Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2622

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Zi Xi looked at Jiang Chen. He thought that Jiang Chen was the calmest person here as he was not blinded by any of the treasures here. He did not seem anxious to get any treasure at all. Instead, he was more like an outsider, observing and analyzing the whole situation calmly. Zi Xi found Jiang Chen’s action very admiring.

Whether  he was just faking it or really was as steady as a mountain, Zi Xi thought Jiang Chen was a good role model. It was extremely difficult to have such peace of mind in a place that was full of treasures. Many people had already lost their initial intention. In the first place, they had all come to the Wind and Thunder Canyon for practice and experience more. However, they only looked for treasures after arriving in Divine Dragon Palace.

Zi Xi’s cultivation realm was the highest among all of them. Moreover, he was the son of the city lord. That was why he did not really care about these normal treasures. It was comparatively easy for him to remain calm and keep his initial goal.

“I find this place strange.”

Zi Xi predicted that this Divine Dragon Palace might not be a safe place. Instead, this place might be an evil cave.

“Then, we're gonna see what is going to happen next.”

Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head. He did not dare to make a simple judgement. All in all,  there’s nothing wrong in being pessimistic. They had not sensed the dreadfulness of this Wind and Thunder Canyon yet, however, it did not mean that the canyon was a safe place.

“Hope that nothing much will happen.”

Zi Xi did not wish for any accidents to happen as the people here were all the talented disciples of the eight major sects in Qilian Boundary. However, thinking about those disciples who died at the entrance of the canyon made him worry suddenly. More than ten people were killed ruthlessly. What kind of power would be able to kill so many people at the same time?

“Jiang Chen? Where is he?”

Donghuang Zhuoqing suddenly asked because all of the people had already rushed to the front except for Jiang Chen. Some of them had found some broken Divine Tools and even Heavenly Divine Tools, but they were not something really precious.

“He is behind us. I guess he is afraid of death and does not dare to come to the front.”

Qu Tianshu said faintly, mocking Jiang Chen. Actually, she was paying full attention to Jiang Chen all the time. In this journey to Thunder Rush Sea, she definitely would be able to know whether Jiang Chen was truly an expert.

Donghuang Zhuoqing smiled and did not really take Qu Tianshu’s words seriously because he knew Jiang Chen was not that kind of person.

Donghuang Zhuoqing turned his head around to find Jiang Chen. However, his countenance fell immediately when he turned his head around. Everyone was also stunned at this moment. The shattered monster skeletons suddenly all stood up and were staring at them with their empty eyes. It was truly frightening.

“Holy! Is this real? How come these monsters still manage to stay alive after passing away for so long?”

“The Divine Dragon Palace is definitely a graveyard for these monsters. They are all monsters’ skeletons.”

“They are all standing up now. Hurry up! Run!”

“Mother f*cker, I might not even be afraid of them if they were still  alive. Now you are just skeletons, why would I be afraid. Humph,

Although they were just skeletons, their numbers were surprisingly substantial. They were all now lining up until the front gate of the Divine Dragon Palace. Hundreds and thousands of skeletons rose up and each of the skeletons were more than a few metres tall. It was a big crisis for the group.

They started taking action with their swords; sword images filled the place. Those below the Divine King Realm could not harm any skeletons at all. Although the monster skeletons looked like those usual skeletons, they were actually extremely solid and hard. Normal weapons or even Heavenly Divine Tools couldn’t smash them.

Donghuang Zhuoqing and the others took steps backwards but they were surrounded by the monster skeletons. They could only withdraw themselves, yet they were still under massive attack.

“Elder, I can’t stand it anymore. These skeletons are too powerful.”

“Neither do I. Elder, help…. Help….”

“These skeletons should not have existed here. Even Divine King experts might not be a match for them.”

“How? I can’t die here. I can’t!”

More than ten of them panicked and only those elders remained comparatively composed. There were fifteen elders in total and the remaining people all stayed together in the middle of the elders. The eight major sects demonstrated unity and harmony at this moment, otherwise they would have died earlier.

Jiang Chen and Zi Xi fell behind the others. However, Zi Xi’s strength was much stronger than the other elders, so he was still quite relaxed in handling these skeletons while protecting Jiang Chen.

“It seems like these skeletons are being provoked. That’s why they rose up so suddenly,” Zi Xi said.

Instead of doing nothing, Jiang Chen took action as well to help Zi Xi overcome some of the skeletons. Jiang Chen’s palm strike was formidable and none of the skeletons were able to escape from his mightiness.

Zi Xi was quite shocked as Jiang Chen’s strength was actually very strong. Despite only being a Late Heavenly God, Jiang Chen was still able to shatter a skeleton with a single palm strike which even a Divine King might not be able to do. Truly extraordinary.

“It’s supposed to be the strength of a vengeful spirit. If I am not wrong, these skeletons might have been covered by an enormous formation. It was not the prohibiting curse of the Dragon Clan but another kind of formation. The purpose of the formation was to accumulate the strength of the vengeful spirits. Once the formation eye is destroyed, they would rise up and launch an attack. It’s extremely difficult to handle these vengeful spirits because they arise as time requires. The formation makes them become even stronger.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice while his hands never stopped shattering those skeletons.

Zi Xi and Jiang Chen took care of each other during the fight. Although there was a huge gap between their cultivation realm, they made a good match to fight the skeletons. The remaining skeletons targeted Donghuang Zhuoqing, Long Shaitan and the others. They had tried their best to deal with the skeletons but it was quite challenging for them. Although they were able  to shatter the skeletons, they did not have the chance to take a rest while fighting and their safety zone became smaller and smaller.

“If this situation continues, we will be devoured by these skeletons.”

Long Shaotan was very serious and his face looked solemn.

“There’s no other way. These skeletons are already dead and they might only be under someone else’s control. We can’t change the situation.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said in a low voice. Everyone was trying their best to deal with the skeletons. No one knew who caused such a big mess and how.

Why was there no such attack to those who came in first?

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