Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2619

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“The lot of you would’ve died there if you guys were any slower, not even us old coots could’ve survived that.”

Li Shi-shu sighed and shook his head as he was still feeling nervous from the previous encounter.

“Those waves are weird. Although they're the same as the waves a few hundred years ago, they have a catastrophic energy, no one could withstand it. We’re already losing a lot, hundreds of Heavenly Gods and Half-Step Divine Kings have died.” Li Shi-shu sighed.

He had already gotten used to people dying. However, it was different this time, they were all here to improve themselves, to reach for a greater height. These prodigies of the sect were brought to the Thunder Rush Sea to improve themselves.

“The tide should last around three days, looks like the tide will subside after this great wave.” The boney old man standing beside Li Shi-shu said quietly.

“Things have changed, a thousand years have passed and we could’ve died on this shore.”

Li Peng, Yin Hun and Hei Cha stared at the domineering wave. The might of nature was truly terrifying. One could easily lose his life against such force.

Three days later, the tides were getting lower and slowly subsided, a thousand-meter deep giant canyon emerged from the bottom of the sea. It was covered with moss, corals and wood wreckages, it’s like a historical site in the wilderness, it was deathly quiet, only the echoes of the seabed could be heard.

The Wind and Thunder Canyon was the most mysterious place of the Thunder Rush Sea, it’s like an underwater divine palace, it’s also like an ancient ruin, nobody knew what lies under this canyon.

From afar, there were hundreds of corpses that were in pieces, destroyed by the seawater. The effect of the corrosion of the seawater could even corrode a body of a Divine King.

“Rest in peace.” Li Peng said silently as sadness filled his heart.

Since they were his juniors and brothers. The spooky dark canyon had a mysterious force of attraction, luring them in, slowly but surely.

“We can only stay here for three days. Three days later, the tide will return to normal and none of us will live through that, we must return after three days.” Li Shi-shu said.

It was not a warning, but an order as he looked at Li Peng with a heavy stare.

“Hahaha, I’m late, fellas.” A boney figure clad in black cloth appeared before them from the sky, he had deep eye sockets with a smiling face, giving off a creepy vibe.

“Mr Bai, welcome.” Li Shi-shu said with a smile.

Mr Bai shook his head and said:

“I am only concerned about the Eight Formation Drawing, you wouldn’t disappoint me, right?”

“Naturally, Mr Bai has contributed the most this time, we will not tie you down.” Li Shi-shu nodded.

“Alright, let’s go, I’ve always wanted to see the rumoured Wind and Thunder Canyon, what does it look like.”

Bai Qi then entered the Wind and Thunder Canyon right after .

The group of seven quickly entered the canyon.

At this moment, the sky darkened for one whole minute and finally, a ray of sunshine pierce through the sky.

“Hahaha, Thunder Rush Sea, I’m finally here.”

“Yeah, we should be able to reach the Thunder Rush Sea this time.”

“Guys, look! There’s the Wind and Thunder Canyon.”

Someone  looked from afar and saw the Wind and Thunder Canyon that was situated less than 100 Li away from them.

Jiang Chen and the group came out of the formation. The sky of the Thunder Rush Sea was clear, the waters were chilly and the air was fresh.

Over thirty men came out from the formation, each of their eyes filled with excitement and expectation as if they will become the masters of the Wind and Thunder Canyon.

Everyone rode on the wave and rushed towards the canyon.


Everyone was shocked when they arrived at the Wind and Thunder Canyon. Because there were already hundreds of corpses on it.

“I recognise him, he’s Geng Jingzhong from the Killing Luo Sect, a Half-Step Divine King disciple, one of the elites of his sect.”

“Yeah, it’s Geng Jingzhong, I went on a hunting trip with him before.”

“I recognise that guy, he’s also from the Killing Luo Sect. Looks like the Killing Luo Sect and Heavenly Profound Sect got to the Wind and Thunder Canyon first.”

“That guy is a Divine King expert, I’ve met him in Ling Jue City a few years ago, one of the top 10 disciples of the Heavenly Profound Sect, he’s dead too.”

They felt threatened as these dead guys were stronger than most of them. Although the weakest of their bunch was a Half-Step Divine King, who could guarantee that they won’t die like the people before them?

A nameless fear enveloped their hearts. This Wind and Thunder Canyon became akin to hell.

“So? Are we going in?” Murong Yun’er looked at Donghuang Taiji and said quietly.

“There’s nothing to pity about them as they’ve already died. Those who stand in my way will die too, in the end.” Donghuang Taiji said with dominance.

He did not waver even though many experts had died here recently.

“Looks like we have company in the Wind and Thunder Canyon.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Jiang Chen is right. The other party will surely get ahead of us if we do not enter now. I’m pretty sure that those two sects must have a hand in the destruction of the formation.” Zi Xi said.

“Let’s not waste any more time, let’s go.” Donghuang Zuoqing nodded and led the group along with Long Shaotan.

Jiang Chen looked up and felt that a pair of eyes were watching him yet there was nothing in the sky.

The Thunder Rush Sea was calm after the tides had subsided, yet it was still pretty scary for Divine King experts.

The Wind and Thunder Canyon was like a giant ancient ruin, filled with mystery and beauty, akin to a smooth jade carved out by the waves of the sea.

“It’s different from the ones that we’ve seen before.” Li Shi-shu said, his expression became heavy.

This wasn’t his first time in the Wind and Thunder Canyon, this time, it’s like an underwater divine palace. Yet, it felt like someone was watching them after entering the canyon.

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