Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2621

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“Shut up; be careful. What you said would cause trouble.”

Ying Hun shouted with a low voice. Hei Cha looked at Bai Qi with disdain as he knew that this guy was not a good guy at all.

Inside the Ice Ocean Divine Dragon Palace, a huge door appeared in front of everyone. There were more than ten sword marks above the door, giving them great pressure.

“Divine Dragon Palace?”

The three big words were engraved deeply on the door.

“Don’t know what is appealing hiding behind the Divine Dragon Palace.”

Bai Qi was the one standing the most in front of the others. When he pushed the door lightly, countless dust fell down from it. There were full of sea sedges above the palace while those monster skeletons disappeared in front of the palace slowly.


Bai Qi struck with his palm, which caused great shocks to the Divine Dragon Palace. However, no trace was left on the door despite Bai Qi’s heavy blow. Everyone, including Bai Qi, were shocked as they wondered how those sword marks were left on the door. That must be from a dreadful divine strength.

Although he did not get to leave some marks on the door, Bai Qi still successfully opened it.

Even though a hundred thousand years had passed, the palace still looked grand and resplendent. The inside of the palace was a huge contrast to the situation outside. The floor that was made of jade and golden bricks kept shining like stars. Even the black pillars around were sculptured in detail.

There was a deep well in front of the dragon chair.

There were also some monster skeletons that were still well preserved. However, there was a human skeleton on the white jade dragon chair, with a jade box on its hands.

Bai Qi and the others were stunned and they gazed at the white jade box.

“Boss, what is inside the white jade box?”

Hei Cha squinted his eyes and said with a low voice.

“I don’t know, but I guess it’s a good thing.”

Ying Hun could feel something strange as well. However, Li-shi-shu and the others had not taken any action yet. So, he did not want to be the one who’d take the lead.

Bai Qi’s eyes were glaring as he looked at the box. When he wanted to touch the white jade box. People who stood behind Lishi-shu suddenly said:

“Mr. Feng, I am afraid you shouldn't take action? We will handle the situation here ourselves. We are very grateful for your help guarding us to this Wind and Thunder Canyon.”

Bai Qi turned around and gave him a glance. He said coldly:

“How are you guys going to be here without me? Without me, you guys can’t do anything. It’s not your turn to say anything when I see something I really want. Feng Xingli, it’s not your Killing Luo Sect’s turn to meddle with my business.”

Bai Qi’s arrogance was fully shown to everyone here now. Perhaps he really thought of owning the treasure alone.

Feng Xingli’s face was filled with killing intent but he was stopped by Lishi-shu immediately.

“Brother Feng, this time spare the treasure to Mr. Bai. I believe Mr. Bai knows what to do.”

“Li Jingdong, you are really a hero who knows what to do.”

Bai Qi said with a cold smile.

“Please, Mr. Bai.” Li Jingdong said.

Although he said so, Li Jingdong obviously did not wish to see Bai Qi take every treasure here. Unfortunately, their current situation was very unfavorable as Bai Qi’s contribution was really too big as he managed to destroy the Transmission Formation.

“Not bad.”

Bai Qi stretched out this hand and wanted to grab the white jade box. Immediately, he was repulsed by a terrifying strength. Bai Qi’s countenance fell but he immediately managed to stabilize himself. He calmed himself down.

“Unexpectedly, it is sealed by a prohibiting curse. It seems like this white jade box is extraordinary.”

Prohibiting curse is the trump card of Dragon Clan. Unless it was an unparalleled treasure, otherwise Dragon Clan would not use a prohibiting curse, since casting a prohibiting curse would consume a lot of their strength.

“What is hiding inside this white jade box?”

Lei Peng and the others became extremely curious about what was inside the box that was worthwhile to be sealed with a  prohibiting curse.

At the moment, Bai Qi started casting different techniques and arts on the white jade square box. They seem like formations. After that, he tried to take up the box again but he was still repulsed.

This time, Bai Qi’s face showed a bit impatience after being repulsed twice by the box. One could imagine the doubt inside his heart. However, he was more confident that there was something really precious inside the white jade box.

“I don’t believe that I couldn’t overcome you.”

Bai Qi did not believe that so he immediately casted another technique to try to overcome the box. However, he still failed to break the curse. Instead, he was injured quite badly by the power of the box.

“Even Bai Qi is unable to overcome the box.”

Hei Cha said.

“Yea, the box seems not that simple.”

Lei Peng said. It sounded like an irony to Bai Qi as he was a Formation Demon of the generation. However, he failed to break a small curse like this. They understood that if Bai Qi was not able to overcome the box, not to mention them. It’s not so easy to break the curse.

“I am going to let you see what true strength looks like.”

Bai Qi thought inside his heart. If he lost his face in front of these guys, he would not have the face continue to conquer the world. He was the number-one Formation Devil in the Qilian Boundary. It’s not a joke. He was also the top in the Lone Dragon County.

Bai Qi continued to set up formation on the box. Finally, he managed to take up the box after four tries after being repulsed again and again. He held the jade box tightly in his hands. The moment the jade box fell into his hand, the human skeleton was crushed completely and turned into some dry bones.

Humph, now you shall know who is the real lord.”

Bai Qi smiled coldly while he looked down upon Li Jingdong and the others.

At the moment, Jiang Chen also saw the Divine Dragon Palace. His bloodline suddenly boiled as if there was a huge power attracting him into the palace. There might have been countless treasures attracting him as well.

“It’s said that the Dragon Clan is very good at keeping treasures. Not sure if the palace had been ransacked by others.”

Donghuan Zhuoqing said.

“Not bad. Seems like our luck isn’t that bad this time. Since there have been people who opened up the path for us, what shall we be afraid of? Hahaha.”

Long Shaotan said with excitement. They asserted that Heaven Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect were inside the palace.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s not delay.”

Shen Yingqi and others who were from Shen Ying Sect immediately rushed into the palace.

Jiang Chen followed behind without showing much excitement.

“Why aren’t you anxious? Not worried that the treasures might be grabbed by others?”

Qu Tianshu said and smiled coldly.

“Of course I would like the treasure. But I wouldn’t want to take the risk.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

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