Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2620

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“Legends have it that the Wind and Thunder Canyon is different every time it shows up, looks like it;s true. This canyon is probably built on a formation, not even I could understand it,” said Bai Qi.

“This is probably an ancient formation, it’s extremely hard to find its trace. This Wind and Thunder Canyon is truly shocking.”

“Guys, look! That’s a Deep Sea Alligator Abalone, it’s huge. Haha, that’s akin to an Immortal Grade Pill.” Hei Cha’s eyes lit up and picked up the abalone that was the size of a man. The others were shocked, as the fella was pretty lucky. Although it’s precious, it’s not at the level where they needed to fight for it.

“That’s a Supreme Coral!” Li Peng too found his own treasure as he saw something from afar.

It was a rainbow-coloured coral, its value was similar to the abalone earlier.

“Good stuff, good stuff. Hahaha.” Bai Qi said with a mad laugh as they continued to move forward, deeper.

“It’s a Supreme Grade Cold Jade Plaque.” Yin Hun’s eyes spotted a plaque that was several zhang tall.

A small piece of Supreme Grade Cold Jade was able to get a divine tool. Such a giant piece of it would be priceless. But the most shocking thing was the words on top of it…

“IcE Sea Divine Dragon Palace!” Yin Hun murmured.

“What? Did you say Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace?” Bai Qi suddenly turned back and looked at the words, his expression became solemn.

“Why? Is there a problem? Mr Bai.” Yin Hun asked.

“It’s not just a problem, the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace, hahaha. To think I’m able to come to this place during my lifetime. Haha this is fate, fate, a good fate. Hahaha.”

Li Shi-shu and the others were puzzled by Bai Qi’s reaction. They guessed that the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace must be some supreme treasure spot, one could imagine from just the name alone, the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace. The palace of a divine dragon, how could it be normal?

Bai Qi’s expression slowly recovered and became solemn once again.

“I hope Mr. Bai will explain to us.” Li Shi-shu said with a smile.

Bai Qi looked at Li Shi-shu, slightly impatient. He would’ve rushed head-first into the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace if he came here with his real-body and not just a clone, clearing up all the treasures that lie within the place. It’s a pity that he had joined hands with these two sects and with the Eight Formation Drawing as the reward. He wouldn’t go too far against them unless there’s something greater than the Eight Formation Drawing.

“The Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace once had divine dragons and it might house the supreme treasures of the dragon clan, possibly even the dragon ball. The Dragon Clan is great at seeking out treasures, each and every one of them was rich. This Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace is not simple.” Bai Qi said it indifferently.

However, Li Shi-shu and the others became solemn after hearing it. The supreme treasures of the Dragon Clan, it would certainly be eye-opening. Although they were in the Qilian Region, one of the bigger regions of the Divine World, they’ve never met the Dragon Clan before as not even the people of the Central Region Divine Land have seen them. They’re a mysterious clan and the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace was a place from such a clan.

“Divine Dragon, haha, looks like this trip is worth my time.” Hei Cha smiled, his eyes glittering.

This time, it looks like the reward they may reap would be unimaginable with the destruction of the formation thanks to the effort of the two sects and Bai Qi.

“Remember, do not destroy anything here, the Dragon Clan is great at collecting treasures and their restrictive spell is also the most lethal and terrifying. You may not end well if you touch something that you shouldn’t have. A restrictive spell is like a mini formation that comprises spells. The restrictive spell is one of the Dragon Clan’s most powerful arsenal. Almost on-par with their formation techniques. Don’t say that I never warn you.” Bai Qi said coldly.

Although it looked like he’s giving them a piece of advice, his true intention was to take those peerless treasures for himself if they were to bump into them.

“Understood.” Li Shi-shu and the others nodded and continued to move deeper into the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace.

They slowly and carefully moved into the deeper parts of the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace. There were corpses of demonic beasts lying around everywhere, some of them were still in-tact, not only bones, but some of them either had their bones shattered and some had their body parts separated.

Moreover, there were some broken, rusted and shattered weapons lying around.

The Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace was ginormous, it was as if it’s as big as the canyon.

“It’s a 10,000 years deep-sea clam.”

Bai Qi quickly closed into it and shattered the clam. The clam had died thousands of years ago and a bright ray of light shot through the shattered clamshell. A palm-sized pearl appeared before their eyes.

A brilliant light shone from the pearl, that radiant light seemed like it was trying to prove that it has the shiniest glow under the sea.

“To think it’s a deep-sea pearl.”

Bai Qi grabbed the pearl tight in his hand. Li Shi-shu and the others did not contest it. After all, the two sects were able to get here swiftly all thanks to him.

“Congratulations, haha, Mr Bai’s luck is pretty good.” Li Shi-shu said with a smile.

Bai Qi nodded proudly as he kept the pearl, its value was on-par with a Heavenly Divine Tool. Plus, the energy it contained was vast.

Yin Hun and Li Peng’s eyes almost popped out from staring at the pearl. However, Bai Qi had already had it in his hands. They couldn’t rob it off from him and they understood how powerful he was. Although not as powerful as their sect lord, he was certainly a force to be reckoned with. Even Li Shi-shu and the others had to be respectful of him.

“Naturally, since, I’m the one who found the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace, hahaha.”

Bai Qi continued to move forward as he treads on those shiny bones. Crack crack, God knows how many years ago these demonic beasts had died.

“Why is he so cocky? He wouldn’t have worked so hard if it wasn’t for the Eight Formation Drawing… Now he wants to take it all?” Hei Cha sneered.

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