Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2618

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Violent winds and stormy clouds gathered on top of the sea. A black illusory figure was cruising through between the stormy clouds and the sea with lightning striking past him.

That figure sometimes cruised through the waves and sometimes shoots through the stormy clouds up above.

Nobody knows whether the Thunder Rush Sea is connected to the vast sea, or what’s on the other side. There were some who tried to venture past the sea but never came back since then. The demons within the sea were much more savage and ferocious compared to those on the land. There were millions of Divine Kings, Hierarch Realm sea demons. Rumours have it that there’s more than one God Emperor Realm demon in the depths of the sea.

There’s always waves on the sea. The sea was akin to a giant beast that could swallow anything that comes near it.

In the chilling night, the violent waves hit the walls of the tall mountain and deep valley.

“Big Brother, I heard that the Thunder Rush Sea is different this time and a lot of people are attracted by it. Then, those fools must be furiously fighting against each other in Ling Jue City.” The youngster clad-in-black said with a laugh as his eyes gazed into the depths of the sea.

“Even so, don’t let your guard down, it’s not yet the time to be happy.” The white-robed youth shook his head, his expression was solemn, as if he’s waiting for something.

“Looks like this time the Thunder Rush Sea is too quiet, something’s not right.” A curly-haired man who was wielding a golden metal hammer sneered.

He had a pair of long and narrow eyes, constantly scouting the area, awaiting to act if there’s any changes.

“Li Peng, is there a need to be this nervous? Is this the only capability of your Heavenly Profound Sect?” The youngster clad-in-black shook his head and laughed, as if he’s looking down on Li Peng.

“It’s different from the past.” Li Peng said.

“Don’t be rude, Hei Cha.” The white-robed man looked at him and Hei Cha just shrugged.

He knew that it was pointless to attempt to anger Li Peng as they were now on the same team.

“I’d like to deal with people like Yin Hun, at least he knew what he should or should not say.” Li Peng closed his eyes to rest.

Hei Sha sneered and did not squabble further. They were waiting, the moment something up with the Thunder Rush Sea, it would surely be great.

“I hope everything goes according to what the Sect Lord planned.”

Suddenly, a violent wind was brewing, the silent sea was no more, the hundreds and thousands of petrels that were on the shore flapped their wings and flew away from the shore.

However, a giant wave came crashing down upon the shore before the petrels could take off, killing them off in an instant.

“Petrels… why aren’t you more careful? That big of a wave, you’re truly seeking death.” Hei Cha said with a smile.

Not even the swift petrels could evade the waves. The thunder was getting louder and ear-piercing, lightning struck through the sky, lighting up the whole Thunder Rush Sea.

“There’s something strange about this big wave, isn’t it low tide? How can such a tall wave appear?” Li Peng’s eyes became cold.

In an instant, great waves came crashing, one taller than the previous. Terrifying waves that could swallow up a thousand meter tall great mountain, the Wind and Thunder Canyon was filled by sea water by now. The canyon was covered when it should’ve appeared during a low tide.

The waves were much too fierce, those below the Divine King Realm could not withstand it. Three waves were crashing upon the group. Although the ones standing behind Li Peng and Yin Hun were at least Peak Heavenly Gods and some were even Divine Kings, they were all wrecked apart and killed by the waves, the survivors quickly retreated back to safety.

Hei Cha finally became serious after seeing a dozen experts killed by the waves, and as he also suffered some minor injuries. Those who weren’t lucky enough became treasures that awaited others to dig up from the sea. The three of them quickly retreated but they were all drenched in sea-water. They did not know whether the up-coming waves would be as scary as this.

Three waves, killing off Divine Kings!

The terror of the Thunder Rush Sea had truly been exhibited. At this moment, they finally knew why this place was regarded as a restricted area, meaning that only every thousand years could the waves here be at its weakest and a low-tide will appear, other than that, the waves here could be described as catastrophic.

Li Peng and Yin Hun had a bunch of men behind them, but they all became lost souls in the face of these waves. The destruction brought about by those waves was truly ‘magnificent’, truly the work of nature.

“This is terrifying.”

Hei Cha realised the terrifyingness of the Thunder Rush Sea as a thousand meter tall mountain would also get swept up by those waves. Above them, there were also thunder and lightning striking upon the sea, thunder flashes could even be seen occurring every now and then as if the sea and thunder were one. That terrifying destructiveness could definitely kill a person, not even a Divine King could leave unscathed in the face of those lightning and waves.

“So… this is the thunder and lightning over here, huh?” Li Peng murmured.

The thunder roars put him in a daze. On top of the Thunder Rush Sea, lightning struck from the stormy clouds, a unique scene that could only be viewed from the Thunder Rush Sea. It’s thunder could even shake a man’s soul, causing hair to stand, and ears to ring. Li Peng was also a lightning attribute cultivator but even he sighed in the face of such force of nature.

“There’s more?!” Hei Sha said.

As the fourth wave that was taller than the ones before came crashing upon the Wind and Thunder Canyon. It was catastrophic and a good representation of destruction.

“Move, quick!” Someone shouted.

Four Divine King experts quickly leapt up towards the sky and protected the three while withstanding the terrifying force from the wave. The four got pushed back in a distraught manner.

“Li Shi-shu!” (His master’s junior - same generation as the master) Li Peng shouted.

Luckily, the four of them came out from the waves and did not get swallowed up by the vicious sea. They quickly retreated back several hundred lis away.

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