whole situation became more and more intense.

Bai Qi held the white jade box tightly, turning around to look behind what was happening. Hundreds and thousands of skeletons crashed into the door of the Divine Dragon Palace and flooded into the palace with oppressive brutal power.

“Are those the skeletons we saw earlier?” Hei Cha said in shock.

“You’re right! Those skeletons have not decayed after hundreds and thousands of years, I guess that their previous  cultivation realms must be higher than the Divine King Realm.”

Ying Hun said in a low voice while looking at more than ten skeletons falling down from the sky. The battle they were facing at this moment was also terrifying.

“Give it your all! These skeletons were not your usual monsters as they might be created by vengeful spirits.” Bai Qi shouted.

Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli looked solemn as the eight of them were surrounded by the skeletons now. They joined hands together to withstand the skeletons' attacks.

“Why would these old bone monsters suddenly become this terrifying?” Feng Xingli said in shock.

“Not sure. These skeletons are all quite strange. We have no way out at all so we can only fight with our strength.” Li Jingdong said.

“Is it because of the white jade box in Mr Bai’s hand?” Lei Peng said with a deep tone.

Bai Qi was stunned at this moment as he also realized this. When he grabbed the white jade box forcefully, the entire Divine Dragon Palace suddenly became chaotic, and those skeletons started crashing against them.

“It’s possible.”

Bai Qi said in a low voice, however, it was already too late to say so. They had to defeat these skeletons, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to get out of here. However, those skeletons were like the countless fishes in the rivers. Even though each of them was stronger than a Divine King expert, they still found this a bit troublesome. Helplessly, they could only take steps backwards, looking extremely embarrassed.

Donghuang Zhuoying, Long Shaotan, Shen Yingqi and the others all were in a difficult situation, however, they did not have other ways to  handle the situation. They could only destroy as many skeletons as they can. They were in a predicament while their disciples could only help their elders as much as they could. Unfortunately, their help was like trying to extinguish a cartload of firewood on fire with a cup of water.

“Brother Zi, guard me as I am going to try to cast my Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation and see if it could restrain them.”

Jiang Chen looked at Zi Xi.


Zi Xi nodeed and helped Jiang Chen chase away those skeletons that ran after Jiang Chen to ensure he had enough space to set up the formation—the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. Jiang Chen believed that it would be effective enough to burn these skeletons with his Five Elemental True Fire.

Zi Xi was glad to have Jiang Chen. He witnessed how Jiang Chen repaired the Teleportation Formation before and Jiang Chen was really admirable. Zi Xi might have doubted if Jiang Chen told him that he wanted to kill all these skeletons with his own strength. However, Jiang Chen chose to use his formation now and Zi Xi believed that Jiang Chen definitely had such confidence to handle it.

Bai Qi also had his own thoughts now about this Divine Dragon Palace.

“Let me try my Great Blast Formation.”

Bai Qi seized the moment and broke through the skeletons' attack. Setting the Divine Dragon Palace as the foundation, Bai Qi started to set the formation. Those skeletons only knew how to launch attacks blindly instead of stopping Bai Qi from setting the formation.

When the Five Element True Fire formation was finally set up, those skeletons were turned into ashes immediately. Jiang Chen expanded the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation into an even larger area. Those skeletons were like moths running into fire and were incinerated completely.

“His formation is indeed quite magical.”

Shen Yingqi heaved a long sigh because the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation managed to destroy most of the skeletons. They could finally see  hope.

“This guy has become more and more impressive,” Donghuang Taiji said faintly.

Even though he was unwilling to admit it, Jiang Chen’s strength had indeed made him feel scared. It’s not by chance that Jiang Chen was able to defeat him.

“Your Eastern Emperor Sect seems to have nurtured a talented disciple.”

Long Shaotan said in a deep voice laced with envy and jealousy, but his Nine Dragon Palace was not weak actually. Under the cooperation of  Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan, they managed to safeguard all the disciples of the eight major sects. Jiang Chen was filled with irresistible aura, and his Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation successfully tore all the skeletons apart and turned them into ashes.

On the other hand, Bai Qi’s formation managed to bring out terrifying blades of wind that broke through the void and turned the Divine Dragon Palace into ruins. All the skeletons were smashed.

After the skeletons were all shattered, the Divine Dragon Palace went back to its initial peaceful state.

“Yes. Thanks to Jiang Chen. Even us, the elders, could not be compared to him. His fire formation had killed all the skeletons.”

“Eastern Emperor Sect is indeed a great sect in the Qilian Boundary.”

“So what. It’s only a broken formation. Without the formation, how can you fight with the people here?”

Shen Fanghe and the others looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. At this moment, Jiang Chen and the Eastern Emperor Sect had gained everyone’s admiration. Jiang Chen was like a Buddha who had saved everyone’s life and he became very much admired. This had irritated the people of Shen Ying Sect as they had always gone against Jiang Chen. Right now, they hated Jiang Chen even more even though he had saved their lives. Shen Yingqi knew that Jiang Chen did this not to save others but himself. So, it’s very reasonable for him to spend his utmost effort in the battle just now. That’s why Shen Yingqi felt that it was unnecessary to repay Jiang Chen’s kindness.

Zi Xi admired Jiang Chen very much. Even though he had the lowest cultivation realm amongst everyone in their group, he deserved the most respect. Jiang Chen had been very generous in helping destroy those skeletons and fix the Teleportation Formation without asking for a price.

“Jiang Chen, I am really impressed.”

Zi Xi stared at Jiang Chen. He really valued Jiang Chen and acknowledged his capability. He acknowledged Jiang Chen as if they were from the same social status and ranking.

“I am very grateful for the young city lord’s acknowledgement. Haha”

Jiang Chen laughed and said. Although Zi Xi was formidable and was high ranking, he did not have the arrogance and conceitedness. He had quite a good rapport with Jiang Chen. Even though they did not know each other for a long time, Jiang Chen found him more agreeable than those people from the other sects.

“Li Jingdong! Feng Xingli! It’s really you two!”

Long Shaotan took the lead and came to the front and identified Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli.

Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli were slightly stunned by Long Shaotan’s words. Donghuang Zhuoqing and the others also immediately came into the Divine Dragon Palace.

“They are really here? Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect.”

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